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It's funny how easily I could lie to you right now. If I said I was a Leo, an INTP, a Slytherclaw, and a teen who spends too much time on crossword puzzles, is it the truth?

Or is it just a made-up character for another made-up story?

Message from Writer

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
-Ben Franklin

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
-Thomas Merton

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
-Roald Dahl

"Don't gobblefunk around with words."
-Also Roald Dahl

Published Work

For the French Fries #dramatize

I paused mid-chew as my mind settled on a decision. I had to do it. I had no other choice. I couldn’t keep going on like this. There was only one way to resolve the issue. I swallowed. My mouth was dry. Legs trembling from the effort, I stood. Then my legs stopped trembling. Because I wasn’t that weak anyway. Just. Lazy. 

I shook my head. No, I wouldn’t let myself think that way. I wouldn’t allow my thoughts to drag me into an endless, dark pit of horrible self pity. I needed to finish what I started. I couldn’t return to my french fries empty-handed. I couldn’t bear my look of disappointment and despair in the mirror anymore. I had to do it for them, but I also needed to do this for myself. 

I took one step. And then I took another. I forced myself to continue the entire distance to the object. It was large, taller than...

Hey Scary Monster

Hello? Is it you? Monster under my bed?
I wanted to ask about the things that you said.
You said no one loved me; that’s clearly untrue.
You said people hate me; I think that’s just you.
You said I won’t ever be useful on Earth,
Thanks for your thoughts; I’ll decide my own worth.
You said that I’m ugly, stupid, and mean,
Yourself in the mirror is what you must’ve seen.
Hey, scary monster, are you still there?
I’m gonna need you to move out of your lair.
You say that your home is under my bed,
But I think enough of your demands have been fed.

Amazing, Grace

It’s amazing, Grace
An eye-widening sight
How you carefully care
And only hopefully hope
Is there not enough sugar within your voice,
Or am I simply too wretched to be saved?

I wish there was no bitter 
At the beginning of sweet
But my whispers are now echoes
Your songs are now screams
Destruction is the only result of discussion

You’re supposed to save wretches 
Reverse all of our mistakes
Fix bonds that were shattered
Will it work with a thing never whole?

I once was lost 
Then I was found
Now I am lost again

Was blind
At least now I


Please read and vote!

Yay! 25 pieces published! (Well, 27 when I publish this.) I know that I should focus on quality over quantity, but there’s no way to improve at writing other than actually writing. So commence with the celebration of publishing 25 pieces on WtW! Yay!

So here’s the thing. I want to start publishing a series on WtW, and I have a few ideas but I can’t decide which to do. Please, please comment your thoughts and let me know which one you would be most likely to read and give feedback on. You can just comment to vote which option, but I would really appreciate it if you explained why you chose that one too.

Here are my ideas: 

  1. A story about a secret spy agency run by high schoolers at a high school. They recruit kids and have missions and all that fun spy stuff. The story would center around a character that is recruited and learns something that...

Writing Streak Challenge Week 8

Challenge Completed

Day 1: 
Expectations are born when compliments are considered too often.

Day 2: 
It was strange - like walking into a room you've lived in your whole life and forgetting where the light switch is.

Day 3: 
One question has followed me in all of my endeavors: if I told my story, would anyone listen?

Day 4:
It’s impossible to tell the truth and I don’t want to lie, so I don’t say anything at all. 

Day 5:
Maybe we’re all a bit selfish sometimes, only considering things that are our own; maybe we should turn our thoughts from “my life sucks,” to “life is beautiful.”

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 5

Maybe we’re all a bit selfish sometimes, only considering things that are our own; maybe we should turn our thoughts from “my life sucks,” to “life is beautiful.”

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 4

It’s impossible to tell the truth and I don’t want to lie, so I don’t say anything at all.

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 3

One question has followed me in all of my endeavors: if I told my story, would anyone listen?

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 2

It was strange - like walking into a room you've lived in your whole life and forgetting where the light switch is.

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 1

Expectations are born when compliments are considered too often. 


I've never met someone as in love with the world as Ozzy Perez. Not before I met him, and certainly not after. 
He was a hopeless romantic, with those rose-tinted glasses superglued to his face. He believed that there were no good or bad people, only people. He worshipped the icecream gods and constantly sacrificed his own physique in the name of them. He abused his hair; dyeing it, chopping it up, covering it in mud, the list could go on for miles. His skin was sunburned, while mine was sun-kissed from being dragged along beside him. His smile was rarely gone, especially after he got his braces removed. 
We never really talked. He would drone on and on about whatever was on his mind, constantly changing subjects. I was good at hearing. Listening, not so much. I had a short attention span, always spacing out-
"-And this absolute masterpiece of a musical ends with the words: 'Never surrender cause...

When we decompose

What’s the politically correct way 
To say wrong?
Eyes glued to the television
Telling our vision 
(it's the only one that matters)
Because the rising waters?
Not our fault
Just the effect of centuries of ignorance
Maybe unjust
But it won’t affect us
Just the centuries after
We die
And decompose
And release more carbon 
To this invisible bubble 

Our science teacher told us
It’s warmer now
It’ll be warmer tomorrow
(today’s all that matters)
When we decompose
Our silence will birth
The complaints of our children’s children
who let it get this bad?”
(it’s unrealistic to change)

Our ways?
Change them.
Is it any more realistic
For not yet existent
To clean up our mess?
(invisible messes don’t matter)
(they can’t stain the clear consciences
and skies of today)

(today’s all that matters)
Then today,
(after today, 
that’ll mean tomorrow)
Keep following the sequence of sight
The consequences are more
than just cons to compare with...

Random Drawing Lottery Thingy!

Woohoo! 25 followers! Yay!

Okay, I know that's not a very big achievement, but I'm going to celebrate every milestone because why not. You know, I should probably do some actual writing too... ehh, I'll do that later. 

There's a bunch of contests going on right now, so I wanted to do something to thank my 25 followers without them having to do any extra work. Voila: Random Drawing Lottery Thingy! I put the usernames of all 25 of my followers into a hat and am going to draw one out. (Okay, not really, I'm too lazy. I just used a random choice generator. Sorry for shattering all your hopes and dreams.) The prize for the winner will be a description of what I love about their writing and a recommendation of pieces of theirs that y'all should read. I'm also going to go through their writing on this website and like at least three of their pieces. 



Some People #kayv(1)

They scratch at you
claw at you
they swing until you crumble
until all that’s left 
is a pile of rubble
some people call your name
they take pride in your lack of it
they smile when you don’t
they laugh when your existence is
when you’re unable to laugh
cough  sneeze  cover up the tears
it’s just allergies
but you’re only allergic 
to the clouds of dust erupting
from the crumbling structure
some people call your name
it’s impossible to tame the rushing 
thoughts and doubts and bouts 
of hysteria they unleash
because your foundation was already cracked
a sledge-hammer doesn’t need to swing so hard
to bring you down
crumbling into a pile
of rubble on the ground
they scratch at you
claw at you
but they only swing until you crumble
because it’s the only way they’ll ever be 
standing on the debris of other people’s names
their own foundation rotted away
and nobody bothered...

Worst-Case Scenario

Helmet forgotten, raincoat unzipped, her dark hair streamed out behind her. Her scuffed boots pedaled loosely, and her bike, two sizes too small, sped across the empty parking lot. Back and forth. She ignored the burning in her thighs. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this unburdened. An observer, had there been one, would have seen a happy girl. Her thoughts and worries left behind, no heavy memories weighing on her shoulders. 

A noise jolted her out of her momentary bliss. 

"Maddy!" A six-year-old little boy called her name. Images of worst-case scenarios immediately ran through her mind. 

His Disney princess helmet, forced on his head by his sister, shrugged off in embarrassment, now uselessly hanging on the handlebars of his bike as he slammed uncontrollably into a tree.

A stranger in dirty clothes, seeing a young boy vulnerable, alone, clapping a hand over the boy's mouth and taking him to whatever shady place kidnappers take children. 


I run away.
But at the same time,
I am running towards.
I am running towards the future.
Away from the past that has haunted me for so long.
I am finally free,
Free from the memories, the old beliefs.
A new time has come.
And although I can only run physically,
I know I have escaped the limits.

Creating a story

With just my imagination
I can create a universe
I can make characters do what I want
Without having to rehearse
My fingers fly across the keyboard
And now a character has committed a crime
I hold down the backspace
And her life goes back in time
Just one simple button
Can do so much to change
The ups and downs of a story
That I have made


Why do I think it's cute when you don't push in your chair?
Why do I think it's cool when you mess up your hair?
Why am I impressed by your speed on the mile?
Why does it make my day when I make you smile?
Why do I catch myself staring at you?
Why are your eyes the perfect shade of blue?
Why do I blush when you talk to me?
And when I walk past, why don't you see?

The Anonymous Dance

But what happens when the dancers are anonymous
When their faces are just faces 
And all that’s left is the dance
Empty shells of bodies 
Executing movements
None of it is real
It doesn’t matter really
But you watch them
On a black scarred stage
Under bright staring lights
And the eyes
Of the strangers who just came to see a show
And see a showing not a sharing
And their names don’t matter
Point your feet not your fingers 
Straighten your knees not your life
All those spotlights are just spots
With light no one cares about
Your movement they’re looking at 
Them ‘cause everything else 
Is in darkness your shadow
Your darkness in shadow
You’re late 
Don’t be early
You better be better 
Or the next go-getter
Will be getting
You’ll be going
Go back
Back up
If you turn around
Or the stage turns around
Or the audience decides to move to hear the sound
Then you’re...

Names, Names, Names


Breakfast joints (couldn't decide on just one):

  • Deb's Gourmet Cereal Buffet
  • Yo! (serves fro-yo minus the fro, i.e. just yogurt)
A new smartphone:
  • Illusion 11
An eyeglasses store:
  • Lookin' Good
A dog pound:
  • Dogwarts Pound of Petcraft and Lizardry
A highway:
  • Route 13 (locals say it's cursed)
An island resort:
  • Aye Aye Island (immersive experience: live the life of a pirate!)
A new constellation:
  • Stochastís
A pet polar bear:
  • Grizzly
A nail polish color: 
  • Cowgirl Leather
A new butterfly species:
  • Opal Tapestry

On Stage

    If you have ever been on a roller coaster, you know the exhilarating feeling that riding one can bring. Even though you know nothing dangerous will happen (probably) you get scared. Even though you know it is only a single ride on a moving object on tracks, you get excited. Roller coasters are often used in comparisons to contrasts in feelings, but a better comparison is the feeling before performing on stage.
    Through the curtains, you can hear the audience excitedly talking among themselves. You think of all those little children out there, waiting for the ballerina a in pink sparkly tutu to emerge from the wings, just like you had waited so many years ago. You hope you won't disappoint them and that you will cause that magical moment to happen: the moment they decide that they want to dance.
    What the audience never notices, but is definitely there for the dancer, is the pain....

I suffer too

Sure, I'm not the one being bullied
I'll never let anyone hurt me like that
Sure, you're the one who needs someone to talk to
But I suffer because of where I'm at

I just happen to be the one
Who you think you can explain to
What you don't know is my pain
From not being able to help you




Inside is crowded with people,
But I feel alone.
Outside, there is no one,
But the trees speak to me.
Inside is filled with excitement,
With children waiting for the snow to stick.
Outside is peaceful,
For the weather is silent.
Inside I am confined,
By the looming walls and new faces.
Outside I am free,
To express myself openly.

Friendship Tweet


Friendship is the feeling that people that care about you exist. The feeling that you are not alone. 


Wild brainstorm

A whirling tunnel of inspiration,
Raining down ideas.
Imagination weaving into logic,
Curling around a prompt.