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~ from afar, i steal galnces; if we touch hands, will i lose you ? ~

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If you've come this far, thanks for reading. I'm very grateful that you've stumbled upon my writing, and whether that was intentional or an accident, I hope you enjoy.


PureHeart (United Kingdom) published:



she's dangerous.
sin in her eyes,
a glint of evil, don't look to close,
falling into your dark iris pools
of shameless mystery
and forgotten desires.

petticoats are made for pretty girls;
she's got a gun and hers.
just in case, she says,
but you know she'll shoot you instead,
much like fine rays of
seduction, confusion, longing,
she shoot them all, swirling in the
intense mix of heat.

passionate soul, collectively formed
from the embers of her regretful lovers. ...

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PureHeart (United Kingdom) published:



from rags to riches,
it only happens in fairytales,
i can assure you.
you've seen me before,
on the streets
clothes torn into strings,
'oles in the thin things i wear on my feet;
they aren't adequate enough t' be called shoes.
and you'd think i'd 'ave too much pride to beg,
to plead for money in my state of plight.
but both my pride,
and poise have escaped me a long time ago.
the next time you see...
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PureHeart (United Kingdom) published:

what once was loved is now lost


Everyday my heart's stills beating,
And every moment we share is fleeting.
We are nothing alike,
And yet, somehow,
I can't stop my cheeks from heating.

Sometimes I catch myself sighing
About how you leave me flying
With a dreamy smile,
A careless gaze,
But all this time you were lying.

You leave me anxious and waiting,
All while we were dating,
Its too late now,
But I would've never thought
That you'd be the one I'd end up hating.

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