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Catholic but also a witch(?)

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Man, I’ve been here since the summertime of ‘17. Ik, I’m way too old for this shit.

•I don’t fuck with any forms of transphobia or homophobia
•don’t follow me or like any of my work if you’re racist or sexist

Thank you

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The Muse and her Poetress


Come, it is time to paint the glass windows of this Greek Cathedral with our dripping love. Take a brush and pinch a seed out of the womb of a pomegranate, we dye their fine ends in love’s bloody sacrifice. There’s no time to bathe tonight, let the spilt milk say spilt. There’s a grace-hot fire to feed under this dark hour’s waxing moon, and it flares between the white of my ribs. 

Feed it. Feed me. Colour my lips,...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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