Published Work

Poisoned Roots

Deep in the meadows, engulfed in green and surrounded by the laughter of water, a young boy and girl planted a seed. Day by day the beautiful little seedling grew, second by second it grew taller and taller, too fast for its age, it blossomed and thrived. The branches a rich dark brown and the leaves a darker green. Twirling and singing melodies the young tree prevailed in the light, the clouds summoned the rain and air its nutrition to assist the tree bloom. Overwhelmed with love and affection the tree opened its eyes and stared for a moment at the family they had formed. The light, the clouds, the air and the children had all come together for the sole purpose of loving the tree, to put in all their work and affection to watch it grow.  
 Her eyes had stared a moment too long. The moment they opened, the rain turned to toxic waste, the air poisonous...

What you don't see

I see things you don’t,
I see passion raging within,
A fire so great it burns everything in its path.
A human so kind her heart bleeds.
But that’s not what they see.
They see an unworthy little girl.
So cold she could freeze an inferno.
So average, she could make a flower droop.
But you look deeper and you see the ferocity.
The dangerous aura engulfing her,
Her eyes glinting like a million diamonds,
A gaze so sharp it could cut you in half,
A smile so fake, it’s genuine.   
A touch so familiar, yet so daunting.
A voice so sweet, it’s threatening.
And just like that, the power of the world was within hands reach.
How you ask?
Because she believed.
She believed in herself, like no one ever could.
Loved, nurtured herself, like no one ever did.
So she grew, like no one ever could.
Found happiness, like no one ever will. 

Death is not the end

Death isn't the moment you stop breathing.
Not the moment your eyes shut forever.
Not the moment your heart stops beating.

Death is the moment you forget how to smile.
How to appreciate and gratify.
How to love and live.
How to maintain peace and control. 
Death is not the end. 


With the weight of world on his back,
He struggled to breathe and stand.
Day by day, the darkness grew darker,
The pain grew sharper.
The temptation to end it grew stronger,
And the fear grew higher.
The fear of crying,
The fear of feeling,
The fear of dressing,
And the fear of being himself.
Till eventually the torturous bounds,
Lead him to fear every object and living thing around him.
He feared, fear itself,
So why not fear himself?
And he did,
Till the fear took over his pathetic life.
Crawling higher and higher on his body,
Past his legs and his stomach,
Slowly inching towards the strings of his heart.
And till the day the fear kills him,
We will watch and laugh as the destruction process begins. 

Innocent Smiles

He laughed and giggled,
As he jumped in excitement.
Before skipping to the well,
Surrounded by a meadow of flowers.
His earrings sparkled in the sun,
And his makeup enhanced the beauty of his angelic face.
His innocent and sweet smile,
Was so bright, it could light up the midnight sky.
On reaching the flowers,
He bent down gracefully,
Plucked them and placed them in his hair.
A smile of satisfaction begin to grow on his face,
When suddenly,
There was a push,
Then a pull,
Then a punch and a kick.
When there should have been tears,
There was a smile.
An innocent and challenging smile,
That spoke a million words.
The cruel creatures stared in confusion before,
There was once again a push,
Then a pull,
Then a punch and a kick.
But the smile stayed.
Frustrated and angry,
The creatures stared in despair.
The boy stood up, smiled again,
Took the creatures...


Millions of eyes stare,
But not a pair cares.
She was captured and trapped in a cage,
As the stares slowly ate her away.
The stares­­­­­ await the moment she trips and fails
To glare and compare before they say “what a nightmare”.
The daunting stares laugh and tease,
But the very next second they yell and scream.
From home to school, the stares are there,
Everywhere she goes the stares follow.
As she ate, the stares ate her and slowly but surely they were killing her.
Broken and scared, stuck in a cage,
Tired and frustrated, she cries for help,
But the eyes continue to stare.
The eyes stared as she bathed, as she ate, as she screamed and cried
And finally they stared as she dared to cut.
They stared as the scarlet blood that once raced through her veins, gushed down her wrists.
Her eyes shut in pleasure and gratitude,
To have finally escaped this madness they...