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Message from Writer

#LBC12 Prizes are on their way!
All feedback is welcome and much appreciated!
If you guys need anything i'm always here. :)
Virtual hugs to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy writing everyone!!!

Peer Reviews

Challenge Completed!

PROMPT: Writing Streak Challenge Week 9

These are really great! I quite enjoyed reading them. :) Review 4 out of 8 :)


Ocean #LBC12


You did a fantastic job on this piece, well done! Have a great day! Review 3 out of 8. :)

about 1 year

Friends Forever #LBC12



do the ferns wait for the rain, or simply sigh in the dew?

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Well done! This is my second review for your first place rank in my competition! Please let me know if I forget to do any reviews. I'll write in the additional comments which review it is e.g. 3rd review so you know. :)

about 1 year

blood-red wine

PROMPT: One Sentence Story

This is your first review for the prizes you won. 1 review done another 7 to go! :) This is a really awesome piece! Well done!

about 1 year

An Everlasting Gift

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

I think that this is great competition material and I really like this poem! Happy Writing! ~Lianhabanana!

over 1 year

A Dreamer is a Believer

PROMPT: Arctic Dreams

So sorry for the late review, you did ask me to review a piece of your work a while ago. I just got so busy. Happy writing!

over 1 year

Sticks and Stones


I am so sorry for the late review. You said that you wanted anything of yours reviewed a while ago when I was doing my reviews for people. I have just been so busy and didn't get around to it. But yes, this is a great piece and I look forward to seeing more!

over 1 year

moving into fall

PROMPT: Hiker's Haiku

Well done! :)

almost 2 years

california dreamin'


Overall, I think this is a great piece! I love your work! Keep Writing!

almost 2 years

Cause of the War

PROMPT: “They Say”

Thanks for sharing this piece! It's really really good! Lianhabanana! :)

about 2 years

don't dream it's over


I overall really enjoyed this piece and think you did a fantastic job! Well done!

over 2 years

Stain Glass

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Overall I think this piece was very well written and I love it!

almost 3 years

Sounds Assail Me

PROMPT: Sounds Assail Me

As a whole I really enjoyed reading it. It is AMAZING!

almost 3 years

Maybe You're Dreaming Too Much #howitfelt


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

almost 3 years

Where I'm from

PROMPT: Where I'm From

This piece could make any parent cry tears of joy

about 3 years

What I Saw


I felt like you described everything very deeply so i found it quite hard to process everything. However I really liked that what you described, most of the time you described it with more than one of the 5 senses which i think was really great. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

about 3 years

Why I Write

PROMPT: Why I Write

I love it!

over 3 years

From The Inside Looking Out

PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2018

It's really good

over 3 years

Beautiful Laugh

PROMPT: The Limerick

I love it!!

over 3 years