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I am out with lanterns,
looking for myself
-Emily Dickinson

Published Work


will you hold me 
as my paper wings tear
will you love me 
as my glass eyes shatter 
will you want me
when my ice hands melt
or will you leave me
broken and alone

when i go down

when i go down
i'll go down with smoke behind me
billowing at my ankles
i'll go down with flames
wrapping around my bare arms
and i wont be alone
you will go down beside me

paper wings

my paper wings are breaking
i fear i may never soar again

frozen moment

I wish to walk in the footsteps of my past happiness
I'd breathe the air filled with laughter
and admire the frozen smiles of my loved ones


a true warrior cries blood
sweats tears
and breathes pain

soul song

everyone's soul sings a song
a song echoing through their veins
bearing in their heart
transforming through their fingertips


eyes you must look forward
away from the past
mind you must forget
the painful memories of love
heart you must be still
lest I feel the pain in full once again

Six-Word Story

6 last words

Please hold me one last time. 


Where you can escape. 
Escape the evil of the world.
Where you can discover. 
Discover the beauty that lies within. 
Where you can be reunited. 
Reunited with old friends. 
Where you can create. 
Create memories that will last forever. 
Where you can breathe. 
Breath cool fresh air. 
Where you can see. 
See the bright stars in the blackest night. 
Where you can remember. 
Remember the love of a God. 

What if...

What if you could erase?
Erase the ugly.
Erase the fear.
Erase the struggle.
What if you could try again?
Stop the pain. 
End the hunger. 
Save the innocent. 
What if you could change?
Change yourself.
Change your peers.
Change the world. 
What if you could make?
Make life simple. 
Make life easier.
Make life better. 
What if you did?
Would you be stronger?
Would you be just as sharp? 
Would you be more beautiful? 
Would you still be you?

Op-Ed Competition 2019

Crying Hands

    I am Pro-life. Yes I have heard the facts screamed from those who are Pro-choice. I've heard that embryos and fetuses are not independent, self determining beings. I've heard that abortion is the termination of a pregnancy not a baby. I've heard that fetuses are not capable of feeling pain when most abortions are performed, I've heard the saying my body my choice. And yes I have heard that a baby should not come into the world unwanted. But I am still Pro-life. 
    I once was a embryo then I was a fetus now I am a teen by the name of Violet Cynthia Schultz. And you know what? I've helped a friend through depression, I have loved someone with all my heart, I have cried for hours, I have laughed until I wet my pants, I have changed minds and I have changed lives. But what if my mother decided that she couldn't handle a...

Reliving memories

A cabin. 
Wet hair.
Two cousins.
A towel.

A field.
Cold feet. 
One boy.
A plaid blanket.

A park. 
Bare feet. 
One cousin.
A camera. 

A beach.
Sandy feet.
Two friends.
The ocean. 

A garden. 
Grassy knees. 
One grandma. 
A hose. 

A church.
Sore feet.
Youth group.
2 huge slices of pizza.

My room. 
Warm hands.
One book.


Our God

Do you realize who God is? I have found myself starting to believe that I fully comprehend God. I summed him up as the creator of our universe. Our loving God. Who we can call our father and he will call us his children. 
And that's all true. 
But there's more.
 Jesus says "Our father in heaven," 
Yes he says "our father" and that is important but I want to point out the second part. 
In heaven. 
He is the creator of the universe. He is infinite, Incomprehensible, Eternal, Omnipresent, and Sovereign
We try to place him into our understanding. But he's not.
People learn the Bible so well that they will say they know everything there is about God. 
But the Bible is just a book. (Don't get me wrong its Gods word and the most important thing ever!)
But its a book. Made of leather, paper, and ink. 
We as humans...