United Kingdom

I'm 16
I'm an artist
I'm an avid reader
I'm a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope
I'm a writer of fantastical lands and improbable circumstances
I also adore all kinds of mythology

Message from Writer

Hi guys! I am always open to criticism, and if need be, I can give out criticism. If you ever just want to talk, feel free to check me out on Instagram @she_who_watches_ or at Wattpad for more writing @ -SheWhoWatches-

I'm mostly a fantasy reader, but I take all kinds of recommendations. I also play video games (DMC 5 being a current one) and I love shows like RWBY, Death Note, and Lucifer to name a few!

Peer Reviews

The Woodland Forest

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019


Identity crisis

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2018