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Hey everyone! Please feel free to leave a comment, that would mean so much to me. Just comment on any of my pieces for a review on any your writings and I will happily oblige:) Also reviews are GREATLY appreciated

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PROMPT: Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

Enjoyed reading your work! Keep writing and write free

about 1 year

It's Funny to Me


so yeah i reviewed your piece because i liked it and it was quite relatable. i actually wanted to try out d&d sounds fun actually. i'm sorta all over the place, people expect me to be one kind of person but i kinda am all types of people. just depends who i'm with. idk what i just wrote has to do with your piece but yeah. anyways sorry for the *obvious* review. write free!

over 1 year

My Mother's Smoke Shapes- Part One


This was such a beautiful piece. I loved it so much. You are a great writer and I hope that I can one day learn and write almost as well as you. Just comment on my page whenever you want a review I can totally do one even though I don't have an announcement for one. you write so beautifully and I enjoy reading your writing so much. comment to let me know if this review was helpful or not.... sorry, it probably wasn't... I wasn't being very analytical, I was just so engrossed. This sounds like a far stretch but if you ever want to co-write something just let me know. I would be so excited to write with you. great work! write free

over 1 year

Black Night #T2S


sadly this was so accurate of the world we live in now. i think that's what made this piece so moving. i really loved this, really good job. write free.

over 1 year

Hundred Years#onlyonehundred


I loved the whole mysterious aura this whole piece gave. Makes you wonder what would make you wait a hundred years...:)

over 1 year