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A distinct, wild, enthusiastic, introverted, passionate, and shy person who wants to write and change the world, I am Deboparna and I hope all of you would enjoy reading my writing.
I love Literature, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Shakespeare, and Tagore, and I am a true Bengali who indulges in strong coffee and partakes in discussions involving gender equality and breaking gender stereotypes.

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deboparnapoddar (India) published:

The Somnolent Song

PROMPT: Birdsong

At dawn when the light rays fell,
On the foliage growing near the nearby well,
Where decayed roots lay open to all,
And the angelic golden spread overall,
I heard the sound of a bird’s faint throat,
Crying aloud with the sweetest quote,
And I could sense its drowsiness dear,
While it flew around the moss covered moat.
The bird was weary, sapped yet sweet,
And its cloak of black did cheat,
My eyes to think it’s a euphonious...

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