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Instagram: @heritagegroveacademy
Goodreads: Abbigayle Grace
(also author pen name)


Girl is publishing her first novel, Elfboy, in April.
Over 48,000 words
And working on the fifth book.

Shout-outs to:
Cliffhanger Queen catgirl_5555, first place in my contest
Duchesses: korra4life & Christy Wisdom, second place
Count/countesses: CuriousityKilledTheCat & RNE, third place

Have a fantastic whatever-time-it-is-where-you-are,
xxxx Quille

Published Work

#2wackywords Word List

Okay, guys! Here's this challenge's word list:

stingy (pronounced Stin-GEE)
xenization ~ means the act of traveling as a stranger.

Lots of fun ones this time :DD I can't wait to see the pieces!
Please include #2wackywords in the title so I can find it when I search :)
Have fun & thanks for participating! :DDDD

Quick Sentence Contest

Hey guys! Sorry the prizes for the Cliffhanger Queen's Contest are taking so long. 

In the meantime, who'd like to finish a sentence for me?

I'll pick three to five winners (if I get enough entries) who'll all receive a prize of five likes/comments (sorry for the small prize, but like I said, I have a ton to catch up on)

So, here's the sentence you have to finish:

    One does not simply...

Deadline is March 28th.
Again: three to five winners who receive five likes/comments.

Have fun! :D



She watched him leave
Glad he was gone.
He'd hurt her
He'd used her.
Glad he was gone.


She watched him leave
With tears in her eyes.
He'd been true
And he'd loved her too.
With tears in her eyes.


Her world was falling apart
Ripping at the seams
And she couldn't be sure of her heart
So soiled by dirty love and
Ripping at the seams.


She whirled in unconcsious grief
Calling his name.
Hoping he'd be true 
And come to one who was 
Calling his name.


She thought for a while she was fine
Able to blossom a smile.
But his absence was the absence of sun
And her flower withered until she was
Unable to blossom a smile.


She traveled and searched
Looking for love.
Love lost through spite
When he failed to come home one night and left...

Opinions Sought! Please look at this! :)

Hey, guess what! I just posted the cover for Elfboy on Instagram!
I would really appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think of it.
Here's a link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BubTLruhn-F/
I'm not the best artist out there, but please take a look at this and let me know what you think.
Thank you 

xxxx Quillle

Living People

Elfboy dudes here for an interview

1. What is something about you that no one knows?

    El: Nice way to start. Excuse me, what’s your biggest secret? None of your business. I’ll tell you something I didn’t know about myself though. Apparently, I’m an elven prince from another world. That’s pretty crazy sounding, but I’m okay with crazy.

    Chris: I’m kinda your average guy, but I love origami and can make the best paper airplanes in the elven world.

2. What’s your favorite time of day?

    El: Early morning, evening, and night. Night especially; I like the fact that I don’t need to sleep like as everybody else; even my mother’s asleep then.

    Chris: I like the afternoon when it’s hot and sunny. Yeah, totally opposite the of El here.

3. Who’s your closest confident?

    El (grinning): Chris; he doesn’t really keep secrets, but that’s not his fault; I don’t tell him any.

    Chris (laughing): Nice to know how much...

Love in Words

Do You Even Know I Exist?

Dear Someone,

   Do you even know I exist? I mean, yeah, I remember that you spoke to me. You said two whole sentences during an eight-hour event.
    Do you remember how you and the other groomsmen made a fuss about which side of the table we were supposed to sit on and then you all ended up with ginger ale and my sisters and I drank champagne? That was pretty funny and I discovered that I like champagne.
    Do you remember asking me if I knew any dances and I told you I could at least fake them? If I remember right, you still owe me a dance.
    Honestly, I feel gipped. I had been so elated that we were paired together and then I spent the evening dancing with myself, watching you goof off and dance with the groom. 
    I remember watching and wishing, wishing that you would ask me...

2nd Wacky Words

Hey! So, the first wacky words challenge went over pretty well and I decided to have another :D
Thanks to all who participated in the 1st! Your pieces were awesome :DD

This is how it works:

Everybody comments a word they'd like to have in the list. The deadline for words this time is March 18th so we can get a lot of words. 

After the deadline, everybody who wants to (even if you didn't comment a word) takes the list and tries to use all the words in a short story or poem. There's no deadline to write your piece, but I would appreciate if you put #wackywords2 in it so I can find it when I search to read them :DD

Okay, let's get started! 


Girl Is....

I have this thing I do when I'm feelin' good. I run through my head a sentence "Girl...."
Here are a few:

Girl is a badass with the shotgun. (my mom actually said that one)

Girl loves to sweat.

Girl is a totally awesome bike-rider. (I ride no-hands-on-the-handle-bars)

Girl is a good cook.

Girl rocks as a writer. (sort of)

(Idk why I put it in third person, I guess it just sounds cooler that way)

Questions I've Asked While Writing

Some questions people in my home hear from me when I'm writing: (answers in parenthesis)

Can a six-year-old carry a one-year-old? (depends on the six-year-old and the one-year-old)

What's a really popular video game? (uhhhhhhh.................)

What were the doorknobs in our old house made out of? (why? oh, they were brass, I think)

I need a smell; can somebody give me a random smell? (to which I got strange answers: wet cat hair, manure, etc.)

Do people often wear kilts in Scotland nowadays? (no answer)

What animal should the king turn into? (why is he turning into an animal?)

I just killed her! Now what do I do? (I don't care, you're a rotten writer to kill her)

There's more, but I don't remember them XD


Clothes of Mortality

Mortality is peacock blue
I think that way because of you 
Pretty mortal girl with lips like rose
And a dress of peacock blue
The color of storm-cloudy billows 
Mortality must taste sweet like a last sip
Of fine white wine; the very last drip
White wine colored peacock blue
The color of vanity 
A trait of mortality
The color of death's cloak
The color of the love you spoke
Mortality must be peacock blue
The color of the bruises on my heart that yearns for you
Don't love me
Don't want me
Until, like you
I wear mortality of peacock blue

Immortality is peacock blue
I think that way because of you
Wrinkled mortal lady with hair like snow
And a dress of peacock blue
The color of my everlasting sorrow
Immortality tastes bitter like the first sip
Of dandelion wine in a cup that will never cease to drip
Dandelion wine colored peacock blue
The color of eternity ...

Writer in Distress (Again! XD

So, I've published a few of these pieces; one asking for txt lingo & one asking for animals (btw, I used @korra4life's animal, a white-throated needletail). 

This time, I want to know: what's a video game anybody plays w/ their friends?

Yes, I don't know this stuff, but I'm not afraid to admit it :)

Thank you :)

*Shrill Whistle*

I've decided to take the advice of some people on here and publish some of my poems in an anthology; illustrated by me :)
It will certainly include these poems:

Clothes of Mortality 
Lament of the Undying

Because I think they're some of the best ones I've written. 

Are there any of my poems you've read that you think I should include?
Any title suggestions for the book?

Just wondering

xxxx Quille

Lament of the Undying

The taste of autumn winds, bitter and dying;
Eternity spent crying
Over those we loved and always lost.
Gone like melted patterns of frost.

I can no longer care
For those soap bubbles that pop mid-air.
I’ve shut myself away in the deepest fold of my soul
I refuse to love lest I must pay the inevitable toll
Of losing, of heart’s emptiness
Of longing for love’s sweet caress.

The winter of the earth when only ice can grow to bloom
Harsh its winds and brutal its laws of lonely doom.
One who found the key to my heart locked in stone
I must leave her and stay alone
Or else pay the inevitable toll
For wishing to love a mortal soul.


1. How would you describe yourself physically? Height, weight, features (such as dimples or beauty marks), colors? 

I've been putting off answering this question for a long time, so I'll stop.
I am tall, about 5'6", but one of the short people in my family. Waist-length, wavy red hair that I love because it's a beautiful shade of gold/honey/red. I often wear it in a single braid; especially in the summer because it turns into a lion's mane then. I'm super skinny with feet bigger than those of anyone else in my family besides my dad. My eyes are *drumroll* bluish/grayish/hazel and I have lots of freckles, which I used to hate, but now like well enough. My parents used to alternately call me a pixie and an elf princess when I was little because I guess my eyes are kinda strange and my ears stick out. Fun fun :)

2. Who are your top three biggest WtW inspirations? 


Beginning For A New Book I'll Be Writing

    There is something about ravens--or rooks, as some call them--that reminds us. Reminds us of a powerful past, shadowed in myth and illusive bits of magic. It is a past we know, somewhere deep within our most secret hearts, but can never bring to our tongues in coherent sentences.
    Roots remind us of this too, big strong roots buried in ages of earth, but ravens more so. Ravens bring back this half memory better than anything else. Maybe it's in the way their harsh, throaty cries dance in our ears. Maybe it's the light reflecting blue and green off their seemingly black feathers. Maybe it's their eyes, sharp black points of lustering jewels. Or maybe it's nothing in particular except the raven's own fathomless memory that reminds us of ours. Reminds us of our true selves. 
    That was the way Rune remembered; seeing a raven. 
    Rune McDonnel was a young lad, still living with his aunt...

A POV Exercise - Elfboy Chapter 4

So this is another POV exercise for Elfboy; this one is from Principal Snyder's point of view. To read the same chapter from Chris's point, as the book is told, here's a link: Elfboy Chapter 4
Thanks to everybody who has offered me the slightest bit of encouragement or criticism on my second journey through Elfboy; the first I made alone (except for my sister and book characters). This second one has really been something spectacular to me. Thank you :)

    I walked into my office with bated breath on Tuesday. Like I did every week, the small roll of dollar bills clutched tightly in my left hand and my bright orange coffee mug in the other. I’d heard myself called Mr. Coffee by whispering students because they rarely saw me without my mug and favorite beverage, but I didn’t mind. Despite the stern principal that met with them when they got into trouble, I liked to think...

June 16, 2018 #spearmintcontest

Dear June 16,

    You were very cruel to me. Yes, this letter is a rebuttal. I will never forget the cruelness of your unfolding and I mean that you shouldn't either.
    You started out like normal days; June days anyhow. A bright, warm sun risen at five o'clock, dew on the ground. Work. 
    Usual work; letting out the geese to graze, watering the ducks, getting the chickens from their temporary summer shelter to their pen. 
    After that, breakfast and leisure. Well, leisure as it might be called. 
    And then my bird started coughing again.
    I thought he was all better, I thought you would be kinder to him than the day before. But you weren't.
    What's all the fuss? you might say. It was just a little parakeet.
    But it wasn't just a parakeet; it was Pépé. It was a little green and gray...


Black. White. Yellow. Red.
Visionary consultations from mankind's innate wisdom 
Tell us that these colors belong to
Different races.

Why must we be divided so?
Can’t we all be
Shaded brown?

The human race.

They say it is
Less than what I was taught about its worth
That we’re descended from animals;
That’s the reason our skin is colored differently.

I was seeking with both eyes closed 
An answer to this spinning, mixing, churning
Why must we be divided so?
Black. White. Yellow. Red.

Can no one see that we’re all
Just shaded brown?

The answer was only found when eyes were opened:

We are no races of colored categories.
One race. One color.

Made in the image of God.
We are the human race.



Loneliness is bitter.
The cold black coffee
That stains your heart the way it does your teeth.
Drinking it out of a bright, cheery mug
Just reminds you all the more what it is:
And knowing that
You are alone.
No matter how many 
People are around you,
None can penetrate 
Your thoughts
And see how much you need them.
You bravely smile
As you chug it down,
Hoping you won't retch
And swallow it,
Pretending it tastes  
The same as honeyed milk.



Did you ever have that moment when you realized that you could've taken the easy way instead is suffering? Was your suffering worth it?

Yeah, but suffering is kinda fun (ooh, that sounds weird!). What I mean is that I feel that suffering is more worthwhile because it makes you a better person a lot of times and, yes, I strangely enjoy it :)
Also, the easy way generally gets you into trouble (I mean, look at like a billion fairytales for examples).

What's your favorite time of day?

I love the early morning when it's still dark out and I can watch the sun come up. Going for a walk or a run then is wonderful :) Also love the nighttime. Afternoons are cool :SK

What's the saddest word in the English language? Why?

Heartbreak. It speaks of love that was but isn't anymore and that to me is very sad. Forgotten's a close second.

Do you ever have...


What author inspires you the most?

C.S. Lewis. His work is fantasy and Christian--something I'm trying very hard for in my books; he drafted all his books on paper, and I just feel like he would be a cool person to hang out with.

Do your characters normally symbolize you, or people you know?

They totally symbolize me. My emotions a lot of times. I don't think I've ever based a character off of a different person, which is kinda weird maybe and makes me sound like I have a split personality, but whatever :)

Where do you feel most comfortable writing?

I write in a notebook most of the time, so I do it right on the couch in the living room. Yep, in front of my whole family; they're used to me bursting into strange fits of laughter and tears by now.

Who do you share most of your stories with?

I talk to my entire family about...

At Home

Just A Journal

There's a pink, pleather-covered notebook with a ribbon bookmark attached. The front cover is home to a smiley-face my mom drew and the back is tattooed with doodles of myself. Well, girls I'd like to be; there are countless princesses, a sorceress, a warrior...... all in pen that sometimes stain my hands blue when they're sweaty.

I feel at home in those pages; wrapped in the smell of ink and paper like embracing arms.

That's where I write every single night before bed or in the day when I need someone to straighten my thoughts. I don't write stories; my elves and dragons are left as far behind when I go there as they can be (which is really close, for they have a place in my heart that can't be budged).

It's a place that's sacred to my eyes and pen alone. Where I strip myself of feelings and lay them out there in my most illegible handwriting. It's...

Review Rant :SK

So, I've been reviewing every single day. I've got a review deal set up that I'm working on my end of. And I'm reviewing for my contest prizes. 

I'm not an expert reviewer, but I am good.

I'd just like to say that:

a) I find it disheartening when I write a review, wait a week for it to be shared, and then never hear from the writer. It's not that hard to type 'thank you'. Even 'ty' would suffice. I put a ton of effort into my reviews and, while they might not be just what you wanted, I would appreciate it if some people said thank you; to let me know that they read it if nothing else. We don't have to have a huge conversation or anything.

b) It's equally disappointing to receive a review that says : I like this poem. My first two reviews were like that, so I'm guilty of this, but that was...

Gerald #plottwist

"Gerald, we have to leave right now," Lisa said, shoving random things in a canvas tote.

"Why? Honey, we just got here yesterday." I couldn't believe what she was saying. "This ruins all our plans."

"I know, but we have to go." She looked at me with her most reasonable expression; the one that always hid secrets beneath it. "We can always come back to the beach another time."

"Yeah, but I figured you would actually want to have our honeymoon after all that planning for it."

"I do." The same words she said in church yesterday, teetering between truth and secrets. I was getting sick of those secrets, looming over our lives like vampire shadows, sucking the life from every happy moment. "It's too dangerous though. Gerald, I'm sorry I can't explain it to you now. Someday, I promise I will, but not today."

I sighed. "You don't have to explain, we'll go. Come back another time."

"Thanks." She...

The Strongest Spell #wackywords

"Supercalifragilisticexpiallydocious!" I shouted, pointing my navy blue wand at the rain clouds that were nearly the same hue.

Greg laughed. "Some magic spell."

I just huffed and sat back down on the bus stop bench beside him.

We'd been roving the state for three weeks now trying to track the key for deciphering Merlin's Code with absolutely no luck. And it had rained--no, deluged--the whole time.

"It's supposed to work," I said gloomily, watching as the rain pelted the road, huge drops crashing to watery shards on the pavement. "The longest words are always the most powerful." I had gotten sick of the rain. Really sick. The fact that I couldn't stop it made me think it might have been caused by whoever was behind the attacks on the other adventurers. I was a water-elf and if I couldn't control the rain, well, that put me out of temper to say the least.

"That's not even a real word."...

Hey, 'sup?

Have you ever been writing a death scene and cried? 
That happens to me a lot, but I didn't write a death scene just now.
I wrote a funeral.
It didn't make me cry; that wasn't the intent. 
But it made me feel really weird. It made my face feeling like it was glowing and it made my heart thump faster and faster; like butterfly wings and I wanted to sing, but I don't know the words to the song. It's a wordless kind of song that you just feel.
I don't know, but it was really weird and I felt like I was the main character at the funeral, which I'm assuming is a common feeling because I always feel like the main character.... but this time it was weird. It didn't make me think of any of the funerals I've ever been to and I'm having so much trouble describing it. 
Sorry for boring you, this is...

:D #capitallettersq&a


Wow, starts off with a deep one :) Um, I have spent lots and lots of time thinking about this and I've come up with only one answer: Life on earth is to bring us closer to God. It is for us to glorify Him and help others find Him. I know that a lot of people don't believe in God, but if He didn't exist, there would be know need for us to live.


I put my book characters through serious grief and pain all the time and totally derive pleasure from it. Sometimes I think I'm weird because of that, but ya know :).


I am tall, skinny, have long gold-red hair, freckles, and grayish eyes.

SHOULD PINEAPPLE BE ON PIZZA? (courtesy of moi and every q&a i’ve ever done) 

I'd like to refrain from being involved...


An offer for everybody to get more feedback.

Comment two of your pieces here for me to review and then you review one of my pieces from this list:

Elf Castle 
Fairy Chains Ch. 1 - fairly long
A POV Exercise - Elfboy Chapter 1
First Love--Goes on in Disappointment.
Elfboy Chapter 24
Just Kill Me #fiveendings
An Ending - really short, but I would love some feedback on it
A Crown of Torment

Yeah, a lot of fantasy, but whatever :)

Anyhoi, my pieces are all pretty short and I have a lot of longish entries to review for my contest (plus prizes when I announce the winners, which should be very soon) So, I would appreciate it if you commented short or middle-length pieces. I'll definitely still review long ones, but it'll take longer to get them done.

That's my offer, take it or leave it. I'd prefer you take it, but that's up to you :) ...

Let's Make A Deal #standalonedialogue

"What, you think you can just walk in here and take over without a fight? We're going to destroy you."

"I had hoped you'd agree to my terms. You see, if I don't have control of the village by sundown, I'll kill my hostages."

"What hostages?"


"No... Y--you can't!"

A Harry Potter Piece

Did anyone else notice that Harry Potter's scar is on the wrong side of his head at one part in the third movie? The part where he's trying to get Professor Mcgonagal (sorry if I spelled her name wrong) to let him go into the village. It's kinda funny :)

Also, while I like the way everything turned out (even down to my favorite character, Snape, dying!), I think that Draco Malfoy should've had a better ending. Just imagine this scene:

An evening at the Weasley's house, say six months after Voldemort is defeated. (Things are different between some of the characters relationship-wise, okay?) 

Harry and Ginny are sitting alone on the couch in the living room, just sitting there and watching the fire.

Draco, graciously taken in by the Weasleys after his father kicked him out for saving Harry Potter's life in the huge battle, watches glowering from the doorway. Needless to say, he's been quite humbled sharing a...

The Cliffhanger Queen's Contest WINNERS

You, as an entrant in the Cliffhanger Tournament, have been summoned to the grand castle for the celebration and awarding of the winners. Naturally, the castle is on a cliff.

Seated in the grand hall, you rise with the rest of the guests for the grand procession.

Out of twenty-six knights in our first joust, there are only eight winners.

First, comes the Honorable Mentions. These three writers did a brilliant job and will each receive one golden review on a piece of their choices. Their names and winning pieces:

The Striped Mask - Majestically Awkward Manatee

Your stunning cliffhanger and the questions it made me ask: 
It was him.
Who is 'him'? Why doesn't he want her killed? Is he a good guy who will help her? How does she know him?

I Dare You - .audrey michelle.

Your cliffhanger was pretty interesting :)
Where is she? What happened to her? How did she get there? What happened...

Writing Song Lyrics - Calling All Writers Who Listen To Music

Let's write a song..... using lyrics from existing songs and putting writing words to them :)

Carry on you wayward writer,
There'll be a book when you are done.
Take your weary pen from rest,
Now go write some more!

Try singing it to the same tune as 'Carry On My Wayward Son' :)

Writing Math

One half plus one half makes a whole.

One sentence fragment plus another sentence fragment makes a sentence fragment.


1/2 + 1/2 = 1

The sound of water dripping. + Through a crack in the ceiling. = The sound of water dripping through a crack in the ceiling. 


An Ending

         I didn’t feel anything but a lump in my throat as a pale light passed from Anson's hand to mine.
         His wife fought her tears no longer, kissing a corpse as the sun sank below the horizon with rosy light playing through shadows before the the mountains swallowed it.
         I didn’t see how it could ever rise again. 


Masquerade is one of my favorite words. You want to know why?

Because I dance and I wear a mask.

Oh yeah, everybody does. Everybody's face is a mask. It's because they're afraid to be themselves or they're hiding. Am I right guessing that's what you would say?

You're. Wrong.
More. Wrong. Than. You. Ever. Were. Before.

My mask is not one that hides something I don't want the world to know. 

I want you to see my f***ing face! 

But I can't do that. It's impossible.
You can't see my face; literally.

I am not a visual. 

If you were interested in knowing the me behind the mask; behind the charade, you would have to listen to the silence for as long as you can bear it. You would have to stare at nothing longer than that. And you would have to weave a cloth out of water and air, thick enough to block out light.

That's who I...

Invisible Cities

Elf Castle

Standing on the mountain, just above the villages that are scattered down its sides, you can see nearly all of the elf world, like a huge valley ringed by mountains.

Directly across from you is a waterfall, cascading from a lake behind the mountains, the fairies live near that lake in a splendid castle and thriving towns. 

If you follow the waterfall with your eyes, you pass a cave; that's where the last of the fire-breathers lies sleeping in wait for one to wake him.

Next, the waterfall becomes a small lake, vastly smaller than its source, and then spills out a river.

Follow the river now and you come to a mound in the forest of dark-topped, silver-trunked trees. On this mound the trees grow twice as tall as in the rest of the forest. Below it, live the forest elves, in many caverns and catacombs beneath the ground. 

Now your gaze lands on a stone road that wobbles...

1st Wacky Words Challenge

Here's a challenge for anybody who wants one!

All you do is submit a word in the comments and I'll use it in a story.


You have to use it in a story too :)

This isn't a contest or anything, but I thought it would be fun.

Let's see how many words we can get on here before February 9th. Then we can all take the list of words and each use them in a story of any kind/word count. 

So I can find all of the stories when we're done and see what everybody came up with, please put #wackywords in your title :)

Questions also welcome since I'm sure somebody has some ;)

An Ending

    She fought her tears no longer, kissing a corpse as the sun sank below the horizon, rosy light playing through shadows before it vanished.

    I didn’t see how it could ever rise again. 

Fairy Chains Ch. 1 #muppet'snovelworkshop

         “Help!” I screamed as I raced down the darkened street, moving faster than my legs could bear. “Help!”
         No one answered, but I hadn’t expected that they would. I just felt like I should do something besides run from It through the empty town.
         The very thought of what ran behind me chilled the marrow in my bones and made my scream die in my throat. At least it motivated me to run faster though.
         Perspiration soaked through my hated turtleneck shirt, trickled down my forehead, plastered my hair down. Adrenaline bursting in my bloodstream created the feeling I loved when I ran; the feeling that I glowed as I went. But I found no pleasure in that now. I wasn’t running for fun like usual, or even for the school track team.
         I was running to save my life.
         I tried to scream some more,...


A thought-clouded mist moves in upon the night,
Shadows of hope become hidden out of sight.
On the wings of reverie, I fly,
Daydreaming across a starlit sky.
Smoke turns to fire,
Devouring a celtic bire.
Mirrors forever lie,
Telling sweet dreams to die. 
Kings come crashing down,
Bereft of title and crown.
Burns and scars will always stay 
Until memory's chain breaks away.
Whispers cry out against the pain,
But words will still remain.
Are things broken now blemished?
Or can they still shine undiminished?
Paper rents and steel melts in flood,
Only bitter ink will stain the blood.
The heart will flake away
Unless love paints anew each day.
Beware the knife-edged blade of hate may cut its strings,
Striking chords a dead bird sings.
Eyes shine with sunlight shades of tears
Hearts break confronted with lovers' fears.
Tarnished jewels lie in wait
For fish who'll swallow no other bait.
The web-mesh of fate,
Will not catch the...

'Deep' Questions

Why do some people spell boy like boi?

Or girl like gurl?

Is it 2 b cule? ;)

Writer in Semi-Distress XD.

Hey, I'm writing a part in a story where the main character has to change into an animal or otherwise he'll get killed and I was wondering if you guys had any animal suggestions. 

It can't be any kind of fish because he has to travel over land. And he's also close to death so I was thinking a smallish animal?

Any suggestions you have are welcome :)

xxxxx Quille

The Feeling

Jen stared at nothing in particular. She was feeling like a giant again. Not because she was tall or anything like that; this feeling didn't have to do with size. 

It had to do with age. 

She was the oldest. 

No matter what, she was always the oldest. 

It probably wasn't as hard as being the youngest. She knew her younger siblings had it hard. 

But still.

No matter where they went, she was the oldest kid. There would be grown-ups, there would be little kids, and there would be Jen. 

If there were other teenagers, they were still younger than her.

It didn't even matter that she did have one older sibling or that one of her younger sisters was taller. She felt like a giant wherever she was.

She was getting really sick of it, but there was no way to change it. 

So for a while, she stopped staring at nothing in particular and went back to...

What If...

What if....

That's a tricky way to start a question.

What if I was a fairy princess?
Starts so many imagined scenarios.....

What if I needed someone and they weren't there?
A tiny voice, self-pitying I guess, would creep through my mind....
I was always there for them....

Or what if I was just a girl trying to write a decent poem?
Could I do it?

What if I couldn't?
What if I couldn't write anything?

Dreaded scenarios....

Why Not? #twistq&a

RainAndSonder started this Q&A *thumbs up* :D
I can't wait to see what answers you guys come up with! It should be fun :DD

1. What Hogwarts house do you think I am?  
2. What is your mental image of me? How do you think I look IRL?  
3. What's my aesthetic?  
4. What trope do I remind you of? Look up some tropes if you don't get this one or don't know any.  
5. What do you think my zodiac sign is?   
6. What's your favorite piece of mine?  
7. What do you like most about my writing?  
8. What fictional character do I remind you of?  
9. What song do I remind you of/resembles my personality?  
10. What meme am I?  
11. What book/movie do I remind you of?  
12. You know the rhyme about what girls are made of? What am I made of?  
13. What fandom am I probably in? 

Part of an 'Epic' Poem I've Been Working On

Once there was a kingdom far north,
Surrounded by mountains high,
Never enemies dared come forth,
For fear of the Cockrel’s cry,

The gift of an enchanter,
A golden Cockrel sat atop the castle spire,
And should an enemy nearby canter,
To war upon the king’s empire,

The Cockrel would turn the direction of their ride
And crow then thrice so lustily
The enemy oft would quickly turn themselves aside
Or else meet the king’s men fearfully

The king was pleased with his magic gift
And bade the enchanter ask anything of his desire
The sad answer came much too swift
When the enchanter, bowing, said, “Sire,

“It grieves my old heart to have no son,
“Therefore, through your kind offer,
“I now hope to gain myself one.”
“No, I beg you! Empty my coffer,”

Cried the king, bewoed by his promise,
“If you must to gain satifaction,
“Take even my crown and office!”
“No, I will go through with...

Ask The Whatever ;) Again ;) - Answers


Advice on getting over a crush?

This is a really hard question for me; I've never actually had a real life crush (well, once when I was seven).
One of the best things is probably to not dwell on it. It's hard to do, but you have to move on.
If this is something you're currently having trouble with; I'm sorry to hear that and I hope things work out well for you :)

Opal Drop

If you could describe yourself with natural disasters, how would you do it? Why are these your choices? 

A tsunami and a blizzard. I don't really know why, but I've always pretended that I had water powers, so those things might describe me best. The tsunami: when I'm working on a book; I get faster and do more--think more--on it the more I do. The blizzard: if you ever get on the wrong side of my temper, which, I'm proud to say, hasn't...


A new fire flickers in my veins.

The old one was a fire of love; this one is not a fire of hate.
The old one led to destruction; this one begs me to create.

Thoughts #BoggartPrompt

Hi. I'm feeling poetic right now, so I turned this prompt into a poem. :D

I'm brave.
I do not fear death.
I do not fear what the future holds.
Or the past's shameful doings.
But in the dark of night...
In the dark of night...
When I alone am awake to face it
When all around is black and silent
Thoughts that shouldn't flitter into my head like bloodthirsty moths to a light
Of wolfish things and goblin men
Of unending torture in deep, gloom-filled caverns
Of decaying bones and moldering flesh
Of the dead's unrest
These I know will never come, but somehow I convince myself they will
My body tenses 
I listen for the sigh of a shapeless demon
A floor board creaks--I jolt
Was it the padded step of fiery walking bones?
My siblings breathe softly still
Do they not know what is coming?
Or does some enchantment hold them fast aslumber?
Time crawls so slow...

Ask The Whatever ;) Again ;)

So, I had a lot of fun doing this before and decided to do it again :D (that's allowed, right? ;).

Don't worry about repeat questions; I'll probably answer differently-- honestly, but differently :DD

Ask away! Any questions except things like my address or social security number; ya know, silly things like that. Coz those are too trivial for me to bother answering :).

I have like a billion hobbies besides writing, so you can ask about them if you want. Needlework, cooking, running.... etc. And of course writing :DD

To You, My Love

You are the reason I laugh,
The thought of you is what gets me through each day,
The sound of your voice makes my heart pause and skip.
Seeing you hurt brings tears to my heart,
And your love for another wrenches my soul.
I long to have your arms wrapped around me,
But the closest thing I have is my blankets at night.
I love you.
I wish you could tell me that too.
I hug the notebook pages and pencil scrawls that make you close to my chest.
If only my love could bring you to life from those pages.


Who Knows What Has Been Destroyed?

Do you want to see me walk out of school? Murder some more unborn children. 

Who knows, maybe one of those children is the next genius of the century; a Steve Jobs, or Stephen King. 

You're taking their life before they even have a chance to reveal themselves to the world. 

Imagine what would have happened if Abraham Lincoln had been aborted; imagine who the children who have been aborted could've been.

A POV Exercise - Elfboy Chapter 1

So, I did this to get myself into El's character a little better. If you'd like to read the chapter from Chris's POV, which is how the book is told, please do. I've improved it since this piece, but this will give you a good idea: Elfboy Chapter 1
Thanks :D

   I had just gotten back from work. There was a scream. I rushed into the kitchen as fast as my twisted leg would let me.

    My mother held Hannah in a headlock and a knife in her hand. She saw me and brought the knife down with a wicked grin into Hannah’s chest, spilling blood onto the white floor.

    “No!” I shouted.

    “I still love you,” Hannah gasped as my mother let her fall to the floor.

    I raced over, shoving that witch out of the way, and cradled Hannah in my arms.

    “I told you to stay away from me!”...

Might Be Continued Part 6

Previous part link: Might Be Continued Part 5

  The next person to come to my garden was finally Princess Beauty. She came the evening of the day I gave gordon the second rose.

    I was in my house at the time and had just come outside to watch the moon like I usually did when I saw her ride up on a horse. Damn! Her name is really fitting, I found myself thinking as she came into the garden, obviously not even noticing me or my house.

    She flitted from one rose bush to the next, stopping to stroke the blossoms and sniff them delicately. 

    I couldn't help thinking it would be a shame to kill her, but I had to do it if I ever wanted to be a--a beast again. Beast. That's what humans called my kind. I was shocked to realize that I'd forgotten what we called ourselves. Ten years as a human was ten...

Ask The Whatever ;) Answers


Any advice for other writers? 

Don't over plan your story; let it change as it needs. Don't be afraid to rewrite. And never, ever edit a single sentence until your completely done. :)   

When did you first started writing? 

I started writing when I was around five/six years old. 

What do you think your 'style' of writing is? 

My 'style' is..... I'm not sure :) I've had it called unique :) I would personally call it 'casually metaphoric' XD
Actually, I think that everybody has a unique style, just like a voice, or thought pattern.


What do you think of tongue twisters?

I love tongue twisters and am pretty good at some of them :)

Do you aspire on publishing a book? If so, what genre would you like it to be?

I'm going to be publishing a book in April; I'm thinking it's fantasy.


Why is your username what it is? 

A lot of...

Writing Resolutions

Hi :) Welcome to 2019: The Year of Revolution

For 2019: The Year of Revolution 

WRITER-centered goal: Publish three Elf-related books this year. Also dig up my old chronology and revising it for publication in coming years. It'll be about ten or so books when I'm finished, so that will take a while.

CRAFT-centered goal: I am trying to incorporate emotions into my writing that will make readers feel exactly what my characters do; joy, anger, sorrow. I want to make an impact on my readers that not only helps them enjoy the book, but inspires them to write also.
I am also learning how to write outside my comfort zone and be okay with other people reading it.

What 2018 taught me:

I learned how to write my favorite characters exactly as I picture them.
I learned how to plow through a book no matter what and finish it faster than I thought possible.
I learned that writer's block is non-existent. 
I learned how to cope with death...


1. Why on Earth did you decide to do this q&a? 

I have no idea, I should be working on my book ;)

2. Yes/No: Hunger Games. Divergent. Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. 

Um......... Crushing a lot of toes here, I've never read the first two, only just got a chance to read a HP book (it's pretty good) and I didn't like Percy Jackson. :)

3. Have you ever read the Artemis Fowl series? (if you have, I love you) 

Sorry, I haven't read it :(

4. When you read a book that is later made into a movie, do you usually prefer the movie or the book? 

I'm in between. I love the Narnia movies and books; same with LOTR. Other  books/movies I generally prefer the books.

5. Yankees or Red Sox?  

No idea; gonna say Yankees just because.

6. Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? 

Who's playing?

7. What is your favorite subject in...

Ask The Whatever ;)

Ok, so credit should go to Paperbird for restarting this trend :)
*thumbs up Paperbird because this is probably really fun and I didn't want to be the first* :DD

I didn't get in on it last time, but what the heck?

Go ahead and ask me some questions in the comments and I'll answer them in a separate piece. 
Please refrain from asking super personal questions; I don't mind what's your fav. color.


I held the knife to his back, hesitating only a second before I drove it in; my action fueled by all the lives he had taken over the past months. All the lives he had forced me to take.

"Back-stabber," he gasped, turning around to face me with angry black eyes.

I tried to smile wickedly like I did when he made me kill my brother, but all I could manage was a tearful snarl.

"You'll never trick me again!" I lashed. 

He fell.

I followed him down, wanting more than anything to take back what I just did.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. "I'm so sorry."

"I can't believe that." His life started ebbing.

"But I am!" I shouted through tears that tried to choke me. "I loved you! But--but you made me kill. The only way for me to keep loving you was to do this. I'm so sorry."

He laughed, coughing blood through the lips I had once...

Who's This Girl?

Who's the girl I see?
She walks along the road at night and in the rain.
Her auburn hair loose, hanging down to her waist in violent waves,
Her eyes are dark at first glance, but in the light her iris is rainbow,
Her face is long and freckled, adorned with a hooked nose,
Her build is long, oh so long and lanky; scrawny some would say,
Her hands are willowy, her feet are much too big,
Who is this girl?
So nondescript in her jeans and sweatshirt
So plain and unnoticeable in those canvas shoes
So quiet.
Does anyone else ever see her?
If you did, would you ever believe she's a warrior?
A fairy princess?
A sorceress with powers beyond belief?
More recently an Elf with a corkscrew leg?
Would you believe these things?
What if I told you she was a writer?
The only marks of her trade a callous on her middle finger and a dreaming...

Tiny Love Story

A Smile Makes Me Cry

Smile for me one last time before I go.
Please, try. 
Your smile is the only thing that's kept me alive since I met you. It's the only thing that will keep me alive as we part.
Please, one last sunshine smile before I go into a world of rain and cold.
I know it's hard, but I'll be back.
I promise. 
Just smile for me before I go. 
Your smiles keep me alive.
Thinking of your smile gets me through the days and nights I spend alone.
Thinking of your smile makes me cry when I can't see it.

Random Rant About Feeling What I Write

So, this piece is really nothing, but I've seen a lot of writers saying that a piece they wrote isn't about them; that they've never actually experienced feeling like their piece describes (i.e. depressed, anxious, or sad) 
I just wanted to say that I have felt everything described in my pieces. 
That's one of the reasons I like writing and do it so much because I'm able to move from personality to personality; switch moods and attitudes on the spot.
I think that might also be a reason why writing is easy for me. I've had a lot of practice being different people.
For over a decade, my closest sister and I played a game that I now realize helped me convey emotions and characters in my writing.
The game was *drumroll* Lord of the Rings. Yeah, with pieces thrown in from Star Wars, Narnia, Robin Hood, and even more from our own imaginations. Chuck Norris also figured as a...

Tiny Love Story

A Smile Makes Me Cry

About the most beautiful thing I can think of right now is his smile. 
It's a smile like... Well, it's...
Just imagine if a rainbow got turned upside-down and filled with sunshine. 
That's what his smile reminds me of.
Anytime I'm sad or hurting, I picture it in my mind and I smile too. But not on my face. I fill up with a smile inside. 
Maybe you don't understand that, but my whole body fills with a smile anytime I think of him.
A golden, blissful smile.
The next moment, I'm shattered in tears.
We can't be we.

Might Be Continued Part 5

Here's the link to the fourth part:

Might Be Continued Part 4

I never expected to get half this far with the story. Thank you all for keeping me with it :D

Dear Diary,

    Prince Gordon just brought me another rose from that garden! It's a beautiful, perfect, blood-red one this time.

    I can't wait until he's dead and I can go look for that garden. In fact, I don't think I will. 

    I'll leave tomorrow night during the ball Father is giving. Nobody will notice me if I leave during his speech. I'll be back in time for the wedding and then Father's assassin will take care of Gordon on our honeymoon.

    After that, I'll ask Father to build me a little castle of my own right near the garden--one where there won't be any wicked fairies and spinning wheels! I hate sleeping now. If Gordon hadn't woken me up, I'd still be sleeping....

Film Review Competition 2019

The Gorilla

As I was running through my mental list of favorite movies, going "no, not this one," or "maybe this one," I came across an interesting title: The Gorilla. 

Why was that movie even on my list?

About an hour long, the black-and-white film from 1939 is a series of riotous laughter from its beginning to end, based on a horror-comedy play of the same name.

It begins like many old movies with a whirl of newspapers displaying cryptic headlines. "The Gorilla Has Struck Again!" "Police Baffled!" "Gorilla Killings Unsolved" and the like twirl across the viewer's screen.

Then the viewer is taken to a bedroom where Patsy Kelly--known during her career as the Queen of Wisecracks--starts one of her most animated roles as Kitty, a maid in a grand, isolated mansion. She's reading from Shakespeare when the scene begins and just leans back to go to sleep when a hairy arm reaches through her open window and pins a note...

Might Be Continued Part 4

    It was nearly a week before anybody came to my garden again. And when they did come, it wasn't the princess like I expected.

    It was Prince Gordon.

    "What the f are you doing back here?" I asked.

     "Well--I--you see..." he hung his head. "That rose you gave me didn't work. She still hates me. Oh, she pretends not to, but I'm not half as silly as people think." Could've fooled me.

    "Well, I'll give you another rose. We'll see if this one works." That princess should've been here days ago.

    I picked as rose, a red one this time, and surprisingly got scratched on the thorns.

    "Ouch! You're not supposed to do that to me!" I probably sounded stupid scolding it--judging from the expression on Prince Gordon's face, but it was a magic rose. Like duh.

    I spoke the spell over it again and handed it to him. If this one didn't bring her to me, I didn't know...

Might Be Continued Part 3

Dear Diary,

    That goggle-eyed, awkward, goofy, nerdy--in short, highly annoying fiancee of mine, Prince Gordon, came today. Honestly, if I didn't know Father planned to have him assassinated on our honeymoon trip, I would probably scream my head off. But instead I have to pretend to be in love with him, which I'm doing a really bad job at because I don't care. I know, I should at least try, especially after all my drama lessons, but I really don't care.

    My drama teacher is furious with my efforts, but I don't care about that either.

    Prince Gordon gave me a rose earlier. It's absolutely, beautifully perfect. He said that he found it in a garden by the road. After he's dead, I'll go look for that garden and claim it for my own when I find it. 

    I only have three more months to wait. I hope the garden is still blooming when I find it. Such a beautiful,...

Might Be Continued Part 2

"You picked one of my roses?!" I yelled at him.

"I--I--I'm... sorry," he gulped, his expression becoming yet more hilarious. "But I'm Prince Gordon of--"

"I don't care who the hell you are! Nobody picks my roses. Nobody."

"Well, here, you can have it back." He stretched out his trembling hand, bleeding from the rose thorns when he jumped. Good. Anyone who dared to pick my roses deserved to be cut by them.

I snatched it off of him. "That doesn't fix the fact that you picked it."

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to take something to the Princess Beauty. She's my fiancee and doesn't like me." He frowned. "Your roses are so perfect that I thought I'd take her a bouquet and maybe she'd change her mind about me." The typical story that was told when I caught somebody picking my roses. Literally everybody said something along those lines. 

But he seemed to be telling the truth. That was...

Don't Clip My Wings

I'm learning to fly.
Don't clip my wings.

A bird is born to fly,
Feathers make its wings.

I'm a writer,
Born to write.
Words make my wings.

On a paper expanse of sky,
I work them hard.

Up and down. 
Up and down.
Letter after letter.
Word by word.
Once upon a time...
It was a dark and stormy night...
Beginnings turn to ends.

I'm a writer learning to write. 
I'm a bird learning to fly.

Don't clip my wings.


Recipe For A Good Book; Alter To Your Taste

One dozen bits of action - this is necessary no matter what
One cup of sorrow - increase or decrease to your liking
Two dashes of romance - double for those with a sweet-tooth
A pinch of mystery - this is an excellent flavor booster
A good-sized dallop of description - don't overdo it or the story will go flat
Some good food - type depends on setting
At least one protagonist - necessary for a plot
Antagonist - optional
Foil or two- optional, but helps add conflict
One hunk of happiness - reserve some for the end, even if you're making a tragedy
A drop or three of anger and hate - let's face it, there wouldn't be much if the story was all happiness.
One half cup humor - lots more if you're writing a comedy
Three cups suspense -  or as much as you want, but be careful because this is what makes the action rise

Might Be Continued

"Get the hell out of my garden, you bastard!" I didn't know who he was when I said that. If I had, I still would have said it. It was totally worth everything that happened after to say that to him; mostly because of everything that happened after, but partly because of the expression on his face when he heard me.

That was hilarious. His face was twisted in an expression that said 'how dare you talk to me like that?' and 'this is seriously your garden?'

It was hilarious, but I didn't laugh. I was furious that he dared come into my garden.

Even more so when I saw that he had picked one of my roses.

Fairytale Limerick: The Frog Prince

There was once a lovely princess in the kingdom of Dall
Who once owned a lovely golden ball
She lost it in a deep bog
It was rescued by a bullfrog
Who, when kissed, was a prince and then the king of Dall.

The Cliffhanger Queen's Contest

This is probably not the best time to host a contest, but I wanted to give it a shot.

Prompt: Whatever you want, but it should have a catchy title and a good cliffhanger at the end.

Deadline: January 21st. That gives you all one month.

Tag: #cliffhangerqueencontest


  1. Fifteen reviews; Five comments; Three shout-outs. Your piece will also head an 11 piece series on here.
  2. Ten reviews; Three comments; Two shout-outs. I will use a character from your piece.
  3. Five reviews; One comment; One shout-out. Your piece will be used for ideas in the series.
Honorable Mention: One review. 

All entries will be reviewed after the contest. 
The series started with the 1st place entry should appear a week after the contest deadline.

Pieces will be judged on: personal preference, writing quality, title--which will probably become the title of the series, and especially, the cliffhanger :)

Have fun guys and I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

The Third Voice

I always loved to tell stories.
Sometimes I imagined myself as the Storygirl or Sara Crewe from A Little Princess.
I always wanted to make people feel and see my stories unfolding before their eyes.
But I didn't think I had the magic.
I would stutter or change my mind mid-sentence any time I tried to tell a story to my siblings.
They were patient, but I could tell my tellings bored them sometimes.
I couldn't make my eyes sparkle or act out the different voices of characters.
Sometimes I made gestures with my hands, but I usually forgot.
My stories weren't real, not even to me. I could never affect people like the tellers I read about did.
Why did I even bother trying?
Because, a voice whispered to me when I was ready to give up storytelling, because you are a voice. You have a voice. Perhaps it's not like Sara's, but you have a voice and you...

Time For A New Story #fire

She sat watching the flames carefully as they performed their destructive dance over her past. Everything she owned except the clothes she now wore turned to slowly smoke and sparks, rising with merry dances into the sky.

She breathed in the smoke with delight, glad to be free of the shackles she had possessed; toys, books, clothes, knick-knacks--things another might love to have, but that had been weighing her down for far too long.

Once ashes replaced the mound of things, she rose, breathing no longer smoke, but clear air of adventure awaiting her.

She glanced a last time at the little house where her parents slept, thinking her likewise asleep, and laughed.

She was her own person now, ready to fight the world with both fists. They couldn't make her stay by giving her things as they had over the years. Everything that had bound her to her past was burnt. It was all gone.

And she would be...

A Fighter: Dialogue Story

"You cannot break me like that."

"How about like this?"

"I will not break."

"I could have you killed."

"Do it then. I won't give in to a tyrant like you to save anybody's life; especially not mine."

"You won't say that when I'm through with you."

"Wanna bet?" 

"If you will not submit to my will by the time the sand runs out of the glass, I will have you killed in the most painful way imaginable."

"Sounds good. I can take whatever you can give."

"You think so?"


Hours later

"Unfortunately, she was right, my lord. Died laughing at you."

"I should have you killed for not breaking her! I wanted that witch on my side!"

"I tried my best, sir, but she was a fighter. Fought all the way to death."

I'll Fight The Lord's Way #myfirstcontest

"Jonas, didn't you hear what I just said?" Emmet looked dumbfounded at his friend.

Every inch of Jonas's bearded face lacked surprise at the terrible news.

"They've taken another one, so what?" he said without looking up from the axe handle he was smoothing.

"Well, I expected some kind of human reaction. It was your little girl they took first! Now it's Maria Brooks little boy."

"I'm sorry to hear that, but these monsters aren't human. We can't retaliate them in a human way."

"What do you suggest we do? Sit back and let them steal our children?"

"No! Never that. We will fight them; we will destroy them, but we cannot do it alone." Jonas's fiery dark eyes bolted to the face of his trembling friend.

Emmet scoffed, tearing away from the other man's gaze.

"We are alone, Jonas," he turned to leave. "I guess I'll go round up the townsmen and we'll go after those beasts."

"And I...

Polar Opposite

A Conversation Between Me and My Main Character

"You're not a very good reader to have skipped over so much of the book. I mean that I could never have written a word if God didn't help me." Abbi said with crossed arms.

"Ah yes." El became very quiet, letting his long hair hang in front of his face so Abbi couldn't see his expression.

"You don't believe in Him yet, but you'll have to wake up to the facts sooner or later. I thought reading the book might have made that clear to you." Abbi's dark gray eyes sparkled with the chance of a debate.

"Writers have very annoying habits about what their characters should and shouldn't believe." El's tone became acid.

"And a certain character has a worse habit of turning the conversation to his advantage when he's lost the argument."

"A trait that must've come from you."

"I haven't lost." She smiled with a sweet form of sarcasm that prevented El from saying anything more....

#Unspoken Because It Sounded Like A Challenge

I closed my eyes and forced the tears to go away. Then I opened them, spinning around to face him with whiplash words ready to spring form my throat.

They never came.

He wasn't there anymore.

I could only watch with a hollow feeling in my chest and new tears in my eyes as he vanished over the horizon.


Guys, I just wanted to thank you all again so much for the comments you wrote on my Elfboy pieces :D I just went through and read them all; they make me laugh and they're helping me with my story editing.

THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do all I can to have Elfboy published in just a couple months. 

Working on it every spare second and I wanted to let you know, those comments are very motivational when I hit a tough spot :DD

Thank you again, and in case you didn't see it, I gave everybody a shout-out :)

xxxx Quille

Closed Books

Has anybody ever been on WtW's dashboard this time of day?
Probably not. 
Otherwise I'd have no subject for this piece.
It's the time when everybody goes away,
To school, to lunch.
To I don't know where.
Reviews are shared.
No one's there.
It's like walking into a silent library;
All the books locked away.
Their stories unable to be read.
I guess I should leave. 
No one's going to care. 
No one's there.
All that makes its way to the dashboard
Are reviews.
Shared now; written weeks before.
I see my name as a reviewer.
I reviewed that piece two weeks ago.
Surprised to see reviews appear in my notifications;
I write thanks; no one sees.
I publish. I read. I like. I comment.
No one sees. 
Is anybody home?
Or am I here alone?
Will you come back? 
Or will I be here alone?
Is anybody else on WtW's dashboard this time of day?
Or are all their...


I have always been a writer. I can remember my dreams of writing a novel from when I was very little.
But I never attempted it. Not until I was about twelve and my sister and I went into a collaboration that somehow ended in both of us writing different books; we didn't have a fight or anything, our plots just drifted away.
Mine took me the best part of six years to bring to a conclusion--and it still needs work.
A nice contrast with my latest works: Elfboy, which took less than three months; and its two sequels, each of which took me less than three weeks.
What happened to help me write so much faster (and definitely better)?
Well, a number of things. I stopped playing games with my siblings, I learned to prioritize, and I learned that writing books was more fun and fulfilling than reading them.
And I found WtW.
I came here by accident. 100%...

Marble #Object

I hold it in my hand,
Watching the world around me bend 
To its perfect spherical curve.
I turn it to make everything twist and swirl.
I like the weight in my hand,
The light that it shines back,
I could stare for hours at that globe of glass
Yet not fathom the depth or mystery
That its surface creates.
It's only a marble,
But I know it contains 
A world of dreams and wishes
That only light can unlock.

Joyeux Noel, Mes Bon Ami :D

O.K. so my French isn't the best, but that's supposed to translate as: 'Merry Christmas My Good Friends :D'

This is my very first Christmas as a member of WtW and I think it's been a good one :DD
I'm very happy to be able to be here (: I hope you're happy to have me :)

God bless you all abundantly and keep up the writing!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel (love French and don't remember any other languages at the moment :)



Fairy Chains Chapter 2

O.K. so here's the link for the first chapter:

Fairy Chains Chapter 1

I think I'll do the same as I did for Elfboy and provided links to just three previous chapters instead of making a huge list :D
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    We both looked around for whoever the voice belonged to.

    “Who are you?” Jason—always bolder than me—stood and asked.

    “I am just me.” The voice laughed as though in sleep. “The fairy spell left for those who want adventure.” It laughed again.

    “What kind of adventure?” asked Jason, his eyes wide as he searched for the speaker.

    “A very deadly, exciting one naturally.”

    “Let’s go home.” I said, getting up from the stump.

    The voice chuckled. The warm sunlight fled behind a mass of gray cloud as though on cue.

    I shivered,...

Part of Bryssa's Lament #ManateeContest

Shrad was land of my birth.
A wonder on this manifold earth,
With pink sands the color of rose.
It is gone like the night’s shadows.

The desert shook; sandstorms rushed about.
The darkened sun didn’t set; it just went out.
The riverside farm I held so dear,
I could only watch it disappear.

Safe for the time I
Watched from my balcony high
Until the sand blinded my eye
My family lost, I couldn’t even cry.

The palace and city started to fall,
I walked slowly through the hall.
At my side was Dragon, king.
A mourning song I heard myself sing.

Fire started next, stone came rumbling down.
In the swirling dust I thought I’d drown.
A blackness opened yawning before us,
The palace rocked with a shrieking chorus

Blue-Eyed Witch #23foraarushi

Stay away from her.
That girl with blue eyes.
Sure, blue eyes are pretty common.
But not hers.
Blue like a demon's breath.

Just Kill Me #fiveendings

Just kill me.
I don't want to live anymore.

Why? Did you just seriously ask why???

She--she's... dead.

What do you mean 'who's she?'
You're so cruel with those questions! 
Can't you feel this terrible pain?
Just kill me and take it away!

All right! I'll answer.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it could help to talk about it.

She--I can't even talk about her without crying!
Why do you want to know anyhow?
You can't give me comfort.

Fine. But you mustn't mind the tears that accompany it.

She was the girl who lived next door.
Brown curls. Rosy cheeks. Dark, deep, loving eyes.

You look a bit like her. Just a bit.
Don't tell me that! I know you're not her.
How could you even pretend that?
I don't want to talk to you anymore.
Just kill me and get it over with.

Why won't you do as I ask?

Don't try to tell me that.


Fairy Chains Chapter 1

    “Help!” I screamed as I raced down the darkened street, moving faster than my legs could bear. “Help!”

    No one answered, but I hadn’t expected that they would. I just felt like I should do something besides run from It through the empty town.


    The very thought of what ran behind me chilled the marrow in my bones and made my scream die in my throat. At least it motivated me to run faster though.

    Perspiration soaked through my hated turtle-neck shirt, trickled down my forehead, plastered my hair down. Adrenaline bursting in my bloodstream created the feeling I loved when I ran; the feeling that I glowed as I went. But I found no pleasure in the feeling now. I wasn’t running for fun like usual, or even for the school track team.

    I was running to save my life.

    I tried to scream some more, scream my soul right out...

The Stars Lullaby #silentnight

Have you ever gone for a walk in the silent night and heard the stars singing a lullaby to the day?

Bravery Without Intelligence Is Recklessness #JA17

Bravery shocks my intelligence; intelligence sharpens bravery. An interesting paradox you think? 
The unintelligent cannot be brave.

Writer in Distress XD

Hey! I need some help :)
I'm writing a book where the characters text back and forth a bit and have 0 texting experience :) If you guys could give me a bit of info--like abbreviations/grammar you might use or what a text generally looks like or anything at all--I would really appreciate it :))

xxxx Quille 

Me #Manateeq&a

1. What is your favorite book of all time? 
Can it be a book I wrote? If so, Elfboy.
If not, The World Book Encyclopedia set :D Yes, I'm serious about that.

2. Your favorite movie? 
You got me here... LOTR probably. I grew up with it.

3. What is your favorite TV show? 
I grew up on Scooby-Doo and Ducktales :)

4. Do you play any sports? If so, what are they? 
Does running count? I am a long-distance track runner and also enjoy cross-country.

5. What is your biggest phobia? 
Don't have one that I can think of. Probably not being able to write.

6. What is your favorite song right now? 
Pieces by Rob Thomas. It makes me think of my writing.

7. What is your favorite type of pie? (had to do this, I love pie) 
Chocolate and peanut butter :)

8. Do you think that money can buy you happiness? 
Is this a trick question?...

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Elfboy Chapter 25

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Elfboy Chapter 23 
Elfboy Chapter 24

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    “Me?” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. “Go to the Elven world with the two of you?”

    Aunt Sally and Julie now looked alarmed.

    “Why do you want Chris to go?” Julie asked. “Is he an Elf too?”

    Joe laughed and shook his head.

    “No, that’s why we need him.”

    “Need?” I asked. I didn’t like the sound of that.

    “Didn’t he tell you?”

    We all turned in shock to see Ms. Higgins using a chair to pull...

Elfboy Chapter 24

Chapter 24. The second to last. 
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    Brutal cold flooded the air. The lights dimmed. All the pressure left my throat, leaving me to gasp for breath.

    Ms. Higgins tried frantically to regain control over her son, but failed. Terror crept into her expression as she clawed at him.

    El stared at her with pure hatred, his pale eyes bright with hardness.

    “You’ve… become much… stronger than… than I thought.” Her head fell back and her body went limp.

    El dropped her to the floor and the cold faded gradually from the air. The lights became cheery yellow...


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Elfboy Chapter 23

So another shorter than desirable chapter. If you're interested, please follow these links to read the first part of this cliffhanger-infested story:

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    Ms. Higgins chuckled as though she had expected this.

    “Put down the sword.” She slowly started to turn around. “You don’t even know how to use it.”

    “That’s what you think.” El looked almost as if he could’ve laughed. “I’ve been attending a fencing club for three years. Held first place for about that long too.”

    “That isinteresting; I’ve been wondering where fifteen dollars a month goes.” The air grew frigid as...


"Aaaannnddd.... it's gone." She said, smiling sadly.

"What's gone?" I asked.

"Any love I might have had for you. It's gone forever after this." She shows me a piece of paper.

A love letter to someone else with my name on it.

"But I didn't write this!"

She walks away.



My life has always been surrounded by a wide range of music. Every genre I can think of.
These are the songs that stand out the most.
You could call them my favorites.
I think of them as part of me somehow.

New Day Dawning/Celtic Thunder
    A new day, a new story.

Hummingbird/B.B. King
    Happy times.

Golden Years/David Bowie
​    Golden years slipping by.

Reelin' in the Years/Steely Dan
    Passing of the golden years. New, wild ones begin.

Stairway to Heaven/Led Zeppelin
    I had a dream once about making a stairway (well, ladder) to heaven.

Immigrant Song/Led Zeppelin 
     This is my intro as me.

Chasing Pirates/Norah Jones
    'My mind's racing from chasing heartaches'

One Headlight/The Wallflowers
    'I think I'd like to watch it burn'.

All My Love/Led Zeppelin
    A really sad one that I love. Go figure.

​Pieces/Rob Thomas
    My writing. 


Elfboy Chapter 22

So, links to the previous three chapters:

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And a Q&A I would love to receive answers for:

Q&A for Elfboy Readers--Please Do It :DD 

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    Mr. Snyder and I followed Joe out of the truck. He went around the back for a moment and came back carrying a sword and black bag.

    “You’re going back too?” asked Mr. Snyder.

    “Heck yeah,” Joe said. “I’ve been waiting to for seventeen years. Don’t get me wrong, Chris, this place is O.K. but it’s never going to be my home.”

    “What’s the Elven world like?” I asked, suddenly hoping I would get a chance to see it. I didn’t...

Me #mystoryq&a

do you still live where you were born? 

Nope. My family has moved six times during my life.

how many languages do you speak/study? 

I speak English. Studying Latin, Spanish, French, and German.

do you consider yourself a good student? 

Yes. I sit and doodle, knit, or whatever during class and get good grades :D

do you sport?

What does that mean?

are you religious?

I'm a Christian if that's what you're asking.
what should you be doing right now? (me, studying for two tests i have in about 12 hours)

Writing. Or writing. Not sure which :D
who was your last crush and why? 

Does it sound weird to say that my last crush was a book character that I made up? (El to my readers :))

do you think trauma/adversity damages people or helps them grow? 

It depends on the person. For me, it is strengthening.

what is the artwork you are currently most proud of? 


Me #paperbirdq&a

what's the story behind your profile picture? 

My profiles are always pictures that I took of flowers in my mom's and siblings' and my own gardens. This one is just a close-up of a lily. Did anybody here notice there are ants crawling on it? (I hope not:)

when you start a "free writing" piece, do you like the font better when it's the editing font or the published font?

The editing font :D It's more casual. 

what movie scarred you for life as a child?  does it still freak you out? 

Do you really want to know? It was The Princess Bride. No, it doesn't freak me out anymore, now I'm wondering what happened to all the scariness I remembered :)

look up "horoscope personalities."  which one fits you? 

I'm a Taurus. By birth and personality.

do you consider yourself to a good writer? (be honest) 

Honestly, I knew I was good, but I didn't believe it until I...

Elfboy Chapter 21

So three links to past chapters:

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Q&A for Elfboy Readers--Please Do It :DD
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    “What does it matter if he did?” asked Mr. Snyder—Prince Syldar. I could probably never get used to the patchy-haired, coffee drinking principal being an Elvish prince. “I’m certainly not strong enough to open a portal at the moment, but I could write down the spell for Elrond to use.”

    “No, Trindor changed it. I don’t even know what it is. He wrote it down on that paper for El to use and I never looked at it.”

    “Then how did you get here?”


Q&A for Elfboy Readers--Please Do It :DD

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  1. Who's your favorite character? Why?
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  5. What's your #1 story-related questions?
  6. Is there anything you feel that I need to expand on or clarify?
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Elfboy Chapter 20

Herein are the answers to most of thine questions, but if you have not, please readeth the past chapters by following these links:

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Ellfboy Chapter 18 -- I can't believe I spelled the title wrong on that one! lol :DD 
Elfboy Chapter 19

O.K. I hope you guys still have a few leftover questions after reading this part. The real excitement will be coming in the next piece?
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    “All right,” sighed Mr. Snyder. “To begin with,” he turned around a bit and looked at El. “Your mother is a witch.”

    “I knew that.” El’s tone was a bitter scoff.

    “Did you know that she gave you the name she did for a joke? She thought that it was fitting because in Tolkien’s ridiculous book it was given to a character who was half-elven. Your father was King Trindor of the Mountain Elves. I’m his brother, Prince Syldar, and this—“...

Elfboy Chapter 19

So, if you haven't read the past chapters, here are links to a few:

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Ellfboy Chapter 18 -- I can't believe I spelled the title wrong on that one! lol :DD

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    “Too much to explain here,” Joe said. “We need to get to the pizza shop in an hour. Do you think you’re able to walk? My truck’s outside, but we’ll have to go down the fire-escape.”

    “I never really could walk,” El tried to laugh and failed.

    I helped him out of bed while Joe opened a window.

    Mr. Snyder sat in the chair sipping coffee and trying to catch his breath.

    “Anything special in that?” I asked him.

    “Nope, I go on plain coffee power.” he chuckled. “Really...

Ellfboy Chapter 18

The links to past chapters:
Elfboy Chapter 15  
Elfboy Chapter 16 
Elfboy Chapter 17

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    “Then try.” Joe stepped back.

    Mr. Snyder handed me his traveling mug and went over to the bed. Kneeling down, he took El’s wrist like Joe had done and closed his eyes. Then he opened them and  shook his head.

    “She’s grown too strong.”

    “You have to at least try,” Joe urged. “If she gets him, you’re dead.”

    “All right.” Mr. Snyder took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. Sweat beaded up on his forehead and his face turned red with effort.

    The monitor screen suddenly lit up with huge, rapid waves and a red light on it started blinking. Joe tore the cord away from...

This Little Light of Mine #candleflame

I held a little candle flame,
Right in my hand; no wax or wick,
Just a glowing flicker.
It was a gift from God,
Given to me when I was saved
To help spread His light.
I tucked it away deep inside,
Afraid that it would go out in the winds of this world.
I knew that was wrong, 
I should have let it shine unhindered.
That little flame nearly went out,
I brought it out only just in time,
And now it burns ever brighter.
God keeps it lit as I work to spread His light.
I hold a little candle flame,
And I use it to kindle the Lord's fire in others.


Elfboy Chapter 17

The past three chapters:
Elfboy Chapter 14  
Elfboy Chapter 15 
Elfboy Chapter 16

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    I told Joe everything I could about last night and asked him dozens of questions, but he remained completely silent.

    We fortunately didn’t see Mr. Snyder, but we had to wait several while doctors and nurses went in and out of El’s room.

    At last they all left with remarks such as “most peculiar” and “I wonder what the cause could be”.

    “Idiots,” muttered Joe as we went in.

    He walk dover and took one of El’s wrists as though feeling for a pulse and shut his eyes. Cold shuddered through the air like at El’s house last night, but not half so chill.

    The monitor screen started to show bursts of shallow waves and El’s breath grew stronger.

    Joe suddenly dropped his...

Silence #ICBYstory

Crack! The whip raced through the air and onto my back again.

"I've told you," I whispered, wincing. "I don't know anything."

Lord Druk stood up from his chair and walked over to me. He stroked his graying beard in thought. Then turned his dark eyes at me in a fierce glare.

"You're Keffed Strokh, son of Lord Strokh, are you not?" he asked, his voice disgustingly smooth.

I didn't answer. He knew he was right.

"And you have been posing as a suitor for my daughter while stealing information from here to turn the war in your father's favor. Correct?"

Right again--except about my posing, I loved Lyvida very much.

"Yet you claim to know none of my plans. I find that very hard to believe. Tell me what you know, or you will die at my whip-master's hands long before nightfall."

I remained silent, wishing only to could see Lyvida before sundown.

Moonlight #believe

"The moon is made of cheese!" I shouted at the mocking face that gaped at me. My own brother. He didn't believe me.

"Then what are the stars?" asked Billy, his face twisted with confusion.

"Salt. You need salt to make cheese." 

"Who makes the cheese?" Billy persisted, but I didn't care. I knew I was right.

"The fairies. They have to remake the moon every month after the night rat eats it away. They take salt from the stars and milk from the Milky Way to make it."

"Where do they get the rennet?" Billy sneered.

"They don't need it." What was rennet?

"You need rennet to make cheese. If your fairies don't know what rennet is, that proves the moon isn't made of cheese."

"It is too! They don't need it. You're just making it up!" I felt like crying, but my face was too hot. "The moon is made of cheese! I've seen the rat who eats...

Elfboy Chapter 16

Links to the three most recent chapters:
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    Almost an hour passed, but Joe still didn’t come.

    Finally, I decided to look around the building and see if I could find another way in.

    It didn’t take me long to spot the fire-escape.

    Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I climbed up as quickly as I could and got in through an open window. I found myself in a spotless white hallway—fortunately with nobody else around.

     I did my best to pretend that I had come in the normal way and just couldn’t find the door I wanted, which I couldn’t.

    As I rounded a corner, I found the room I wanted. Two doctors had just come out and I heard one say, “What about his leg, all twisted up like that?” It had to be El they were talking...

Elfboy Chapter 15

The shortened list of links to past chapters:

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    Silence ruled the kitchen as Aunt Sally made breakfast the next morning. It turned out to be three giant slices of left over fudge cake from last night and three glasses of milk. Aunt Sally never drank coffee.

    Sighs echoed around the table as we all picked at the cake.

    “I’m going,” I said at last.

    “I know.” Aunt Sally nodded.

    Julie fought back spiteful tears.

    Silence again, though not for long. The doorbell rang.

    Julie jumped up to answer it, visibly glad to leave the kitchen. She returned seconds later, her eyes wide and her face paled.

    “It’s Ms. Higgins!” she gasped.

    “Is it?” Aunt Sally bounced out of her chair. “You two finish your breakfast. Chris, you can leave by the back door...

Moonlight #believe

"The moon is made of cheese!" I shouted at the mocking face that gaped at me. My own brother. He didn't believe me.

"Then what are the stars?" asked Billy, his face twisted with confusion.

"Salt. You need salt to make cheese." 

"Who makes the cheese?" Billy persisted, but I didn't care. I knew I was right.

"The fairies. They have to remake the moon every month after the night rat eats it away. They take salt from the stars and milk from the Milky Way to make it."

"Where do they get the rennet?" Billy sneered.

"They don't need it." What was rennet?

"You need rennet to make cheese. If your fairies don't know what rennet is, that proves the moon isn't made of cheese."

"It is too! They don't need it. You're just making it up!" I felt like crying, but my face was too hot. "The moon is made of cheese! Why don't you believe me?" 


Elfboy Chapter 14

I decided to shorten the list a bit. From now on, I'll just include links to the previous three chapters :D
Elfboy Chapter 11  
Elfboy Chapter 12 
Elfboy Chapter 13

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    “Chris!” El shouted, a massive shadow at the broken window. “Are you all right?”

    “Yeah,” I croaked, feeling anything but all right.

    El set his foot on the windowsill and swung his twisted leg over.

    “No!” Ms. Higgins yelled.

    He shot a venomous look at her. The next moment he landed on the ground. El was quickly on his feet and yanked me to mine.

    “Come on,” he said, taking off towards the woods.

    I glanced up at the window. Ms. Higgins wasn’t there, but I could feel her watching.

    The moon still hung bright in the sky, shining even through the storm clouds and rain....

Ouch #tenwords

Love in smoke. She was gone forever. No coming back.

Elfboy Chapter 13

I'm sure this is everybody's favorite part; the links to past chapters! :DD

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    El pulled the key out of his pocket, bewilderment on his face.

    His mom chuckled, then shrieked.

    “Put your glasses back on! You know you can’t see without them.”

    El deliberately dropped them on the floor.

    “Near-sighted; that doesn’t mean I can’t see.”

    “Are you daring to disobey you mother?”

     I thought I felt the air get colder.

    El winced. Then he stepped defiantly on his glasses, crushing the lenses.

    Wind suddenly rose in fury and nearly shook the house.

Elfboy Chapter 12

The never-ending chain of past chapter links :DD
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Elfboy Chapter 11

I can't believe I've already gotten so far. Probably never would have done it without you guys' support :DD

    “What do you want?” El snapped from within.

    “I brought you a birthday present.” I was pretty sure Joe wanted El to have the package.

    “Chris?” The door opened and El’s silhouette appeared.

    “Yeah.” I chuckled lightly.

    “What are you doing here?” His question was an accusation.

    “I just told you; Joe sent me over with something for you.”

    He sighed.

    “Well, you better come in since you’re here.” He moved aside and I stepped into a room I would have never...

The Celebration of the Pompoms

My Dear Diary,

    I did it. Tonight, during General Mospith’s party, I snuck into his camp. No one noticed me as I walked in and out of the many tents, carefully tearing the pompom fringe from my dress and stuffing the green, fuzzy balls down the barrel of every gun I could find.

    I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s battle will bring.

    My people will suffer Mospith’s onslaught no longer.

    That was a diary entry from Clara Gordmen, briefly telling of the brave act she committed before the Battle of Pompoms, a battle that took place the morning following that entry:

    The soldiers marched out of their camps to meet each other in battle as they had been doing for the past weeks. The Invaders fired, but not as they expected. Hundreds of green pompoms rained down on the Defenders, who took advantage of the confusion among General Mospith’s troops and captured them all...

Elfboy Chapter 11

    For the next day and a half, I thought about what Joe had asked me to do. And I ignored El.

    Aunt Sally and Julie were noticeably glad, but I often caught El staring in my direction at school.

    After school on the second day, I went straight to the pizza shop, still  undecided. I wanted to help, but why should I? Joe’d said that it would be dangerous. I didn’t want to get involved in anything that might get me killed. But he’d also said that Ms. Higgins would kill El if I didn’t help. That didn’t make any sense. She was his mother, why would she kill him? And why wouldn’t she have already done it if she was going to? The more I thought about it, the more it didn’t make sense.

    The pizza shop was very busy that evening and it was almost nine o’clock before Joe and I got to talk....

Elfboy Chapter 10

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Elfboy Chapter 8 
Elfboy Chapter 9


    El led me off the driveway and into the trees. After about ten minutes, we arrived at a large shaded clearing.

    Nine wooden crosses were lined up along one edge. Each had a fading name carved into it.

    “Hannah… Nate… Richard… Will… Rose… Greg…” El read each one. “They all came to my birthday party once and never left. And these three officers came to investigate. There was one more officer, but she disposed of the body herself.”

    I stood looking at the graves for a couple moments.

    “Why don’t you...

Elfboy Chapter 9

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Elfboy Chapter 8

I hope you enjoy reading this and thank you to everyone who has :DD

    “No, you can’t see Chris.” I heard Aunt Sally talking to someone at the door downstairs. “You can leave. And I don’t just mean my property, you and your mother can leave the country!” I knew it was El she was talking to. She slammed the door in his face and I could hear here stalk into the kitchen.

    It was morning and I was in my bed, my head pounding.

    “The nerve,” Aunt Sally ranted to Julie. “Showing up here like that every morning. He knows he’s not welcome. Here, take this up and see if Chris is awake.”


Elfboy Chapter 8

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    When El got on the bus the next morning, he looked haggard and worn-out. I pretended not to notice him the best I could. After what Aunt Sally had told me last night, I wasn’t so sure about him. He had seemed like maybe just different at first, but now I started to believe that he might be dangerous too.

    I found myself wondering all morning what had happened to Hannah and the rest. I could vaguely remember her: brown curly hair and red cheeks; she laughed a lot.

    But as much as I ignored him, I could...

Elfboy Chapter 7

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    They were arguing in the kitchen.

    I stopped outside the back door to listen.

    “How could you let him do that?” Aunt Sally roared, her voice nearly matching the thunder outside.

    “I was already on the bus; I didn’t have a chance to stop him,” Julie sounded tired and anxious.  “You don’t have to be mad at me.”

    “I’m not mad at you,” Aunt Sally calmed down a little. “But if he’s disappeared like my poor Hannah, I’m calling the police. I’ll make sure they do something about it this time.”

    “The officers who went to investigate disappeared too.”

    “Huh! I’m sure that woman...

Q&A For Readers-- Please Do :D

So, this is a q&a for people who've read my novel so far. If you'd like to read it, please follow these links and after you've read it, I would love to here your answers to these questions.
Elfboy Chapter 1   
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O.K. here are the questions:

  1. Who is your favorite character? Why?
  2. Who's your #1 villain suspect? Why?
  3. Which is your favorite part so far? Any particular reason why?
  4. What's your #1 question about this book?
  5. Is there anything you would change or write differently? Please specify.
Please answer the questions in a single comment below :)
Thank you :D Any feedback means a lot to me and I appreciate you taking time to answer these questions.

Elfboy Chapter 6

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    I found El leaning against the wall outside.

    “Hey, I wasn’t trying to be nosy—“

    “Ready to go?” he interrupted, pushing himself off the wall.

    “Yeah, Joe said something about a storm.”

    A strange gleam shone through El’s glasses. It looked almost like greed.

    “Did he?”

    After a few minutes of walking, the first rumble of thunder reached my ears. I gave a slight shudder and quickened my pace. El walked on steadily as gusts of wind raced along the airstreams.

    The thunder grew louder and the first raindrops started falling. El began to walk faster...

Elfboy Chapter 5

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    “Where are you going?” I called after him.

    “To the pizza shop, I work there.” He stopped and turned to face me. “You can come if you want; Joe’d be glad to have you.”

     I glanced behind me at the school parking lot. the bus had already gone.

    “Sure. Why not?” I ran to catch up with El.

    He might have been limping, but I was forced to almost trot the whole time.

    Within half an hour, we stood before a small building on the edge of Orangeboro. Neon lights on the front read ‘Benny’s Pizza’.

A Quick Shout-out to Some Awesome People

Hey, just a quick shout-out to some really cool people who have been reading my novel, as well as writing great pieces of their own:

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Elfboy Chapter 4

    The bus ride the next morning went almost exactly the same way. But I didn’t dare return El’s gaze; Julie was watching every move I made.

    Fortunately, I didn’t get dragged into Mr. Snyder’s office again, but I was sure he watched me from somewhere.

    The only time I saw El before lunch was in math class. When the teacher was handing out homework, he took his and threw it into her trash can without even glancing at the problems. She opened her mouth to say something, then shut it and walked away.

    At lunch, I ran into El again—literally.

    I had just got my tray of food and was walking over to the table where Julie sat when he appeared out of nowhere and we collided.

    "Will you stop knocking me over?" he yelled.

    Everyone winced and turned away, watching out the corners of their eyes.


Elfboy Chapter 3

I didn’t see that kid—El—again the rest of that day, not even on the bus.

    Part of me was glad and wanted to obey the warnings. But most of me wanted to find out more about him and be his buddy if I could. The warnings had piqued my interest in him and I felt like anyone with the name Elrond had to be cool—I was a major The Lord of the Rings fan.

    That evening over dinner, I decided to ask Aunt Sally if she knew anything about him.

    She burst into tears.

    “You keep well away from him,” she sobbed, leaving the table.

     I looked to Julie for an explanation, but she stared at her plate. I could see that her eyes were full of tears.

Elfboy Chapter 2

Please read Elfboy Chapter 1 first.

    Hiram P. Snyder,  the school principal, must’ve been waiting by the door for me since three a.m. His eyes were blood-shot and his straw colored hair looked like he’d just gotten out of bed and tore patches of it out. I learned after that those things had always been part of his normal appearance, but on that first day, they scared me.

    What really got me though was the fact that as soon as I walked through the school door, he nearly pounced on me and dragged me into his office.

    “Good morning, young man,” he said, motioning for me to sit down and filling a bright orange mug with coffee. He took a long sip and stood gazing out the window.

    “Is there something you wanted to see me about?” I ventured.

    “Not in particular.” He drank more coffee. “I just wanted to welcome you...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

Elfboy Chapter 1

    After my dad died, I was sent to live with my chubby aunt Sally and thirteen-year-old cousin, Julie, near the small town of Orangeboro, Kentucky. I was really happy there for awhile--apart from missing Dad.
  I mean, I was happy there, until school started.

    "Stop worrying, Chris," Julie said as the two of us stood at the end of Aunt Sally's driveway, waiting in the fog for the bus. "I promise, the school's all right."

    I didn't like being talked to like that by a thirteen-year-old, after all, I was going on seventeen, but I needed the reassurance. I had always been homeschooled before Dad died and I imagined that I would get picked on a good deal in a public school. But Aunt Sally and Julie were right. 

    The school here was much different than I imagined.

    Everyone on the bus was really friendly, even the driver,...

Elfknight Chapter 4 #paperbirdcontest

    We had just stopped for the evening. Sometimes, I got the feeling that El and Tachla only stopped because I needed to rest. When I mentioned it to them that evening, they both agreed that they hardly ever needed to sleep.

    "But I almost always felt tired in the other world," El added. "You don't feel that way here, do you?" Concern immediatly appeared on his face.

    "No," I said. "Not at all."  

    Even though I told him I felt perfectly fine, he was considerably easier on me as we practiced with our swords. Before we had finished, a bird-like screech cut through the air.

    "Goblins!" Tachla jumped to her feet and set an arrow to her bowstring.

    In an instant, more than fifty goblins were pouring down the mountainside towards us.

    They were tall and slender, though not so much as the Elves, and had coal black...

The Novel Writing Competition Is Opening Tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Is anybody else as excited about that as I am?

In case you were wondering (and I'm pretty sure nobody was :) I will be entering the first chapter of something I've been working on for a while, and I'm sure some of you will recognise couple characters from--Chapter 1 of Elfboy. 

Wait, you've never even heard of it?

Well, that could be because I've never mentioned it on here.

Then how are you supposed to recognise the characters?

Because I have published a couple pieces about them, under the titles of Stray Prince and Another Character From Stray Prince, please check them out if you haven't already (They're not much to read, but they give you a little background info) and please leave me some feedback on them and the first chapter of their story, which will be published sometime tomorrow. 

Thank you :)

xxxxxx Quille 


ANNOUNCER: "And tonight we have a debate on the issue of a messaging system on WtW. Advocating for said system we have A. Advocate. Opposing, we have O. Opposition.
These two speakers will now debate this question: Should WtW have a personal messaging system on their website?
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you A. Advocate who will open this debate."

ADVOCATE: "Thank you very much. I am in full favor of a messaging system on WtW. It will make personal communications between writers much easier and allow for friendly chats about pieces. It will help bring writers together and help them give each other feedback through better relationships. It will be a great, great improvement on the site and make it much more like other social media as well."

ANNOUNCER: "Thank you, Advocate. Now we have Opposition, which will now present their case against a messaging system."

OPPOSITION: "Good evening, everybody. I obviously oppose the idea of a messaging...

First Love--Goes on in Disappointment.

7 and 8; 8 and 9.
Long time ago.
Your hair black, my hair red.
We had so much fun, playing games with imaginary foes.
You were Aragorn, I was a centaur princess.
Together we slew many evil creatures.
Your brother made fun of us, said we were in love,
My cousin was jealous.
Mom laughed when I told her I wanted to marry you.
Now I cry.
Do you still have that letter I sent to you?
I remember its contents well.
17 and 18; 19.
After nine years straight separation, no communication.
So many changes.
Your hair purple, my hair red.
Your face bearded, mine freckled still.
Your shaped bloated, mine scrawny still.
But I heard that you still cared.
I saw your picture and was disappointed.
But I wanted to let you know,
Disappointed, I still care too.

Bang! #booksandbeacheswritingcontest

Ah! Dusk is just falling, I must go home to my nest. My mouth is full of nut and my feet crunch pleasantly through the autumn leaves. 

Ahead I can see my tree with my cozy nest perched high in its crown.

But something doesn't feel right; doesn't smell right.

Crack! The snapping of a twig shatters the the forest quiet.

I look to see something, a human girl stands up in a clump of bushes. In her hands, she holds a gun.

Click! She presses with her finger and cocks it. 

I freeze and my eyes squeeze shut. Waiting to hear the noise that I know follows. A noise that took away my squirrely friends. 

I wait, but it doesn't come.

I glance over and see that she has lowered the gun a little. She trembles all over; I can almost feel the quivering of her heart.

She's not going to shoot. I dare a bounce forward. 

But the...

Personal Essay Competition: Making Change


It's easy to say 'be the change you want to see in the world'. 

But it's not that easy to do.

Only those individuals who were determined (a.k.a. stubborn), disciplined, and courageous have ever changed the world for better.

Example of two men who lived during the same time:

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. 

Hitler had wanted to be an artist, but he was unable to pass exams to be admitted into an art academy in Vienna. He became one of the most well-known evil-dictator personalities in the world. Hitler committed suicide, giving up completely the day after he had been married. All his life, we can see evidence of Hitler giving up. 

Churchill had a similar problem. He was unable to enter the Royal Military Academy after two attempts. He kept trying and was admitted on his third attempt. Winston Churchill won a nobel prize in literature, was Prime Minister of England, and was a great defender of liberty...

All In A Normal Day? #6things

  1. Crack open black walnuts. Some people might not know, but the black walnuts are much harder to crack than English walnuts and definitely require some skill if you want to eat any.
  2. Write. I try to write every day, currently I am drafting a third novel as well as working on a poem.
  3. Hunt. Squirrel season is open here and deer season is coming up! 
  4. Tat. This is a form of needlework that makes beautiful lace edgings and doilies; it's very slow going and can be tricky to learn.
  5. Cook. I end up cooking a meal almost everyday. I like to think that I'm becoming a good cook, but sometimes I'm not really sure.
  6. Watch the geese. I've already mentioned before that we have a small flock of geese, and that they're destructive, but I didn't mention that we have to let them out of their pen for at least two hours everyday and 'babysit' them; it's sometimes highly entertaining...

Why I Write

My Reason

I write because I have no choice. No choice to remain silent and shadowed; I must write.

B.B. King Forever #topsongs

  1. Hummingbird (My favorite!)
  2. Come Rain Or Come Shine (With Eric Clapton)
  3. Help The Poor
  4. Better Not Look Down
  5. Riding With The King (With Eric Clapton, another favorite :)
  6. Hold On I'm Coming (Eric Clapton, again!)
  7. Let The Good Times Roll
  8. When Love Comes To Town (With U2)
  9. Caldonia (E. C. :) 
  10. Never Make A Move Too Soon 
Totally love and miss B.B. King! Enjoy! :D 

Led Zeppelin!!!!!! #topsongs

  1. Fool In The Rain (This one is my all-time favorite so far! :) 
  2. Stairway To Heaven*
  3. Kashmir
  4. Moby Dick
  5. Ocean
  6. Ramble On* 
  7. Boogie With Stu
  8. The Battle of Evermore*
  9. The Wanton Song 
  10. Trampled Under Foot
  11. Out On The Tiles
  12. No Quarter
  13. Going To California
  14. Immigrant Song (Another favorite, totally!)
   This is actually my mom's FAVORITE band. I love it partly because of that, but also because of the energy and feeling in their songs. Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I know this is more than ten, but I couldn't help it :)

The Second Hand Shop Chapter 1: Wednesday

Snip! Snip! Went my shears on the shirt I was mending for Mrs. Snoot.  It was Wednesday; my least favorite working day of the whole week.  Mrs. Snoot leaned close over my shoulder, scrutinizing my every stitch.  I hated working at her house, she was always rebuking me, if one stitch was wrong, I had to take out the whole seam and re-sew it.  But she paid me well for my work, so I did my best to keep her happy; Father and I could not lose her patronage.  The hours went by slowly, but finally I was finished.  I collected my wages and, taking my shears and needle—I had spent the last of my thread on the shirt—went to meet my father at the bridge.

    I was there before him, as usual.  I washed my hands and face at the fountain in the square and stood for about five minutes waiting for him.  At last I glimpsed...

This I Believe

What I Believe

I believe in the power of imagination.
Imagination is our greatest super-power--and we all have it.
With imagination, you can change your surroundings, be transported to any time or place, and become anything you want.

Once you've imagined though, you need to work the change. 
You need to change your surroundings.
You can transport yourself anywhere.
You need to become what you want.

So never mind, We are our greatest super-powers.
And all we need to do is put ourselves to Work.  


Night Comes

Fall now, cast by everything,
The trees, creatures are stirring;

Night comes now! Go home—-Hurry!

Now their dens all are leaving,  
Wings all are softly heaving;

Night comes now! Do not be out!

Watch quietly along the road,
Are killed for their valued load;

Night comes now! Do not be caught!

The sky
Be full of stars lit brightly,
But spy
Them not, move yer feet sprightly!

Night comes now! Return ye home!

Free Bird #songtitlepoem

Dear bird, they say you are very free,
But I know you are bound all about with gravity;
You can fly above the clouds and sail on feathered wing,
But you must obey winds and lie still when storms arise;
Many wish to be free like you,
To ride upon the breezes and sing merry songs for joy,
But would they wish to be free like a bird
When storms awake at night?


Waiting on the
Edge of 
A storm.
Thunder crashes.
Hail comes rocketing down.
Everything is dark.
Rain lulls me to sleep.

In This Age

In this age, does anyone still write with paper and ink?
Is the blue lined page with red margins still doodled on as writers think?
Is the ballpoint pen forgotten with dust, like its old cousin the quill?
Or are they used somewhere in this age still?

Open Prompt


I hear whispers. 
In the trees when the wind blows by;
In the waves waltzing on the sand;
In the rain pattering down;
In the clouds drifting softly above;
In water tumbling over rock;
In the dragonflies that skim past;
In autumn leaves swirling in the wind;
In the morning sunrise, pale with dew;
In the moon haloed with stars;
And the hush of night's soft wings;
I hear whispered stories.

Tips For Novel-Writing

Hi, I've just finished my own first novel and I had a lot of fun writing it. My younger sister is writing a novel too, but she's having some trouble staying with it/writer's block. I figured there are probably other kids having the same trouble, so I thought I would put some tips out there to follow, here are a few:

1. Brainstorm. Sit down with paper and pen and write down as many ideas as you can about your book--they don't have to be about what happens next, they can be about anything related to your book (i.e. the color of a character's hair, a special tree that grows in your world) Sometimes just writing details like this can help.

2. DO NOT REWRITE UNTIL YOU'RE FINISHED WITH THE ENTIRE DRAFT. This is really hard to avoid doing, especially if your storyline starts changing as you write, but don't rewrite until you're done. If you find your storyline headed...

Personal Narrative Competition 2018

A Lesson in Cards

    It was a very cold morning in January. There was a thick, crunchy frost outside and water was frozen in the pipes throughout the house, causing us all to skip breakfast.

    When I came in from feeding the chickens (who fortunately had water) I found my three younger sisters gathered in the living room, each playing their own game of solitaire—with their own brand new decks of cards. 

    The only deck I had was practically falling to pieces.

    I asked Mom if I could have a new deck, knowing that there was a drawer full of unopened decks in one of the end tables. She told me that I could have one of the old ones out of the coffee table.

    Somewhat disappointed, I began to search among the piles of cards in the coffee table. I couldn’t find a single deck that was useable. I angrily threw the cards back into the box and slammed the lid. Then I...

Open Prompt


I hear whispers. 
In the trees when the wind blows by;
In the waves waltzing on the sand;
In the rain pattering down;
In silence at night;
I heard whispered stories.

Personal Narrative Competition 2018

A Lesson in Cards

    It was a very cold morning in January. The water in the pipes was frozen throughout the house, causing us all to skip breakfast.

    When I came in from feeding the chickens (who fortunately had water) I found my three younger sisters gathered in the living room, each playing their own game of solitaire—with their own brand new decks of cards. 

    The only deck I had was practically falling to pieces.

    I asked Mom if I could have a new deck, knowing that there was a drawer full of unopened decks in one of the end tables. She told me that I could have one of the old ones out of the coffee table.

    Somewhat disappointed, I began a search among the piles of cards in the coffee table. I couldn’t find a single deck that was useable. I angrily threw the cards back into the box and slammed the lid. Then I huffed down on the couch with my...