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-genderfluid (he/she/they)
my writing is pretty gay tbh. and sad. I'm a sad gay.
stick around to cry and wish you were in love.

please dont point out that i dont use capitalization in my writing. i know.

Message from Writer

I don't have much to say, but others do so have some nice quotes:
"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" -Teddy Roosevelt
"If one dream should fall apart and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again" -Flavia Weedn
"Everything that exists is born for no reason, carries on living through weakness, and dies by accident" -John-Paul Sartre
"There is no great genius without a touch of madness" -Aristotle
"Write drunk; edit sober." -Ernest Hemingway

Published Work

The Cemetery

You told me it was over
You found your final resting place
At a single tree down by the creek
With flowers to cover your face

The stone I found was covered
In moss and leaves and dirt
Yet the writing was left un-smothered
In it encased your final words

i am still here

i so frequently ask myself
will i ever forget your touch?
often i hope the answer is yes
but i know deep down
deep, deep down
that some piece of you will always be there

sometimes, i don't mind
on days when the sky is light blue
[the color of your eyes--light blue]
on those days i am thankful for the gods
and of the memories of your arms
sometimes, i can almost still hear your laugh

but other times
when i'm looking at the moon
bright, standing stark against a black sky
the same moon you once told me was beautiful
i think perhaps it would be nice to see the moon on my own
in a way that i was never told see it

or at least
i would like to have you back

As we are round up for the immortal coil of annihilation

It's the haunting words between us,
the ones we never say,
And so we raise our glasses,
To pretending we're okay.


You told me to meet you at noon
So I sat in the grass
I stood in the pouring rain
I waited

But you never came

The Garden Without You

there were flowers in the garden once
roses bloomed
daffodils swayed
vines stretched
i used to walk the path everyday

but there was so much sun
not enough rain
not enough love
everyday i waited
but you never walked the path with me

the flowers grew dry and dead
the orchid petals curled in
the daisy stems grew stiff
the leaves stopped growing
still, i waited

then the rain came all at once
it drowned the poor flowers
each and every last petal fell off
they sank to the bottom of the puddles
that was when i stopped walking the path

there were flowers in the garden once
bright, colorful, happy flowers
i walked the path everyday to enjoy it
i wanted you to come
but i always walked alone

dont you wish you saw those flowers?


10 things i love about my improving self

  1. i take the time to take at least one good bath a week to spoil myself
  2. i now know how to make several different amazing types of tea and coffee
  3. i wake up early every morning to call my darling and eat breakfast on the phone with them before they have to go to work
  4. i try to wear clothes that make me feel the most confident and comfortable and i look great in them!!!
  5. i dedicate part of every morning to reading outside while the morning dew is still on the grass
  6. i light my favorite candles when i sit down to write
  7. i've rather good at painting and save every glass bottle i drink to paint and put flowers in and give them to my friends
  8. i've learned a bunch of cute hairstyles for my hair, even though i'm not good at them yet
  9. i know how to make cute earrings and chokers that i hope to sell...

thank god you smile so wide in photos

i keep a picture of you by my bed
is that too sappy?
would you think i'm weird if i said that to you?
it's just that in that photo of you by my bed
you're smiling so wide and warm
one would have to think that the person who took that photo was your favorite person
and i took that photo
i like to think that maybe you feel the same way i feel about you
maybe you do
maybe you have a photo of me smiling so wide next to your bed
and like me, you like to look at when you're sad and think about how you took that photo
but if you told me that
i'd think it was too sappy

warmth that is just for me

i am such a cold person
i've got to cover myself in blankets and drink hot tea
even on a warm day

but then i met you
you masterpiece of a person
warmer than the sun or a cozy warm fire

for every cold, icy finger i have
you have a soft warm embrace to match
and your smile is the best thing on earth

i'm afraid that if you ever leave me
i might freeze to death
how could my skin ever live to forget such summery eyes like yours

Food Writing Competition 2020

Meals That I Can't Smell

    As long as i can remember, I have not been able to smell. Normally, I don't notice, but when I see my family set out plates of food that we have been perfecting for years, and hear everyone in the house talk about the amazing range of smells that I cant even begin to comprehend, I long for it.
    My family isn't an old family. We don't have special recipes passed on from generations, we only have recipes that my parents picked up and taught themselves. My father grew up homeless, and my mother was kicked out at a young age, which makes each meal even more special.
    Each plate that my mother sets in front of me is a product of hard work, and I am thankful for it in every way. Yet, there will always be a part missing.
   I can eat with the family, I can savor every bite of my father's...

wasting time

i know i shouldn't be writing this
i have too much time on my hands
i have too much time on my hands

the clock nearest to me ticks down the seconds
to remind me how much time i've wasted
not saving lives or solving world hunger

one second
another kid has lost his parents

two seconds
another man starves to death

three seconds
another baby drowns under the care of an unobservant mother

so many bad things i could have stopped
yet here i am
writing this

this poem wont save a single person
this poem wont clear the water supply of pollution
it probably wont even make anyone smile

but i cant do much
i sit here writing something useless
another man throws a bottle into the ocean

i am useless

poem from a 12am gay

someone wrote me a sonnet once
someone important

sappho, she called herself
she spoke of flowers and the rain

your lips, she wrote
your lips taste like honey

my lips, i thought
my lips are for you

hand holding

my hands are always cold. yours are a gentle warm fire.
and you are so stupid. you grabbed my hand and wrapped it in both of yours, and momentarily I was weak. my hands were in yours, and yours were so soft and warm. i couldn't breathe.
you've told me time and time again that you don't like relationships, yet i keep coming back. I keep trying thinking i can handle only having you for an hour or two, but it hurts so much afterwords.

i love holding hands, i just want to do it in public.

goodbye to a girl with glassy eyes

I've been thinking a lot lately
about how hard it is to say goodbye
to know you'll never see that person again 

but what is set in motion cannot be undone
and I'm already one foot out the door
waving back at a face with glassy eyes

and I must go
but the world will still turn
and those glassy eyes will soon reflect another days sun

so my love
please wave back
and try to understand 



something a little off

a twisted exhibitionist is a far cry from the worst things nature has done.

a feeling unexplained

i can't breathe anymore
but that's okay
i don't want to


"make her feel better"
i whispered to myself
even on a bad day
i was there for her

"make her feel better"
i wrote it down
when i couldn't breathe
she seemed even worse

"make her feel better"
i told the others
i couldn't stay
but i couldn't really leave her

i want to be amazing

A letter to my sad self:

If I grow up I want to be amazing. I want to be the type of person who fills a wagon full of miscellaneous wild flowers and visits a cemetery to leave one on every headstone. I want to be the type of person who can pay for the movie tickets of the person ahead of me and the Starbucks for the person behind me in line.
I want to be confident in my body, to wear clothes the don’t cover every inch of skin. I want to be able to pull off floral and fishnets, lace and combat boots. I want to lace flowers in my hair and wear shimmery makeup, and smile like I’m in love.
I want to be brave. i want to do daring things like random road trips and skydiving. I want to be spontaneous enough to go on late night trips to the beach with friends, and dance...

don't be so hard on yourself

1. patience always, until the very end
2. there is no perfect, but there is a best
3. there is no harm in trying
4. setbacks are only setbacks not the end
5. practice is the only true measure of talent

Love in Words

to that girl from bio

i know you aren't that into girls. i can accept that.
but everyday when you dont show up to class I can't help but feel a little crushed, and my day isn't the same without you.
thank you for recommending that show(I'm watching it as i write this. you could have warned me nathen would die). It's been a while since I've binged an entire series nonstop because a pretty girl asked me to.
when you told me you had a crush on someone i held my breath. you said it was someone you didn't know that much(probably not me) and then you said it was someone you find very attractive(definitely not me).
but i care about you(too much maybe).
and i want you to be happy(you're always so sad).
and you don't fancy girls(i suppose I'll have to start getting used to that).
so whenever you decide to introduce me to a boyfriend i'll be there to smile and...

Is it obvious I had a breakup?

in the end it wasn't you and me
but i can't complain
because even though i love you
it wasn't worth the pain

i hope you can get over this
you still deserve a happy ending
despite the things you did to me
your heart is still worth mending

so if you pass me on the street
please keep walking and don't halt
because it wasn't you exactly
this was mostly my own fault

Self Aware

my idea wasn't wrong
your view of it was
that was what i had to realize

im still me without you
probably better
you can live without me too

I'm back!!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I've been gone a long time. I recently went through a bad experience that I prefer not to go into to great detail on, but I hope you can all forgive me for disappearing. Life is still pretty chaotic for me right now, but I'm finding writing to be a good outlet to channel it and I hope to become more active again. Please have patience, I will be doing my best.

Sincerely, RavensInkWrites

Past Lives #songtitlepoem

Sometimes I think about what's left
What we have now
I don't know what we had them

Because after our past lives
That we did terrible in
There might be a chance for us

What did we do back then?
That was so bad
we can't even remember

But it doesn't matter
Because I have you now
And I think we'll work better together


When life gives you lemons
Keep them
Life doesn't often provide us with gifts
To nurture our empty souls
So even sour fruit
Might satisfy our needs
If only for a little bit


I have to leave
because my mistakes cannot be justified by your absence
and I know you will never come back

Sorry if I go missing
but I couldn't keep screwing up without you to help me
and a change of scenery might be the only solution

Fingers crossed


Why did you leave me?
Why did you pack your bags
and leave me grieving?

I miss you
Even though your color
was almost always blue

Keep your distance
I found that I am a better person
after my grievance 

This is not how the story is supposed to go

You aren't supposed to be the one in the grave
You aren't supposed to be the one with their eyes permanently shut
How did we get here?


The Reaper pointed with his scythe
I had no reason to stay
So I went with him

Where I'm From

Wild Flowers

Where I am from

I am from the stars in a polluted sky
Candied fruits and barbecued meat
Lights stung on the porch and flowers picked

I am from songs carried in from the wind
Wild flowers in open fields by the road
Skipping over sprinklers and tree roots

I am from laughing under the clouds
Running in roads and wasting summers
Pages written about crushes or memories

I am from broken glass and shattered hearts
Fixing things that never stopped breaking
Scars that didn't heal over time

I am from grass that tickles the bottoms of feet
The rock from a river with crystal blue water
Keeping secrets told under the biggest tree

That's where I am from
But I can't stay


I see the world in color
not in black and white

You go out in daytime
and hide away at night

The world we live in isn't perfect
but that's what we see

If you want to see the flaws
just start with you and me

Colder at night

At first it was warm
The world had an easier glow
It was nice to live life with the sun

Then it was dawn
The world was slightly chilled
I could still find warmth in the sliver of light

Last it was night
The world was dark and unforgiving
Without the sun to light the way

At least I had the stars

Sunset with aspirations

There is nothing I can think of
That would be better than watching
Another sunset with you

It is calming and taming
To watch a sun leave our sight
Leaving us with ink and stars

To come back the next day
For us to enjoy with wide eyes
A painted sky displaying our dreams

For a girl with a name I will never forget

The sky
The sky is blue
But the brightest shade of colors
Could never compare to you

Gray feelings

I am sorry if I don't laugh that much,
I don't think I will ever smile again

See when you block out all emotions,
rid all feelings from your head

You also get rid of happiness,
replacing it with gray instead

Save yourself

You were gold first
impossible for me to touch
in the sun so far away

Then you were silver
I could keep you then
but something always stopped me

Soon you became bronze
almost too far gone to see
always to far to help

Eventually you became glass
I watched you hit the ground and shatter
I helped you up with bleeding hands
but you could not be saved

Lastly you were everything
you were everywhere and nowhere
I could not fix you
but you saved yourself

Shouldn't I?

Shouldn't I be there with you?
Shouldn't I know what I'm doing?
I don't know,
I am trying my best.

Shouldn't you be there for me?
Shouldn't you know how to help?
I don't know,
we can both only do so much.

Pictures Into Paragraphs

I saw a picture of the sun not one hour ago
I wanted to write it into word form
But you would have to see to know
What truly was the meaning of its colors

see that is how nature flies
You can try to put the picture on the page
But it has to be seen by your eyes
Or else the feeling will get lost in the letters

For the Future

A Request

Dear World,

    Please listen to the past. We don't do that often enough. I don't mean go back to ancient times and look at how the different wars effected us. I mean listen to the people.
     I have never learned as much from history lessons as I had from stories my grandmother tells, or the tales my mom would recall. Those are real people who went through real things and could express real emotions. That isn't to say history is real, just that it isn't as personal.
     Don't just listen to the past, but also the future. Look around at the little kids with big eyes and even bigger dreams. If you aren't careful, the harsh world my break those dreams and tarnish the future. 
     I don't know what it is like for you, but for us we didn't do those things. And the world isn't doing so well for us now. 

The Cave

     “"It's over here!,” shouts Viktor, his words nearly drowned out by the wind. I trod over to confirm the validity of his words, they are true. Viktor and I are standing in front of the entrance to the Cave of the Night. 
     We have been searching for this cave for  three years. It involved a lot of hiking, studying, and deciphering. I take a deep breath, grab my best friend by the wrist, and start dragging him inside the mouth of the cave.
     The Cave of the night is known for its fielding covered in beautiful crystals, those crystals have been lost to time. Centuries ago, when a band of travelers found this cave they dubbed the crystals as the "stars of travelers”. I could not believe Viktor and I had been the ones to finally rediscover the lost crystals.
     “"It's wonderful,” Viktor whispers, “"Finn do you see it?” 
     “"Yes I see...



My pain, it is often mistaken for sorrow.

Coal Hearts

Opal seas mark the places you know,
And you leave a trail of sapphires
Emeralds indicate where you will go,
Yet you only pick the diamond
Coal is left of the hearts you stole,
Nothing is more priceless

Not the red ruby of your hardships
Or the amethyst of your dreams
The precious coal is left mindless
Of the games you played with no soul
If you continue to collect them,
You will be in be in a sinned world