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miso soup

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Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

The Cliff

    I stood a hundred meters above shimmering blue waters, icy wind whipping through my hair. It was a long way down, and a strange gravity in my chest tugged me forward, urging me to take a step, to jump, to fall. I closed my eyes and imagined plummeting from the cliff, imagined feeling the wind on my skin and the yawning emptiness beneath. My heart skipped. I tried to capture the feeling—excitement? fear?—but it slipped away before I could grasp it.
    Hurry up, I told myself. They aren’t giving you all day.
Initiation was held every winter and summer to induct trainees into the Wardenry, the guild that protected the kingdom. Initiates had to take a leap of faith, literally, and jump from the Skircliff. If you were worthy, the gods anchored some of their power in your medium—your most precious possession, forged by a mother during her term and irrevocably tied to your soul—and...