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An unofficial writer aspiring to improve artistic skills and learn the guitar

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Hey there! So, I basically love writing and I wanna use it as a means to inspire others and make a difference in this world. I would love to improve my skills though since I see myself sort of in the beginner's level, so be free, be honest with anything you comment. I hope you enjoy my posts here. Good day! ;)

Continue to smile and never let things get the best of you!

"If life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile."

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keyperofhearts (Philippines) published:

Forbidden Love

PROMPT: Water Body

Down to the depths,
To the deepest trench,
Lies your world...
A world no man has known.

Cool breeze brushed my face,
As waves tickled my toes,
A sunny weather greeted me "hello",
As I rose from the blue below.

Sitting by the shore I saw,
The breathtaking view and smiled.
'Nothing could beat this', I thought...
Until I saw you.

You were frightening.
A freak to my kind.
A creature I deemed repulsive.
But your eyes said otherwise...


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keyperofhearts (Philippines) published:

Doubtful Smiles


I stood by the window, dumbfounded
Staring at the world of white, gray, and black
People lurking about every corner
Some faces showing smiles to hide tears
While some spell D-E-P-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N
For they have not found the goodness in life

I searched for a genuine smile
In a crowd of fraud expressions
Impossible as it may be
My eyes kept on searching

An old man about five feet tall
Cane in his right hand, a bag of groceries in his...

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A Dream that You Wish Came True

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition

It was bright, showing off a variety of colors. The emotion was happy, lifting up the spirit of the abandoned child left in an old box in the middle of winter. Her eyes reflected off the vibrant palette in the sky. A warm smile grew on her face and her laughter echoed a  sweet melody.

"What are you doing here alone?", a smiling man in his late 20's asked the infant.

Snowflakes started to fall gently in the winter breeze,...
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