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S'up, dudes?
17. Christian. Homeschooled.
Stoneheart - Cliffhanger Queen
If I could have a super power, it would be to provide motivation and inspiration to those who need it.
I use words to fly.
Skip shooting stars; a fiery comet here.

Message from Writer

"Life's too short to be a perfectionist." ~ me

I love to receive feedback; harsh or otherwise. Just be honest.
At the moment, it would be most appreciated if you would check out my series Elfboy. I'm editing it for a book that should be published in the coming spring.

I am very competitive and opinionated. If I sense a challenge, it'll be a run for your money.

I will to rock the world with my writing.

I love to review; feel free to ask.

I'm here to help you if you ever need it. I will also do my best to provide motivation if you want :D.
I love to brighten up your notifications and dashboard with my profile pic :D

This is me. Hi :) I hope you have a most excellent day.

Aight, God Bless you all and Write On!

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