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PROMPT: Personal Essay Competition: Making Change 2018

The atmosphere echoed with midafternoon bustle as all the fast-paced vehicles halted at the behest of a stoplight. Shuffling on the backseat of the car, I stared into distance and nothing but, soft, radio music filled the air. A sudden tap on the window startled us. A frail, little girl with an elongated, freckled face peered into the car expectantly, shielding her eyes from the sweltering, July sunrays with her pale hands. After I lowered the window, she stood on...

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The Unseen Crevices of Delhi

PROMPT: Travel Writing Competition 2018

Cityscapes gleam against the skyline of Delhi and relics belonging to a bygone era await admirers. It is a metropolitan city endowed with a splendid past, shaped by contrasting realities and a resilient demeanour for it has been destroyed on numerous occasions and rebuilt wondrously. Brimming with opportunities, Delhi draws a nationwide influx as across India, it is deemed as a city shaped by aspiration which offers limitless horizons and bustles ceaselessly.

Globetrotters flock towards the timeless beauty of Qutub...

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