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Hey! I’m Iris. Thank you for taking the time to read my works. Hope you enjoy!

Peer Reviews



Hello, Cat! First off, I think this is a wonderful first draft, but you need some tweaking. You said you like to create complex poems, but I think you are trying too hard. You obviously are a talented writer, so just let the words flow through you. Don't worry shout writing something profound: sometimes the most beautiful poem is the simplest one. I would love to hear more of your works, so please keep writing, and let me know if you need any more help, because I would love to keep reviewing your work! Your friend, Iris

about 4 years

The Débutante

PROMPT: Historical Fiction Competition 2016

Hello there, Hanan! First off, I would like to thank you for writing this. I understand this sounds quite a bit cheesy, but by god that was probally one of the best things I have read in a while! I loved how you didn't use a stereotypical event like some war scene: instead you used a time period: probably the 1800's in France-- not a specific date, and managed to spin a beautiful story. Please continue to write-- I know I will always read your pieces!

about 5 years

The taste of Success.

PROMPT: Improbable Flavor

Wow! I would have never thought of this kind of description! This was very well writen! Even though it is three short sentences, it really warmed me up, and brought back some sweet memories! Great work!

over 5 years

One Night's Notice

PROMPT: A Signature Capability

Hello Suri! Great work as always! I really enjoyed reading this story. Maybe just tweak it a little bit, but otherwise I think this story is good to go! Please keep writing: I enjoy reading each and every piece of yours, and you defiantly have a natural gift for writing. Great job!

over 5 years


PROMPT: Living People

This is a cute and fun little way to find out more from your character! Great idea to actually interview them in a mini story line. I like how you also gave a bit of what was going through the narrator's mind.

over 5 years


PROMPT: Birdcage and Buoy

This was a great piece! I really love the character, and the ending. Very powerful. Keep writing these pieces!

over 5 years

Finding the Yellow Sky

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2015

Great piece, great story, and I think you are a talented writer! Keep on writing these fiction stories, and I really can't wait to read the whole story of I am able to! Also, one last thing: I really liked as a whole how you put this in the third person. I think it is a better choice then using "I" here, because in my opinion, I think that the reader would feel for the character more in the third person.

over 5 years

Words and Thoughts


This was a great piece. Not only was it showing how people act and think differently, it also in a way is telling people about teen depression. Nice job!

over 5 years

Borders - Part One: Truth (Chapter One)


I think you did like one or two spots where you showed not telled, but I think that you could work on that just a tad bit more. So maybe instead of saying I did this, I did that, give some action.

over 5 years

Chasing the Sky


This is a beautiful piece of writing. It really made me feel warm inside, and I think that's exactly what you want to do with this poem.

over 5 years