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It's never too late

Published Work

=A Complicated Bond=

I was your exit to escape.
your excuse
and your regrets that took shape,
of your rescue.
I came from you!
I am the rest of you,
that you deny of,
and argue about.
I happened to be the clue
to every truth,
that you haven't yet reached to.
A cloud of shame you want to spew,
right out of you.
I was your exit to escape.
I was all that you regretted.
Yet you've kept me safe,
from all the chaos and haze
​of the world, I so hate.

=Dancing with a Stranger=

Your hands slowly going 
around my waist.
Your sharp eyes following
my gaze.

Your eyes are stuck
on me, as we push 
and pull together. Lust,
is in the air, as our bodies touch.

Your eyes danced,
as my hand flowed on you.
Your muscles tenced,
as I planted the sign
of love all over you!

=Twisted Love=

It's a wonderful nightmare.
I'm trapped in a cage
and your arms are the bars 
I cannot break.
Your feet are the chains, 
locked around me.
keeping me from breaking free.
Your bare chest is,
the floor, I lie on,
the only place where
my body rests.
Trap me,
inside your cage.
Show me,
your love with great rage.
Hold onto me with all you've got.
Keep me here until I rot.

=Nothing To Leave Behind=

I see a pretty face,
in the mirror.
Knowing that  I'll be forgotten 
in the next era.
I have no fingerprints
or foot steps to leave behind.
I don't want to leave,
before showing something
to remind them
of me.

=The Rush of Anger=

It's rushing through my veins.
They are heading upwards, to my palms
so fast and quick like flashing trains.
A firm grip, I maintain, so as to keep them calm.
I kept my palms clutched tightly.
Whatever it was, reaching them,
that rush of electric energy, nightly
that feeling of worms wriggling through,
every now and then...
I wanted it to stop, all, together.
Count to ten they say
But it just keeps comming back, changing like weather.
I feel it every day.
I feel it every night,
as I lay.


Tonight, the sky is pitch-black.
There are no shooting stars
nor a sign or track.
Just me on the grass.

Tonight, there's no one beside me,
no one playing with my fingers
and all fire flies seem to have flee
yet the memory of you lingers.

=It Is a Nightmare=

The scar you left,
still tender upon my skin.
Your satisfaction with it's depth,
plastered on your lips so slim.

Your smile, a slow breeze
on one fine like autumn evening.
Then fades like leaves
on a tree slowly losing it's colour, once so deepening.

 Your every movement,
leaving me with such uncetanity.
Yet tracing for what it meant,
I let hours pass in agony.

=We Are Miserable!=

As the night falls down,
we are animals.
As the sun comes out,
we are criminals.

We want to go beyond
nature's will.
Yet we are not bound
to feel this thrill.

We are not patient,
we can't wait.
Losing it now and then.....
we watch dreams fade.

=Devils in love?=

And he,
didn't know
that she,
was evil, to toe 
from head,
a devil hiding
under an angel's head.
For love it's crying.
Under covers,
and he's bonding.
Soon be lovers,
later be haunting.
The devil's love 
blinding him,
it's every touch,
soon will haunt him!


=A Single Stare=

I only stare
at you all day.
But no longer can I bare
The silence, so let's talk, Hey!

I can't help the thought,
of my fingers crawling,
down your shoulders. Like they taught,
in movies I watched, while hiding.

I cannot resist
your heart piercing stare.
Together I clutch both my fists.
You're mine and I dont want to share.

I am selfish only,
when it comes to you.
You don't know how lonely...
I am without you.

For you only,
Will I wait, 
and for you only,
will I go home late.

Why I Write

=Why I Write=

Why do I write?

That's quiet a question ...
Explains why im blank*

BUT , why DO I write?
You see, life is filled with exitement. Facing new challenges everyday, seeing awsome things, meeting inspiring people, every day...each with a different story to tell  and theres just so much energy packed in in every one of these activities, and just a simple photograph dos'nt capture it all...dosnt mean it in half and its gone.

But then when I take pencil and a piece of paper and just jot down what I've encountered with...detailing every emotion to its helps me recreate the exact scene and the exact emotions I felt. 

Then later on I look back at what I've written and the atmosphere I wrote about.... pops up in my mind, leaving me grateful for all the wonderful things I have encountered with.

So this is it! This is why I write....I write because I want to enjoy life...

=I'm On Fire=

Your heavy breath 
against my neck
feels like,
dry leaves on fire...
your lips pressed
you're making your way,
down, down, down...
And I'm on fire.



We can't,
one's growth.
Yet we....
judge it!
Unaware of
the truth.

=Lost In Her=

     Her head tilted slightly, more to the right. She's sitting in same row as I am, almost next to me. Her round plump face is resting on her right palm while her left is relentlessly scribbling down something that I'm not, yet, aware of.
     The piercing sunlight reflected on her delicate, near brown, ebony skin, contrasted it's smoothness. She's beauty itself.
    With every tic of the clock, her eyes rolled and the scribbling hastened. Then droplets of sweat started glistening on her alluring neck, making it's way down to her shoulders, dampening her shirt.
    Finally the bell rang and the teacher started collecting the papers.
   She disappeared.
   I returned my math test paper.



You are a sweven,
appearing in my dreams.
It is you, that has driven
me, closer to sleep.

The way you'd weave,
your magic around me....
leads me to crave,
for things unseen, in the sea.

You are a dream boat,
turning heads wherever you go.
You bring everyone to a halt
as if you were putting up a show.

But you exist, only,
in my dreams.
Every night, I hold you firmly
knowing I'd lose you, when awakened from sleep.

=I Don't Like It=

finger tips...
on my hips.
My teeth grits...
I can't fake it!
When I feel it.
Your fists
and your lips,
on my chest....
I feel it.
Though not one bit,
Do I like it.


She found the space before her
She wanted to hold herself together
as drops of sweat continuously fell out.
Her existence went unnoticed....
and when she was all numinous
and out of focus,
she was taken by an anonymous.

=When you are blank=

One two three
Here we go
Lest write something
I'll try!
What am I doing?
I dont know
arnt you writing?
no I'm typing.
I dont know.

=Dead Beat=

I reply 'yes' thrice
and 'No' only once.
I've got my rights,
I've got tons.

Over the moon, I,
could be.
Hands on my head, I could cry,
like, one, two, three.

"I didnt mean it".
Once, said, I,
" I don't regret", not one bit.
Sorry that was a lie.

I cannot give you 
cold shoulders.
What ever you please, DO!
I'll only, at myself, curse.

I find no pleasure,
in deceiving you.
Doing so, I only find fractures
in my heart. It's true.

I've always been separating,
sheeps, from goats.
I've failed, and it's depressing.
Anyways we all know the same chords.

The future,
it's hazy.
Waiting for it is torture.
I might as well go crazy.

The past,
It won't leave me.
A powerful spell, I want to cast.
So I can break free.


=Why we never learn=

Our people boast.
Exhausted, poor I 
for I am no where
near conclution.
I stay quite...
"Don't mind"
that's what they all say.
No where near conclution.
They Say,
"just keep quite
I keep quite