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RockSugar98 (Singapore)() reviewed:

Pretty Birds, War Soldiers #feb #valentine


Your piece is, no doubt, a wonderful read. I like that you have done some research to make your characters to speak like they were in the 1940s, keep up the good work. However, there are some issues that you...

3 days ago

RockSugar98 (Singapore)() reviewed:

Tout le monde

PROMPT: One Home

It's a good write, definitely! I shall always be amazed at how you can write this poem within a few minutes and be in awe of how deeply you would have reflected in daily life. I wonder how this piece...

12 days ago

RockSugar98 (Singapore)() reviewed:

In My Ocean

PROMPT: Love After Love

It's wonderful to read poems like yours that can make readers feel the intense emotions pulsating through the stanzas and in the end, draw to an elegant calming close. On a deeper level, it's also heartening to know that you...

25 days ago

RockSugar98 (Singapore)() reviewed:

Call me by your name


Excellent job writing this absolutely elegant piece, and thank you for sharing. It might be a good idea perhaps to try to expand this piece further into a longer piece of writing. What further things did the duo engage in...

about 1 month ago


RockSugar98 (Singapore)() published:

Sweat and Stories

PROMPT: My December Competition 2017

I laced-up my track shoes as if they were corsets for my feet.
I recall sitting less than a breath’s distance away from my doctor as she interrogated me about my diet and my high blood glucose levels. She suspected me of crime called pre-diabetes. I underwent painful blood tests and was instructed to return two days later for further consultation. I left the University Health Centre (UHC) fighting back tears that welled-up for no good reason, completely demoralized....
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