Hannah Cornell

United States

Message from Writer

I've been writing from the moment I was able to hold a crayon.

Published Work

Painted Children

"Bum bump, bum bump, bum bump"

The sound of his heart rings in his ears louder than the bombs going off around him. He walks barefoot, carefully stepping over the bodies of those who have already fallen in the wake of conflict. He does not look down - afraid that each of the dead will begin to look more and more like him. The paint on their bodies mixes with their blood and sweat, covering the ground in splashes of pink.

    He glances at his father, who is resolute beside him, unwaveringly staring at the enemies across the battlefield. He looks cool and confident carrying his old shotgun, standing tall like the other men around him. Each step from the group is an echo of anger and pain, and they fearlessly move forward with flames in their eyes. The enemy is no longer comprised of people, for all the men can see is their own demons staring back at...

Love in 13 Words


The way he pulls me closer in his sleep, afraid to let go.


What Darkness Does

Sometimes, in the darkest parts of the night, he dreamed of the day when his heart would stop beating. 

25 Words

Blue Blood

She walked down the dark corridor, following the trail of blue blood and broken swords. All she could think was "not him, please, not him".

The Unknown

I Do Not Know Much About Ghosts but I Know Who Snores

I do not know much about the ghosts in my house,
but I do know they are there.
Sometimes when I'm alone in my room,
I can feel them starting to stare. 
I try to ask them what they want - 
I mostly get no reply.
But occasionally in the dark of the night,
I hear them start to cry.
My mother thinks I am absurd.
My father doesn't know what to do.
I think if they could see the ghosts,
they would believe me too.
The ghosts used to be bad company,
causing chaos into the night.
But now that they have settled down,
I find them quite alright. 
They may not talk and may not appear,
and maybe they don't use the door,
But I do know one thing about my ghosts,
they aren't the ones who snore.