Ollie Declan


Hello! I'm Ollie, a young, queer writer from Australia. I am writing a novel (or at least attempting to) that involves avians, merfolk, and centaurs, and is heavily plot-driven. I write queer characters, as I want to see representation.

Published Work

crowded house

my house is  
crowded with voices 
of people i don't recognise 
they are  
those who were left behind 
from decades past  
who were too early 
for their times 
when killing them was  
less of a sin than their existence 
i hear them walking 
in the dead of the night 
doing their waltz 
to their own music 
tribal chants and whispered 
confessions of love 
behind closed doors
because to love, to pray, to be a community 
is only allowed when you are 
conforming to the norm 
as if 
their existence in this crowded house 
is a choice and not a death sentence 
they died for their love 
because of the hate of those 
who made the rules to fit their own 
and so they are stuck 
in this crowded house 
with me and all the other  
voices of strangers