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Just trying to find the words for the thoughts in my head.
Feminist, environmentalist, poet.

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Poetry helps us preserve the present moment, as if we could take a photo of right now and keep it forever.

Peer Reviews

The Truth


I really loved this piece. It feels so real. Never stop writing!

almost 2 years



This is an amazing piece, and very true. It’s such a great read and I’ll love to see more of your work in the future!

about 2 years



I think you did a very good job of capturing and conveying these emotions. However, I do notice that the rhyme scheme gave the piece a very staggered, amusing sort of feel. I feel that rhyming in poems normally gives the piece a more fun and light tone, and this piece is obviously meant to feel much darker. Looking at some of your past work, I notice that many of your other pieces utilize a rhyme scheme as well - I would love to see what you could do without the limitations of a rhyming pattern

about 2 years