Henlo, im existing.
you can call me YJ, or J, or Y.
yeh :3

hELLo, my biggest wish on this platform is to meet with everyone.

you can dm me on insta, my acc is the same as my profile.


Message from Writer

yes, i like my own writing. don't judge.

y'all go check out this amazing blog:

-mythical beast since 2014-
_my insta is the same as my acc here-
_huge music fan_

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#bemine (3) Crazed Love


His smiling eyes peered at her's
Making her heart flutter
He replied with a friendly smile
That tainted her thoughts for a while
Everyday her love would get stronger
But "did he love me?" she'd always ponder

It was jinxed she thought,
When he walked down the hall
With a girl and all
She felt her heart shatter, she had never mattered

Her hands were red, and in front of her
The girl had bashed her head
She let out...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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Q&A Answers


Thank you so much for the questions! Love you all.


@hi i'm jackson ;): 

1. I actually just added spaces for a, I guess you could say "dramatic" effect.

2. My favorite P!ATD song is really hard to pick, but I think it's either "Miss Jackson" or "There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet". Lmao, it's a really long name.

3. I'd say my life is fairly enjoyable, but of...

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Q&A? (cherry bullet reference anyone?)


henlo's everybodies. 

*crickets chirping* 

ok, i'm cringe but anyway. i was wondering if you guys had any questions for me, i'd be happpy to answer them


You can put any questions that you have in the comments, on this paper, page, idk.

anyways, goodbye me loves. 

stan tom hiddleston 

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