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Message from Writer

est. late 2018
I've been thinking.
Always been thinking, always will be thinking.
Overthinking, most of the time.
But for now, I'm just thinking.

Right now, I'm thinking...
"How is it possible that I have both the weight of the world on my shoulders, and am drifting through an ethereal fantasy world on cloud nine?"

Also thank you for 170+!!

Published Work

Strikes a Chord in my Heart

Can nobody hear me
I've   got   a   lot   that's   on   my   mind

Can you hear it too?


How can you
miss       someone
     you've         never         
Cuz I need you now, but I don't know you yet
me          soon
Yeah, I need you now but I don't know you yet


                    how to say
                    how I feel


I want you to know
                that it doesn't matter
        where we take this road
but someone's gotta

Lost in Translation

Still Waters Run Deep

The reality of my silent mind
pensive wires run tangled, electric
quiet persistence wrapped in a quiet self
while untamed thoughts run wild within
Still Waters Run Deep

Translations with no real understanding
I land my gaze on the wondrous beauty of the world
seeing through rose-tinted glasses, squinting tirelessly
the heartache and pain, and the love and fantasy

A cracked image on the outside
you see intelligence, calm, quiet, introvert at heart
But at the mind? No, no, the mind is radical
Ideas racing like they're running out of time
Still Waters that Run Deep

Placid exterior, in the eyes of the beholder
but deep in the snare of an inky black expanse of perception
lies a passionate, subtle nature
awaiting the moment of reveal, the moment of freedom

These Still Waters, broken, eager to Run Deep, be set free. 
Still Waters Run Deep,
the mind's lips quiver in agreement, 

Running Deep in deathly Still Waters. 


That Sort of Person

Dented Dreams

He's the kind of guy who makes a dent in your dreams. 

Dawn to dusk, dreams linger on my mind, entangled in the soft curtain of a drowsy night.
The moment my eyes lift open, I reach for the blue pen and locked journal. Tell me all your secrets, it whispers, all your pain and sorrow, joys and smiles, those special to you. Tell me it all. 
A friend without a voice for judgment. Keeping in it's precious folds stories of a boy without a single avaricious cell in his body. A boy without a single drop of imperfection; or more so, imperfections turned perfect in my eyes. 

He's the kind of guy who makes a dent in your dreams.

My dreams. The dreams turned to words, trapped in a quiet friend made of rough paper and thick layers of ink. 
Night, after night, after night, there he is. In the subconscious, deep in the blankets of the mind.   ...

Greed's Toll

    "Greed demands high price", the heels clinked authoritatively on the polished wood, the strip of force field between the accused and the accusing. Court held it's head high, poisoned interest in the air. 
    "Greed..." the high-demon continued, pursing her lips in disgust, "greed takes weak souls. Gives nothing back. Demands. High. Prices. Higher than you can possibly pay in the afterlife."
    The suspected struggled to keep his hands from shaking too badly. Her inky black eyes seemed to stab right through him, as though he had already been handed a afterlife sentence for a crime he didn't commit. 
    The woman scanned his trembling self, eyes judging the world in between his heart and his mind. His darkness, she thought crookedly, it must be punished. She stared pointedly at him; exposing his terrified and chaotic mind, his constant worry, his fear of spending an innocent rest of his life in a cage.
    Not innocent though, not to her.
            He was culpable. 

YOU, The Writer

Scarlett Sky

    "Crystal skies, open eyes... dying lives...", Scarlett whispered into the comforting folds of her musty old journal. She clutched the black-tipped pen in her shaking, stained hands, as she scribbled down the troubles crowding her darkened mind. The flecks of black marked the crinkled paper with the scratched out pain that resonated in her head. She wouldn't never dare say it out loud... the writers' words said it for her. 
    "Falling fast, landing hard... broken...", Scarlett mumbled, rolling her head back. Gazing upwards, her eyes settled on the darkness of the night sky. It seeped dark thoughts, dark ideas, but she fought with her aching heart, dissolving the last of the monsters that snuck into her head. The stars lit the sky with the power of a thousand warming hearts, touching lives, enough to allow the smallest bit of light enter her mind and heart through the glazed brown eyes, and the struggling heart that just barely beat...

Betrayal, Pain, and Sorrow

Those words that broke me,
"It's all your fault"
My own mind whispered with spiked tendrils of poison, wrapping themselves around my heart, holding me hostage. My own mind, betrayal. My own mind, consumed me. 

The pain it caused me to believe
the poisoned words
"But no, you didn't", hissed the mind. 
My mind, stabbing my heart, seeping heartache. Broken... it broke it. 
It shattered it into pieces. 

My soul cried
Knowing the truth in the words
I'm sorry you're hurt, and I'm sorry you're broken.
I'm sorry you're not okay, I'm sorry I wasn't okay either. 
I'm sorry for my pride, the pity that wrapped its...

do i love u?

do i love u?

Do you love me?

Do I love you?

Can I love you? Is it too soon? Too raw? Too real?

Is this love?

What is love?

If this isn't love, what is this? 
This feeling of admiration, of care, of butterflies and shooting stars, of dreaming and visions, of a life with you... with you?

Can this be love?

Is love its own agenda?
Its own rules? Its own devilish creature?
Its own cruelty?

Is love free? Or does it come at a cost?

Is love real? Is this real?

How can this be real, when everything in the mind turns to dust?

How can this not be real, when I feel this way towards you??
When I feel that feeling, that burning... that beauty.

When I look into your eyes, sad and overwhelmed... I yearn to help and to comfort you. It's all I know.

When I look into your eyes, happy and pure... I...

Shooting Stars

    The darkness of the disappearing blaze glowered under the light of the moon, serenely singing the fantasies of us. I pushed through the thick underbrush, a stupid grin on my face at the sound of his distinct laugh, linking with the sound of crunching twigs and dizzying excitement. My mind wandered deep into its own depths, the dreams growing deeper with each footstep; this girl couldn't wait. 
    "C'mon, slowpoke", I giggled, pulling him faster through the bush.
    He grinned, "I can't walk fast and admire you at the same time". 
    I pushed him, laughing. There was nothing else I could say; the right words never seemed to express the warmth he gave me every single day. That stupid smile, the one that hadn't left my face in a long time, was alive. No regrets.   
    We stumbled into a small clearing. The old, musty and abandoned cabin stood majestically in the woods, leaning high into...

Still, Trembling, Gone

    In one way or another, we find ways to stimulate fear. Stress. Worry, pain, trembling breath. 
    The breath tells me; a hidden gesture, habit almost. When I am feeling high in the stress, high in the worry, high horse. 
    I hate being on the high horse.
    But it keeps me alive.

    In survival, one panics and clouds their mind, or one breaths and calms their thoughts. I am neither.
    I breath, slight shakes in the exhale and trembling hands; almost unnoticeable. Yet my mind is both clear and clouded. Clear in the thoughts of escape, clear in the thoughts of defense, of offense, of the next steps. My mind reaches the farthest points of scenarios; the breaking of windows, the swinging of weapons, the chaos and deadly stabs of the mind. 

    In the deepest depth of the mind, I see death; grave injury more so, death is more of a liability. I see a fist coming through the door window,...

Is This Normal?

Is it normal
To be terrified of the future, the soon-to-be
         The dreams and hopes that raise you up and give you wings
                            And carry you up into the sky, into a beautiful, wondrous flight?

Is it normal
To be scared of what the words mean, of their power
         Of the could-be's, the maybe's, the feelings that cut like knives
                            The uncontrollable emotion of an image of perfection, that perfect guy?

Is it normal
To shy away from the people that long to hold you
           To expect failure, to torment oneself with thoughts of you and him
                           An unrealistic reality, something that only a writer could...

Food Writing Competition 2020

Hope in Banana Bread

It wasn't the brightest of days, to say the least. Mud-soaked grounds covered the soil surrounding our tiny little home while the constant "plack, plack" of heavy rain rattled in my brain. I lay in my bed, trying to focus and to find some peace in the chaos, when a loud sound slapped me in the face.


I jumped up, listening hard. 


It was so familiar, and came from a place of deep sadness and regret. Dang it, he was at it again!
I raced over to the kitchen to find my dad, hands white and face speckled with flour, staring into the bread maker and the kneading piece of dough. I could see from the slightly ajar pantry door a stack of banana peels peeking out from inside the compost bin. 

"Dad... what are you doing?" Disappointment seeped from my voice while I glared lightly at him. He shook his head, rubbing the flour off his hands.  ...

Detailed Reviews (and other stuff:)

Hello fellow writers!

I hope everyone is doing well! As you may know, I have been really inactive (for me, not writing on here for 5 months is a very, very long time) but now with the extra time at home, I am hoping to get back into the rhythm. I am a little rusty, haven't written much in a while, but hopefully I can get back into this world quickly enough! 

I've also been hoping to try my luck at writing some reviews, just for you :)
I tend to be pretty detailed, so if you have a dying need for a review written on one of your pieces, you can just drop it in the comments and I can go take a look at it! No catch, but it may take some time for me to get to you, depends on how many requests I have. 

That is all I have for now! If you have any other...

Upstander Résumé

Upstanding Bystander

Out in the pack of wolves,


Fighting for a spot on the stage of the world. 

Atop the tree in the wilderness
Far from the


Keen eyes on the battle unfolding below. 



I reached out and grabbed his collar, pulling him close. 

His dripping wet hair leaned over his sharp blue eyes, the pain in his face, the gentleness of his touch that sent shivers of warmth like electricity through my veins.

I leaned in, silently and desperately begging him not go, waiting for the answer that might save his life.

Shaking his head, he held me. I leaned further and left a soft kiss on his lips; a final kiss.  

He held my head in his hands, calmingly brushing the tears away from my eyes. 

"I have to try", he whispered, pulling me tightly into his embrace; unable to pretend I was strong enough to let him be a hero, a life-saver for the people of this city, I sobbed quietly into his shirt. 

With one final squeeze, he pulled away tenderly, his gaze fixed on me until my hand dropped to my side, empty of his. 

He ran, and...

We Are The Children

We are the children
Born of the shattered memories of
Loved ones fading in the wind

We are the children 
Sparked to life while the brave deeds
Of warriors drift through soil and poppy

We are the young 
Watching our scarred father, brothers, 
Uncles, run strong into the face of thanatos

We are the young 
Hoping that when the sun rises and moon sleeps
We will fight for truth and justice like the men before


We are the growing

We are the helpers

We are the soldiers

You are the heroes

We Remember (A Remembrance Day Special)

“From the very beginning of their journey, they had no doubt.”

John strapped in the last of his pack, looking up at the transport plane. It was magnificent, the perfect mix of stealth and power. The line of soldiers jostled around, enjoying their last moments of sunshine. The steady thump of boots on the pavement was deafening, so loud that a cheer arose from the sidelines. He was ready.

“Hours of waiting, and yet they still smiled and laughed along with their loyal comrades.”

The plane shook violently as lights flickered red. John clutched at his stomach, determined not to let it get the better of him. “Having trouble keeping your breakfast down, John?” laughed his best friend, Andrew. He gave John a solid pat on the back, offering him his water. He took it gingerly, smiling with gratitude.

“When it was time, no man hesitated. They dived in, not for the glory of being honour, but for their hometown,...

Calling All Curiosities: ANSWERS!!

Hello writers!

For all you curious, asking-questions, being-awesome people, here are the answers just for you! Hope you are satisfied with my person, and if you are not, well... at least you now know just how weird I can be! Thanks :)


How come your name is AJ-Izzy? What's the meaning? :)
Thanks for asking! My name is actually Izzy (nickname) and AJ is the initials of the first character I ever wrote about. It was mostly a mix of a fandom, and the main character was Alex Jackson (hear hear, PJO fans). I did change the name later for the story, but AJ stuck with me :)


Could you elaborate on your bio and username?
My username I explained above, and my bio says that I'm a dreamer. What I mean by that is that there are way too many things that I want to be, goals I want to accomplish, my best passions, and dreams...

Calling All Curiosities... Ask Away!!!

I'm really surprised I have not done this yet, but better late than never!
Okay, any curiosities, ideas, or just random weird questions you have, hit me with all you've got! 

Let's do this... why is this so exciting??

I'll publish the answers in about a week or two, and please know that I do not mind personal questions and I welcome any strange questions, those are my favourite :D

Ask Away!!! :P

Arctic Dreams

Pretty Faces of the Lake

Single hand running through the glittering waves of our petite lake, the water shimmering in kaleidoscope colours that rip through the mirage of a glass pane reflecting a withering blue sky and an empty mind. 

Another hand dips into the cool icy emptiness, face glowing its reflection; the girls in the water tilt their heads at the peculiar staring at them, and they smile back. 

Reaching down, the sea fluttering colourless, transparent, ghostly, further and further it rises with the eager child dipping deeper into the dreams and beautiful faces of the water... until, with a silent scream, she is devoured by the inferno of the lake and the pretty faces, smiling lies, in the calm of the deadly glass pane.

Six-Word Story


Our love in a nutshell... complicated.


Envy me in my sorrow 
Pity me in my weakness 
Hold me as I cry 
Cry for the world 
Cry for my aching heart 
An ache no human can contain

Don’t let go for the pain
Don’t do it for the agony
Take me in your arms
I am hurting
I am weak
And you are the pillar of my life

Inspiration #QuoteComp

"Anything can become something, you just need to find the right angle."

"Sometimes the most special moments in life approach when you least expect them to.
That's what makes them the most memorable."

"When we rise to the standards, reach with clarity, and push to the limit, we are rewarded like
everyone else.
But when we rise above the stars, reach beyond the horizons, and push to no limit, that is the
greatest reward of all."

"Your smile is a mask that hides your pain from the universe."

"But that's okay, because I will
set a goal that drives my conscience,
pulls me awake in the morning,
and brings joy and life into my day."

Sherlock Holmes, the #HighFunctioningSociopath

    The door slammed into the old frame, shaking the dust off the countertops. Watson ran inside, gasping. 

    "Goodness! What on earth?" John cried, rubbing his hair in dismay. He was covered in head to toe with water, dripping like a candle lit for decades. He removed his dress shoes, now soaked to the bottom, and hung up his cane. Mrs. Hudson heard the commotion and hurried to the front door, taking Watson's coat. 

    "John, thank goodness you're back! I've never felt so weary boned, he's been swinging me around like that old cane of yours!" Mrs. Hudson whispered into his ear, hurrying him up the stairs. John spluttered in confusion, trying to think of something to say.

    "What is this, Mrs. Hudson?" John asked, stopping her.

    She shook her head, "Best see for yourself." Mrs. Hudson hurried back down the stairs, muttering words of annoyance, or so it seemed. John's head spun on his shoulders, he...

Universal Knowledge

Inner Enemy

"In the end, you only regret the chances you didn't take."

"Sometimes it's okay if the only thing I did today was breathe."

"Very few people will truly understand your journey."

"To the world I may be one person, but to one person I am the world."

"Your smile is a mask that hides your pain from the universe."

"But that's okay, because I will
set a goal that drives my conscience,
pulls me awake in the morning,
and brings joy and life into my day."


Speak #Ashes

Now is the time
Hard expressions on each face
No going back now

Just take a deep breath
Feel the words flowing through you
No going back now

Explain how you feel
Let your emotions take charge
No going back now

My eyes are shut tight
Echoes in the room haunt me
Is it over yet?

My hands are shaking
The final judgment is here
No going back now

Silence fills me up
Then deafening cheers rise up
The silence vanished

Colors fill the air
Laughter and joy surround me
No need to go back

I am here, and I did it.

Flash Fiction Competition 2019

Future Pains

“Is this... me?"

    My hand shook, dropping the ceramic frame coated in flowers. The shatter broke the woman in the picture into a million pieces, yet she still smiled up at me from the ground. I fell to my knees, my ears ringing. The woman's eyes, my eyes, reflected these young eyes full of tears. She had brilliant blue eyes and short hair, white streaked with brown. Wrinkled corners from smiling. Knobby fingers clutching a wooden cane. The worst part... I remembered her. The old lady in the flowers... she was me. There was no doubt about it.

Moments #sixlittlestories

Found with a single, ragged breath. 

Following the light, escaping the darkness. 

She warned me. I didn't listen. 

Everything went wrong when I fell. 

Starry skies, starry eyes... in love. 

Nightmares; real, danger, feeling, not safe. 

Dreams; beautiful, gleaming, desiring nothing more. 


1. Do you want to join this group?

Yeah :D

2. Would you prefer if I created the group by publishing the prompts, or an actual group like "Flash Fiction?" Explain.

Honestly, either one would be fine with me, though it would be cool to have an actual group with notifications and whatnot. Totally your choice though. 

3.What is a catchy name for this group?

Something fantasy-like.  

4. What do you consider "fantasy?"

Myth, folklore, legend, tradition, great

5. Do you think that fantasy poems can also be included?

Sure! If it's fantastic, go for it. 

6. Do you think I should also give an opportunity to fantasy reviewers?

I think that's be good, it'd be interesting. But again, your choice :)

7. What is a good time I should post the prompts, so that you all will see it? 

Huh, I have no idea! That's actually a good question :)

8. Do you have any questions?

So, the prompts are...

Understanding My Views...

    Yup, that's right. I am pro-life, and I want to share my opinion. I have read many pro-choice views on WtW and I'm glad others are willing to share their thoughts, I'm glad that people are pushing what they believe in. I have commented on a few, then I realized that I want to make it official. So here is it, my full view, the pro-life view. If you want to ignore this, go ahead. If you read on and disagree or are confused, please comment or ask questions. If you agree you may also do this. Honestly, this is for me to understand your views and also for me to help you guys understand. I've realized there is so many misunderstood about my views, and I hope this sets it right. Thank you for coming, honestly. I appreciate it :)

  The biggest argument that you are probably going to hear is, "It is a fetus, not a baby" or...

Shimmering Beauty #quickrhymes

It began with a shimmering beauty
Glimmering moist, a cold touch on my skin
Linked in an ocean, ready for duty
This young droplet is eager to begin. 

He rises towards the sun in the distance
Careful not to wither with the mere cry
Of warmth, of light, of goodness with brilliance 
If he could smile, bright light would fill the sky.

This little beauty of dripping manner
Falls on us with a smile of gratitude
Wet water like a billowing banner
A blessing coming with an attitude!

Droplets are a true wonder in this world
Coming from the depths of the waterworld. 

The Fay-Born Legacy: The Bitter Reunion

The Fay-Born Legacy: The Beginning (Part 1)
The Fay-Born Legacy: A Desirable Paradise (Part 2)


    Blinding colours, ripping through me as if I was paper. Paper! Weak, delicate paper. The wind ripped at me, tugging at me from every direction. And just like that, it ended. I gasped, stumbling to a stop. Wait… where was I? I had been in paradise… no… a horror film, more like. I rubbed the light from my eyes. Was I dead? What had happened? Slowly, I managed to open my eyes. I stared, horrified at what was ahead. 

    It was my house. My home. I was so panicked I couldn’t breathe. Was it possible… were they here? Why was I here? I wanted to run as fast as I could, but I stayed rooted to the ground. Nothing could stop this. Against my will, I stepped towards the door. I increased the pace, unable to hold myself down. I kept going until I...

The Fay-Born Legacy: A Desirable Paradise

The Fay-Born Legacy: The Beginning (Part 1)


    White light whipped me around, blinding me, capturing me. Suddenly, it was gone. I gasped for breath, falling to my knees. My ears buzzed, the entire world whirling around. I looked up and gasped.

    In front of me was paradise. Palm trees hung low in the sand, cicadas buzzing within them. At my bare feet was a stone path, winding through the trees and leading to a pure white beach. The blue and green water crashed pleasantly onto the shore, beckoning me forward. I stumbled around in nothing less than a daze. Behind me were mountains, large and powerful, daring anyone to climb them.

    Ahead was a hang glider, perfect for this beautiful day. I jumped up gleefully, racing towards it. In no time, I was strapped in and ready to fly. Like magic, the wind flew under the wings and I bolted upwards. I laughed, whooshing forward and whipping around. Under me...

On Pain of Death... Boundless Love

Hello fellow writers! I haven't been on WtW in a while now (cuz exams = intense stress) but I just wrote this super sad, super cute short story, so this is for all of ya great supporters! I cannot thank you enough, my time on WtW helped me to grow a lot in my writing and I am so grateful for all the advice, the likes, the follows, you'll be glad to know that it makes this girl grin like the weirdo I am :DD

So thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy :)
AJ - Izzy


    It was on that day of glorious celebration when her time had come. Just seconds before they proclaimed their love did her spirit drift away and her body fell to the ground, cold and white like the snow scattered on the streets. His majesty fell to the ground beside her, crying in grief as he cradled her head...

Suspect Not Found @WOTW#12


Suspect not found

My hands flew over the keys. The constant tick of my fingers rapping against the keyboard dripped into my thoughts. I was vaguely aware of the officer standing over my shoulder, watching intently. Oh, how he longed to be right. But he wasn't. 


Suspect not found

"No, no, no!" I slammed my hand against the keys, cursing under my breath. It wasn't true, it couldn't be true. 
"Well, I guess it was a ruse", the officer said, smoothing his disgusting hair down. He grinned, showing off his gleaming smile twitching with evil. My desire to punch his pretty teeth out was uncontrollable. 
"She. Is. Real!" I growled, shoving the most recent picture in his face. Laura, my friend, was smiling like she didn't have a care in the world, and I was right there with her. That picture had been taken a few months ago, back when she was here. Her hair was golden and...

Lost and Found: Dear Lost... (2)

Lost and Found: Dear Found...  
Lost and Found: Dear Lost...  
Lost and Found: Dear Found... (2)


Dearest Lost,

Wha-what do you mean?
I know that I’m supposed to be strong
To be brave
To be confident
For you. 

But I don’t understand! 
Please, please, Lost
Help me understand.

I’m right here,
I stand a heartbeat away
Prepped and ready for a sign
Then I’ll come running, I promise.

I’ll sing for you
I’ll belt out the sweet sounds of love, 
Love I have for only you, a heart
Ripping out of my chest in desperation
For you, only you!

It’s okay,
It’s okay,
The past is forgotten,
It’s okay. 

Listen to me. 
You DO deserve this
You DO deserve to be happy
To have a companion! 
I offer myself as tribute
With only a joyous smile on my face!

You ARE my true love
ONLY you!
You ARE the one I care for, the truth

Lost and Found: Dear Found... (2)

Here are the first letter's of the series :)
Lost and Found: Dear Found... 
Lost and Found: Dear Lost... 


Dear Found, 

Where are you? 
I can’t see you 
I can’t hear you 
And it scares me! 

Your letters are the only, true light in this bleak world 
They lead me to the small candle 
Lit through the dark 
In the middle of this nightmare. 

I’m sorry, truly 
I-I can’t say that enough. 
What I did to you… it’s unthinkable 
And yet… 


You’re still here. 
Looking out for me 
Watching my back. 


You don’t deserve this! 
Your mind strives for intelligence 
Your heart needs true love 
True love that I can’t give. 

I-I-I shed too many tears over the past 
Way too many, Found. 

You make my heart thump out of my chest 
You make me strive for excellence, 
Believe in the future 
Like you. 

You are the true savior, a hero for the defenseless, 
You love for nothing...

Phoebus Apollo #ADM.Poem

The glowing, nurturing light of heaven
light to this mold of water and soil
bleak, dark, deep, empty
full, glorious, beautiful, pure. 

Golden figure in the shadow of the sun
Blond and blue, strong and bold
Singing angel, ruthless devil
Thy Phoebus welcomes the morning. 

Anger coursing in the flying insult
Mortals mighty in their pride and ignorance 
Thunder booms with father Zeus' bolts, arrows fly
Heart of men pierced with clouds of death. 

Sister Artemis, gazelle bound for the hills
Hunters race the woods, feed the wild 
Free, running, roaming, savage
Made for the windy salt in the air. 

Apollo himself flowing in golden ichor
Sings melodies, strumming flawlessly
Mortals, on knees muddy, breaking selves
With sounds of immortal, godly music. 

Father Zeus, king on a mighty throne
Sister Artemis, wild, chaste, and free-flying
Mother Leto, smile of pure kindness

Phoebus Apollo, musician of godly power,
Bowing mortally before the god Greek
Savior, good one, have mercy on us

Lost and Found: Dear Lost...

Dear Lost

I know what you are going through,
I struggled through it for many, many years. 

You have been so kind to me, 
Given me so much credit that
I don't know if I deserve... 
You've always had a special place in my heart. 

Please don't apologize for being strong
Or for being hard
Or wrong
Because that is a strength in you!

And I want to tell you that you are special
To me
To your friends
To your family
Never forget that, Lost. 

Remember what I told you
All those years ago when
We were both seekers of the truth:

Live like it's the last life you got, laugh like no one's watching, and LOVE. Love with your whole heart because you only have one, and it longs to nourish you.

It should be ME that is thanking YOU.

You've given me a purpose, 
A reason to laugh,
A reason to live,
Someone to love. 

And even...

Love in Words

Lost and Found: Dear Found...

Dear Found,

I don't even know how to say it.
How to thank you for... everything.

You lead me when I am lost and confused.
You guide me to my future, the one I refuse to follow.
You care for me in the worst of my attacks.
You love me despite my regrets and what I've done to you.

You know what's best for me, 
even though I defy you constantly.
I'm sorry about that. 

You are the light to my darkness,
the hope to my despair
the love to my hate
the beauty to my ugliness.

We, together, are warmth and cold
life and death,
truth and lie,
reality and delusion. 

I am the devil whilst you are the angel.
And yet you are here.
Loving me.
Taking care of me. 

So I wrote you this letter.
If you were expecting me to tell you over and over again how you are the only one I love, you're wrong. ...

The Fay-Born Legacy: The Beginning

Part 1: The Beginning   

    “C’mon Leo, hurry up!” I raced through the woods, feet pounding. Wind flew past me, brushing the specks of dirt off my face. I looked back, laughing as Leo struggled up the hill. He grinned, making my heart pump out of my chest.
    “Wait up!” he gasped, “I’m not exactly your classic quarterback! More like the waterboy.” I laughed harder, rolling onto the grass and crashing into him. We tumbled back down the hill. I landed with a thump at the bottom of the hill. Leo gasped for breath next to me. He reached out and took my hand in his. We stared up at the shimmering night sky, the stars sparkling, just for us.
    Leo sat up and turned to me, his brown eyes looking deep into my soul. “I like you, Willow”, he said, his cheeks tinted pink. I blushed furiously, unable to contain my excitement. Only one thing existed today, right...

Bound Together #SweetlyBitter

    Sweet music rose up from the church down the hall, wafting into the air with harmonious voices. Not even the locked mahogany door could stop the sound from tingling painfully in my skull. 

    I struggled to pull the thick and gleaming white layers of fabric over my head. My handmaids giggled as they tugged it on, fitting it to my waist. I brushed imaginary dirt off the front corset, then looked in the mirror. I was unrecognizable.

    Delicate braids dripping down my shoulders with jewels glinting in my hair. Soft blush and lipstick and long dark lashes covering my blue eyes, bright as the night. And now, these long layers of white flowing from my shoulders, all the way to the ground and my golden heels. The maids tried to hide their smiles as they tightened the waist. I let out a small grunt, then breathed out slowly.

    This wasn't me, this was NOT me. The...

15... Q&A (by Janna Brown)

1. Favourite Book?
Oooh, I have so many favorites! My most recent one it probably "The Waning Age" by S.E. Grove. It's about a world where you lose the ability to feel emotion at a young age, and I'll leave you at that :)

2. Favourite Song?
Besides any and all Imagine Dragons songs? "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, it's super catchy to me right now (and stuck in my head all day)

3. Favourite Music Genre?
Nooooo, why? Okay, if I HAD to, I like Jazz, NOT classical, but more like the songs "25 or 6 to 4" and "Into the Mood". If you're looking for awesome jazz, now you know. Also Movie Soundtracks, if that counts. 

4. Hobby?
I like to write (duh) and also to play my flute/piccolo. I'm also an Air Cadet, and it's amazing, so that's my new life now. 

5. Favouite Food?
Anything mexican, especially tacos. Also my friend's mom's mac and cheese...

Whirlpool #revoke

    The cold air stung my skin. My heavy breathing wrapped me in a crisp fog. I was standing on the brink of everything. Lost and known, loved and forgotten. Thick white waves crashed over each other, devouring anything within a couple of feet. Tiny stones constantly crumbled into the void and disappeared, never to be seen again. 

    Directly under me was the Whirlpool.

    The deafening sound of waves crashing into the misty white below sent shivers up my spine. I looked back at those three people standing there, waiting. Holding razor-sharp blades.  
    "Well?" one of them said, "aren't you going to jump?" I gulped, peering over the edge. Misty fog clung to my sleeves, the whispering words of a mad man. My throat was dry as bone, leaving my mouth hanging open as the mere thought of a voice, a cry for help, anything, drifted away.

    I swallowed my tears, teetering...

Bread and Light

Blessings of Bread and Light

"There is nourishment like bread
that feeds one part of your life
nourishment like light for another"

Nourishment comes in the form of many things.
I am fed by gifts of this world that are a blessing.
And I am thankful for the bread and light of this day. 

God. I trust in Thee who has come to me in love, suffered for my faults, and died for me with a forgiving heart, even when my faith has failed me. 

Life. Through its chaotic rides of emotion, tragedy, and joyous moments, I am alive. Through the winds of change and heartbreak and love, I am alive. I walk through the day with smiles and frowns, I talk about my problems and excitements of life, I touch others who live in my moments and have their share of unique experiences and emotions. Through it all, I am alive. 

Family. You are always looking out for me, through the tears...

Something random that I don't know what to title... :)

Envy me in my sorrow
Pity me in my weakness
Hold me as I cry
Cry for the world
Cry for my aching heart
An ache no human can contain

The Chill in My Bones #SomethingIsComing

The chill in your bones
Creeping up behind you
Stabbing with deadly accuracy... 

Something is Coming.

The howling wind in your ears
Ripping apart any feeling
Replacing warmth with cold... 

Something is Coming.

Deafening silence with
Shadows painting the walls
Black as the night... 

Something is Coming.

Screams pierce the night
Fear suffocating, enslaving
The innocent and young...

Something Is Coming. 

Loneliness, heartbreak
Pain and aching deep within
The moment it hit... 

Something was Coming. 
Something is Coming. 

And it's too late... 


I Can Speak

What do you hear?
Can't you hear my cries for help, my silent plea of despair echoing through the night?

What do you see? 
Can't you see my silent lips moving in a prayer, my hands waving signs at you to look at me?

What do you know?
Don't you know that I am in agony, unable to share my voice with the world, being pushed down for my lack of volume?

What is seen?
What is unseen?

My voice betrayed me, it left me in the dusk. My arms ache from the pain of having to, over and over again, gesture the things inside of me. 
I cannot speak. I cannot understand. I am not human, or so they say. 
I am a figure of flesh and bone, a nameless creature, stuck in the dust of the speaker's heels. Kicked at, spat on, pushed down, my senses fail me.

I cannot hear you.

But I can speak, in my...

Loving You, Missing You #onlyonehundred

Dearest Darling,

Don't forget me, the throbbing heart across the ocean
The ache in my chest, unbearable, for I am away from you
You complete me, you hold me higher than I could possibly imagine
I long to hold you in my arms, to feel your soft lips brush against mine
Nothing can make me erase the pain, the heat, the hurt
I will never leave you, darling, to the ends of the earth I'd go for you
Nothing, not even 100 words written in grief could take away this feeling
I love you, more than anything. 
Do you love me back?

Loving You

Jack Frost #Winterwriting

In the dead of the winter... 
I made a friend this winter, his name is Jack Frost
He brought me winter as we laughed and talked...

Frost creeping up into delicate patterns on my window
Staining the place in kaleidoscopes of color
Blizzards ripping through the chilly winds
Whipping through the cities at break-neck speed
The soft flakes fall onto peaceful nights
Mounds of white as far as the eye can see
Joy and happiness is spread among the 
crystal clear laughs of children
running amongst the white wonderland
Jack Frost offers his hand as he lifts off the ground
I am motionless, staring up at his cold and nimble fingers,
like a spell, I am whisked into the sky
White and fluffy, cold and cool, 
like a sweet and warming taste of whipped cream
He is my adrenaline, my adventure
I am his warmth, his tie to the grounds
Together, we blend
Forever in chaos

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

Forest of Wonders

The forest of wonders
calls out to me
The towering mountains  
and swinging trees
the billowing winds
all flowing carefree
as the starlight of nature
drift higher with ease

Though every little beauty  
has its own light
they lean and they linger  
with a clutch of delight
for even as they differ
dyed beyond black and white
one depends on another
through trust, they unite

The valleys they drink
from the lakes down below
and mountainous regions
keep rest for the snow
the creatures of the night
light the paths all aglow
so clutch tight all the wonders
whilst you let yourself go

Thus never forget
the wonders that hover
rhyming in rhythm
coated in color
sustaining our lives
with a delicate flutter
to be one with nature
is to sink into wonder. 


1. What's the weirdest conversation you've had with yourself?

Well, I've had MANY strange conversations with myself, but one time I wondered if I was the only person who couldn't read minds, then I spent the next half an hour at that little shop glancing around, thinking weird things just to see if anyone around me read my mind, cause then they'll probably look uncomfortable :3

2. What's the most ridiculous story concept you've come up with, that somehow worked?

A fan fiction about Percy Jackson and Harry Potter being brothers and ME being their weird, unknown, missing-in-action sibling. I'm just a tiny bit obsessed :)

3. What's your unusual pet peeve?

I can't stand when you have long hair that's tucked into a shirt or something and you don't even try to pull it out, even if it's just the wisps. I'm weird that way

4. What's a trait that you love to see in people?

Compassion, for anyone, no matter...

Marvel Moments... oh, why am I doing this to myself?

I don't know why I wrote this (actually I do, it was a present for my Marvel fan friend) but it was fun and it's very true and... yeah! This is a cute little poem (haha, cute) from the Marvel Movie "Infinity War", in which... a lot happens... spoiler alert to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I'll just let you read on. Enjoy :)

Captain is back, back from the ice
C'mon man, you missed your date! This won’t suffice
Iron man’s iron, I knew this would happen!
These strange heroes, all so misshapen
I miss Peter Parker, swinging through trees
Texting to Happy, complaining with ease
Thor got a haircut, Loki just died
The funeral was terrible, even Hawk Eye cried
Are you having some problems, maybe a few anger issues?
Big green Hulk here will make sure you continue!
Natasha all spidey, she should hang out
With the king of the webs, Peter-Boy-Scout
Too bad he dissolved,...

Tormented #ghostlycontest

    The light dimmed, flickering to the beat of the giant mahogany clock on the wall. Darkness seeped through every shadow, trickling into the place like a leak from a dam. The floor creaked eerily as I crept through the hallway slowly. With every second in this dreaded place, my legs shook harder and my voice grew hoarser. I was tiny, insignificant, in this vast world of lurking evil. I tried to call out, make a sound, but the silent stretch sucked the air out of my lungs. With every ticking minute, I could feel time running out, the clock of life inching closer to its last chime. I shivered and fell to my knees, eyes wide with shock -- I couldn’t breath! My hands desperately clawed at my throat but no air came through. The windows slammed open and Dark drifted in, air clinging to him like duck tape. He smiled, taunting me, letting the air linger just out of...

Phenomenal Woman

My Friend, My Hero

I know a hero. 

She not only scans the horizon but treks the way there.
She not only reads the reports but writes her own. 
She not only thinks of solutions but makes them.

She is not just my friend, she is a friend to all who'll listen to her.

She is a life-changer, a game-player, with a compassionate heart. 

She is my hero. 

Quick Shoutout PLEASE READ ;DD

Hey ya'll!

Just a quick shoutout for a friend of mine that I (finally) convinced to try out WTW! Still working on the bio and message (we're working way too much on it :) so yeah! Here it is:

Username: EllaPalmieri1234

Check out her first published too, no spoilers but it is quite an amazing emotional ride ;)

Yup, that's all for me folks!
Write free alwaaaaaays :DD

AJ - Izzy

Dear Creative Genius

Dear Kate,

It takes courage to take a stand like you did.
It takes courage to go against the world and push for a better future.
Kate, it takes so much courage to find your own path
but you did it.
And even though I didn't see it then, I can't thank you enough for dragging me into all of this rebellious work,
rebellious against society and what they say.
I can't thank you enough for that :)

Whatever you do, never stop reaching for the stars
never stop pushing past the limits they place
never stop being the one to speak out
never stop being YOU!

Never stop being a creative genius, you. 

You are a truly phenomenal women, strong and courageous. 
I am truly blessed to know you. 

With lots of love,


Apparently I'm useless.

apparently I don't matter
apparently I don't belong
apparently I'm trash,
Is all anyone says. 

apparently I don't have what it takes
apparently I can't do this
I can't do that
that's what I heard.

Apparently I'm full of flaws
apparently I'm a disease, an infection
apparently I have to stay away
from the important people. 

is wrong!

fits the standards!


and that's all they ever tell me. 
"You're useless", they say... Apparently. 

Open Prompt

Read Between The Lines

    No one asked for my opinion. No one ever asks for my opinion. I just sit there, bored as a loon, turning the disks that play the music, oiling the pieces that make it fit so well together. I just ride the waves of memory, the strings of thought, the blocks of fear. I am the one that guides your lost souls through your maze of dreams and hopes. No gratitude, no "oh thank you, kind one". Never. Not once.

    Of course, it's a little hard to ask your brain how they are feeling, if they'd like some tea or cookies. Confused much? Well, I am your brain so I guess it's a little hard. But, I mean, just a thank you? Please? I'm going to ask you a question. Did you notice, back there, who I was? How powerful, how mighty, how immortal I really was? How I guide your very being through life's difficult choices?

It is hard,...

That Feeling

That feeling you get when you don't know where you were,
where you are,
where you're going.

That feeling you get when you don't know who to trust,
who to love,
who to care for. 

That feeling you get when you don't know what to do,
what to say,
what to think. 

That feeling you get when you don't know who trusts you,
who loves you,
or who cares for you. 

That feeling is Hopelessness, and there is only one cure for it. 

That feeling you get when you know your friend trusts you,
your family loves you,
your love is caring for you. 

That feeling you get when you know exactly how to act,
how to respond,
know your opinion.

That feeling you get when you know who to trust,
who to love,
who to care for. 

That feeling you get when you know you were born,
you are special,
and you will be the future. 

It's called Confidence. 

Can't You Hear?





LISTEN very closely. 
Are you listening?


Can't you hear the cries
the cries of the
in the night?

Can't you hear the mother
searching among the
chaos and ruin
of war?

Can't you hear the yelling
right outside your window!?
Can't you hear it??

Can't you hear the torturing of
innocent youth?
Those who are supposed to love them
care for them
instead cast them away 

Because they look different
Love differently
Talk differently
Connect differently. 

Can't you hear???
It's everywhere!
Can't you hear the injustice,
the injustice in
your world. 
Right now. 


If you can't

Then maybe it's time to listen
and do something about it. 

@WOTW#14 Elder

Fearless and free
Is the tired old man
Struggling with the illness of the mind
And yet smiles like the sun. 

@WOTW#14 Orator's Audience

Fearless and Free
Is the audience gazing from below
It began with one voice, the daring boy
And spread with a nod of approval from the world. 

Little Wisdom #1

"Quit. Don't quit?
    Noodles. Don't noodles?
        You are too concerned about
        what was and what will be. 
            There is a saying:
          Yesterday is history,
          Tomorrow is a mystery,
          but today is a gift.

That is why it is called the "present". 

- Master Oogway

@WOTW#14 Mountaineer

Fearless and Free
Is the trekker in the woods
Water in hand, sweating profoundly
Hiking above and beyond. 

Alex Faye Pt. 2

    “Come on, we don’t have all night!” I whispered. Anna nodded as we trudged silently through the dark woods. I looked down at the faded map in my hands. I could barely make sense of all the symbols and strange letters.

    “Ugh, who knew mud was so slimy?” said Anna.
    I groaned, “Seriously? Have you never been to the woods before?”
    “Yeah, of course! What did you think I was, some sort of sassy, neat freak?”
    “Well, yeah.”
    My mouth twitched slightly. “Anyways, we’re almost there. I think.”    
    “You know”, Anna added, ”you might just be right about him! Who knew he lived in the middle of the Whispering Woods?”
That was creepy. I looked down at the map once more, hoping I had misread something, but no such luck. It was written in clear, cursive letters at the top:

                                                                        The Whispering Woods   

    If you had told me a few weeks ago that I'd go...

Greetings #standalonedialogue

"Greetings, my name is X and I'm here to take over your measly planet!"

"Wha-- I'm sorry, excuse me?"

"Oh right, language. Ehem, ME! X! YOU! WEAK! MORTAL!"

"I can speak English."

"Yes, clearly."

"No, I meant... wait, mortal? Measly??"

"Well, as I recall from the packet, you only live for a century, correct? And your planet is trash."

"Thank you for summing that up."

"No problem! Goodbye, human."


The Poetic Embrace

The letter barren, paralyzed, firm in her hand,
Everything burning, gleaming, set motionless,
Time had stopped, her heart ceased to beat,
For the first time, she prayed, pleaded… “yes.”

It took a moment, only a moment,
Creak, snap, into the open air,
Adrenaline pumping through her veins,
Persistent thumps, wind blowing through her hair.

One step after another,
Slowly, surely, carefully, blindly,
Less and less, no desist,
Creeping forward, softly, kindly.

Standing fixed, few feet away,
Turning, smiling, heart bursting,
Soft were the fingers that tenderly took hers,
Those that gently led her up, yearning.

“Faith”, he tells her, “trust.”
Moonlight bathing us in silver glow,
We stand, daring we be on the brink,
On the crisp brink of tomorrow.

“Nothing to fear”, he whispers gingerly.
The inky canopy of endless abyss,
Caelus, lustrous, polished silk,
A single thought, a single kiss.

The last words, the last memory,
Hazy was that night, but as clear as the Blue Lake,

Ask Me Anything!!... Answers :DD

Hello, so here are the questions I got and some answers for you all! <3

1. Are you a Jesus follower? -Jae
Yup, I'm Catholic.

2. What inspires you to write? -Jae
Just a way to get my words out on paper, since I'm not very talkative, compared to my sibling's XD

3. Celebrity crush? -Jae
Ahah, oh boy, let's see... I wouldn't say I HAVE a celebrity CRUSH, really, I just like some celebrities because they are, good celebrities? Anywho, they would be Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Dr. Strange, and more), Martin Freeman (Marvel, The Hobbit, and whatnot), Tom Holland (Spider-man, etc), Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor, other), Colin Morgan (MERLIN, the Huntsman, etc), yeah that's my list! XD

4. Favorite show?  - Catlover
I have about 5 favorites, in random order below (or in secretly-like order):
- Merlin
- Sherlock
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- Stranger Things
- Galavant

5. Do you like anime?  - Catlover
Eh, I can't say...

@WOTW#14 Orator

Fearless and Free
Is the boy standing on the podium
Voice raised over the assembly
As he fights for the right and true

@WOTW#14 Toxophilite

Fearless and Free
Is the girl with the red hair
Standing strong, bow slender and drawn
Taking careful aim of the target ahead. 


fall into
the world of under,
dripping into the wonders
that lay below, in the shadow of
clouding moments. Timeless it seems,
withers with a mere brush of the fingertips
A wonder to befall our meek world, a wonder indeed.
Let us not take away this warmth from over us
for it provides a haven for all to trust, the
moist manner of goodness is here
to stay, forever more.

Once a King

Once a king
now a war
fueled until the
world burned in a
fiery madness
of ash and

Once a king 
now a prison
not one to write a
freedom of words
of inky goodness
to conquer the 
angry blaze
the rage of

Once a king
now a turmoil
struggling to take that step
jump that leap
fly through the misty clouds
pressured to do
nothing and
unsure and
unwanting of the 
responsibility that 
comes with the 

Once a king
now is hidden
behind the majestic reign
of which you are
imprisoned to
no tender hold
no loving touch
no one to trust

Once a king
now is gone. 

Ask Me Anything! (Well, interesting stuff :D)

Yup, that's basically it, ask me any questions you got! Try not to be too personal, or too obvious like "what's your favorite shape?" and whatnot. This is inspired by Paperbird, check out the piece here!

Ask 'em in the comments below, and I will publish another piece with all the ones I can answer in time!

Deadline... February 15th :)

Also, no more than 3 questions per person.

Thank you so much, write free <3

AJ - Izzy

Alex Faye (Part 1)

    “Alex, what are you doing?”

    I snapped back to reality. Anna was staring at me funny. “Uh, I was just, uh…”
    “Staring at your ex-boyfriend?”
    “He was never my boyfriend.”
    She snickered. “Haha, right.”

    I blushed a little. Okay, it was a part lie. A few months ago we were really close. But that was gone now. As soon as we entered “the big kids” school, he completely ignored me. I didn’t care about him. Not anymore. Anna sighed, “Al, you’ve gotta let go of him! He’s not worth it!”

    “I know”, I grumbled.

    I should probably explain, rather than leave you hanging onto the thin strands of my desolate life. My name is Alex Faye, and I am 13 years old. Enough information? Not quite. My life is the most boring life, like, ever.Nothing ever happened out of ordinary. You see, I have an ordinary family, ordinary school, ordinary friends, or friend, Anna Aspacio, and I am your...

Inner Words

Words drifting through the
dear, scented pages
crackling under the
mere touch of
brushing fingertips,
sounds of majesty created
music to my ears,
mumbled feelings 
vanquished in 
comfort for the new
precious creation the 
imagination hath
poetry lifted from
your lips
breathed into the world
into the
rushing wind of
uncontrollable lives, 
honey words
words that resonate with the 
soul and mind
capturing thoughts
taking them into flight

soaring with the wonders until they are no more. 

He The One

He, the one who was there

He, the one who approached me

He, the one who took my hand
Eye's shining

He, the one who led the way
Ever caring

He, the one who held me close
Never wavering

He, the only one I trusted.

He, the one who was there

He, the one who approached me

He, the one who took my hand
Eye's killing

He, the one who led the way

Pain stabbing

He, the one who held me close


He, the one trapped in darkness. He, the only one I trusted.
He, gone forever.


Sometimes the most special moments in life approach when you least expect them to. 

That's what makes them the most memorable.

Just a short notice...

Hey ya'll,

So, remember that short contest I hosted a while ago I had a LOT of amazing entries, the "What I'd Give..." finish this sentence one? In case anyone was wondering, "Hey, what happened to all the prizes, the reviews, and whatnots, with AJ-Izzy?" 

I PROMISE I will get to them as soon as possible, and I apologize for the wait. I've had exams, which are painful, and I cannot wait until they are over so I can get to reviewing all ya awesome writing! 

Again, my deepest apologies, stay awesome! <3

AJ - Izzy

@WOTW#5 Faith

(fāTH) noun

1. A belief or trust in God; complete confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief in something when there is not proof

2. Knowing, loving, feeling that you are not alone.
    Not being alone.
    Trusting with all your heart, your soul, your mind, that there is someone watching you and saying, "I love you."
    A belief so strong that not even guns and terror can dissolve it.     
    Devotional, strong confidence
    Not giving up
    A love as strong as the peace that settles with it
    "Not even death do us part"
    Because I have the trust, and the care to keep going

    Not a leap in the dark...  

    But a leap towards the light


@WOTW#2 Stages

It is simply a way of life, unknown to most, but as true as my word. 

The first stage, Conception. Said to be the purest of them all, a human coming into this world. Growth. Patience. The glow of happiness on the faces of the makers. Nothing quite as simple and beautiful as another heart to share its warmth in the darkness of the world. 

The second stage, birth. Releases a motherly love that none can recreate, ever. A tiny child in your arms, crying out loud, and the only thing you wish upon this innocent soul is to calm its cries. The only thing it wishes is for someone to hold them, dear, to love them and to show warmth in their eyes for them. 

The third stage, growth. From a tiny child, to an energetic toddler, to a new student prepared for education, to an active youth in our world, to a beautiful young adult; a maker of...

@WOTW#11... A Rose for Love

Roses are red... 
Violet's are blue... 
I love you so much... 
would you like... uh... 


"Damn it!" he yelled in frustration, chucking his pen at the wall. It shattered into a million pieces, the ink splattered all over his sister's room, but he couldn't care less. How hard was it to write a poem to his mom?

James got up and paced the room. He was supposed to be in his room, but he couldn't bear it. All those pictures of his parents together, his mom's bright smile and loving eyes before... before the accident. He hated those pictures. He hated his "dad". He hated his life! Nothing made sense to him anymore. 

"I love... you? SMILE. Remember to SMILE..." James muttered to himself. SMILE had been his way of passing English class since he would remember. His mother's words echoed in his mind, remember to smile! She had taught him the acronym:



Find a Friend

Those who say they belong in the stars are made of the stars.

Those who wish to travel the world have the world in their blood.

Those who watch for their true love have love in their palms.

And those who long for a friend don't realize... someone else in the world longs as much as you do.

Go search for them... 

Because they are searching for you. 


Shoutout #2 for MORE AMAZING PEOPLE!!

"Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid."
- Paulo Coelho

Well, I have a few important words to say, or more like important people to RECOGNIZE!! Lotsa amazing writers here, I honestly wish I could do a shoutout for every single one of you, but that would take a VERY long time. So here are a few that I think everyone should check out cause they awesome :D

First is she's-got-a-story, super amazing writer and person! I really like @perfect_sadgirls, it's so true and so incredible! I couldn't believe it at first, but it's true folks! Check out please! <3

Also incredible is Kahasai! Unbelievable, so good, talent is just exploding with this young writer! Favorite, Tightrope, your use of language here is so phenomenal, I can't believe it! Amazing, so amazing. 

Next is The Bubbling Pen, your creativity is so fabulous, don't stop writing! <3 I really enjoyed Five...

Shoutout #1 to AMAZING PEOPLE!! <3

"For those with abundant talent are not always seen, and those who have the most to say are not always heard."
- Anonymous

I just want to shoutout to a few amazing WTW writers, everyone on here has such talent and I honestly can't believe how much this had encouraged me to write. ALWAYS write free, no matter what anyone tells you because you are your own person and you have much to say. 

First of all, shoutout to Silver Pen!! Honestly, you are active in the community and your writing continues to amaze me! I love how honest you are and every single piece you write is unique and talent just shines! A personal favourite, Radiation Burns, check it out, the wording in this is amazing! I can feel every word, every emotion, it's really beautiful. To all, check this amazing writer out! <3

The second shoutout is to Chi Chi Zhao, another talented writer! Keep writing,...

@WOTW#7 The Key

I've been looking for years. 

Every moment I wasn't trying to learn how I was out there. Searching, waiting, hoping. Time ticked by and every second was even tenser than the last, but I did not stop. Little did I know, however, that the answer was in him. That's when Anthony Fillip walked into my life. 

"Hey!" an annoying voice call out. I stabbed at the dirt, flecks of grime and insect flying. The garden was almost ready, all of the seeds sitting neatly in a straight line. I could almost hear their whistles of excitement as they awaited their growth. 
"Hey, you there!" the voice yelled out again. I groaned loudly, swearing under my breath. Everyone on this street knew that when I was digging, I was digging. Whatever happened to "do not disturb gardeners who are holding sharp weapons?"


It was that kid, the new one. No wonder. 

"Shut up, I'm coming!" I yelled back (because I'm...

Tiny Love Story


I never really knew her. She was simply a mirage, a faraway beauty who'd never notice me. Until she did, for just a second, the day she saw me...  


"What are you doing, weirdo?" Ally laughed, sticking her tongue out at me. I grinned, running my fingers through my hair. It was perfect at the beach, the water warm and the sunset bursting with kaleidoscope colors. 
"Just admiring you," I winked at her. Ally's cinnamon hair blew in the wind, her green eyes shining those words, I love you.


That's when I woke up, heartbroken. Just a mirage.   

@WOTW#9 The Last Chime

Her smile was the last thing I remembered. 

The last sound before the lie
The last touch before the slam
The last warmth before the cold
The last calm before the storm 

The last chime before all hell broke loose. 

It was in that moment that I knew; 
... The moment of truth
Everything was a lie... 

And now, she was gone. 

*What I'd Give...* Contest WINNERS!!! <3

Hey folks! 

Before I go on, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU AMAZING PEOPLE for entering my contest! Hope I did okay...? ALL of the entries were so good and everyone is so talented and keep writing always!!
If you won, please tell me in the comments what pieces you'd like me to review. 

Now, without further ado... 


Silver Pen - What I would give to be able to fly, to kiss the earth goodbye and be swept up in the cutting embrace of the chillsome wind as I dive like a falcon, to float aimlessly in blessed carelessness of my surroundings and the distance from my body to the ground, to shift in the rhythms of the breeze until I am part of the dance --
I'd just need to wear a parka and watch out for airplanes.

Chi Chi Zhao - What would I give to have something to lose.
​ ...

@WOTW#8 - Till End do us Part

"Listen to me! Time is running out."

No, I can't breathe, three minutes, please, hold on for three minutes... 

"Remember the rules! Do you remember what they are?"

It's too cold, I can't do it, three hours, just three hours more... 

"The book we read together? Listen to me, this is important!"

Water, I need it. So dry, it's so dry... C'MON! Days, three days, I can... maybe, I can...

"Yes, but if you don't listen, we won't survive. You won't survive! So pay attention!"

It's nowhere, there's no more food. Energy, it's left me. Aghhhh, three weeks, please... three weeks... 

"Everyone else is gone, do you hear me? They're all gone. We need to make it."

Where are you, where... where are you? Alone, all alone. Help me, how long, please, three years?... 

"Death swept through that place faster than any of us could recall, but we will NOT die! We will, we, will NOT die."

Age is coming......

@WOTW#6 Haiku for the Season

Snow drifts through the air
Whirls of leaves stumble downward
A blessing indeed

PLEASE READ my first contest!!! :D

Hi everyone! 

Yes, it is happening, my very first contest!!! I know, everyone's doing it, and also I just have a really good idea! I hope you'll participate, it would make my day :)

Also thanks to Stripedfly1001 (https://writetheworld.com/profiles/30330/feed ) inspired by you!! <3

Prompt: Finish this sentence:          What I'd give...  
It's really simple, just finish the sentence in the comments below! 
I'm excited to see what you all come up with, there is no limit to how creative it can be!

Deadline: January 1st (I will post the results between 1-2 weeks after the deadline)

Here are the prizes... 

1st Place: A follow (if I don't follow you already), 6 detailed reviews of pieces of YOUR choice, 10 likes and comments on piece of MY choice, and a personal shoutout just for you! :)

2nd Place: A follow (if I don't follow you already), 4 detailed reviews of pieces of...

Fifty... one? (speechless noises)

I cannot believe this but...


Wow, I can't thank you guys enough!! It has been quite a ride, and I love reading every single one of your pieces!!! Everyone is so freaky talented and ahhhh I am so grateful right now!! <3

To all you amazing writers, NEVER STOP PLEASE!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, ahh, thank you!! 
Here's to ya'll!! :D

Izzi C. Moonlight
Unknown Boy
Catherinely Me
Eva B.
Mary Wall
A Breath Into Silence
Corner Writing Club
Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill
Julius Caesar
Majestically Awkward Manatee
Sakinah Manning
Chi Chi Zhao
Big Bella Rex

Wow, I feel so blessed!! <3 

Please, keep writing, USE THAT VOICE OF YOURS,...

A Prayer of Thanks

I really don't know what to say.

Life has just been really hard and I am just all over the place right now

I don't know who I am
where I belong
or even who I want to be

Nothing makes sense
and that's scary

I never know what to expect

Every single day when I wake up 
I'm dreading what lies ahead
what challenges I may face
what struggles I may be forced to overcome

I don't know if I can

It's a burden to not know
to be blind to what comes next

I'm on a LEDGE here, and I don't know what to do!!

Every minute of every day, more struggles, more hardship
MORE hard decisions, MORE stress
less peace, fewer feelings of joy

People in my life are FADING
burning out

I don't want to be alone.

Please, don't leave me alone


I'm sorry, I just... I'm sorry. 

I don't know how to do this ...

A Writer is Born #JA17

Bravery, intelligence, why choose?

A sprinkle of courage,
a dash of brilliance,
and a writer is born. 


*Don't Let Go* #fiveendings

My voice was hoarse, my exhale quick and ragged. I gasped desperately, trying to catch the oxygen that was quickly eluding escaping from my lungs.


Glancing behind me, I caught a glimpse of my pursuer. He roared with anger, pawing the ground. His golden coat glinted in the light of the moon. He sniffed the ground, searching. Hungering. For me. 


I poured on speed, racing towards the hill. The rain was now pounding the ground, turning the sweet grass into a soggy prison. The wet mud pulled me down, tripping me, snatching the path from under my feet. 

Keep going.

I reached the top of the hill, struggling to catch my breath. Whipping around, I expected to see her right behind me, face red and tears streaming down her face from what I dragged her into.
She's gone. 

No. No. I whirled around, despair creeping into me, panic taking hold of my chest. It stung, red anger...


Hi, this is another cool Q and A by Paperbird, so here goes! 
This is only my second one, by the way, so... did I do it right? :D


What's the story behind your profile picture? 
My profile pic changes from time to time, but I like showing beauties of nature that are sometimes not appreciated for their full value, like stars or butterflies. I also love the fantasy of it all <3

When you start a "free writing" piece, do you like the font better when it's the editing font or the published font? 
Hmm, I like them both! I don't really mind what font I use, as long as the story gets out there!

What movie scarred you for life as a child?  does it still freak you out? 
Two movies that creeped me out badly, Gremlins and Fantastic Four. I watched them both when I was about 8 years old, and at the...


Okay, here goes! Ah, this is my Q and A, I'm excited!! <3

1. What is your favorite book of all time? 
Oh, why??? Okay, let's see... I absolutely love the Rule Of Three book by Eric Walters. It really opens up your eyes to what we have and what we should be grateful for. It's a cool perspective... ya'll should read it!! (there are also three books that come after, they're awesome too!)

2. Your favorite movie? 
Hmm... I definitely love the movie Doctor Strange (along with ALL Marvel movies!!). My favourite of the Marvel movies, possibly because it stars Benedict Cumberbatch... :) It's awesome

3. What is your favorite TV show? 
THERE ARE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Okay, can I say four?? ;) I cannot decide between these top four (I watch too much TV): Sherlock, Merlin, Stranger Things, and Galavant. Best. TV series. EVER!!! Have all the components, funny, drama, Benedict, funny, Benedict, all you...

My True Reality...

"A reality is what seems to be true 

Is this true? 

It's my reflection, 
it's my outer world, 
it's my public place, 
it's my sight, 
it's my burden, 
it's my pain 
A pain with no escape. 

The hard truth 

It's time to accept it"


Not a freedom, but not a prison

Less than a dream, but more than a nightmare

Short of an adventure, but longer than an empty page

Reality may be a pain
It may be hard to accept

But it's MY reality

I will do nothing less than fight for my reality
Because of a life of nothing is exactly that

But a life of freedom is worth fighting for.


A reality is what seems to be true

Is this true?

It's my reflection,
it's my outer world,
it's my public place,
it's my sight,
it's my burden,
it's my pain
A pain with no escape.

The hard truth

It's time to accept it


Holiday Cheer

It's that time of year
when all the Christmas cheer
is shining bright in the midst of the night

My heart pleads only dry
I beg you please to try
'Cause on this lovely evening, I can only say goodbye

Don't let me leave
It's Christmas Eve
There's only one thing I desire

I want to stay
please make me stay
Warm and dry by the fire

Not so bad


the things we IMAGINE...
                                                                        might not be so bad after all.
the things we DREAM...

No matter how 
awful they may look
or how
scared we may feel. 



Imagine My Mixtape...

"If you're afraid of 
Then don't look down"


it's a revolution I suppose."

"They say it's what you make, I say it's up to fate... it's woven in my soul, I need to let you go." 

"I know it's hard when you're falling down, and it's a long way up when you hit the ground...
                                        get up                    
                        get up            
get up now!"

"When the sky turns gray
everything is screaming
I will reach inside just to find my heart


RainAndSonder made up this Q&A, it's really cool! 

Please answer the following questions, not about yourself, about ME (AJ - Izzy). You can write the answers in the comment sections, you don't have to write a new piece. Once you've done that, create a new piece with the same questions and the same instructions. 

Okay, here goes... 

1. What Hogwarts house do you think I am?  
2. What is your mental image of me? How do you think I look IRL?  
3. What's my aesthetic?  
4. What trope do I remind you of? Look up some tropes if you don't get this one or don't know any.  
5. What do you think my horoscope is?   
6. What's your favorite piece of mine?  
7. What do you like most about my writing?  
8. What fictional character do I remind you of?  
9. What song do I remind you of/resembles my personality?  
10. What meme am I?  
11. What book/movie do I...


I am lost. 

This world ignores me.
That world forgets me.
The world reminds me,
every day,
every hour,

that I truly do not belong.

I am lost.

Will you help me?


Dear AMAZING followers... :)

Hey, how is everyone?

So, I'm still new to this (happy 2nd month on WTW!) but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has been so kind as to read my work! I am super lucky to be a part of this community and it has become one of my obsessions! Even if I'm not writing, I love reading every single one of your pieces, not just followers, but everyone on WTW is so talented in so many ways!!! This is a really big community, but I just want to shout-out to followers, thank you so much, you're all so amazing!!! :)

Izzi C. Moonlight
Unknown Boy
Catherinely Me
Eva B.


Once again, thank you all so much, I love everyone and NEVER STOP WRITING!!! Seriously, I cannot express the...


When in doubt, I look up at the night sky.

The stars know more than you will ever know,
they have seen more than you will ever see,

They rule with wisdom, with honor, and with truth.

The stars are my guide.
I trust them,
and they will never fail me.


My dreams are like...

the stars in the universe,
the grains of sand on the beach,
the stretch of the horizon,
the brightness of the sun,
the silver glow of the moon,
the endless darkness,
the sweet songs,
the stabbing pains,
the desperate grab,
the comforting hand,
the endless,

Like none other.

My dreams live on.


*Trapped* #ICBYShortStory

"Goodnight, darling", my mother whispered as she closed the door. I nodded, smiling as if everything was okay.
It wasn't.

Nothing could take away the fear, the overwhelming desire to run until you collapse from exhaustion. Nothing was okay. I clung to the last sounds I would hear that night, fading footsteps. 

Then... nothing. My chest tightened, and I began to shake. It was cold, so cold. The Dark had overtaken everything; sound, peace, light. The only thing left was dry, empty space. Fear. Dead whispers drifting through my head, trapping me. No escape. No hope. 

Every crack, every dent in the wall seemed to scream. I clutched my ears, begging it to stop. 
No one believed me, everyone thought I was some crazy teenage, going through a stage.
But no, Dark had come, and he chose me.
I was lost, lost in the pain.
Lost in the darkness.


Turned to Stone

Torn Between Worlds

    "Uh, what are you doing?"

    Clara stopped, utterly horrified. Her chalky hands shook, dispelling flour with every shiver. She took a deep breath. In, and out. In... and out.

    "A more appropriate question would be... what are YOU doing here?" She snapped. Her voice shook with hurt, bitterness. Clara whipped around, her glowing red eyes burning with fury.    

    Hailey shrugged, spinning around slowly to get a good look at the small kitchen. Everything was so different, from the inky darkness to the sour smell of dough. “You’ve… redecorated”, she noted. The room used to be knee-deep in random papers, each housing hopes and dreams. Now, a darkness filled the room, matching Clara’s murderous glare. Dirty pots and pans lay scattered around the room. Even the table lay barren, painted black. Hailey lay her hand over it, letting her claws softly scratch the surface. “It used to be blue”, she whispered, “the type of blue that you could lay in all…...

Out There

Somewhere in this universe, I belong. I know it, I can feel it. 

It's hidden, but it's out there. 

Sure as day, dark as night. 

It's out there. 

And I'm going to find it.

Whatever it takes. 

Lost in Empty Memories

I don't remember, is that strange?

My childhood is a blur of black and blue that refuses to shape into anything. 

Faces, expressions, all meaningless

Nothing is truly there

Except the stories.
The dreams.
The fantasies.

The hope that there is more to life than this. 

That there is a secret path, hidden from sight. 

I intend to take it, whatever it takes. 

I am no longer lost in empty memories.

I'm making my own. 


A Way to be Free

My imagination has never failed me. Ever. 

Until it did. 

I can live all I want in there, I can escape into the soft blanket that wraps me in a warm embrace, but eventually... I must come back out. 


It's all I need. It's all I've ever needed. 

A way to escape. 

A way to be free.


State of Awe

Don't Let Go

Hand in hand, one by one,

Waiting, fidgeting, hurting,

I never wanted it, all was perfect,

Until it wasn't.

The past was so memorable,

Beautiful, glorious

And now... 

I don't know.

Slowly, carefully, shaking in fear,

The white hospital room swallowed up all hope,

But there, sitting, smiling,

Mother, I whispered.

She turned and smiled.

All fear, all unsureness, gone!

And cradled in her hands,

A child, a little baby.

Mother beckoned me forward, holding her tenderly,

Maybe this could work, it didn't have to end.

I took a step,

Then another,

My arms extended, waiting,


She swaddled in my arms, drooling,

I wiped it off with shaking hands.

Until I couldn't hide it any longer.

My face, hidden,

A hand on my shoulder.

Mother, I cried!

Will you love me too?

She looked me straight in the eyes,

a single tear dripping from her cheeks,

Yes, she said.

Reaching out,

Love in her warm embrace.

For me.


The Challenge of Courage

I can do it

Courage isn't the strength. It isn't the power, or the skill, or the ability. 

Courage is the strength. It is the power, the skill, the ability. 

Courage is the strength to keep going when we fall.
Courage is the power to say no to the hard decisions.
Courage is the skill of pushing out boundaries as far as they go.
Courage is the ability to say "I can do it."

Why I Write

I Write...

I write, even though it's dangerous business. I write, ignoring the fear that can be ignited with a simple word. 

I write because it's the only place where I can truly be myself. I write to open up worlds of wonder and beauty, worlds that can capture you and whisk you off to a fantasy faster than you can uncap your pen. I write for those around me, for those above and below me, and for those that I can't even see. I write to escape. It's dangerous business, no doubt, which is what makes it worth it. 


Speech Writing Competition 2018


    Do you remember the joys of being a child? Carefree, simple days. The things you could get away with...

    My favourite thing to do as a child was to draw. I absolutely loved to colour, to doodle, to paint whatever was on my mind, whether is be wanting a dog or ice cream or sleep. Sometimes, my family and I would pray the rosary, and I would just draw the first thing that came to my mind, which could be some strange things! There was this one time that, for some odd reason, I decided to draw a tomato and a cupcake playing hockey! Those were days of inspiration, I'm telling you! 

    "Drawing is vision on paper", said Andrew Loomis, an American illustrator in the 20th century. "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others", said Johnathon Swift, an essayist from the 17th century. Isn't that amazing? Think about it! What I drew, all those years ago...

Water Drop


    So many droplets, so crowded. In every direction, nothing but a wide expense of water. Of us. That is, until the glowing orb appears. We worship her, the glowing orb. She is merciful, she sees us crowded on the surface of the land and lifts us up. I feel myself becoming less heavy and raise up.
    As I rise, higher and higher, I see my brothers and sisters, below me, slowly rising. How grateful I am, that I was chosen to rise. Up, up, up we go, until we reach the top. Blue spreads in endless directions, but not water blue. This is a clear blue, we call him the Great Dome. I feel others connecting to me, until the edges blur and the blue disappears.
    Now, it's white. I can vaguely see below, the land-dwellers. They travel in those ridiculous little metal boxes, making endless noise and wearing their usual scowls. Suddenly, She leaves us, hides behinds us....

Mad Libs

Dream Girl

    Most say that my mind is a jumble of words and letters in no specific order. Some say it is filled with thoughts of depression and anger, all aiming towards destruction. But what do I say? I say my mind is filled with the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of an ordinary girl.

    My name is Kate Rogers. I am a 14 year old ordinary girl with big dreams, which I believe I mentioned. Did I? Anyways, I live in Manhattan, the big city of tourist attractions. It's pretty awesome, for the tourists. Let's see, what else? I am known for my weird nature and for being "academically inclined", or so they say at the place where parents drop off their challenged children to sit and moan. Otherwise known as school. I know I'm strange, and the majority make it their life to avoid me at all costs, but no one has ever known me. Not even my parents. The big...