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Elfboy 08/19/19!


Message from Writer

Life has been a heck of a journey recently! ;)

Published Work

Excuses :)

Okay, so many of you know that I came back to this site recently after a few months' absence... and I haven't been very active. 

Here's why (if you happen to be interested):

  1. I've been visiting my sister for the past six weeks and doing random stuff like going to Kennywood to ride my first rollercoasters (which was hella fun, btw)
  2. I've had some slight drama in the form of heartbreak coupled with slight envy of my sister, which I am now mostly over.
  3. I've been a bit lazy (not gonna lie :)
  4. Most exciting to me, I've been getting my book, Elfboy, published! It's going to be official on the 19th. It's two days (actually four months) later than I previously anticipated, but it will be out there at last *happy sigh* :)

So, slight apology for not being very active. I'll try to be more so :)


Flash Fiction Competition 2019


    Once upon a boulder, I stood, sweaty from the climb, studying plants around me. I'd been learning plant identification since I was little and determined to find one in particular. A small, slow-growing herb with massive value.

    "Is this the tree?" asked Dave, still on the ground.

    "Yeah," I grinned as my crush, the "expert rock-climber" pulled himself up with the hickory.

    He was up in seconds, just in time for me to find my plant.

    "Look, ginseng!" I said triumphantly, running my hand along the leaves.

    "You're a ginseng," he teased.

    And a smile bloomed across my heart.

Flash Fiction Competition 2019


    Since I was little, I learned to identify plants. I looked for ones I knew and made sure I would know the ones I didn't.

    So, it wasn't much of a surprise when I climbed a rock with a natural garden on the top to study the plants.

    "Is this the tree?" asked Dave from the ground.

    "Yeah," I said, grinning. "Climb on up."

    He was up in seconds, just in time for me to find a plant I'd been searching for.

    "Look, ginseng," I said.

    "You're a ginseng," he teased.

    And a smile bloomed across my heart.

The Fey King

Fireflies; echoing, ringing footsteps of doom
Across the hollow of cobwebbed gloom

King of feys, clothed in shadow, crowned with rose
His minions dressed as a thousand crows

Hair of silver, eyes of fire, heart of crumbled stone
Knife-edged stares chill the marrow of your bones

Obsidian caves, night-sky roof, winter trees
Before the fey king on your knees

His voice like frost, a hammer at your heart
The fey king’s words tear your soul apart

Elfboy - After That Last Cliffhanger

Do you guys remember that cliffhanger I left you on a while ago when I stopped posting Elfboy? Do any of you ever wonder what happened afterward? I wouldn't blame you if you don't care anymore, but I would like to apologize. It wasn't supposed to be this long before you found out.

I'm not going to give the whole story away here, but I thought I'd publish a last bit of Elfboy before going on with the book.

You might remember where I left off, but for anybody who doesn't, it was chapter 25, in Benny's Pizza shop. El had just knocked his mother unconscious and opened the portal to the elf world. Chris has to go through first for the portal to open completely and if El doesn't keep it open, Chris will be destroyed.

Link to the first part in case you're just joining the story now :) ELFBOY! Chapters 1 - 3
And now, to begin!  ...

ELFBOY! Chapters 1 - 3

         “Stop worrying, Chris,” my cousin Julie insisted. The two of us stood at the Aunt Sally’s driveway, waiting in a signature thick, Orangeboro Kentucky fog for the school bus. “You won’t be picked on, I promise.”
         I didn’t like having a fourteen-year-old talk to me like that. After all, I was going on eighteen. But, I did need the reassurance. I’d always been homeschooled before Mom and Dad died and I imagined I’d be one to get bullied in a public school.
         “Aren’t you a little worried about your first day of high school?” She looked standing with her arms crossed, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.
         “No.” She rushed to defend herself. “And I’m not scared of him either.”
         “Who’s him?” I couldn’t help teasing her about what I expected to be her crush.
         “Nobody. Just a kid at school.” ...

Loving Arms Refuse to Hold Me

Refuge is the warmth I feel when your arms are around me, holding me until the pain is gone. Until I no longer feel like the world will break me and the tears I cry wash myself away. 
The warmth fills the empty cracks in my heart so it can shine again. 
Safety. Welcome. Strength. 

Refuge means I never have to face life by myself. You're always by my side, ready fight with me, ready to carry me from the battlefield if I fall, willing to wait at my bed until I'm healed. 
The blanket of your embrace always ready to cover me in the night. 
Forever. Loyalty. Shelter.

Refuge is something I've never had. I've had to face life alone. I have to fill the cracks in my own heart. I have to fight by myself. I make my own blanket.
The world might break me.
Struggling. Breaking. Hurting.

A Signature Capability

Wearing Stolen Hearts

    He flourished on a signature capability to capture me with a single smile. Capture me heart and whole. Wear my tarnished heart on a chain, a watch fob at his waistcoat pocket.
    Chain me, jail me, bind me so I never want free.

    Someday, maybe he'll notice me, polish my heart, and give me his in return. A pendant for around me neck.

    For such is a jail. Love is the lock. And each of us holds the other's key.

And such thieves as would steal another's heart never deserve release.

I'm Back Part 2

Okay, so I already published a preliminary return piece.... And I noticed that it created some confusion. So here is a part two, explaining everything.

1. Why I Left

It seems to be the popular opinion that I left because I got too old for this site. I didn't. I still have another year.

I left because of the pressure. 

I have always struggled to be the person everyone could count on and who would always read everything, providing as much feedback as I could. That's seriously more work than it sounds like.
I must've been reading 7 different series at once. I loved them all a ton, but it was getting to be a lot! 
Some of my close friends disappeared as soon as I stopped publishing Elfboy. That hurt and I was having trouble getting over it.
So many new users kept coming! It's awesome to see new writers arrive at this amazing site :)
And I was...


The Cliffhanger Queen is officially back in town.

Just thought you ought to know.

I'm back...

And I have many adventures to share with you.

Hello :D My name is Quille. Remember me?
I remember you :D

Announcements - Farewell

So I have some announcements:

1. Winners of my Short Sentence Contest

Honorable mention (three likes): 


One does not simply cha cha real smooth into Mordor.

I couldn't stop laughing at that one!

Three Winners (five likes each): 


One does not simply dance with the fay--you must be prepared to defend your soul, and never, never drink faerie mead.

Budding Mae

One does not simply state their intent to eat a sandwich; they must announce it!


One does not simply know heartbreak without knowing love.

Those are all simply awesome :) I'll deliver prizes asap. Please let me know if there are certain pieces you'd like me to look at.

2. I'm Starting A Blog

It's called Quille's Inkewell and this is the link:

However, don't expect much yet, I've only just gotten started and have literally nothing up yet. Some of the things I'm putting up will be pieces you've already seen on here, but...

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

A Flooded Creek

The creek has flooded 
And I can no longer find the gossamer strands
Of water
Flowing over and over rock 
Like wool through the spinner's hands

The creek has flooded 
With tears of the sky,
Crying over her winter-dead
And longing for the day when we break free

The creek has flooded
Washing away the rocks and fish I knew yesterday
The same as the coming onslaught 
Of years
Takes my childhood away 

The creek had flooded 
And sings a stronger, braver 
Than I would ever dare
But perhaps I can learn this one too

Quick Sentence Contest

Hey guys! Sorry the prizes for the Cliffhanger Queen's Contest are taking so long. 

In the meantime, who'd like to finish a sentence for me?

I'll pick three to five winners (if I get enough entries) who'll all receive a prize of five likes/comments (sorry for the small prize, but like I said, I have a ton to catch up on)

So, here's the sentence you have to finish:

    One does not simply...

Deadline is March 28th.
Again: three to five winners who receive five likes/comments.

Have fun! :D

Why I'll Believe in God Before I'll Believe The Sky is Blue*

Disclaimer: this piece does not contain 'logical' arguments or statistics. It is based on my opinions and beliefs alone.

Why do I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and creation? (not to mention everything else in the Bible)

Because of one simple thing:

    The glow and joy that fills me up when I pray and sing praises to the Lord.

Is that hard to understand; how someone could found their faith on a feeling?

Then let's delve deeper:

    That feeling I described is love. If you've read my piece, the first version of A Smile Makes Me Cry, you probably remember me describing it as taking a rainbow upside-down and filling it with pure golden sunshine. A kind of smile that fills you up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and makes your chest swell with joy.
    Love does that and when I sing or pray to God, I...

Opinions Sought! Please look at this! :)

Hey, guess what! I just posted the cover for Elfboy on Instagram!
I would really appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think of it.
Here's a link:
I'm not the best artist out there, but please take a look at this and let me know what you think.
Thank you 

xxxx Quillle


An offer for everybody to get more feedback.

Comment two of your pieces here for me to review and then you review one of my pieces from this list:

Elf Castle 
Fairy Chains Ch. 1 - fairly long
A POV Exercise - Elfboy Chapter 1
First Love--Goes on in Disappointment.
Elfboy Chapter 24
Just Kill Me #fiveendings
An Ending - really short, but I would love some feedback on it
A Crown of Torment

Yeah, a lot of fantasy, but whatever :)

Anyhoi, my pieces are all pretty short and I have a lot of longish entries to review for my contest (plus prizes when I announce the winners, which should be very soon) So, I would appreciate it if you commented short or middle-length pieces. I'll definitely still review long ones, but it'll take longer to get them done.

That's my offer, take it or leave it. I'd prefer you take it, but that's up to you :) ...

The Cliffhanger Queen's Contest WINNERS

You, as an entrant in the Cliffhanger Tournament, have been summoned to the grand castle for the celebration and awarding of the winners. Naturally, the castle is on a cliff.

Seated in the grand hall, you rise with the rest of the guests for the grand procession.

Out of twenty-six knights in our first joust, there are only eight winners.

First, comes the Honorable Mentions. These three writers did a brilliant job and will each receive one golden review on a piece of their choices. Their names and winning pieces:

The Striped Mask - Majestically Awkward Manatee

Your stunning cliffhanger and the questions it made me ask: 
It was him.
Who is 'him'? Why doesn't he want her killed? Is he a good guy who will help her? How does she know him?

I Dare You - .audrey michelle.

Your cliffhanger was pretty interesting :)
Where is she? What happened to her? How did she get there? What happened...

An Ending

         I didn’t feel anything but a lump in my throat as a pale light passed from Anson's hand to mine.
         His wife fought her tears no longer, kissing a corpse as the sun sank below the horizon with rosy light playing through shadows before the the mountains swallowed it.
         I didn’t see how it could ever rise again. 

Don't Clip My Wings

I'm learning to fly.
Don't clip my wings.

A bird is born to fly,
Feathers make its wings.

I'm a writer,
Born to write.
Words make my wings.

On a paper expanse of sky,
I work them hard.

Up and down. 
Up and down.
Letter after letter.
Word by word.
Once upon a time...
It was a dark and stormy night...
Beginnings turn to ends.

I'm a writer learning to write. 
I'm a bird learning to fly.

Don't clip my wings.


The Cliffhanger Queen's Contest

This is probably not the best time to host a contest, but I wanted to give it a shot.

Prompt: Whatever you want, but it should have a catchy title and a good cliffhanger at the end.

Deadline: January 21st. That gives you all one month.

Tag: #cliffhangerqueencontest


  1. Fifteen reviews; Five comments; Three shout-outs. Your piece will also head an 11 piece series on here.
  2. Ten reviews; Three comments; Two shout-outs. I will use a character from your piece.
  3. Five reviews; One comment; One shout-out. Your piece will be used for ideas in the series.
Honorable Mention: One review. 

All entries will be reviewed after the contest. 
The series started with the 1st place entry should appear a week after the contest deadline.

Pieces will be judged on: personal preference, writing quality, title--which will probably become the title of the series, and especially, the cliffhanger :)

Have fun guys and I can't wait to see what you come up with! 


I have always been a writer. I can remember my dreams of writing a novel from when I was very little.
But I never attempted it. Not until I was about twelve and my sister and I went into a collaboration that somehow ended in both of us writing different books; we didn't have a fight or anything, our plots just drifted away.
Mine took me the best part of six years to bring to a conclusion--and it still needs work.
A nice contrast with my latest works: Elfboy, which took less than three months; and its two sequels, each of which took me less than three weeks.
What happened to help me write so much faster (and definitely better)?
Well, a number of things. I stopped playing games with my siblings, I learned to prioritize, and I learned that writing books was more fun and fulfilling than reading them.
And I found WtW.
I came here by accident. 100%...

A Shout-Out to my AWESOME Friends

(If anybody on this site counts themselves as my enemy, let me know:)

So, I've been publishing a bit of a novel--Elfboy--on here over the last month. I've gotten a ridiculous amount of support from some awesome dudes (and dudettes if Silver Pen doesn't mind me borrowing the phrase:)
These are all the people who have been liking, commenting, and reviewing it for me.
Thank you all so much!!!!! :DDD
I hope this piece lets you know how much I've appreciated even just likes from a few of you :)
(Order is random because I could never decide who to put where:))
RNE - My friend, you have been on this ride since the very beginning and your support (and threats:) has very, very much to me. Still flabbergasted by your message from writer :D
One of my favorite pieces: The Cell I read it twice :) Love the character and emotion shown just through your narrative voice :D ...

This Little Light of Mine #candleflame

I held a little candle flame,
Right in my hand; no wax or wick,
Just a glowing flicker.
It was a gift from God,
Given to me when I was saved
To help spread His light.
I tucked it away deep inside,
Afraid that it would go out in the winds of this world.
I knew that was wrong, 
I should have let it shine unhindered.
That little flame nearly went out,
I brought it out only just in time,
And now it burns ever brighter.
God keeps it lit as I work to spread His light.
I hold a little candle flame,
And I use it to kindle the Lord's fire in others.


Moonlight #believe

"The moon is made of cheese!" I shouted at the mocking face that gaped at me. My own brother. He didn't believe me.

"Then what are the stars?" asked Billy, his face twisted with confusion.

"Salt. You need salt to make cheese." 

"Who makes the cheese?" Billy persisted, but I didn't care. I knew I was right.

"The fairies. They have to remake the moon every month after the night rat eats it away. They take salt from the stars and milk from the Milky Way to make it."

"Where do they get the rennet?" Billy sneered.

"They don't need it." What was rennet?

"You need rennet to make cheese. If your fairies don't know what rennet is, that proves the moon isn't made of cheese."

"It is too! They don't need it. You're just making it up!" I felt like crying, but my face was too hot. "The moon is made of cheese! I've seen the rat who eats...

A Quick Shout-out to Some Awesome People

Hey, just a quick shout-out to some really cool people who have been reading my novel, as well as writing great pieces of their own:

Silver Pen - You're comments are really awesome to read! I love the encouragement and criticism :D

RNE - Thank you so much!

camlily - Awesome and encouraging!

Mangolover - I really appreciate the feedback :D

AminahMcBina - Thank you for the awesome support and I look forward to reading more of Changing Moon :)

_TJNR@cheshire_ - I love reading your feedback! Very critical and encouraging :)

Thank you all for being awesome readers/commenters/and, of course, writers. I love your works :D

Please check out these people, they are worth it!

BTW, there is now a fourth chapter of Elfboy to read:

Elfboy Chapter 4

And if you didn't read the first three, please check them out, I love to recieve feedback :)

Elfboy Chapter 1
Elfboy Chapter 2
Elfboy Chapter 3

Thanks :) And...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

Elfboy Chapter 1

    After my dad died, I was sent to live with my chubby aunt Sally and thirteen-year-old cousin, Julie, near the small town of Orangeboro, Kentucky. I was really happy there for awhile--apart from missing Dad.
  I mean, I was happy there, until school started.

    "Stop worrying, Chris," Julie said as the two of us stood at the end of Aunt Sally's driveway, waiting in the fog for the bus. "I promise, the school's all right."

    I didn't like being talked to like that by a thirteen-year-old, after all, I was going on seventeen, but I needed the reassurance. I had always been homeschooled before Dad died and I imagined that I would get picked on a good deal in a public school. But Aunt Sally and Julie were right. 

    The school here was much different than I imagined.

    Everyone on the bus was really friendly, even the driver,...


ANNOUNCER: "And tonight we have a debate on the issue of a messaging system on WtW. Advocating for said system we have A. Advocate. Opposing, we have O. Opposition.
These two speakers will now debate this question: Should WtW have a personal messaging system on their website?
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you A. Advocate who will open this debate."

ADVOCATE: "Thank you very much. I am in full favor of a messaging system on WtW. It will make personal communications between writers much easier and allow for friendly chats about pieces. It will help bring writers together and help them give each other feedback through better relationships. It will be a great, great improvement on the site and make it much more like other social media as well."

ANNOUNCER: "Thank you, Advocate. Now we have Opposition, which will now present their case against a messaging system."

OPPOSITION: "Good evening, everybody. I obviously oppose the idea of a messaging...

Personal Essay Competition: Making Change


It's easy to say 'be the change you want to see in the world'. 

But it's not that easy to do.

Only those individuals who were determined (a.k.a. stubborn), disciplined, and courageous have ever changed the world for better.

Example of two men who lived during the same time:

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. 

Hitler had wanted to be an artist, but he was unable to pass exams to be admitted into an art academy in Vienna. He became one of the most well-known evil-dictator personalities in the world. Hitler committed suicide, giving up completely the day after he had been married. All his life, we can see evidence of Hitler giving up. 

Churchill had a similar problem. He was unable to enter the Royal Military Academy after two attempts. He kept trying and was admitted on his third attempt. Winston Churchill won a nobel prize in literature, was Prime Minister of England, and was a great defender of liberty...

This I Believe

What I Believe

I believe in the power of imagination.
Imagination is our greatest super-power--and we all have it.
With imagination, you can change your surroundings, be transported to any time or place, and become anything you want.

Once you've imagined though, you need to work the change. 
You need to change your surroundings.
You can transport yourself anywhere.
You need to become what you want.

So never mind, We are our greatest super-powers.
And all we need to do is put ourselves to Work.  


Open Prompt


I hear whispers. 
In the trees when the wind blows by;
In the waves waltzing on the sand;
In the rain pattering down;
In the clouds drifting softly above;
In water tumbling over rock;
In the dragonflies that skim past;
In autumn leaves swirling in the wind;
In the morning sunrise, pale with dew;
In the moon haloed with stars;
And the hush of night's soft wings;
I hear whispered stories.

Tips For Novel-Writing

Hi, I've just finished my own first novel and I had a lot of fun writing it. My younger sister is writing a novel too, but she's having some trouble staying with it/writer's block. I figured there are probably other kids having the same trouble, so I thought I would put some tips out there to follow, here are a few:

1. Brainstorm. Sit down with paper and pen and write down as many ideas as you can about your book--they don't have to be about what happens next, they can be about anything related to your book (i.e. the color of a character's hair, a special tree that grows in your world) Sometimes just writing details like this can help.

2. DO NOT REWRITE UNTIL YOU'RE FINISHED WITH THE ENTIRE DRAFT. This is really hard to avoid doing, especially if your storyline starts changing as you write, but don't rewrite until you're done. If you find your storyline headed...

Personal Narrative Competition 2018

A Lesson in Cards

    It was a very cold morning in January. There was a thick, crunchy frost outside and water was frozen in the pipes throughout the house, causing us all to skip breakfast.

    When I came in from feeding the chickens (who fortunately had water) I found my three younger sisters gathered in the living room, each playing their own game of solitaire—with their own brand new decks of cards. 

    The only deck I had was practically falling to pieces.

    I asked Mom if I could have a new deck, knowing that there was a drawer full of unopened decks in one of the end tables. She told me that I could have one of the old ones out of the coffee table.

    Somewhat disappointed, I began to search among the piles of cards in the coffee table. I couldn’t find a single deck that was useable. I angrily threw the cards back into the box and slammed the lid. Then I...

Open Prompt


I hear whispers. 
In the trees when the wind blows by;
In the waves waltzing on the sand;
In the rain pattering down;
In silence at night;
I heard whispered stories.

Personal Narrative Competition 2018

A Lesson in Cards

    It was a very cold morning in January. The water in the pipes was frozen throughout the house, causing us all to skip breakfast.

    When I came in from feeding the chickens (who fortunately had water) I found my three younger sisters gathered in the living room, each playing their own game of solitaire—with their own brand new decks of cards. 

    The only deck I had was practically falling to pieces.

    I asked Mom if I could have a new deck, knowing that there was a drawer full of unopened decks in one of the end tables. She told me that I could have one of the old ones out of the coffee table.

    Somewhat disappointed, I began a search among the piles of cards in the coffee table. I couldn’t find a single deck that was useable. I angrily threw the cards back into the box and slammed the lid. Then I huffed down on the couch with my...