I drink way too much tea (with three sugars might I add), I like hugs a lot & thesaurus.com happens to be my best friend. It almost seems like the older I get, the more introverted I get.

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You'd think that by the amount of writing I do on this website that I would have something interesting here but boy were you wrong.

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i'll start this poem by saying 'oh, baby' but in the most endearing way i can because i've finally found someone who means something to me


oh, baby.
the world spins like a top upon a spinning wheel
that i cannot stop.

          i don't want it to stop.

and i thought i'd never write poetry again - 
well this response of 
some sort was expected.

because writing poetry is for the weak and
i am not as strong as i say
i am. 

what i'd do to
let you whisk me away 
in arms so...

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