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Thank you for taking the time to read my writing. If you ever find any grammatical mistakes, PLEASE feel free to put them in the comment section below! Trust me, they irk me as much as they irk you! I love to read any and all of your works.
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“Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die.” -P!ATD
“He said son when you grow up will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?” -MCR
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Again, thank you for visiting my page, and happy reading!

Peer Reviews

Waiting for My Moment


Overall, wonderful job! It really looks like you took your time editing this before posting it here, which I truly appreciate! It allows me to look at the dynamics of the world instead of having to comment on a ton of grammar! I completely loved the story, and would love to read more if you ever write it! If you do decide to, make sure to tell me so I can read it! I loved this!

about 1 year


PROMPT: Two in a Canoe

I love how the author (you!) allow the reader to reach the conclusion by themselves about what happened to Dennis, which was a bone-chilling realization, and was really so much better unsaid. If the writer had said specifically that Jared pushed Dennis out, I would've felt so much more disappointed in the story, simply because it wouldn't have been this mind-blowing realization, but just a fact that author wrote on the screen. Overall, amazing work, and I can't wait to read more from you!

about 1 year

Brianna Miller


I loved this piece! Wonderful, amazing work! Just a quick note on grammar-- at one point you switch from past to present tense and continue throughout the rest of your piece in present tense. You will want to choose a tense to write in and revise this piece accordingly so you can write the future pieces that accompany it in the same tense. Other than that, amazing work! I can't wait to read more from you!

over 1 year

Dear Nobody


This hit close to home for me personally which I guess is why I'm reviewing it. I am currently suffering from depression and trying really hard to overcome it, but I understand all the emotions within the first letter. However, I would really advise caution when writing the second one. Some of the things said don't apply to me personally, and while they may apply to others, you may want to be careful as to not offend anybody. First off, two months is not a long time to overcome something as hard as depression. I've been trying the entire school year and still have it. Secondly, you may want to revise the sentence, "Once I admitted that I had depression, I found it so much easier to start the recovery process." I have admitted I have depression. It honestly didn't help me. I talk to a counselor, but I'm still having a hard time, so you might just want to think about rewording this. Your information that you wrote to go along with the piece could also be taken in a different meaning than you meant for it to. Saying, "I hope it helps somebody out there" is a really nice gesture but also feels like you are undermining the huge reality of living with depression. You may want to change it to something more along the lines of, "I hope the hope within the piece brightens someone's day." I don't know. Just a thought. : ) Again, loved the piece, and beautiful work. Bravo!!

over 1 year

The One

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

The only extra thing I would have to add is this. You may want to think of changing the line "And my daughter passed away saying it was cancer" to something like, "And my daughter passed away defeating her cancer." The ending of the line is confusing. Saying what was cancer? Why is she saying it? Does she say it in a literal or metaphorical sense? This might be something to consider as you continue to revise and edit this poem. You also might consider leaving off with a happy note. A close family friend of mine recently passed away after battling brain cancer for three years. However, he specifically made sure that his funeral would not be a time of grieving but a time of celebration. (We are Christian and he wanted everyone to rejoice in his joining God in Heaven.) When his brother was speaking, I specifically remember him saying, "Some people might say that the cancer defeated *name*. But the cancer didn't defeat *name*, *name* defeated the cancer. And we saw this in how happily he lived his life even in the last three years of it." It really struck me that even people who die of cancer aren't defeated by it. They defeated it, but in the process, lost their lives. This was a very special realization for me and I feel the idea would tie in perfectly with the end of your poem, to really enlighten the reader with this sense of peace that comes at the end of the longest journey of all: life.

over 1 year

The Hunger Games


I loved this piece so much. It is so beautifully written (as I've said many times!) and I really loved how I could see the entire thing happening in my head. This sounds like the script for a trailer of the Hunger Games, and I would love to see you put this with video clips and music to fully capture the spirit of one. I completely loved it, and can't wait to read more of your work!

over 1 year

Oddly Enough...

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2018

I mean what I said, when I say I honestly think that this could go viral. If you haven't heard the spoken word poem To This Day, look it up. It has great visuals that go along with the video, and I feel like if you were able to get the visuals, this would skyrocket. Again, I loved it. Great work!

almost 2 years