Daydreaming and procrastinating more than is healthy.

Writer's block and sleep deprivation are my constant companions.

"People are not to be blamed for their doubts, but that they make no effort to arrive at the truth."
—W.H. Davies

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the contrarian's "Resources to Support the BLM Movement": https://bit.ly/2Mpmaui

babybluelamentations' "blm resources i find extremely handy": https://bit.ly/3eR2jAi

outoftheblue's piece on police brutality in India: https://bit.ly/3dBxv5r

Dmoral13's "Tips, Hints, & Other Miscellaneous Things to Know When on WtW": https://bit.ly/346L7BB


“We turned our back on ordinary from the start / We looked for stranger things / 'Cause that's just who we are”
―Stranger Things, Kygo ft. OneRepublic


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