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Op-Ed Competition 2018

They Invent Your Opinions

        Your opinions are not your own. They are being invented and forced on you daily by big corporations that hide their narrative in the most unassuming place. ‘Fake’ news is a prevalent issue today as news is becoming more and more narrative driven and opinionated. Even the biggest news companies that call themselves objective impose their personal narrative into their media one way or another. Although it presents itself as impartial, most of what we call ‘news’ is partial and meant to influence the masses, and it should no longer be classified as news unless it is truly evenhanded.
        What classifies as ‘fake news’ versus real press? The definition of news at its core is a  “report of recent events” (Merriam webster). This means that anything that is classified as news should be a report of a story or event that happened. However, most modern media outlets such as Fox or CNN...