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Op-Ed Competition 2019

Choose Love

She’s young and dressed like a Christmas tree, ornaments dangling, clipped to the front of her green shirt. There are no leaves around her, no triangular shaped clothes to look like nature’s creation. She’s in a head start program. Her head? Glued to face the girl next to her, eyes closed as she tilts it back to laugh. Her joy is frozen in a four by six picture taken by her mother to be stored away in an album; she says the photo looks cute.
Her mother doesn’t think two girls liking each other and being in love is possible. Love? That’s not love, your playing games with yourself. Don’t lie to me, you were never gay before. Who is that? She dresses like a boy, I don’t want you near her. It isn’t funny. It isn’t cute. Why are you doing this to me? The mother throws the picture away after she sees her daughter with a girl. That’s...