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I'm a 13 year old girl who is extremely introverted, has a INFP personality, and who writes to touch people's hearts, make their day, make them ask the questions they never thought of before, and, in other words, try to make this world a better place. These are the reasons why I write. And all feedback is appreciated!!!

Published Work

Hello Everyone, I Would Like To Tell All Of You That Most Probably I Won’t Be On Write The World For A While!

Hello everyone, I would just like to tell all of you that most probably I won’t be on Write The World for a while, because of some last minute emergency family matters!
Don’t worry, I will come back for sure when things get better....Sorry!


Daughter Of Celestialini, A Movie Script ( I Need Opinions!)

It was the year 2005, and the 14th of August in the magical city of Celestialini, whose population consisted of only  fairies, mermaids, and the sun was setting gracefully, marking the end of a long day, when Sebastian Amber, a fairy  who worked as a spy for the royal family of Celestialini, hurried towards the forms of his wife Sapphire Amber,  and his six  year old daughter, Joyful Amber, waiting for him at the front of the tiny, pale blue cottage they called home.

He immediately embraced both of them together the moment he reached them, for at least a whole minute, before he spoke.

Sebastian Amber: Joyful!!! How have you been? I'm so sorry I had to leave you and Mummy alone for so long, I promise I'll try not to let this happen again!!

Joyful Amber: Daddy, it's okay! I just missed you very much! Can you please do some magic for me? Please? Since I'm not old...


Hi everyone! If you have a piece based on at least one of these values: love, positivity and hope, here’s the chance to share it! 

I’m planning to create a short piece on how love, positivity and hope can change our lives and hearts for the better, and then feature pieces by other writers about these three values as well!!!!

Your piece could be any genre of writing, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, flash fiction, and even short stories and plays, as long as it’s based on at least one of these three values, and as long as it’s your own work, and not an act of plagiarism.

If you are interested, please leave a comment stating the name of the piece you would like to be featured, and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

However, please note that I will stop responding to comments once there are 30 entries, or if it does not reach this number, around...


Hey there everyone, I have something really, really important to tell all of you!
It's something that I don't usually tell others about, but all of you have been so friendly and helpful towards me that I have decided to tell you about it....

I have Asperger's syndrome.
Yeah, you saw it correctly.

Since I was really young, I realized I was very different from others.
I was such an introverted person, I was practically terrified and uncomfortable every time I tried to start a conversation with people.

When I grew older, I became the girl who would rather stay all alone at home, rather than socialising.

I know that there are people who are just extremely introverted, and yet display the same signs.
 But a year ago, I persuaded my mom to bring me to a psychologist for a test.

The results showed that I had Asperger's Syndrome.

So, what do you think?



Hello everyone, today I would like to do a very special shoutout for: mrcolinredwards!
Here’s the link to his profile: 

He is an amazing writer who is absolutely incredible at creative writing and poems, as well as truly writing with passion and dedication! You can really feel it from his writing!

I really, really love this book series of his titled: Back To Neverland: The Unofficial Sequel To P.J.Hogan’s Peter Pan Series!

Here’s the link to the first chapter:
And here is the list and links to my favorite pieces of his, although it was rather difficult for me to narrow down the list, he’s so good!

1.Pots And Kettles, The Origin Of Tinker Bell
Link: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/58105/version/13133

2. Why Do You Make Us Stop Believing?
Link: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/73190/version/138566

3.Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!!
Link: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/75545/version/142678

4.  The Land Of Fae

Message to mrcolinredwards: Thank you for being SO nice and supportive towards me! Let’s continue to believe...

I Will Be There For You

I will be the light 
Shining for you 
In your darkest days 
Leading you to a
New path of hope 

I will be there 
For you always 
When you need 
A person who will 
Listen to your troubles 
And gladly offer you 
Unwavering love and care 

I will be there 
For you whenever 
You fall into the 
Deepest depths of 
Sorrow and despair 
All you need to do 
Is to love me back 
Just like how 
I love you 
That's the only thing 
I ask from you 




What makes me smile?
Giving others a helping hand
And seeing the gratitude 
Lighting up their eyes and smile
Like a ever glowing sunrise 
And feeling my own heart
Bursting to the brim 
With the most profound joy 
I’ve ever felt in my life 
Just by witnessing their hope
Is the very first thing 
That makes me smile

The second thing
That makes me smile 
Is getting to wake up 
In the glory of dawn 
Feeling the gentle breeze 
Caressing my skin and hair 
Listening to the birds 
Singing their sweet songs
And quietly praising
The sun’s rays of gold

The third thing
That makes me smile 
Is writing and sharing 
My stories for people 
To find inspiration, joy
And hope from them 
The reason why I write 
Is to make this world 
A better place to live in 
And the mere thought of that
Is what makes me smile


Miraculous Beauty

She waltzed into the ballroom with her partner, her golden hair shining like the brightest sun, her smile flooding people’s hearts with hope, and her green eyes sparkling like a pair of emeralds, and made people wonder if they ever seen beauty as miraculous as hers before.

There was only one word that could describe her beauty: miraculous

A Challenge In Compassion!

Hello there dear writers, this week I have a challenge for all of you!  Nope, it's not a challenge in writing, as most of you may think. 
It's a challenge in compassion.
This week, I want you to try and do at least one kind deed every single day.
When someone helps you out, the feeling you get afterwards is wonderful, isn't it? Well, I would like to tell you that the feeling YOU GET AFTER YOU HELP SOMEONE IS JUST AS WONDERFUL TOO! This week, give it a try. It'll change your life,  trust me, it changed mine.


The Power Of Friendship

These are my favorite quotes about friendship, I hope you enjoy them!
Before I begin, though, I would like to say that I’m dedicating this piece to mrcolinredwards, Kaitlyn, and BlueWriter, because they truly understand the power of friendship!
Do go to their profiles and give them a like or two, or more, and follow them, they’re AMAZING!

1. “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

2. “Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together”- Woodrow Wilson

3. “ One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood”- Lucius Annaeus Seneca


The Rose

A seed sprouts slowly 
Into a single new rose 
Then wilts away, dies


Where I'm From

Where I'm From

Where I'm from
I'm from the hours 
Spent reading and writing 
When those were always 
The only things there for me
I'm from the boundless love
Of my late grandparents 
Who I will honor and remember 
Until the end of all time
I'm from the harmonies 
Of all the classical music 
That soothed my soul 
And healed my wounded heart
I'm from the kind and wise words 
Of my adored English teacher 
Who is my first real mentor 
Not only in English but also in life
I'm from the selfless compassion 
Of my very best friends 
Who helped me through 
My darkest and gloomiest days
When I thought all hope was gone
I'm from the special days spent 
In the tiny yet amazing 
Island named Singapore 
Where streets bustle 
With the busy rhythm and hum 
Of people speaking in local slangs 
Of English thoroughly mixed 
With Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay
And where food tastes heavenly 
Beyond all the food I've...

My Dreams

Oh, here I go again
Dreaming about the things 
People tell me not to dream of
Dreaming about a better future 
For myself and my family 
Dreaming about the things 
I want to do in life
People always say
“It’s not possible”
“It won’t happen”
I then tell them 
No, it’s possible 
Anything’s possible 
As long as you keep 
Hoping and dreaming 
Working for it and believing 
It will find a way to happen
Just keep on believing 
There is hope in everything

Do You Know How Much I Love You?

Do you know 
That I love you 
Beyond the understanding 
Of the minds of anyone 
Beyond the limits 
Of the sky and stars
Beyond what others 
Perceive with their hearts
Beyond even the strongest love
That I've ever felt in my life 
Before I met you
Beyond even the barriers 
Of time, fate and death 
Oh, do you know 
How much I love you?


The Power Of Love

"I'm sorry..." she whispered, crouching over her newborn baby, as she left him on the doorsteps of the orphanage. Then she said, " I promise I will come back for you someday, okay?"

But she never had the chance to come back for him.

As she left, her eyes blurry with tears, a car knocked her down as she crossed the road, and the driver happened to be so drunk that he didn't even notice what occurred, and continued driving like nothing had even happened.

By the time someone found her and called for help, it was too late. She was still alive and conscious, but her injuries were so fatal it was obvious that she would not live for much longer.

As the paramedics put her on a stretcher, she said feebly, "Please give this letter to my son... he's in the orphanage...and please tell him that I love him........"
Those were her last words.

Thankfully, the paramedics did...

I Love You!

"I love you!" whispers a young man to his girlfriend, as they hold hands and exchange sincere words of love among themselves.

"I love you!" says a little girl to her mother when she returns from a long day at work, before they hug each other tightly, as if their lives depend on it.

"I love you!" says an old man fondly to his pet dog, and unexpectedly, his dog leaps up onto his lap, and gives a gentle bark, as if to acknowledge her owner's l
love for her.

"I love you!" exclaims a middle-aged lady to her newly planted garden, although little did she know, one day, her garden would become the most beautiful of all the gardens in the town she lived in.

The message of this piece: Dear readers, do you realize what a big part love plays in our lives, the lives of the people we know, and the general wellbeing of this world? Love...

What Is Music?

What is music?
It is the secret musings 
Of the emotions in our hearts 
Whose beauty and perplexity 
Are too profound for words 

Why Are We Always Expected To Be So Perfect?

My, why are we always expected 
To be so abysmally perfect
In the society of today 
We are expected to have
The perfect looks and grades 
We are expected to have
The perfect brains and talents
As well as the perfect life
With things the world admires
Unfortunately though
Life is never meant 
To be so perfect and
Neither are all of us
Because if life was perfect 
Every single moment
How would we be able 
To appreciate the happy memories 
And find comfort in them
During the days of despair? 


Improbable Flavor

The Taste Of Stage Fright

The taste of stage fright. It tastes like ice and chilli peppers in your mouth at the same time. It tastes like a piece of candy you expected to be sweet, but ended up being horribly bitter. Most of all, it tastes both awful and shocking. It is not something I would recommend for someone who performs frequently to taste it in its full potential to be horrible.

I Choose To Remember Our Love

Hello, my lost friend 
I know we don’t talk
With each other anymore
Except for stony greetings 
I know we’ve been apart
For longer than I thought we would 

Now I would like to tell you 
That I choose to remember our love
Because our wonderful memories
Gave me a lifetime’s worth of joy
I choose to remember our love 
Because I confess I played a part
In hurting our friendship 

Now, most of all
I choose to remember our love 
Because I choose to completely forget
All about the bad parts of the past
Because, what’s the point 
Of holding on to grudges 
When it’s hurting you alone
And no one else?