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I’m currently 13 and I love to read, write, imagine, draw, and do something challenging. I love hanging out with my friends too. I have pet rabbits and they are amazing pets(you should get one). I’m a cat person. I hope y’all like my writing!

Message from Writer

Well I’m new at WtW so I’d love to hear any feedback about my works. Please give me ideas on what to write or what to try. I haven’t done a ton with any genre except general fiction and fantasy.

Published Work

Turned to Stone


I rested my head up against the train window and watched the train station slowly disappeared out of veiw. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I watched my parents fade with the station. I knew where I was going. I knew my fate. Nothing could change that. I was going to die. But would I die putting up a fight, or would I die curled up in a ball of submission? That was the question that lingered in my head as the rain began pattering on my window. 

Open Prompt


The dragon swooped overhead, a great wish of wind followed in its wake. The great azure creature looked back and cocked her head, giving me a mischievous grin. The dragon’s wings flapped Twice to keep it up in the air and she turned her majestic head away from me and focused on what was ahead of her. 
The dragon swerved around a tree and angled upward. She let herself fall backward in midair, her back facing the ground for a split second. The dragon deftly twisted around and landed gracefully on her feet in front of me. 
I smiled and reached out to touch her. The dragon glared at my hand and snorted threateningly. I pulled my hand back and gazed into the blue dragon’s emerald eyes that glistened with a fire that burned constantly. I dipped ,y head and turned to leave, for it was time to go anyways. 
But to my surprise, the dragon behind me nipped the...


Beauty of the World

I stepped outside, taking a deep breath. Fresh, crisp, autumn air reached my lungs. I smiled. The day had been good. I had challenged myself to go without any social media for a whole day. My day was so much better than just staring at a screen. My self-challenge has opened a door for me. A door into the real world, into reality, real happiness. No more trying to pretend to fit in. People can see me as who I am and judge me on that. Let them hate. Or let them love. 
Now I was focused on the world around me. It was dusk and the breeze blew softly. My hair lifted slightly in the wind and waved in the air.
The sky looked like a beautiful painting. Streaks of orange, pink and red slashed the sky in long brushstrokes. The sun burned with an intensity so great it made me want to leap into the clouds. Stars twinkled...