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hey, i'm Jo.
(don't own pic)
i love so many things,
forest colors
navy blue
caramel and vanilla in my coffee
chocolate covered berries
feeling pretty
wanting to find the right guy

love you guys...

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thanks to anyone who reads something i write, and i appreciate your feedback and comments. i will be trying to write, and write, and write, until i can get something that i might actually be able to work on and publish into the real world in the future.
good luck on your work and school and music and whatever else you have going on...
P.S. i'm a slytherin, please don't judge 'cause i'm still nice... i promise :)

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Is it weird to feel so connected to your characters?


THAT’S THE QUESTION I flip over and over in my head as my stomach jumps because I need to take another test. It feels too real when I add on to my crowning jewel of a series. Frostfire. I don't know if I've posted about it before, but it's my favorite thing in the world. My Frostfire stories started in first grade, and it's been the longest commitment I can remember. Still, I can't bring myself to write down everything,...

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