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United States

J'ai 18 ans. I like to express what I feel in writings and poems. I do this as a hobby and as a way to relieve stress or just to have fun. To me writing usually calms me down. It gets me into a stable mood and give me a sense of satisfaction.

Message from Writer

Writing is something magical. You fabricate a whole universe with just letters. I hope to share my universes with you all.

Peer Reviews

Mischief managed


I enjoyed reading it. I've always liked the Weasley twins better than the main character. It was heartbreaking to watch one of them die. A very important thing you need to work on is the tittle. It has no connection what so ever with the story. It is quite a beautiful tittle. So if you want to add it, its better to maybe end it with George saying mischief managed and leave with Angelina or maybe leave the maurader's map on the grave of Fred. The way it has ended right now. it doesn't have a satisfying conclusion. It just kind if end abruptly. If you wanted it that way, you have certainly done it but to connect it to the title, it needs either a different ending or a bit more plot with the maurader's map. The tittle seems to be indicating that the maurader's map would be somehow crucial to the plot but it isn't. It's not even present. Quite a few grammar mistakes but otherwise a very well written piece.

about 3 years