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hey guys, it's ya girl, silver, back at it again...

Peer Reviews

twin peaks

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020


Let's stop feeling uncomfortable about periods and make menstrual products free for all in the US

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2020

I resonate with the topic that you've chosen deeply. I'm really excited to see your final draft for this. Make sure to keep general writing conventions in mind as you refine this piece. This includes, but is not limited to: punctuation, capitalism, run-on sentences, and other general grammatical issues. By improving these small details, you can seriously better the overall clarity and impact of your writing. Good luck with this competition, and all your future writing endeavors! -Silver <3

over 1 year

All is Vanity #imagineit


good job overall. i love the atmosphere you've created and your choice of words. -sw

almost 2 years

when will we stop

PROMPT: Environmental Writing Competition September 2018

over 2 years

What the Water Knows

PROMPT: Human, Water, Night

Your stanza/line breaks and spacing convey your message very well and add to the flow of this poem. This is a very important topic, and I'm really glad that you've written this. keep writing! xx sw

almost 3 years

Dying Coals

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

you repeat coals and dying a lot- perhaps this was intentional but i think the repetition makes the writing feel clunky... consider some line breaks also, because this reads like a poem

about 3 years

Numbers & Words


about 3 years

english not good

PROMPT: This I Believe

about 3 years

in january

PROMPT: “In January”

about 3 years

Amelia Twitch

PROMPT: Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

over 3 years

The Beauty We All Have

PROMPT: Timeless Counsel

over 3 years

My Monster Flash Fiction

PROMPT: Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Maybe use humor to expand on this?

over 3 years

Muesuem: Chapter Two


over 3 years