I drink way too much tea (with three sugars might I add), I like hugs a lot & thesaurus.com happens to be my best friend. It almost seems like the older I get, the more introverted I get.

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You'd think that by the amount of writing I do on this website that I would have something interesting here but boy were you wrong.

Peer Reviews

A bittersweet synopsis


I love this- you have done an amazing job into personifying what reality means! I think you should have another go at this with fresh eyes to see how else you can expand on it (don't feel obligated to use the minor edits I've highlighted cause its mainly just my opinion); otherwise, great job!!!

26 days ago

with fire we are blind (#candleflame)


I'm so sorry I didn't get this done earlier (end of year school work kinda caught up to me). This is truly a great piece and if you are willing to revise this piece, I'd be more than happy to review it again!

9 months ago

The Unheard Sound


I am sooo sorry for not writing this review earlier- school caught up to me. This is honestly such a good piece- your imagery on point! This has a lot of potential to be turned into a great poem if you'd like to do that (I'd be happy to review it again)! Congratulations on such a great piece once again!!!

9 months ago

Be Still

PROMPT: Unconventional

Ahhh this is absolutely beautiful!!! I think that it captures nature so well- it can't be explained any better. Please keep writing because it's stuff like this that will be in English books in the future!

11 months ago



Hiya! It's my first time doing a review so please excuse any mistakes! Your piece is overall really good. When I read this piece, I knew exactly how you feel because I myself wake up five in the morning to do work sometimes! I'd say that when writing a piece like this again, provide even more imagery that involves more senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch). Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to know about your piece and I will try my best to help! This is a fab piece and I hope that you keep writing!

12 months ago