Maddie V

United States

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Friendship Tweet


friendship can be may things painfull, full of love , happyness , and also sadness .i know taht without my friends i won't be alive so i thank them , but they also have hurt me too . so what i think about friends is taht we need them but at the same time we really don't because you'll get hurt in the end when they leave , but friends they are there when your sad , hurt , sick . So when were heartbroken they are there , but tehy could be the ones leaving us , but friends tehy come back togther when they truly are best frineds . We are going to have our fights , and get mad at  each other but we will always come back toghter.

Love in 13 Words

love is pain

my dad says i love you but then gose and hit us 

Acrostic Verse

hell to pay

living in hell 
let me tell you why 
because this is depression is taking over me 
and i'm dying inside 
sometimes i feel like i'm losing hope '
i want to find a cure before this shit kills me 
i'm trying to hold on ,but i have no one to hold on too 
so i grab that rope and end my life 
and when i'm underground 
i'll be at peace 
and be okay 
but i'll try to hold on before i die 
but for many years i've had these demons inside 
i finally want to die 
so goodbye