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Follower of Jesus...14 years old & 8th & poet seeking to bring light to YA
Passionate Spanish-speaker, theatre kid, history nerd, violinist, bibliophile
Major dork
I'd love to be your matter who you are, I love you.

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Hey, hi, hello!
I'm Addie (my username is my Spanish name!) I'm thirteen. I'm a Christian & a writer (obviously). I'm kind of a dork/nerd/geek, whatever ya call it. I LOVE theatre so geek out w/ me over shows if you want. (: I'm also a participant in National History Day-it's awesome, go check it out! All in all I absolutely love the community here on WtW. So, I can't force you into anything, but...if you want to be my friend, I want to be yours. You guys are amazing, super talented writers, and just great people. Thanks for letting me be a part of this community!

Peer Reviews

Heart of Gold


Great job! This piece is short but sweet, and packed a nice twist at the end. The description of the nature scene at the beginning is incredibly lovely, and the description of dread for social situations is relatable and authentic.

8 months ago