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Corner Writing Club

United States

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."
-Frank A. Clark

Message from Writer

Corner Writing Club is the perfect place for anyone looking for feedback and a chance to contribute to a writing society. Join by following our profile and filling out the form under the piece entitled "Rules and Form" (the second piece under our Published Work). This club is hosted by RainAndSonder and Paperbird; we publish updates every few days.
Some features this club offers are:
- games/challenges
- prompts
- contests
- featured pieces/writers
- and more!
We operate on a system of monthly reviewing partners. Members of our club are paired with new users every month to write a review of that person's work for every week of that time period.
Please ONLY follow Corner Writing Club if you would like to join this system.

Peer Reviews

Full (#cwcbucketprompt)


Great work and keep writing! This was the second of your reviews for winning our contest. I'm really sorry it's taken so long.

11 months ago



Aside from a few notes in the highlighted section, this piece is fantastic and well-written. Great work. Sometime in the next week, you will most likely receive another review from Corner Writing Club.

12 months ago

an empire that lasts forever

PROMPT: Environmental Writing Competition September 2018

I greatly enjoyed reading this poem, and keep writing! More reviews for you will come from Corner Writing Club soon.

12 months ago

Coffee Shop Senses


Most of what I have to say, I've said in the other boxes or highlighted lines. This is excellent, filled with rich figurative language, small details that tie the piece together, and vivid imagery that paints a clear picture of the coffee shop for the reader. While the main focus of the piece isn't on the character, they do have a little internal thought, and from this and the tone placed in the descriptions, we get an idea of who they are. I honestly don't know what problems you're talking about in your message; this is brilliant. It's clever, short but says what it has to say. So onto what could be improved. There were, like, one or two lines that were phrased awkwardly or could've been clearer, and I highlighted and commented on these, but that was it. To sum it all up, great work! I would definitely read more of this if you chose to expand it. Keep writing!

about 1 year ago