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An aspiring writer and journalist from the Philippines.

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I am a seventeen-year-old looking for writing experience and a space to share my thoughts. I mostly write poetry, but I do want to branch out and be more comfortable writing other genres.

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cmlactao (Philippines) published:

2 am


The sky is in the distance
Peeking through the curtains
Like that dim lamp light—

Fluttering eyelashes
Aircon breathing
Louder than human breaths
I’m not alone in this room
(but don’t I feel lonely)

Drooping eyes
Taped open from short breaths,
Lungs burning at the
thought of tomorrow
My bones want to cry
But my skin does not

An unsettling disconnection
Between my mind and
limbs, insides and
outsides, the tips of my
fingers, my friends and
myself, my work...

12 months ago

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cmlactao (Philippines) published:

6th Grade


sixth grade is a blur that my mind holds with loose strings. i learned how dirt tasted: bitter, like the laughter and my burning palms. i can fix this — with booming footsteps and my ice powers, which summoned a messenger with furrowed eyebrows. she’s running with a noose. my hands are frozen.

what have
i done?

the back of my eyes are on fire, then she's laughing smiling the next day.

what is she
doing to me?

tears made...

12 months ago

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cmlactao (Philippines) published:



an awful kind of salty,
and my face folds, wrinkles,
stretches from the boat
which is skipping
which is bobbing up and down
flying and sinking
flying with ocean spit

burning eyes and my
brother laughing. loser.
then his mothering hanky hands,
and then i'm brushing my hair
and flipping my fingers. you suck.
smiling under ocean spit hair

when i dove into the ocean,
i expected less.
i once saw a sea snake,
and my knees, fins and all, ...

12 months ago

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cmlactao (Philippines) published:

Paintbrush Hands


this is the truth:

blood red hands could go unnoticed,
blood red tongues can melt into
strawberries and lollipops

you could continue to question the
Filipino preference for sweets
or decide to laugh with them but

this is the 2nd truth, little one:

you can use your paintbrush hands to change the picture
add an array of colors (blue, yellow, white)

you, an artist in the making
you, destined to make change

Seeking Peer Reviews

about 1 year ago

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