Kyle Gardiner

Published Work

The Unseen

My God

There are many forces in this world None as powerful as my Lord In his command the Earth swirled And he created the fjord

God is unseen to us He controls all of nature He created the plus He is the great baker

God is known only through faith We will never be able to touch Obey everything God saith He is our best crutch

Playlist Selfie

My Music, My Life

My playlist shows the variety of what I like in my life, showing the diversity of my interests. My playlist is a variety of what I like to do, showing where I like to go, how I keep my values, and how I also enjoy certain aspects of the culture in which I find myself. My Christian music shows that I take my values seriously and that I want to be devoted to my God. I like Country music because I enjoy being out in the country, not in the city where there are tons of people and lots of crap all around, like rap music is. I like classic rock because I enjoy the past and value the lessons from it.

My Changes for Life

I wish that people would stop hating, that mankind would stop berating. I wish that people would start caring, that mankind would start sharing. If people would just agree to disagree, they could then share in a tree. If people would just stop over reacting, and this would lead to stopping bad acting. Let people all come to know God, that then we could spare them the rod. Let people all stop killing, then we could all earn a shilling. If only everyone would outlaw English class, then we could stop this crass. If only everyone would join band, then would stop the death of Rand. I wish that English class was gone, then we could all sing a happy song. I wish that I were in town, that I could get a Mcdouble to get rid of my frown.