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When will the sun rise again in my life?
When will the clouds clear away?
When will the sky be blue again? 
And dark night turn into day

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

When the World is out of Time

When the world is out of time, sit here again with me
We will whisper softly settling on this long fallen tree
We will watch and we will see, we will from then on always be
Sitting, settled on this tree

When the world is out of time, it will be just us two
The world does not mean naught to me, when I am beside you
Friends forever following, each other down this lonely lane
And when the end is then in sight it will be you and me again

When the world is out of time, we will continue on
And our future selves will sit together to the dawn
Gazing up at seas of stars, from grassy fields of pine
Every single moment, will be yours and mine

When the world is out of time, we will fly away
We will grow our wings and take off with no delay
Flying far and wide, we will make...