Samuel Mauller

Published Work

The Unseen

Is Heaven Real?

Lord all mighty He is the one His spirit floats all around Day and night he's always there Just pray and ask For he will come

Many ask "Why are you Christian?" I simply say I don't know which is real I'm just being prepared There may be a Heaven there may be a Hell If either one is true I want to be well

No one knows for sure If this religion is true But when the time comes I will rise to the Heavens For the day to come

Playlist Selfie

Somewhat Country

Since I was two years old, I have been playing music. Everything from piano, drums and brass. Most of the time I can handle listening to any type of music, except for classical, but my favorite is country. So country music is always the largest playlist on my phone and iPod. It is the easiest to play instruments to while playing by ear because the music will generally repeat the same beat more than once. Over the years of listening to country music, I have developed a characteristic of dressing like ranchers and some of the popular singers. I haven't grown up on a ranch or anything, but I have always been a land worker. So most generally during the summer I'm out on the tractor either moving wood or sometimes plowing. Most people think that I am from the south by the way I dress and sometimes even talk. I only dress in a country style way because of...

It Is Possible to Come True

If i just right a list of things that I wished were true, I would probably never stop. Just a few things that I wished were true are probably pretty common to others. For instance, I wish I was a millionaire, I wish that I had a bigger house, wish I had the newest car and so on. I would love to have all the new clothes and shoes. With having my own business I am cable of having some of these things. But for my business it would be cool if we became a multi-million dollar company. Many things I wish to come true that may never. But I can work on these goals, wishes and wants to come true. If I was cable of finishing school early and going off to start a job that would be sweet as well. Revolving school events, I wish it was true that I had all A's in my classes. Also if...