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in a state of constant exhaustion, supporting the gays, and thinking about mythology.

dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

write free, SomeFormOfWriting
miss you, LackingASocialLife
go be great, Paperbird

Message from Writer

i love my friends and you should too

if i've liked your piece recently but haven't commented, i'm probably working on it. i have 100 wtw tabs waiting for me to validate your writing.

just reminding y'all posting weird political propaganda: i'm gay, i'm agnostic, i'm pro-choice and anti-gun. so basically everything you conservatives hate :)))

taking a break from wtw for a while to focus on my studies, if i like your pieces that doesn't mean i'm active

Published Work

at a glance

Christian Jones wasn’t what you would’ve called an attractive man. Though he dressed as well as any other New Yorker should, he was dull and plain – sharp cheekbones offset by eyes a little too big and sunken, brow constantly creased – only his mother ever called him handsome. Which was, to be honest, embarrassing. Contrary to his name, Christian Jones was not religious. Work had no time for prayer, like New York had no place for asking a non-existent man in the sky for a promotion. It just wasn’t going to happen. Capitalist society didn’t allow for fantasies like that.

    But in this moment, Christian Jones was praying to whatever god there was to get him out of this situation. He hadn’t been able to say no when Jacob Walker had invited himself to the uptight man’s after-work respite, and had regretted his cowardice every second since. This guy just doesn’t shut his mouth.

    By the time the...

i asked the moon how long, and she whispered back 'soon'

how long will it take for me to hear your voice, your breath brushing against my ear as we hug for the first time? how long will it take for me to hold your hand as we roam through fields of gold and green? how will we live out our lives knowing we are miles apart, across the sea and dark mirroring light - shall i tell you your moon will look beautiful tonight?

soon, my love, wait a little more and i'll be able to hold you in my arms - we're not creatures made to wait, but i'll be patient for you, darling.

my love, Elysium awaits us

ill-starred child Achilles, a child no longer, comes to greet you – his rage and despair are things you know somewhat of, while i am hailed by Patroclus, lover supporter, fighter. we meet, pair and pair, and gravity does the rest, pulling me into your sweet embrace as the fallen heroes look on – understanding and empathy rich in the blacks of their eyes. they retreat towards Elysium, but we stay here a little longer.

    it is dark but it is light, an inscrutable glow coming from the distance as if we were standing in a cavern, yet also beneath our very feet. i stroke your hair and hold my hand at your cheek; you lean into it with a warmth that fills my heart with both longing and indescribably affection simultaneously. we’re dressed simply, flowing white dresses, creases in all the right places, and while your golden halo offsets your eyes, my starlight anklets make my footfalls lighter – light...

Band Name

wandering dreamers

they're young, but old enough to know that this world is not made for them. so they make their own world; spinning idioms and beauty into their words and songs, tunes springing forth from pursed lips and mouths made for smiling, and people stop to listen. soft and honest, acoustic, their songs are like sunshine, and their lyrics speak of goddesses, dreams and starlight. slowly but surely, they move across the nations, their path steady and clear in their minds. for they seek italian fields filled with sunflowers and ladybugs - they've dreamed of it since they were young and new to loving each other. but now they've had years of practice and so they sing to each other as they walk, little gentle tunes of affection and ethereal worship, to the land and to one another.

"all that glitters is not gold," she sings, "but i see the flecks in your eyes and know you are precious to me,...

rose petal wishes, i kiss them softly and hope your dreams are soft and sweet | #bigcolor #ghostlycontest

meine Liebe, du erinnerst mich an schönheit und blassrosa rosen

    i want to remember this phrase so that i can whisper it to you under the cotton-candy sunsets while you rest your head on my shoulders as we laze on your valencian beaches, or in our italian cottage as we sip honey drinks with petals floating in them. i want to remember this phrase so that i can mumble it under my breath as i thread geraniums into your crown of braids, you're quiet and still, and i don't know if you can hear me, but just this closeness is enough to make my heart melt into songs that you keep in your feel-good playlists - they play in my head as i breathe you in, the flowers suddenly became so much beautiful when you pointed them out to me.

    Schlaf gut und träume in der sanften Umarmung dieser rosa Wolken

    rose petal baths can't compare to the comfort you...

golden | #ManateeYellowContest

golden godchild, gleaming, gilded and splendid. beloved of the queen and her coming proclaimed by the gospels. they gifted her gowns of gossamer silk and gloves of glowing gauze. golden godchild, they whispered among themselves, she was to be perfect. nothing less than perfect, for if not her, who else could contest?

    they named her aurelia, for it meant she would be reminded of their promises every time they called her name. aurelia, they'd say, golden girl-child. you will deliver us, spin our debts from our fingers and return with shimmering leafs of gold. that was her purpose. she was born to serve. so although they gifted her gowns of gossamer silk and gloves of glowing gauze, all she could see was the gleam in their eyes, whispering through lengthened lashes and squinting lids, you will return our gifts threefold.

    she took lessons every day, a new wizened tutor every other week as she...

golden | #ManateeYellowContest

golden godchild, gleaming, gilded and splendid. beloved of the queen and her coming proclaimed by the gospels. they gifted her gowns of gossamer silk and gloves of glowing gauze. golden godchild, they whispered among themselves, she was to be perfect. nothing less than perfect, for if not her, who else could contest?

    they named her aurelia, for it meant she would be reminded of their promises every time they called her name. aurelia, they'd say, golden girl-child. you will deliver us, spin our debts from our fingers and return with shimmering leafs of gold. that was her purpose. she was born to serve. so although they gifted her gowns of gossamer silk and gloves of glowing gauze, all she could see was the gleam in their eyes, whispering through lengthened lashes and squinting lids, you will return our gifts threefold.

    she took lessons every day, a new wizened tutor every other week as she...

wrath of the iceni

warrior queen, they say you were wronged,
and who could argue with such a fact?

though they can't decide if your hair
was of crackling flames or brittle straw,

we can only look back and see the wounds
appear on your back, slashes, every blow

an insult to your dignity and power, but
they hold you down, their calloused

fingers bruising harried skin in hideous
bracelets, a reminder to you and your

daughters of the travesties they bestowed
upon you and your people as "gifts", for no

man of roman birth should be made to share
with children, they decided, and rounded

your people up like cattle, tanned leather
a sorry excuse for defense compared to stolen

iron and steel, they bear the weight with
misplaced arrogance, curled lips spitting

vulgarities at would-be rulers and you
can only watch your blood be dragged

away - she's screaming so horribly, but
your shoulders are burning and your wrists

are bound to the...

Cold Bargain #spearmintcontest

"'s cold..."

    I shake my head and squeeze her hand, "shh Kara, you're gonna be fine."

    I hear my own words, but I don't believe them. I can only hope the scarf around my face will keep my sister from seeing my panic and fear. We've come too far. I can't lose her like this.

    Her ears are blue and tears have frozen on her cheeks, cracking as her mouth moves ever so slightly. "Caleb," she whispers.

    I don't say anything, just gripping her torso tighter. I can already feel that even my bearskin jerkin hasn't staunched the bleeding, as warmth seeps into my fingernails. It should've been me.

    It should've been you, Yllig says, his voice uncaring but not cold. He's a bastard but right now he sounds like a crackling hearth. Anything to get out of this cold, even to hear those horrid truths slip into my mind like smoke. Impossible to grasp and throw away. Some...

#capitallettersq&a where i am surprisingly honest

    spread love. if people are unable to be happy, life isn't worth living. that's why we fight.

    does validating my friends count? cos that ain't guilty

    medium height, recently cut my hair so it's kind of layered but doesn't go past my neck, i've been told i have stars in my eyes - i don't see them but they do have a slight green tinge near the edge of the iris, soft hands, i like my fingers, i flush easily in hot or cold weather, stand me between a caucasian and a chinese person - my skin tone is exactly in the middle, my eyelashes could be called long but my brother's are longer.

SHOULD PINEAPPLE BE ON PIZZA? (courtesy of moi and every q&a i’ve ever done) 
    personally, i can't...

the choice they didn't want to make | #standalonedialogue

"we've been over this - there is no other way. this is it. el, you have to let me do it. it's the only way. i can drug him by disguising the sleeping pill as an aphrodisiac and making him take it by kissing him-"
    "no, absolutely not."
    "do you want to get out of here or not?"
     "...please...just... stay safe."
    "...hard to remain as something you've never been."

another life

in another life, we met sooner.

you had lived in the house by the sea, salt and brine tangled in your soft curls and every time i came to visit you would smile and drag me into the surf. it felt right to laugh and hold your hand, the salt water couldn't wash away the black stains on your hands from the inkwell in your father's study that you weren't meant to touch. we pressed our fingerprints into a pebble and tossed it out to sea.

in another life, we were closer.

you'd been reading on the train, and there were no seats left but the one next to you. why no one had sat next to the charming girl with the book, i had no idea. i sat down next to you. we talked so long we missed our stop, but i walked with you all the way until you turned at the fence with the hanging roses and...

when a piece doesn't get enough credit so you take things into your own hands

hey y'all are sleeping on an amazing piece paperbird wrote like yesterday called Minerva

all of paperbird's stuff is amazing, but this one is one of my personal favourites, so if you like paperbird or like any kind of mythology or respect me at all, check out this piece

like and comment scrubs

lemon weeds in my head

knees turning brown in the soil – god i hate dirtpulled him out by his hair, like a weed – oversized shirt retaining more heat than it’s supposed to air – it’s worn with holes, been used like crazy – and like weeds do he only came a grew back again – the weed tips make me flinch, expecting pain, mild irritation – so i figured i might as well let him be – no blue screen, no black mirror or trailing speakers to drown out the hollow screams from the football field a few miles away – lemon boy and me – the wind’s blowing but the breeze is warm – god i hate this – sweat makes me blink, attempting to use the back of my hand is futile – i  need to wash my handswe mowed the lawn in bad weather – my legs are aching and my head hurts – headband doesn’t...

ask the writer?

need some buffer cos i've been lacking in inspiration for a bit, so send some asks my way and maybe it'll help? i'm way behind on this trend, but i didn't have time to join until now*, so credit to paperbird for bringing this trend back.

    ask me anything within reason, that means no details about where i live or go to school etc, and to avoid clogging up my portfolio, i'll answer your comments in the comments here! (watch this be a major flop)

    here's a question, food for thought before you (maybe) start typing away to uncover my deepest darkest secrets; y'all ever wondered how i met one of my friends on wtw? ask me here!

    this has been going on for too long, tl;dr - ask me stuff, i'll probably answer honestly ;)

gauntlet of words

my left hand is a glove of poetry,
a gauntlet, if you will,
the ink is spreading down my arm
but my words are not infallible
they will not protect me
 you see;
there are breaks in the armour
with no mail to substitute
but perhaps my saving grace
is the hand who wields the quill
able to patch up the cracks
but constantly fearing that
the words will run into each other and lose coherency.
perhaps my saving grace is my mind
tactical maneuvers, placing text
accompanied by the buzz of an air conditioner.
i could pretend my voice is useful
but even if i spoke the words aloud
i wouldn't remember them.
i have written myself a gauntlet of words
at 5:04 am.

the sores on my skin are just bumps on the page

the witching hour
white magic has granted me inspiration
and a pen but no paper
my skin turns to parchment for my cause

the flyaway kids

she had a bumblebee
    tattooed behind her ear
he had a beetle
    wings spread as if leapt off his spine
she had a hummingbird
    perched on the back of her left shoulder like a pet
they had butterflies
    symmetrical droves extending off their arms

they called themselves the flyaway kids
    they were supposed to be able to escape
    fly away from their problems
    and into each others' arms

but even those who fly must land
    they all knew landing was the worst part.

is it jetlag or is it just me

i'm awake at 3am
the second night in a row
yesterday i waited an hour
passing the time through cowardice
and pulling the few remaining lights outside
apart with my eyes - slowly, don't lose sight of them  -
i went to sleep three hours later,
tonight, this morning -  time is blured when it's dark outside -
the inflatable mattress leaves my left leg aching - why not the right? -
i stretch to ease the pain.
i write this on my hand in 0.4 ink
and go to check the time.
it's 4:32.

drunk in love

voice like moonshine
eyes pools of whiskey
without a slither of a doubt
you intoxicate me.

heads up; poems incoming

hey kids.
    i know i haven't been too active on the writing side of things for a while, even though you might've seen me liking things on the dashboard, or commenting (something i've been trying to do more since paperbird brought it up), but i realised i do actually have some pieces to release here.

    you ever had jetlag? well i had a particularly bad case about a week ago and couldn't get a hold of my phone. so what did i do? write poems all over my left arm like a crazy person. heck, no paper? just use skin. kind of annoying when the ink started to bleed into the cracks though.

    tl;dr - i'm about to dump some poetry that i wrote within the timespan of an hour starting from 4am-ish. don't get too excited, there's a next to zero chance of it happening again.

my body refuses to revert to the australian...


how can you say that echoes are less than voices when they are the ones who spread your message?

you terrify me with your intensity, so i decided to write poetry about you

an arabian prince arrives on the streets
the next night his cousin performs onstage
torso class in velvet, arms snug in black lace
roses fall from her hair as she stomps and twirls
one after another, every sudden movement an added displacement
he picks the fallen flowers and places them aside, next to a candle in a wicker-woven nest
but it's all part of the show
for he looks much more handsome without the artificial desert lights and strangers watching his feet for rhythm and misstep
the kohl only accentuates his acne scars
sweat flies, a golden ichor, the fruit of labour and poise
in the end he blows out the candle and puts the wilted rose in his hair
he smiles - it doesn't reach his eyes - and bows

Collection #WrittenInBlood

Based on her recent search history, Valerie Hollow was certain that she was going to be able to research some very interesting material first-hand. As a freelance writer, Valerie handled all kinds of jobs - everything from small journalism gigs to ghostwriting biographies. But there was only so far Google could take her. Over the past few years, Valerie had been compiling an anthology of sorts. She wrote stories of dying professions, of small business owners and traditions and customs that had faded through time. She wrote people.

    Valerie's very livelihood depended on the progress of her anthology. It was not financial problems, no Valerie was quite an accomplished multi-tasker and didn't exactly have to beg around for employment. Valerie's anthology was her very world. She had created these people and their families and friends, all on the very same Earth, but who she would never meet with face to face. Only when this anthology was published would she...

the faults of the tactician #JA17

the tactician only wished she had chosen the sword before being swallowed by her own fractured agenda.


1. What is your favorite book of all time?
    Never good to commit to a single title in the ever changing river that is literature, but I've got to say, the Spellslinger series by Sebastien de Castell has it's barbed claw in my heart and doesn't seem to be letting go, with two new installments on the rise.

2. Your favorite movie?
    Thor: Ragnarok. Feel like I'm going to get some criticism for this, but it had a great cinematic score, easy humour, a fresh take on two other movies about this guy that didn't interest me in the slightest because this one had NO ROMANCE AND AN UNDISCLOSED BISEXUAL QUEEN. (And the best version of Loki we've seen so far, ignoring IW) Also kind of realistic reactions, given they're on an alien planet. Fuck it, I love Thor Ragnarok.

3. What is your favorite TV show?
    Difficult to choose between Brooklyn 99 and the Good Place...


way behind on following the q&a trend, trying to catch up

do you still live where you were born?
    yep, sydney region australia

how many languages do you speak/study?
    english, a little german, studying spanish and french but losing interest, studying japanese likely until i leave school forever. i can understand some phrases in korean, chinese and cantonese, but can't speak them.

do you consider yourself a good student?
    when i'm bothered, sure. i usually get a's and b's but i'm a major procrastinator (somehow that doesn't always show in my grades)

do you sport?
    who do you think i am. i'm a writer, not an extrovert.

are you religious?
    i was raised christian. currently not really into worshipping gods, but after further introspection, not really atheist or agnostic. i believe there is a higher power (or multiple higher powers) but i'm not bothered reaching out to them.

what should you be doing right now? (me,...


another q&a by wtw celebrity paperbird, i'm too tired to put links on this piece, just search them up in the username bar pls

what's the story behind your profile picture?
    used to be a gif of pidge from voltron finger gunning, but i lost interest in the series and had wanted a change for a long time but didn't know how to do it without ruining my brand somehow. when SomeFormOfWriting left, i finally found a reason to change. i chose this pic of @_jjolee (on instagram) because it's a whole ass Mood™

when you start a "free writing" piece, do you like the font better when it's the editing font or the published font?
    editing for sure. but sometimes depends on the format of the piece.

what movie scarred you for life as a child?  does it still freak you out?
    can't think of anything that was majorly scarring rn, but the cat in the...

island in her mind #candleflame

i held a little candle flame,
held it in a palm of stone.
it flickered, blasted by the winds
of blood close and not her own.

    the stone hand lies in solitude,
encircled by a moat of deepest black.
when the clouds above part briefly
it may seem as clear as glass, alack,

    unlike the melted sands of time
the moat cannot be breached.
it's black and blue are eternal and yet
the small candle flame they fail to reach.

    in vain they try to flush it out,
their efforts strong and true.
but strength and truth aren't always good,
experience causing a distorted view.

    the waters, it seemed, were kerosine,
only meant to fuel the blaze,
and while they thought they were crystal blue
their minds were a filthy haze

    of shallow wars and power surges
the waters' minds did wander,
of defeated foes and weakened minds
too many left to pointlessly ponder.


a conversation at an air bnb in france

"Matt's friends say that there was a terrorist attack at a Christmas market in France."

    I'm sitting at the wooden breakfast table at our air bnb, the geometric tablecloth matching the gentle blue, yellow and grey aesthetic of the apartment. My aunt's comment is enough to make me avert my eyes from the screen.

    My father nods. "Yes, at Strasbourg."

    My mother makes an exclamation of worry and exasperation, but doesn't stop moving to take her seat next to me at the table. "Aiyaah, that's where we're going..."

    "Did anyone die?"

    I can't remember who said this, even though it only happened ten minute ago. Maybe it was Matt, my cousin. He's always been similar to my brother and I in our morbid fascinations. As we returned to the apartment last night, we quoted memes and vines from the elevator to our rented door.

    It could've been my aunt. It's not her first visit to Europe, but the increased number...


Interesting q&a idea by RainAndSonder, I'd like to know what you think!

1. What Hogwarts house do you think I am?
2. What is your mental image of me? How do you think I look IRL?
3. What's my aesthetic?
4. What trope do I remind you of? Look up some tropes if you don't get this one or don't know any.
5. What do you think my zodiac sign is? 
6. What's your favorite piece of mine?
7. What do you like most about my writing?
8. What fictional character do I remind you of?
9. What song do I remind you of/resembles my personality?
10. What meme am I?
11. What book/movie do I remind you of?
12. You know the rhyme about what girls are made of? What am I made of?
13. What fandom am I probably in?

I'll probably answer these once a few people have made their assumptions.

Era's Gifted #BlottedInkContest

Allswell Academy was an oxymoron in itself. For the most prestigious druidic school in the Asai-Piaficc region, some kind of uncontrollable magic-related catastrophes never failed to plague the flame-lit hallways, year after year. And yet, their enrollment numbers continued to skyrocket. How their questionable headmaster managed to do it, Amaya had no idea.

    Shipped off with other students collected from the Taalurasi region (on a rather impressive vessel, Amaya had to admit for all her lack of nautical knowledge) Amaya had been deposited with a portion of her cohort and seniors on the pristine ports of a jungle-seized island, the hidden location of Allswell Academy. It was all rather cliche, Amaya often found herself thinking, this concept that a school that taught magic had to remain hidden to those less fortunate, to those few who did not possess the mana gene, to the Secluded. They weren't secluded at all, it was just a name given by the Gifted who...


Blue was your favourite colour, so now I watch the sunset fade.

Tears were never blue, they only reflected a now non-existent sky.

Chimneysweep Bird #HWDYKT #leefudgecontest

It's 1796, but from all the smoke in the air, I wouldn't be surprised if it was before the birth of Christ, in the prelude to the eruption of an active volcano.

    I'm not supposed to know things like that - history and such - because of this stupid idea ringing around in people's heads, the heads of old white men, that women don't need to read, shouldn't read. "Knowledge is power." Ironically it was another old white man who apparently said this. Believe he was a pirate, he was. Must've been awfully exciting, pillaging ships and all that. All for a woman. Imagine that. Queen Elizabeth sounds like a damn right noble, ordering men and drinking wine while doing it. I think I'd hate her all the same if she were still alive though. Those in power never do anything worth doing. It's my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of others in London.

    I take another...



    Ok, so it seems that my previous announcement about having a WtW hiatus is kind of still in effect, but it's more of a half-hiatus. Since I still have temporary access to internet and a laptop, I'll be liking and commenting on pieces, but probably not writing many of my own unless it's a contest that I desperately want to enter and the due date is before I get back.


    Thank you so much to everyone who follows me, I'll make a dedicated shoutout piece to each and every single one of you collectively when I've got the time.
    With this many numbers, I would usually run a contest, but I'm going to postpone that til mid-January when I'm able to write up the rules and check the entries more often.


smoke #tenwords

When he breathed smoke, he felt at home with himself.


As some of you may know, I hate posting announcements, so I'll keep this brief.

I'm going to be on hiatus from the beginning of December to mid January.

This means I'm likely not going to be posting anything, since I'm going away and there's no guarantee of internet access or time to write and/or post anything.

I'll try to be back and publishing content as soon as I return, but no promises. (pff I probably won't be able to stop myself, I had a 24 hour WtW detox the other day and I almost couldn't take it)

See you soon!

beautiful woman

i.    they say there's a beautiful woman who lives in the forest near my village. my brother says her hair is ebony silk; her traditional clothing from eras gone by as pristine as if she had stepped out of a history book; her hands delicate and unscathed by the world. her cherry blossom hairpin blooming all year round.

ii.    they say she's a beautiful woman. my cousin says she's the murdered lover of an absent shogun, who had her killed after she had an affair with the footman; her friend says she's the disowned bastard child that was exiled by the emperor, forced to maintain her finery through wood and the flowers she can find. my uncle reckons she's homeless.

iii.    they say she's a beautiful woman. i hear stories of her often, the only interesting news i can get in this isolated, rural town. the more i hear, the clearer my image of her becomes. her robes flow...

the librarian

i.    as soon as she wakes, she writes. it's her curse. ink bleeds on the tips of her fingers, leaving incriminating evidence on the yellowed pages her hasty script graces, a victorian quill in her grasp. she writes to remember who she is. for every night when she goes to sleep, she forgets.

ii.    she writes notes on paper dresses, the only garments that populates the wooden closet filled with mothballs. she moves the dresses to hang on the bookshelf. they always end up in the closet again. she eventually moves out of that room. it doesn't matter. every room accommodates for her. her skirt flutters like pages turning as she walks.

iii.    the musty smell of aged leather and parchment, though permeating the wooden structures she wanders through, never bother her. she simply walks through them as if they were water. they do not stick to her like they do to others, it's been decided that she...

pigeon wings

i saw the rotting remains of a dead pigeon

only the wings remain

a forgotten fallen angel

fading into the asphalt


1. Do you have a favourite line from a movie/TV show/book? Why? 
Gonna repeat the same answers from the last q&a. "Apparently he is lactose intolerant. His body is rejecting white culture, which makes me kind of proud." - Jessica Huang (Constance Wu), Fresh Off the Boat. Man do I love some good representation of the Asian-White dynamics.

2. Describe your ideal outfit. 
Oversized t-shirt/ oversized hoodie. Never let me leave the house.

3. If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be? Or would you choose to not dye it? 
I want to dye the tips of my hair blue. The piece about the girl with the blue hair is completely unrelated.

4. What's one fandom you can theorize over for hours? (So if someone asked you "What's (insert fandom here)?", you'd go all out and explain every single detail until the person in question is well versed in it.) 
Idk, had a long drawn out debate...

sharp #warning #paperbirdcontest

the label on my shirt screams "WARNING: SHARP"
and the longer you look at me, the more you shudder in understanding.

my hair, no longer soft and thick, nor oily and sleek,
has turned dry like hay from lack of care.
i gave up the one thing i took pride in
for the possibility that he'd soften - foolish.
like a carpet of pine needles when i lie in bed,
the locks prick my neck and leave my back red and raw.

my eyes, though never compassionate, nor understanding,
have turned to obsidian, black and cutting.
perhaps it's the bruises that turned them this way,
or maybe it's the knife that he whets in front of me
that made my very irises capable of this hardness.

my hands, the hands of princesses and privilege long gone,
they're rough and raw, the needles of my hair entwined
in my uneven skin, the irritation giving way to pain.
i've let my nails grow,...


Q: Do you like/use autocorrect? 
A: I use it, but it's not always helpful.

Q: How many pieces have you looked back on and cringed while reading them? 
A: TOO MANY (luckily just a few on this site)

Q: How many siblings do you have, and what are you among them (oldest, middle child, etc)? 
A: Just one, I'm the oldest.

Q: What is your all-time favourite movie quote? Also tell what movie and character it’s from, bonus points if you know the actor! :D 
A: "Apparently he is lactose intolerant. His body is rejecting white culture, which makes me kind of proud." - Jessica Huang (Constance Wu), Fresh Off the Boat (not a movie, but still iconic)

Q: What is the most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to you? 
A: I heard my father's voice tell me goodnight right outside my door, but he was already asleep and he never disturbs me after I go to bed.

Q: Favorite colour?   ...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

The Iris Wars

As the world burned behind her, the girl in the dust-coloured robe stared at the water, her drab reflection backed by a sky of flames. The girl had never seen a body of water this vast before. It brought a sense of wonder and bright-eyed curiosity as much as it did worry, and a bit of something else. As young as she was, and uneducated, the girl had no way of knowing the word that described her feelings in those moments. Years later, she would learn that this feeling was called apprehension - the fear of the future. Or rather, what the future held.

    Her father had hustled her onto this wooden craft, so full of holes it seemed like it would sink at any moment, but by some miracle, the stained monstrosity remained afloat. He had hugged her one last time before the plank between land and sea was removed, but the girl had felt no fear at this...

sim's lament

"stay safe."

sim smiles.

"hard to remain as something you've never been."

Novel Writing Competition 2018

The Iris Wars

As the world burned behind her, the girl in the dust-coloured robe stared at the water, her drab reflection backed by a sky of flames. The girl had never seen a body of water this vast before. It brought a sense of wonder and bright-eyed curiosity as much as it did worry, and a bit of something else. As young as she was, and uneducated, the girl had no way of knowing the word that described her feelings in those moments. Years later, she would learn that this feeling was called apprehension - the fear of the future. Or rather, what the future held.

    Her father had hustled her onto this wooden craft, so full of holes it seemed like it would sink at any moment, but by some miracle, the stained monstrosity remained afloat. He had hugged her one last time before the plank between land and sea was removed, but the girl had felt no fear at this...

weeding out my priorities

i'm pulling out weeds in my garden
in my oversized t-shirt
a souvenir too often worn
and day shorts i slept in the night before

    no earphones erasing the sounds
of birds, wind through shrivelling leaves
and hollow screams from the football field
a few miles away from my house

    but lemon boy is playing in my head
i left my phone inside, hidden in my desk
my legs are aching and my head hurts
from a headband that presses down on my skull

    it's a small price to pay to avoid
a nonexistent heat that i'm hiding from
in an endless cycle of "no i don't want to go out today"
but my homework's not done and my weekend's practically gone

    i think i need to wake up earlier

way back then #zixmusic

there's a mint green bike
left in a stairwell of my school
it's chained to a steel pole
its wicker basket empty

it's an echo of a time gone by
when trains and cars still slept
sunsets come and go
the chains of the bike still rotate

i miss those simple days
you rode to my house
and you kissed me on the cheek
and laughed at my face

the sunflowers you gave me
died and withered once you left
my watering can bleached by the sun
why do i keep feeding them?

the pills that you used to take
are sitting on my bedside table
why didn't you take them with you?
i don't want this remembering

i miss those simple days
we'd stand out in the rain
stargazing through clouds
you thought it was beautiful

way back then...

there's a mint green bike
left in a stairwell of my school
i figured out the code
but i leave it...

seven birds

..a woman's voice rings out. it's tinny and slightly garbled, but the crystal walls make it echo with an ethereal quality.

i saw all of existence, all at once.

this isn't the first time you've heard this. in any other circumstance, you would say that it sounded like a broken record. but these words sound more like the repetition of a music box.

i saw a dark storm,
a living hunger eating it from within.

in boundaries lost to Time and Space, an obsidian mass approaches. within the mass sits a man, lean, in a crisp suit. his office chair faces the window. there are no blue skies. eyes are everywhere.

but i saw a brilliant light heralded by seven birds
flying tirelessly from the storm.

something murmurs in your mind. a short melody, but it's gone within the instant, like a tendril brushed over your conscious thoughts. it glows with a gentle hum, like a long lost friend's greeting...

the girl who fell in love #booksandbeacheswritingcontest

they say you become a different person when you fall in love. that you change. and i say so too. i believe it.

i fell in love. too many times.

i fell in love with the girl with the blue hair. when i was still young and naive, i met the girl with the waves of the ocean in her mane, her voice a sultry tune that rocked me to sleep in her lap on my sixteenth birthday. she smelled like salted caramel, the taste still clinging to her lips like a sugared coating. and like the sea, the tide took her away from me.

i fell in love with the girl with the green eyes. still tasting salt on my tongue from the loss of my last love, i saw her resting on the old oak bench, remnants of autumn left in her long, flowing hair. but as wilting leaves fall, she too fell from my favour, her lazy...


somehow in this short time i've been here
in this supportive, slightly dysfunctional community
i discovered you.
i discovered your writing,
i discovered your heart, your soul, your love.
i discovered girls with silver eyes and girls with red hair,
i discovered boys of warring kingdoms, friends against the odds,
i discovered celestial lovers, lost to space,
i discovered children. so many children. broken, bruised and hurt.
i discovered pain. your pain.
the pain of the child with the string turned red with anguish.
or maybe it was love.
through your writing, i discovered love.
love for nature
love for humanity
love for the stupid things we do
for the silly things we end
for the beautiful things we take away.
almost as an act of rebellion
i consider making this piece something that they despise
something mentioning death or suicide
or things that they to hide
under the premise of it being unsafe for the younger community,

My Roommate Hates My Cat

    "Daryll." I wait, cup of coffee in hand. "Where's the cat."

    He looks to the side. His hands fidget in the sleeves of the sweater he borrowed from my brother, two sizes too big. Guilt is written all over his stupid scaly face. "I don't know."

    "Daryll." The front of his sweater is covered in Juno's fur. He never touches Juno. For a demon, it's like he believes that cats are the devil. Which is to say that they're angels. Daryll loathes angels.

    "The feline is not present in my immediate area from what I can perceive with my inferior human-state of being."


    "Fine! I ate the cat, are you happy?" His outburst makes me groan, and the thousand-year-old demon is suddenly pouting like a child, arms crossed.

    "Daryll..." I run a hand over my face. "Jesus Christ."

    Daryll hisses. I roll my eyes. "Fine, hail Satan, freaking hell." I put down my mug and sit down...

The Hunt

The trail of oozing black dribbled down the gentle rocky slope of the mountain, catching on trees and shrubs as it slid down like a released drum of crude oil, only without the effervescent shimmers that caught the light. This black seemed to swallow it.

    It smelled like metal and mud, and she almost snarled at the reminders the odour dragged the surface of her conscious mind. The pungent tang would have led her straight to the wounded creature even if she had been blind from all those years hunched in the darkness, fearing what lay outside the den. She now knew that that fear was childish, misplaced. There had nothing to fear but fear itself, and even fear knew not to root itself in her mind. For her eyes were that of cinders, and her jagged nails and sharpened teeth would have left fear shredded in her wake as she stabbed her makeshift dagger into its most sensitive crevice,...


don't worry for me dear loverboy
with your eyes of ocean blue
with your cherry lips and raven hair
a heavily curs'd hue

    don't cry for me dear loverboy
your tears like sparkling rain
i'd drink them like fine wine
if you'd just forget my name

    don't think of me dear loverboy
you mind a shifting expanse
of treasures old and far away
inside your head they dance

    don't sing for me dear loverboy
i never liked the tune
of you silver tongue and gilded words
too much had been assumed

    don't write to me dear loverboy
i know you've stolen ink
from crows' feathers and fingertips
the final missing link

    don't speak of me dear loverboy
for you were not the one
and every time you say my name
my hard work comes undone

    but if you see me in the street
do not approach me, this i...

fear of love #thisyearIlearnt

    this year,
i learnt no matter how many poems i write
no matter how many songs i sing
no matter how many sketches i draw
nothing will be able to compare
to seeing your glowing grin
from behind my black mirror.

    this year,
i learnt what first love felt like.
but even now i don't think i understand.
i fell in love with your beauty first,
your smile second,
the sound of your laughter third,
your interests and passions fourth,
your singing fifth,
trying to list the order in which
i fell in love with you
all the way until infinity.

    but this year,
i learnt that some things are stronger than love.
this love was new - one-sided.
my fear is eternal.
i hope for my sake that you never find this.


she's like a sunday morning, lazy and unassuming, free of the troubles and worries of the days gone. she thinks about the days to come, but shakes her head and goes back to sleep. Ignorance is bliss.

    despite her laid-back nature, her spirit is a fiery green, her jealousy spikes at the smallest touch, her pride is a weapon she draws without hesitation. her eyes as sharp as a blade of grass, she spits words of venom but rarely regrets it.

    the only way to describe how she lives her life is 'definite'. she walks with a purpose unhindered by the whispers and quiet remarks that follow her, though she doesn't exactly relish not being liked by others. Ironic, since she makes no attempt to reign in her hatred for others, a select few.

    though she is not righteous, her heart is that of a lion. be warned, do not underestimate her primal roar,...

glass walls, blue blood #contestfor69

glass walls are made to tease.

i see you through this cursed clear barrier, face as perfect as the day i first saw you. you're sleeping, your eyes closed in an inactive state. your chest doesn't move. but that's ok. mine doesn't either.

moving seems so troublesome. simply positioning myself so that i can see from where i stand is much more practical. they say we can't feel anything. pain is obsolete. then why does my blue blood pump faster when i see you?

i'm sure my lips part in disbelief at your immaculate beauty. your predecessors may appear similar, but they never made me feel this way.

there are no lights. it's quiet. through some error, i stay awake. i hear the rain hitting wet pavement outside. i hear a shout. i wait. there is no follow up. through logic, it's likely to be either a murder or a drunken mishap. especially at this hour. i turn my attention back to you. nothing is worth my time when you're here.

i know you won't wake until they come to turn us on. and...

Lightning #IAmPoem

I am fire.
I wonder why stars shine.
I hear radiation.
I see flammable gas.
I want to hold it, even if it burns me.
I am air.
I pretend that my shoulder blades are wings.
I feel the sky, wind whipping through my hair.
I touch the clouds, my hands coming away damp with condensation, the translucent white dissipating under my fingertips.
I worry that someday people will take their wings for granted.
I cry when I realise it's been years since my wings disappeared.
I am lightning.
I understand that electricity comes from friction, my power comes from hardships.
I say words that sting, my tongue striking like a viper almost against my will.
I dream of violent rainstorms, a cup of hot chocolate paired with a blanket and a book.
I try to be unfazed, a pilgrim soul that wanders as the hills take her.
I hope for storms to end our drought.
I am alive.


  1. Writing. Ironically, I write best when I'm supposed to be doing something else aka master procrastination.
  2. Eating yoghurt. It's really weird because I do this almost every day, either for recess at school or for dessert because there's no ice cream left.
  3. Draw. This is occasional now, and more means of procrastination. Currently doodling for a cathead au
  4. Long showers. Hot water is a commodity that I would die without. I just lie on the tiles afterwards and contemplate life. My family hates me for that lmao
  5. Go on a walk to look for ducks. There's been a family of ducks that I've watched grow up on my street, and they usually come to eat on the lawn of my neighbour's. If I'm lucky, I'll see them on the way to or back from school. They grow up so fast...
  6. Taekwondo. I go do martial arts once a week, and I'm relatively strong? Don't want to sound like I'm bragging,...

Achelois #WeAreUnnamed

her skin is luminous
glowing, shining even before
the moon held her in Her embrace
and the rising sun kissed her goodnight.

her scars are many
they coat her back
a visual cacophony
like the craters on a meteor.

her eyes are dark orbs,
as observant as a feline,
the specks of blue and green
within her heavily-lashed gaze
like a nebula
her lover would never replace.

her hair is as black as night
a velvet that cannot be replicated
by any mortal or celestial being
for it belongs to her alone.

her love for the sea is just as well,
as she spends her days
dancing with the tides
and speaking with the waves
bidding them to rise and fall
and they love to oblige.

her voice is like a wind chime
or a star falling from the heavens,
her laugh a soft delicate tinkle,
her silver tongue a gift from the gods.

shrinking violet #contestfor69

my eyes pan the landscape like a panorama camera
capturing everything in the ever adjusting lenses
of my optic nerves.

the green fades into the horizon, like a sea of stems
and chlorophyll, the weeds that we call daffodils
spec of colour caught and tossed around like
driftwood in this ocean of lime.

when i return, these fields will be taller, like the
way that my younger brother grew while i was
away in boarding school, studying for a future
that i'm not sure i want anymore.

out here, on the rolling plains, with my toes spread
deep into the soft, nurtured soil, i feel like i'm
growing again, apart from the concrete jungle
when i've needed the greenhouse.

my legs seep into the ground and lose movement
as they turn to tree trunks and my tears become
sticky sap on my cheeks, my arms branches that
sway in the wind, my hair the leaves of the
weeping willow, a somber plumage.

Night Hall #TitleGenerator

If you've been to the Night Hall before, you know that you'll never see the same thing twice. It stands to reason that many visitors return daily to view the products and talents, lest they miss something incredible. The Night Hall has always drawn in buyers and sellers from different walks of life. From an ex-prince from the isles of a nation now controlled by the military, to underground surgeons and their proteges, there's always been something in the Night Hall for every creature that walks its ever changing floors.

    The name 'Hall' has a certain irony to it, in that it is not one single building, but rather, a conjunction of chambers, joined together through some means (if it's unsavoury or no, most clients don't ask. I suggest you do the same). Some chambers are private, others are open for rental or multiple fascinations within the same alcove. Smelling salts next to exotic birds, threaded silks competing with the...


1. What are your thoughts on the picture for the newest WtW prompt? I don't know why but I just don't like it.
I hope I'm talking about the right one but I honestly find it hilarious. What explains writers' motivations to write? Falling and being engulfed by water.

2. Have you ever planned a fictional event? Exmp. I plan random parties for fun. 
Yep. Planned a WtW Australia meetup that never happened because I was lazy.

3. Have you ever gotten so annoyed with a book that you drop/throw it? If so explain. 
The second Divergent book. Enough said.

4. What's your favourite thing that you have written here? Link it. 
The Hunt. This one was hard, but I have to settle on this one. Pretty good vocabulary if I say so myself.

5. Cats or Dogs? 

6. Slytherin or Gryffindor? 
Slytherin. Gryffindors are too up themselves.

7. Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? 
Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff is everyone that...

Guilt #RefuseToSay

no matter what happens,
i can't tell them.
if they find out,
it's over.

heart pounding
chest thumping

the wrong that i've done
is creeping behind me
like a shadow
like a killer
like a stalker
following me through the night
watching from my windows
an embodiment of my guilt
of the people i've wronged
of the things i've done.

sweaty hands
like a bloody cross on my forehead
a mark
look at her
she's a freak
she's a criminal

i smile
but the parting of my lips
my teeth against air
feel like a grimace
baring my teeth
like an animal against the world
trapped in a cage
iron bars
just the same
as the school gates
looming high above my head.

i feel a firm hand on my shoulder
and turn
heart beating
chest thumping
hand sweaty
but the owner smiles.
"good job.
but i need you to do...

Isolation #IslandPrompt

Log #1 - Date Unknown
    It's been what seems like less than an hour since I arrived at this island. The tides and water conditions suggest Pacific region but it's been years since I worked in Maritime and my knowledge has grown rusty. While there is no shortage of flora or fauna, the island seems to lack intelligent life forms. But I won't get ahead of myself. There have been plenty of instances in history where the indigenous peoples have not taken lightly to strangers on their lands. I will try not to make the mistakes past invaders have made, and show that I mean no harm if I do come across any humans.

    To the conditions of my arrival - I awoke on a vacant beach in the early hours of the morning, perhaps 4 or 5 o'clock, around there. There was no light, but the human senses have never been limited to just that of sight. But even...

Cold Tiles

It was a perfect day in August, beautiful as could be. But that was also the day that I died.

    Though I suppose it's incorrect to say that I died on a single day. I had felt myself being eaten up from the inside out, day after day, for months now. For months I had been trying to push the agony in my chest to the back of my mind, or no, that wouldn't be right, to push it out of my body entirely was more like it. It wasn't an illness I could name, nor was there a diagnosis that any doctor could possibly prescribe me. This was less of a disease than it was a curse. Yes, I was cursed to wander this Earth with this pain in my ribcage until the day I succumbed and fell. Perhaps that day I would finally be free. I don't give that idea much thought. As long as I've lived with...

queen of my heart

the woman of my heart is a fickle queen
who surrounds herself with piles of gold
reminders of her wealth and esteem
a token of the power that she holds
within her grasp are jewels that shine
proclaiming her virtues as she tosses them
to the peasants and commoners and swine
on the streets. she makes herself known by the hem
of her dress and the lace of her sleeves
that are tailor-made, scrutinised
by ruby eyes
so that no one will be able to believe
anything than what they are shown -
this facade of the queen
that they have long known
for her sharp tongue and quick wit
and hard smirk and deft hand
as she sends fools to the grave
and matyrs to the slaughter
their kindness a weakness
that she will not uphold in her lands.
she surrounds herself with whispers of poison
voices of reason that reek with greed
and a clambering hunger to rise...

#anhacontest WINNERS

Wow! I honestly thought this contest was going to be a complete flop, thanks for proving me wrong!

WINNER: it's clear by fatpanda

PROMPT: Then and now
WINNER: Then and Now by kaydenblue

PROMPT: Red string
Lots of people liked this prompt, so there's two winners here!
WINNERS: Jacob's Ladder by SomeFormOfWriting
                red string by Surly Wombat

As promised, the winners will get a dedicated shoutout, a bunch of likes and a review on one piece of your choice. Winners please let me know in the comments which piece you'd like reviewed.

Now for some honourable mentions!

"If my vision is clear, why is my path blocked by the thorns of my past?"
    - i.c.f.l.o.w.e.r.s.

"Cosmic tears drip into the surface, sucking the last bits of life out of a dying planet...  I am made of stardust."
    - rosemarywisdom

"Stumbled, in fact, over / the red...


  1. What's your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits you? If not, is there a different sign that you think would fit you better?
    • Pisces. It's pretty accurate, to some degree. Do feel like I'm more of a Cancer tho...
  2. What's the time right now where you are?
    • 2:08 PM
  3. How many languages do you speak? Ones you're learning or half-learned a year ago but kinda forgot about count too.
    • A few, hold on... (English, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French... yep think that's it) so... seven?
  4. What's the last movie you saw, and what did you think of it?
    • Going in Style. Some good shit right there. Peak comedy while still (mostly) family friendly.
  5. What's the first song that comes to mind as you're reading this question?
    • No Dogs on the Moon! (I'm listening to TAZ)
  6. What are some of your writing habits? For example, are there certain words, phrases, or themes that come up a lot? Is...

Remember #AStorysNumberLine

Chapter One: A Single Memory

    I've been in this room for a long time. Sometimes I forget I'm in a room if I close my eyes. I close my eyes a lot. Because the doctors tell me sleep is important. Sometimes I forget that too. So I stare at the wall, because if I stare at it long enough, I think I'll be able to remember if it has a crack on the bottom left-hand corner, or if there's a small orange stain near the ceiling. There aren't either of these things, those are just examples, but I like to think of things that I might be able to remember. I'm not very good at remembering.
    A doctor came in yesterday. I remember that they're called doctors because they wear white coats and no one else wears white coats and gets called Doctor. I think she was female but I don't remember. The doctor brought someone with them. The someone...

Goddesses Among Men #jediknightgirlcontest.sunandmoon

Pale ankles brushed the edges of the ceremonial shift as the young woman strode towards the altar, her steps a careful rhythm to the watching eyes of her superiors. She knew that the Gods demanded sacrifices, no Greek had ever doubted the Gods' lust for blood or treasure, but she supposed it was the cruel string of fate that pulled her up the hewn marble steps, gradually drawing closer to her uncompromising demise.

    The blade shone in the twilight sun, and the woman smiled, the taste of irony on her lips. If only the sacrifice had taken place closer to the sunrise. But perhaps, even then, that would not have made any difference. She didn't know how good a Goddess' eyesight was. Children were always taught that the Gods could always see you wherever you were, but Neaera had taught her that Gods were much more than mortals thought. And much less, the black-haired beauty mused.

    Neaera stood behind Achelois'...

I'M HAVING A CONTEST #anhacontest

    This has been a while coming (about a week but I'm slow), but to celebrate hitting 100 followers (see "holy mcnuggets") I'm going to hold a contest!

    I know a bunch of other people are also holding contests or competitions right now (god I'm so sorry), and that school in America's started, but I'm going to set the due date for the middle of October so there's no mad rush to have to publish things in time for the due date.

    Prompts - These can be interpreted however you want and there'll be one or two winners per prompt:
Then and now
Red string

Must be over 100 words (no word limit, I hate those so you don't have to deal with that)
Post your entry in the comments or with #anhacontest in the title
Deadline is October 14th (11:59pm AEST)


nicotine #jediknightgirlcontest.panic

ashes dust her fingertips
and smog coats her lips
i'm always telling her
my breath as fresh as mint
that her lungs will rot
like an industrial powerplant
if she keeps up this facade

she laughs
and tells me
i'm already
rotten to the core"
but somehow
these words feel like
smoke in the breeze
and short-lived

she laughs
and kisses me
i can taste
the smoke on her breath
but i savour it
not because
i love the taste
of burned wishes
of burned desires
of burned lives
but because
i love the taste
of her
however i can get it

and the longer i'm kissing her
it feels like
i'll get addicted
addicted to the taste of her
addicted to her nicotine
god i love her nicotine

The Hunt

The trail of oozing black dribbled down the gentle rocky slope of the mountain, catching on trees and shrubs as it slid down like a released drum of crude oil, only without the effervescent shimmers that caught the light. This black seemed to swallow it.

    It smelled like metal and mud, and she almost snarled at the reminders the odour dragged the the surface of her conscious mind. The pungent tang would have led her straight to the wounded creature even if she had been blind from all those years hunched in the darkness, fearing what lay outside the den. She now knew that that fear was childish, misplaced. There had nothing to fear but fear itself, and even fear knew not to root itself in her mind. For her eyes were that of cinders, and her jagged nails and sharpened teeth would have left fear shredded in her wake as she stabbed her makeshift dagger into its most sensitive...

#myanswer Q&A

Coolio I'm gonna answer LackingASocialLife's Q&A cos I'm bored and have no content to post (yet, I have to do a bunch of contest stuff).

  1. What do you think it means to live a meaningful life?
    • To live without regrets, to make connections and that kinda 'meaningful' stuff.
  2. Do you believe in soulmates? Why/Why not?
    • HAHAHAHAHA no. Some people are very compatible, but the chances of you "meeting your soulmate" is slim to none, it's kinda ridiculous. That and I'm cynical as hell about love, unfortunately.
  3. What is something you're certain you'll never experience?
    • Torture for information/ransom
  4. What's a part of your character/personality you're still trying to understand?
    • The fact that I know I'm better than certain people, and am proud of it (like a narcissistic bitch), but also am super insecure as hell about my appearance and how I appear to other people (yay!)
  5. Do you prefer labels and definitions or would you rather just identify as...

at first sight

two years ago, my english teacher asked my class if we believed in love at first sight.

some said yes.

some said no.

the cynic i was, i proclaimed the latter.

then she asked us if we believed in lust at first sight.

and speaking to a room full of young women, she already knew the answer.

how could we not?


Quick Q&A from stripedfly to procrastinate all the stuff I really should be doing.

1. What line from a TV show/movie/book has stuck with you and why? 
    I can't think of one right now? There's lots of iconic roasts, so just pick one and I guess that's mine.

2. Which fandom can you talk and theorize over for hours? If you don't have a fandom, why not? 
    Hours...? Maybe not, but once upon a time I would've been that way about VLD (before season 7), or maybe MCU... idk I don't get out much.

3. Who's your favorite singer, and what's your favorite album by them? If you don't have a favorite singer, why not? 
    Dalnodo is a really nice singer, but she doesn't have any albums, she just does covers. Her voice is soothing af. Cavetown is also a big one for me, his Lemon Boy album is probably my favourite since it has the most...

girl of glass #TSESWC!WOW!

    with eyes so pale 
yet empty, 
    orbs of powdered snow 
        from a heart that had been pierced 
            by the ice queen's shards 
                gazing blankly 
                    at me, but not seeing, 
                        just past me, 
                            into nothingness. 
looking into your eyes 
    is like being 
        in the eye of a blizzard. 

    with hands so cold 
it seems like a miracle 
    that your fingers 
        aren't flushed 
            or tipped with blue.
the bite of a creature 
    without teeth 
        gnawing away 
            at someone else's limbs, 
                its poison infecting the host 
                    through winds and chill 
                    minds turning frantic 
                        as the cold turns to fire
                            and they give into the illusion. 
but with you 
    the illusion 
        is not in the warmth 
            of your smile 
                but in the colour of your lips. 

    with a kiss so sweet 
like snowcones in summer 
    temporary celebrations 
        for a temporary season 
            meant to be 
                a temporary feeling 
                    for a temporary person, 
                        memories that last eternal. 
mouth translucent 
    as tinted glass, 
        warm as the furnace  ...

rosemarywisdom's top ten lists

Long story short I decided to publish this instead of putting it in the comments to tell a bunch of other people that y'all should check out rosemarywisdom's top ten list post. She's doing god's work and trying to get writers who you think deserve more credit on this site a bit of a leg-up.

None of these lists are in any particular order


  1. Paperbird - all round amazing writer (how in the heckity crap did you write all those pieces) and generally cool bird
  2. RainAndSonder - creative writer and amazing co-founder of the Corner Writing Club
  3. Johanna - hella active and her pieces are crazy real
  4. rosemarywisdom - the girl, the geek, the legend. thanks for doing this, seriously
  5. Luna Lemon - known for killer reviews and helpful comments, you should definitely give some of her pieces a read
  6. Gabriel Goodwin - one of the most poetic sources on this site (until the more credit list, watch...

Brooklyn walls #missingavowel

Running through Brooklyn on this night was probably not a good option at this point. But I did it anyway. Stupid war. Stupid politicians. I had to try anything to withdraw my conscious mind from thinking about this situation, cold air matching my gasps. This damn situation. My days consist of my back against a wall and stifling hitching sobs, patting hair of a child that shouldn’t know this world. Only a month ago I might walk to Dad’s without worrying about catching sight of a gun to my right. And living in doubt of any instant that my body would hit my city’s asphalt.

Progression #MyFormOfWriting

The first time I had stood over a body, knife in hand, I had thrown up onto the pavement. The milky white of his eyes stared blankly, yet I could swear that they mocked me, judged me, hated me, and understood me at the same time. As if he was forgiving me for killing him. This kind of involuntary kindness made me retch all the more.

    Words appeared before my eyes – the generic computer code font was a joke that those sadists enjoyed, treating me like a machine. I supposed it wouldn’t be long before I was one. I spat, trying to rid my tongue of the taste of vomit. No. I’d never let myself turn into one of them. No matter how long I’d have to do this.

    SECONDDARY LOCATION: 40.7128912° N, 74.006035° W


    From behind the convenience store veranda and the chain-link barriers that separated the asphalt basketball court from the bustling...


1. What TV show did you watch as a kid (e.g. were you a My Little Pony type, a Phineas and Ferb type, etc.) 
    The 00's were the peak of animation to child-me, Phineas and Ferb and Animaniacs were some personal favourites (even though my brother doesn't remember any of it which sucks).

2. Should pineapple be on pizza?
    The only fruit that belongs on pizza is tomato.

3. If there must be a word limit on a prompt/contest, what is your favorite length to write? 
    Probably 2000-3000 just to stay on the safe side. I've written some chunky pieces but I cannot keep creative underneath 500 words. Ever.

4. Why is your username what it is? 
    It's just an ironic deviation of my name from an in-joke thing a while back (blame Araw)

5. What are your tastes in YouTube videos (if any)? 
    Vines that butter my eggroll, bill wurtz and Marvel crack or bloopers

Golden Shackles

    The boy’s name was that of midday, but despite the sunny disposition of his calling, his eyes were of clouds and smoke, sunken and tired like a year’s flooded crops. He spent his time with the own trappings of his stone walls, trying to turn broken swords into gold, just as he tried to see the good in the invisible pledge that bound him like shackles to this place. If there was anything more than irony that spurred his actions, it was fear – fear that the image of his hometown would disappear, overshadowed by the overdressed pomp and circumstance that came with residence in such a place as this. In the servants’ washing lines he saw his own, and though he could now reach the strings on which drenched cottons sagged, he could not touch them. For that was not his job. For that was not allowed. For he was no longer just a boy from the village, he...

Foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A

Sorry for the lack of pieces, I've been snowed under with work and inspiration refused to come and slap me in the face, so here I am with another one of Foxmillionaire's Q&A's! To do this yourself, go here.

1 If you could swap personalities with anyone who would you swap with? 
    Idk, probably Araw or jengelman (the two ends of the spectrum lmao)

2 What is your style in clothing?  
    "What's in my closet ok that's fine let's go"

3 What are 10 things you want to learn how to do? 
    1. How to draw anatomy good
    2. How to click (with fingers)
    3. How to be a good friend
    4. How to social interaction
    5. How to speak other languages, e.g. Spanish, French, German etc
    6. How to have pretty writing
    7. How to do a cartwheel without spraining my back
    8. How to act
    9. How to do a superhero landing
    10. How to not...

15 word story - Stars

Her sanctity was a fraud. So she surrendered herself to the endless abyss of stars.

Lonely Lover pt 1

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who had never felt love. Sure, she had adored her teddy bears, and sure the taste of vanilla ice cream made her tastebuds sing, but these joys were dampened slightly by the fact that the bear had been her brother's, and that her act of daring to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night for the forbidden treat had left her locked in her room, alone and hungry.

    So, like any rational little girl would, she ran away, leaving her unloving family behind. She lived on the streets for a while, and regretted it a bit – the hunger here was worse than the hunger of a missed meal at "home". But she remembered the beatings and the bruises, and stubbornly decided to stay away. And so she did. She lived sparingly off the kindness of strangers – one lady she liked particularly, a lady in purple who walked past every...


if I could, i would ask you about the stardust that shimmers on your skin.

if i could, i would tell you about the cosmos i see in your eyes.

if i could, i would remind you that of all the galaxies, you are mine.

if you asked, i would say it all. but you didn't. so i didn't either.

#cwcfirstcontest Humans

In second grade, we learned what humans were.
They called them ‘homo sapiens’, descended from a prehistoric ape.
Bent-over, walking slowly, slowly straightening, hair lessening,
Until it looks like a slimmer version of my father.

Lately, we see these ‘advanced’ homo sapiens on the news a lot more.
Titles like

Woman helps the homeless

In ninth grade, we learned what humans are.
I guess I learned how to read.

Foxmillionaire Prompt: Fanfiction

Prompt #9 - Write a fan fiction.


    I rip my gaze from the bubbling ground on which the creatures had stood mere moments ago, for my eyes to meet the sight of my comrades, the noble thanes Ross and Angus. I offer a hand of greeting to the men, and they return the gesture good naturedly. The jangling cacophony of their armour moving towards my person breaks the uneasy silence that has befallen the heath since the arrival of the three strange women. Lord Macbeth moves to my side, addressing the thanes likewise.

    Ross reports the news; King Duncan hath heard of Macbeth’s exploits on the battlefield, and Angus continues, proclaims him thane of Cawdor. I am sure my mouth is agape when I turn to look to my comrade, surprised, but Macbeth seems somehow less than uncertain; his expression is unreadable, closed off, like a book whose words are no longer visible after the cover has been shut....


You are a bucket. Buckets are judged by their size and shape to determine their worth. People use buckets. I don't want to be a bucket.

Foxmillionaire Prompt: Q&A

Prompt #5 - Answer this Q&A
1)     What is a book you want to see made into a movie? Are there any changes you would make?
     Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell. It's relatively new - 2017 - but it would be amazing to see those rolling desert sands on screen. A bit worried about the amount of CGI that would be needed though... but I'd love Ferius to be played by a woman of colour!

2)     If you could pick one fictional character to be your friend who would it be?
     I'm on a roll here (I can't think of anything) so I'm just going to say Ferius Parfax from the Spellslinger series. She's badass, smart, and crazy capable, the kind of friend who'd call out your bullshit.

3)     What are some goals you have. Any dream jobs?
    Goals: Learn how to write good, learn how to draw good, have a sass level over 9000 ...





Lonely Lover pt 1

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who had never felt love. Sure, she had adored her teddy bears, and sure the taste of vanilla ice-cream made her tastebuds sing, but these joys were dampened slightly by the fact that the bear had been her brother's, and that her act of daring to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night for the forbidden treat had left her locked in her room, alone and hungry.

    So, like any rational little girl would, she ran away, leaving her unloving family behind. She lived on the streets for a while, and regretted it a bit - the hunger here was worse than the hunger of a missed meal at "home". But she remembered the beatings and the bruises, and stubbornly decided to stay away. And so she did. Living sparingly off the kindness of strangers - one lady she liked particularly, a lady in purple who walked past every...

Foxmillionaire Prompt: Dream Best Friend

Prompt #3 - Create your dream best friend.
Tell us their interests, personalities, and even what they look like if you want.

My dream best friend
Is easily accessible to me
Lives across the street
Or next door
Or even a few streets away.
Far away enough to let me miss them
But close enough that I know I can reach them.

My dream best friend
Has known me for forever
We've grown up together
Our families know each other
And I can get gossip
About things you won't tell me
That my mother hears from yours.

My dream best friend
Goes to my school
And though our classes may differ
We can at least complain about the teacher
Who make our life hell
And the fact that there are too many stairs
And the school's dumb decisions.

My dream best friend
Doesn't have to like everything I do
It's no fun to have a clone
But rather
I want...

This Song Has No Title #songtitlepoem

    when you're on the porch
and you hear the whistles
of times long gone by,
a secret tune
hidden in the call
of a rogue cockatoo
hidden in the creaking
of a house not meant to last
hidden in the far-off grating
of the rusted windmill
tell me
what do you call that song?

    the night air is quiet
but not silent
the bush rustling
of their own accord
the firepit crackling
its sparks like childlike spirits
the methodic hoots
of an owl not seen.

    the bush night is its own symphony
a cacophony of sounds
that intertwine seamlessly
to create a spontaneous orchestra
where the percussion
and the bass
are one.

    the rogue cockatoo
now mocks the saxaphone
loud and haunting
impossible to ignore
so we acknowledge him
until his cries fade out.

    the creaking of the shack
the wood imitating
a dozen stringed bows
on a dozen stringed violins
sometimes striking furiously
othertimes with...

Story Plan Excerpt

    After this many years of seeing the girl with green and blue eyes, the boy almost couldn’t remember what she used to look like, the 11 year old as memorable as a ghost in his mind. Sometimes, his mind slipped into a world where his sister truly was the Chosen One, and truth be told, he was quite happy to sit back and be happy for her, give her support, well, what he could anyway.

    But three years had passed awfully quickly, with the deceptive play still continuing on, and within the next three moons, the twins were to go with a party to fulfill their destiny. Honestly, the boy wished his destiny was to go back to the village, maybe marry, have a quiet life and eventually die of old age. Anything but this. But he had no choice, and he just hoped with all his might that the king would realise that he was a fraud...

Coffee Shop Senses

    The smell of roasted coffee beans wafts through the air. Through the glass display, I see customers taking refuge from the cold July weather, coats slung over chairs and scarves laying haphazardly next to abandoned ceramic cups, the drugged accomplices to the thrall of the espresso in deep conversation with their neighbour. I push the heavy glass door open and a bell rings, the warmth of bodies and air conditioning making my face flush, the smell of coffee so much stronger - if the cold hadn’t woken me from my begrudging slumber, the caffeine would have. The muffled conversations from outside are suddenly sound so much louder - laughing women, a complaining child, the telltale clicking of fingers on keyboards. The printed menu behind the counter shouts deals and bargains on today’s meals, and a man in a beige trenchcoat addresses a blonde dressed in black with a tone that insinuates that it is shewho is wasting his time,...

Foxmillionaire Prompt: Top Ten

Prompt #2 - Make a top ten list.  

    Top Ten Twisted Fairy Tales
In no particular order, because I'm indecisive and can't choose which ones are better.
(ok be warned I'm going to be talking about Leigh Bardugo a lot here)
  1. The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo - This has got to be the most amazing adaption of Hansel and Gretel I've ever seen. With a twist you won't see coming, it's an entrancing story about when girls go missing, but it isn't the witch's fault.
  2. Ayama and the Thorn Wood by Leigh Bardugo - This one's more tame compared to the first, a heartfelt rendition of Beauty and the Beast that reflects the message of Shrek (lmao) - that beauty can be more than skin-deep.
  3. The Soldier Prince by Leigh Bardugo - A version of the Nutcracker flipped on its head when the little wooden soldier begins to realise that there is more to being alive than going...

Foxmillionaire Prompt: Text Message Story

Prompt #1 - Make a text message story with your characters.

    Saturday 11:34 am

Hey princess


Why do you hate me?

I don't hate you
I just think

I'm too handsome?




Ciel needs water
It'll die without moisture

Fine I'll see what I can do


    Saturday 11:52 am




    Saturday 11:54 am


Oh shit

Wait what
What's that sound

There's a giant boar

Noon's already booking it

You see him?


Are you going to help or not?

But you owe me a date

I like girls

With Yuri
Self centred much
Also I know for a fact you like dudes too
You've been making eyes at the...


    when Life gives you Lemons
is what they say
but it's never Life
who hands out
this sour
bitter tang.

    when Life gives you Lemons
you have to move on
because Life won't be
taking back
those lemons
anytime soon.

    when Life gives you Lemons
that's just how it is.
it's nature
it's order
it's how things
are meant to be
we just don't like to accept it.

    but if you ever tell me
to make lemonade
out of the injustices
out of the ways
that i've been mistreated
out of the ways
that are purely Human -
their spiteful words
as unforgiving
as any citrus -
i might just have to
throw those Lemons in your face
and see how you make lemonade out of it.

why do i see broken topazes

a symbol of love
and courage.
it is believed
to bring friendship and fidelity
to those who wear it.

    then why
do i see broken topazes
opening first aid kits
with trembling fingers
alcohol stinging
the marks he left
no one can know
this fear
she loves him too much.

    then why
do i see broken topazes
unable to console
the girl who cries
who screams
why doesn't he understand?
he can't understand.
he leaves the room.

    then why
do i see broken topazes
sitting alone
lunch tables
seeming like
universes away
their inhabitants
exotic aliens
that humanity isn't ready
to meet with yet.

    then why
do i see broken topazes
lying on concrete
gravel scraping skin
while scuffed converse
make blemishes
sure to last
with words
that will linger
longer than the bruises.

why do i see broken citrines

a symbol of hope
and fidelity.
it is revered
as the gift from the sun
and represents joy

    then why
do i see broken citrines
undergoing countless surgeries
all in the name
of retaining youth
and beauty.

    then why
do i see broken citrines
surrounded by orange bottles
spilled onto the unforgiving
tile floor
the phone
too far away
as their vision
goes cloudy
and heart stops beating.

    then why
do i see broken citrines
cursing the name
they prayed to long ago
because faith
and worship
means nothing
when you have to be
your own salvation.

Coffee Shop Senses

    The smell of roasted coffee beans wafts through the air, and through the glass display, I see customers taking refuge from the cold July weather, coats slung over chairs and scarves laying haphazardly next to abandoned ceramic cups, the drugged accessories in deep conversation with their neighbour. I push the heavy glass door open and a bell rings, the warmth of bodies and air conditioning making my face flush, the smell of coffee so much stronger - if the cold hadn’t woken me from my begrudging slumber, the caffeine would have. The muffled conversations from outside are suddenly sound so much louder - laughing women, a complaining child, the telltale clicking of fingers on keyboards. The printed menu behind the counter shouts deals and bargains on today’s meals, and a man in a beige trenchcoat addresses a blonde dressed in black monotonously, the former rifling through his wallet to find the funds for his morning addiction. The sudden change in...

why do i see broken tourmalines

a symbol of balance
and protection.
it is believed
that all colours of tourmaline
protect the wearer
against many dangers
and misfortune.

    then why
do i see broken tourmalines
tripping over themselves
to please others
faces burning
with hot shame
gritted teeth
ears ringing
with laughter
but no joke was told.

    then why
do i see broken tourmalines
clutching to pieces of driftwood
that used to be their bedroom door
water rushes past
trying to swallow them whole
and the next morning
be among the names
of those who are missing.

    then why
do i see broken tourmalines
grey circles
under their eyes
dusty clothing
with drops of blood
eyes bordering on tears
impossible to ignore
the growling threats
and pain of the knife at their throat.

why do i see broken sapphires

a symbol of truth
and loyalty of the heart.

    then why
do i see broken sapphires
being persecuted
for revealing corruption
for aiding
those who betray them
and paying a price
that wasn't their to pay.

    then why
do i see broken sapphires
with masks as cold as ice
living through
an empty shell
mouths moving
only to speak.

    then why
do i see broken sapphires
unable to trust
unable to promise
that they will be there
so instead they choose
to avoid them altogether
and promise themselves
to the heartless depths
of solitude.

    then why
do i see broken sapphires
breaking hearts
squandering their own
on booze and dice
disinterested gazes
following the rushing crowds
as they crush the glass in their hands
and stand up.

why do i see broken peridots

a symbol of fame
and protection.
it is regarded as a powerful amulet
to ward off evil
and protect the wearer from nightmares.

    then why
do i see broken peridots
doomed to failure
or overshadowed
by faces
clad in powder and shine.

    then why
do i see broken peridots
shoulders slumping
next to straight-backed beauties
from the misconception
that their worth
is less than her's.

    then why
do i see broken peridots
plagued by visions
of horned goats
and piercing red eyes
and screams
that come from so far away
that they don't realise it's their own.

why do i see broken rubies

a symbol of fire
and passion.
it believed to be
the lord of the gems
because of it’s rarity and beauty.

    then why
do i see broken rubies
standing in the rain
the fire long extinguished
from their grey eyes
a relationship long lost
but they didn't want to accept it.

    then why
do i see broken rubies
forced into lives of crime
theft only because
college degrees
don't pay off
and bills
don't care
about your financial situation
unless you can't pay.

    then why
do i see broken rubies
thinking they're peasants
because contrary to belief
rubies are dime a dozen
and the more you have
the less you appreciate their beauty.

why do i see broken pearls

a symbol of modesty
and purity.
it is believed
to have life giving powers
the ability to instore youth
and improving self worth.

    then why
do i see broken pearls
selling their bodies
moaning words
of feigned ecstasy
degrading themselves
labelled as used goods
in the span of three years.

    then why
do i see broken pearls
head in hands
unpaid debt reminders
strewn across the table
a child crying from the next room.

    then why
do i see broken pearls
well, not see
rather, sense
the hovering figure
over an open casket
tracing the lines of their face
their face
unable to cry
because death
isn't that kind.

why do i see broken emeralds

a symbol of fertility
and goodness
some believe
it is regarded
as the amulet for good fortune.

    then why
do i see broken emeralds
women unable to carry
men mocked by their peers
people praying
for a different body
for a different life
a life
that has a chance
of being better than this one.

    then why
do i see broken emeralds
sleeping on streets
running from broken homes
clutching bedraggled ragdolls
watching in the windows
as the rich get richer
and realise
that luck doesn't matter.

why do i see broken diamonds

a symbol of popularity
eternal love
and invincibility.

    then why
do i see broken diamonds
love smashed underneath
the knowledge
of that one night stand
of a shattered marriage
of a love that wasn't made to last.

    then why
do i see broken diamonds
crying on the floor
no strength in their sobs
fear in their eyes
when yelled at to shut up.

    then why
do i see broken diamonds
supposed to be
the hardest gem to break
crushed so easily
by the constraints
of an unforgiving society.

why do i see broken aquamarines

a symbol of youth
and beauty.
some believe
it promotes honesty
and good health.

    then why
do i see broken aquamarines
old and grey
before their time
no smiles
youth stolen
by the cigarette packet.

    then why
do i see broken aquamarines
lying through their teeth
when their parents
threaten to beat them
for a life other than this.

    then why
do i see broken aquamarines
who have never left
the smell of sanitiser
the white walls
and the gloved hands
of an indeterminate future.

why do i see broken amethysts

a symbol of peace
and tranquility.
some believe
it provides insight
on ways to solve problems
and is said to increase intelligence and spirituality.

    then why
do i see broken amethysts
starting wars
screaming at everyone
and no one
at anyone.

    then why
do i see broken amethysts
being hurt
who just can't understand
what these problems mean
in their life
and on the whiteboard.

    then why
do i see broken amethysts
that no one loves them
that gods don't exist
holding on desperately
to the stuffed bear
the only thing
they find company in.

why do i see broken garnets

a symbol of friendship
good health
and devotion.
some believe
it gives its wearer guidance
in the night
and protection from nightmares.

    then why
do i see broken garnets
with no friends
in hospital beds
an iv drip permantly connected
a part of them now.

    then why
do i see broken garnets
with tears streaming down their faces
having given up on gods
that ignored their pleas.

    then why
do i see broken garnets
with shadows under their eyes
countless sleepless nights
staying awake
just so they don't have see
the things that are called "dreams".


Tales of glory, tales of magic,
Tales of the unimaginable,
And tales of the imagined
That have been told to death.
I read these tales,
And yet,
I do not write tales of magic
Or the unimaginable
Or the future.
I write with something else.
Something raw.
A clawed hand grips my heart
Through my ribcage
As I write in blood,
My fountain pen
Leaking red with words
Of loss;
Of longing;
Of missing;
Of something unimaginable.
But the thing about
My type of unimaginable
Is that some people
Can imagine it.
They can imagine it
Because they’ve experienced it.
This type of loss
This type of pain
This type of longing
For something that never comes.
I do not write
For people to laugh
Or for people to smile.
I write for people
Who have lived through
The unimaginable
To continue.
To know
That they were never alone.
    "If one dream should fall apart...


your mouth
that you think has been twisted
by words of scorn
and thorns of spat insults
is softer than you know
while you think you taste bitter
like lemons or sour candy
but you know the thing about sour candy?
people still love them
no matter how sour they are

your hands
scarred in ways
not always visible to the naked eye
scarred in ways
that you think make you
less than someone else
scarred in ways
that you don't want people to see
but i can see them anyway
you've let me

your eyes
often squinting
in concentration
not always noticing
the dumbstruck way I look at you
but when you do
and they light up
and my heart
feels like it's jumping out of my chest
you know they say
the eyes are the window to the soul
i might be wrong
but i think
that if you looked in mine
all you'd see is You

Blue Words

    My words are blue – azure, navy, shades ranging between Caribbean and turquoise. Staining the page and my fingers, the light blush of cerulean dusting my eyebrow and mouth (I don’t know how they got there).

    My body is not my own, an eternal cage, but a cage that can be altered nonetheless. But alterations call for metalworkers and seamstresses who have to agree on the actions to be taken. Some seamstresses don’t want to make the alterations, saying, “But this is perfect, you look lovely.” Alterations come with consequences that I don’t know if I know how to face.

    My passions are that redistribution rather than creation; nothing is created or destroyed, merely transferred – shifted – the words on the page none of them my own invention, but the order is something of my own fingers.

    My years are numbered, thirteen, the unlucky number. Superstition drives my year, looking over my shoulder and keeping umbrellas closed indoors. Making...

The Greenfly

You try so hard
Your childlike smile strained
Against the doubts and worries
You rarely voice.
Swallowed like a pill
That is promised to cure
But is more like a tapeworm
Leaving you feeling worse than before.
Your ukulele sings songs of love
Simple chords plucked
With expert precision
Gardens grown from songs
Practised to perfection,
Much like the mask you wear
To hide your insecurities.
Flowers hide your tears
Their petals blooming
Across cheeks that tremble.
They say that sticks and stones
Will break you bones
But words pervade your soul –
Writhing in your mind
Like a parasite;
A greenfly
With no ladybug.
The flowers
Eaten away
By the greenfly.

Writer's Block

    I can feel it clotting my veins, my blood slowly beginning to flow like the residue from a failed science experiment. I’ve fallen prey to a disease that no one is safe from. It strikes at random, like an asp in the desert, stays as long as it wants, it’s leisure like that of a cat in the sun, comes and goes like a clingy ex-girlfriend who won’t let go.

    My fingers feel numb – I can’t move them, my throat closing up – I can’t speak, my mind buzzing with an endless white noise that threatens to leave me deaf and unable to hear a single word. The words that I know, that I use so often are disappearing faster than I can grasp them, their grainy letter seeming to fade into nothing before my very eyes. I reach into the misty nothing, understanding that the attempt is futile, but sitting there and doing nothing is like damning myself...


i look through my old notebooks
"old" defined by the lack of use
even though it only filled up in july this year

on the last page,
i see words
i only ever wrote once;
their contents
filling only a few lines
the rest of the page left blank
except for
"i think i love her"

"i think i love her
"the way she smiles
"her hair
"her freckles
"i didn't think i could love anyone
"i think i love her"

"i think i love her"
i read, and, for a moment
it's like it's true again
the image of her soft smile
and the time i made her laugh through words on a screen
and the lack of french in my vocabulary

she is my friend's friend
a girl i could never hope to meet
through my own devices
her clothes
a thousand times cooler
than the hand-me-down hoodie i wear for comfort

a single conversation;
more than an...


    With a head full of nothing but sky and cotton, my feet hit the never-ending winding paths of pavement, a mind-numbing rhythm that leaves my pocketed hands grasping for more, and my eyes flickering in unconscious dissatisfaction. The streets are familiar, and I watch the trees grow, their once bare and feeble bodies hardening and branching out over time, green turning to brown, their fallen children crushed underfoot by the uncaring rush of commuters returning to their point of reset, debts and phone screens reflected in their glazed eyes. Children pick up the dropped leaves, showing them happily to their parents, innocence and naivety in the creases of their gentle inspection and the dimples of their cheeks, but the parents merely tell them to put it down, that it’s dirty, so they do, and the object of their five-second affection is trampled on by men in suits – wealth in their cufflinks and cold calculation in the trim of their...


The wind blew, cool and crisp through the September evening air, but within the confines of the school gym, students hardly noticed the chill. Heat rose, the stench of perfume and cologne staining the walls of the interior, as teenagers high on sugar and adrenaline shouted and sang to the deafening music that played from the speakers all around the room, flashing lights with colours so vibrant, it was like the 1970’s all over again. You could feel the pulsing beat vibrating through the floor and through your bones, making the objects in your hand buzz, which would explain why most students had opted to throw away their cups full of soft drink and were now making an attempt at dancing in the crowded hall. Others chose to make out with their significant others closer to the walls, and the infamous stoned guy was definitely selling more of his stash over in the corner.

Quinn rolled her eyes and took...

Your Ideas for WtW

Ideas for WtW

What do you most value about Write the World? 

Even though I only got a WtW account a little bit ago, I love how this site works! Being able to get friends' and strangers' uninhibited opinions of my work is encouraging, and so is seeing all the amazing pieces from people around the globe, people I'll likely never meet but have the pleasure of reading their writing anyway (there's a reason I have several hundred likes).

What would you like to see Write the World do differently?
As a predominantly teen-focused writing website, I honestly think that this site is doing everything right. I'm getting feedback from the kind of people I'm writing for (I'm writing for myself but it's nice to see what others think) but for things to do differently...maybe those who win competitions can get a little more credit and recognition beyond the site? Prizes like getting one on one feedback with a professional? Something like...

The walls are white

The walls are white, blinding white, drive you insane white. Which is ironic for one reason in particular among others.
I can hear him behind me, but I don’t move. He can’t do anything right now. Not while I’m here.
I know he’d love to replace me. He’s always thought he was better.
I know him. I know him best apart from myself. I’ve been with him my entire life.
He thinks I’m weak. Infuriating.
I think he’s evil. Like a vulture.
Sometimes he scares me.
I want him to leave me alone.
The walls are white, blinding white, make me want to punch them white.
I fight the urge to glare at him, because I know he won’t see. I can’t do anything right now. Not while he’s here.
I’d love to replace him. I remind him every day.
He thinks I’m evil. Like a vulture.
I think he’s weak. Disgustingly positive.
I loathe him with a passion. ...

Math Book Alphabet

Always noticing how she
Buries her head in her hands
Can make someone feel as if their
Deeds have gone unnoticed.
Every little action, a
Fight to stay in control of the life she's been
Her hands trembling with the effort
It takes to stay silent.
Just one more day, one more
Kiss to reassure her that this is enough, this
Love is enough, even though she's worth so
Much more.
No, she'll never
Openly accept that her
Pain is not her fault
Questioning constantly,
Reading too much into the 
Simple actions of strangers,
The hot
Unwanted tears acting as a
Vice that grips her sanity.
Would she know that she turns my insides
Xerothermic with the thought of
Yielding my life so that her will be more than



Days growing longer
Why can't winter stay this way?
Longing for the end

The Tale of the Seven Knights

    Metal clashed and sparks flew and spluttered lifeless to the cobbled ground as the two men fought – one for his Queen, the other for his Lord. ‘The two were evenly matched,’ may be something you expect to hear of this kind of battle. But really, it was much simpler than that. With years of experience and a heart that carried more burdens than most men would ever know, Sir Gallavich greatly outmatched Valerio’s second in command. If not for the wound behind his right knee, he would have done away with this man an eternity ago. Both men knew it. So the second tried his best to kill his opponent while he still had a chance. The thing he did not know, was that he had never had a chance.

    A shout sounded from the courtyard behind Gallavich, and he turned, ready at a moment’s notice to run to his liege. That was when the second struck,...

Where I'm From

Where I'm From

I am from last minute assignments;
long nights;
sugar for caffeine;
pounding heart and sweaty hands.
I am from muffled screams;
makeshift recording studios;
blankets above my head;
surfacing for gulps of fresh air.
I am from cold mornings;
drool stained pillowcases;
duck feather doonas;
hope that the sun will fade.
I am from smudged graphite;
piles of used sketchbooks;
unnaturally coloured skin;
too many teeth.
I am from shared smiles;
friendships lost and found;
cringe-worthy photos;
will I remember?
I am from letters and lavender sachets;
pancakes served on kitchen benches;
hospital waiting rooms;
a grave thousands of miles away.

Five Beginnings

Five Beginnings

In that moment, there was only steel, sparks and sweat.

White smoke rose in drifting plumes, lazy and heavy from the round-bottomed flask pinched between the thumb and the forefinger of the boy with the bandaged arms.

As the world burned behind her, the girl in the dust-coloured robe stared at the water, her drab reflection backed by a sky of flames.

From the outsider's perspective, it would have seemed strange to see two teenagers accompanying a host of soldiers on horseback, the woman at the head's back straight and poised, her armour shining in the midday sun.

If you had ever served in the Adlis castle, you would know that it was not unusual to find the Crown Prince sleeping against the wall instead of in his ornate four poster bed.

I was only eleven

One week.
It was one week after they asked me,
If I wanted to leave,
That she appeared.
She walked in,
Her perfume stark against the smell of sterilised equipment,
And introduced herself.
She was my counsellor.
I didn’t know what to think.
I didn’t know what a counsellor was then.
I was only eleven.
I’d had my eleventh birthday in the hospital.
But what is a birthday to a medical record?

Open Prompt

Visitor in the Grove

It’s a seemingly perfect day in May – the sun shines warm and the telling breeze of a coming winter makes the weather more than agreeable. You and the love of your life, your wife of two wonderful years decided to have a picnic, since it was a warm pocket of sunshine in the unrelenting rain for the past few weeks and it would be a waste not to spend it outside.
The two of you go down to the stream branching off from the lake near your house, and your wife kicks off her sandals and runs down the grassy hill, laughing. There are remains of the morning dew, and the green seems to sparkle slightly. It all seems slightly magical, the chirping birds and rainbows peeking around shaded tree trunks, so peaceful and quiet. Its nature at its finest, and even though you might not be the biggest outdoors person, you’re glad to see your wife smiling...

Mad Libs

Noon Hawthorne

Noon Hawthorne is a 16 year old boy, who lives in Adlis, one of the main continent of a fantasy realm. Known for being introverted and possessive, he wants nothing more than to stay in the shadows and support his sister with his strengths in alchemy while she goes on her quest to save the world. He puts on a facade, weak smiles and waves, when in fact, inside, he really feels overcome with anxiety. Noon’s biggest fear is losing his sister, the only one he believes truly cares about him. What Noon needs is an escape from his predestined fate; the biggest thing getting in the way is the King of Adlis insisting on his involvement with freeing the citizens of Zenith from their King's tyrannical yet easily influenced rule.