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Op-Ed Competition 2018

School uniforms

        Some schools have uniforms that is mandatory for a student to wear in order to go that school. Schools have that rule mostly because the girls were not dressing how a young women should dress. No matter how many times the principale/teachers gave the child a behavioral or detention, the child still wore the same thing. So instead of just handing out behaviorals left and right the school decide to make the whole school wear uniforms. That idea is a pretty good. Instead of worrying what the kids are wearing you won’t have to because they should be wearing their uniform.
     All school should make their students wear a uniform of some sort. Then you won’t have to worry about what the students are wearing. Whether it’s an inappropriate shirt, ripped jeans, or showing your midriff you won't have a problem with that if you make the students wear a uniform. If all schools made their students wear uniforms it...

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018


*BANG BANG* His footsteps are getting louder by the second. You think that this can't be happening. But it sure is. *BOOM* He throws the bed that you have been hiding behind. And you finally see a distorted ugly face. Drool is seeping down his droopy face, all over your clothes. His face is burned off and his skull is smashed in. Claws grab your scared little body and throws you across the room. You hit the wall and break your ankle. Then the ugly creature chants some demonic saying as he slowly floats to you. The color of his eyes are gone and all you see is black in his eyes. "Why are you doing this?!" you yell. But he does not answer. Yelling again, you say "STOP!" but he keeps on chanting, not listening to a word you are saying. The windows shatter into a million pieces as the chanting gets louder and louder. Suddenly,the chanting stops. Your...