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Hi! I'm SunFromAlola, (not aloha) and I'm giving writing a try, mainly because of how much fun I heard it can be from my fellow writer MoonFromAlola. I mainly spend my free time playing video games, such as Minecraft, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. I hope you enjoy my content, I will probably just work on one project at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. My friends are wonderful... but they can be a bit much at times. Especially when I just want to deal with something I'm going through alone. One of my biggest dreams is to be a Youtuber, I want to make people laugh and smile, and writing can get me part of the way there. ONE MORE THING!!!!! Sometimes I won't post anything for a long time so don't worry, I'm fine I probably just got lazy is all.

Published Work


I walk down
Down to the docks
Where they wait
No, not people
Just boats

I feel quite good
I left them
Now I get to depart
On a new journey
One of misadventures

I walk on the boat
Which one?
That one, duh
I met people
Shook hands

We had fun
I had fun
I guess it was a relief
Not surrounded by bad
Just for a day

Leaving the boat
The new people said bye
Maybe we'd meet again
Just hope it's on the docks
Where I can depart again

The Wedding

I arrived at the cathedral
For one of the happiest days
Where my two best friends
Would get married

We talked
All at their wedding

I stood and gave a toast
Of how I had to help with some of their ups and downs
It was great to see them so happy
I was so happy for them

We all danced
We had fun
We even found out about a pregnancy
All at their wedding

While they all caught up
And gave congratulations
I watched
And simply smiled with joy

What happened next?
I don't know
I left before anyone else
For I loved them both too much to stay

Empty Words

They call me a friend
Are these words real?
Probably not

I've been on my own before
Why is now any different?
This time I don't have them to encourage me

Keep pushing forward
Did you ever need them?
Them and their empty words?

The truth is good
But they find lies entertaining
They find jokes entertaining

What about when the jokes went too far?
They left me to clean up their mess
Because they needed to be entertained

You used to spend so much time with them
What went wrong?
Their empty words

The Center

Everything around me is falling,
broken glass surrounds me,
and I'm in the center of it all.

Anywhere I step,
any choice I make,
will cause something to shatter.

What will I do?
What can I do?
Only I know.

It's time to decide,
what will I hurt?
The glass that means more,
or the glass that will hurt the least?

MineCrAft: A New Battle, Chapters Eight and Nine

Chapter Eight

                                                                                    { }

    Tanner woke up in front of the cave Rain and Five had went in earlier, laying on his back. 

    What happened? He thought.

    He was following Rain and Five a minute ago... what in Notch's name happened? He glanced at the sky, and his mouth dropped in horror at what he saw. He saw... black... a black sky. Not only that, but after a certain distance all the blocks of the world ended, where the only way it would lead was the Void, also surrounded by that black sky. Something went horribly wrong. Tanner rushed back to the College, afraid he could be the only person there.

    He crashed into someone on his way there. 

    Well, at least I'm not the only one here.

    He rubbed his head for a moment, then, forgetting the pain entirely, jumped to his feet. He...

MineCrAft: A New Battle, Chapters Six and Seven

Chapter Six

                     As we walked through the cave, Five and I both grew more tense, the ball of fire providing a few feet of light. Whatever was ahead contained immense power, one I haven't felt since- 

                     The ball of fire shot towards me, nearly blowing my head off if I didn't duck in time. 

                     "What was that for?!" I yelled to Five.

                     "That wasn't me," Five looked around skeptically, "maybe it can control direction..."

                      "Yeah, I guess so..." I responded.

                       But then I remembered something. Over the years I learned that only the creator of some magical object...


I lost her trust.
Never again.
I lost her trust.
Forever more.

I lost her trust.
Until the end.
I lost her trust.
Until death parts us.

I lost her trust.
I'll do anything.
I lost her trust.
I'll make it up to her.

At My Graduation

I looked like
I was having
the time of
my life

Though I couldn't
hear my own voice
I could tell
that I was having
the time of my life

With a smile
as bright as
the sun itself
I could tell
that I was having
the time of my life

With my square shaped hat
with its dangling
fluffy string
as fluffy as fur
with my matching robe
I could tell
that I was having
the time of my life

Even when I woke
I still had
that beautiful smile
glued to my face
even as I drifted
back to my slumber
I could tell
that I would have
the time of my life
at my graduation...

Forward Backward

Who is that

Who is that?
No one.
Just me.

Who is that?
Not someone I know.

What is that?
Me in the mirror.
Something I always see.

Where is that?
Not here.
Far from here.

Who am I?
I am me.
I am who I am.

Who is she?
She is my love.
She is my life.

Who is he?
He was always there.
He is gone.

Where are we?
Looking at photos.
It's your imagination.

(Read back up to the top now, might just seem the same.)

MineCrAft: A New Battle, Chapters Four and Five

Chapter Four

                                                                                   { }

                             My small body crashed on the gravel of the town square. Townspeople were terrified because they knew who I was. The only person willing enough to see if I was okay was their army's General. He ran over, checked my pulse and heartbeat, and ushered for everyone to go back to what they were doing before. 

                             "Patrick, son!" He called over to a boy, "Get a room prepared, this ones obviously been through something."


MinecrAft: A New Batlle

Chapter One
           Our home was burning, and I couldn’t do anything about it, only watch in horror. My mother, confronting my father inside the flame engulfed building. I had found out recently that my father was planning only to use me as a weapon, then my mother fought with him about it, saying that it was a horrible idea, that the entire war was stupid to begin with, which lead to this… this burning horror that used to be my home. My mother’s face was hidden from my sight, but I could clearly see my father’s glowing white eyes staring at me, I always wondered what he would be like without his powers and intentions. But then his attention was turned back to my mother, he disappeared, with the sound of lightning as he teleported. He appeared behind my mother, sword drawn, I screamed as he impaled her, right before her...