“Tea is the foundation of all happiness”
- Me
“Sometimes we have to choose between what is right and what is easy”
- Albus Dumbledore

Message from Writer

Hi guys this is a bit about me here it goes *deep breath*
I love Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus. Daughter of Athena, witch/alchemist and Actress\aspiring actress if that makes sense.I am obsessed with reading ,writing and cooking. I am an absolute potterhead and can relate to Hermione in so many ways. I love the colour yellow, sunflowers, taking photos and retro stuff am super aesthetic. I also love music , mamma mia, nowhere boys and P!ATD. MARVEL FANGIRL!!!!!
Natasha Romanofffff!!!!
Tony stark!!!!
I love you 3000
lianhabanana <3

Peer Reviews

moving into fall

PROMPT: Hiker's Haiku

Well done! :)

5 months

california dreamin'


Overall, I think this is a great piece! I love your work! Keep Writing!

6 months

Cause of the War

PROMPT: “They Say”

Thanks for sharing this piece! It's really really good! Lianhabanana! :)

8 months

don't dream it's over


I overall really enjoyed this piece and think you did a fantastic job! Well done!

11 months

Stain Glass

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Overall I think this piece was very well written and I love it!

over 1 year

Sounds Assail Me

PROMPT: Sounds Assail Me

As a whole I really enjoyed reading it. It is AMAZING!

over 1 year

Maybe You're Dreaming Too Much #howitfelt


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

over 1 year


PROMPT: Open Prompt

I love it!

over 1 year

Where I'm from

PROMPT: Where I'm From

This piece could make any parent cry tears of joy

over 1 year

What I Saw


I felt like you described everything very deeply so i found it quite hard to process everything. However I really liked that what you described, most of the time you described it with more than one of the 5 senses which i think was really great. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

over 1 year

Why I Write

PROMPT: Why I Write

I love it!

almost 2 years

From The Inside Looking Out

PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2018

It's really good

almost 2 years

Beautiful Laugh

PROMPT: The Limerick

I love it!!

almost 2 years