Icedcoffeekid (Canada) published:

your lessons


I don’t know how to write poetry
You do
I don’t know how to talk to people
You do
I don’t know how to say I love you 
You do

There were so many thing I should’ve learned from you
The things I should’ve taken the time to trace over and over again
To listen to your voice and read your lessons

I spent too much time counting the seconds to realize the minutes I had left with you were...

Seeking Peer Reviews

10 months ago


Icedcoffeekid (Canada) published:

your hands are like ice


I like to think that we were born of the same star. 
The same dust and glitter.
You were like the water to put out my fire.
I was the heat to boil you.
I don’t think there are many things we disagreed on. 
Maybe one,

You like your drinks hot,
I like mine cold.

11 months ago

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