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Obsessed with Thomas Jefferson
Artist, Writer, Musician, Singer
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Message from Writer

Books ya'll need to read:
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda / Leah on the Offbeat - Becky Albertalli
Scythe / Thunderhead - Neal Shusterman (thank me later)
Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson
The Sun is Also a Star - Nicola Yoon
I Am Princess X - Cherie Priest
Ship It - Britta Lundin

Favorite singers/bands:
Hayley Kiyoko
Charlie Puth
Old Dominion
Theory of a Deadman

All my fandoms:
Star Wars
Harry Potter (Hufflepuff)
The Greatest Showman
Dear Evan Hansen

Favorite YouTubers:
Moriah Elizabeth
James Charles

Published Work

The Colors Of October

Sweet orange
A pumpkin
Digging out the seeds
And carving devilish smiles in its sides

Electric red
A homecoming game
Leaping from the stands
As the ball is thrown into the end zone

Ash black
A tree
Branches nearly bare
And fallens leaves coated in frost

Faint turquoise
A glow
The full moon illuminates the dawn
Casting shadows through the trees

Maroon and umber
A pile
Jumping into a perfect mountain
And it explodes like autumn glitter

A chocolate bar
Laughing with your friends
Debating the worth of a King Size Snickers

Golden yellow
A candle
Decorating your doorstep
And greeting costumed children

CONTEST RESULTS! #jediknightgirlcontest

Okay guys, they're here! Finally! School has been very stressful and made me painstakingly busy but I somehow found the time to get these together. I've had such an amazing time reading these pieces and seeing what you all came up with! It was actually really difficult to decide who placed for each prompt. ALL your pieces were amazing, even the ones that didn't make the top three, and there were times when I had to reread pieces three or four times over before I decided on a winner. You guys are way too good at this :). Anyway, if you haven't skipped to the results already, here they are (for first place in each one, I shared my favorite line).

OPTION ONE, #jediknightgirlcontest.three
Write a flash fiction piece using the following three things: a special rock,the color black, walking through clouds whilst on a mountain.
FIRST PLACE: Moment by SomeFormOfWriting
"We met on that bridge, watching the fireworks together as they...


Forest Fire

it reminds me of decadent chocolate cake
with bright scarlet frosting
topped with yellow sprinkles
and rimmed with lit candles

soft cherry clouds lingering in the sky
ashes landing like gray butterflies
on emeralds still hanging
from a few untouched trees

smoke still spilling into the air like ink
long after the sky turns blue
like sapphires set in a silver diadem
or my blue eyes fluttering shut


Hey guys. I wanted to mention that I'm moving the due date for your entries from October 8th to October 14th. Thank you to everyone who has entered so far, I love reading your entries, and let's see if we can get a few more! The original contest prompts and rules are right here if you're interested. As of today, you have ten days to get your entries in. And if you know someone who might be interested, spread the word!

Happy writing!


I'M HOSTING A CONTEST! (entries due October 14th now) ~ 100 Follower Announcement

Oh my God.
You should've seen the look on my face when I logged in this morning.

Okay, please excuse me while I get kind of sappy. Then I'll talk about the CONTEST.

I would like to thank each and every one of you individually for being a part of my writing journey, and for seeing something in me when I couldn't see it in myself. I love writing, I love this site, and I love you guys. In the past nine months, I've grown so much as a writer and I've gotten to know so many beautiful, amazing people, some of which live across the world from me! I never thought I'd still be on this site after two weeks, let alone almost a year. Thank you all for being my inspiration and always making me smile. Your love and support is what keeps me going.

Anyway, now for the thing y'all...

The Colors of September

Soft peach
An apple
Plucked from the highest branch
And dropped into a basket

The blandest of grays
A pen
Losing more and more ink
As you waste away on your homework

Electric blue
A local fair
Cotton candy melting in your mouth
And screaming on your favorite rides

Sparkling auburn
A branch
Lined with warm leaves
Falling off one by one

Light turquoise
A new girl
All it takes is a wave
And the seat next to you isn't empty anymore

Soft gold
A corn maze
Sprinting into dead ends
And families laughing together

Ginger and white
A fox
Just barely glimpsed through the window
Marking the beginning of autumn

I Think About You (original song)

Every night I lie awake
I dream of love, and fear heartbreak
I wish that my heart wouldn't ache
But it does, anyway

I try to forget about school
And how the universe is cruel
And why are there so many rules
If they're all meant to break

Too young to die, too old to cry
I hate the days, I love the nights
When I turn on my reading light
And you three come to mind

I think about you
Your hazel eyes
How you gave me a valentine
We were in sixth grade
And you slipped it into my desk

Then I think about you
Your auburn hair
You smile and I can't help but stare
But how could a girl like you
Even see that I exist

And then I think about you
Your hair dyed rainbow
Crooked glasses and innuendos
You make me want to love my life
Even though I'm such a...

Your Ideas for WtW

My Opinions About Write the World

What do you most value about Write the World?
    The beautiful, loving community. 100%. In my eight months on this site, I've only received one comment that I thought was rude and unnecessary, and all the rest have been helpful, kind, and beyond supportive. Some of you on this site live across the world from me, and I still feel like I know you all so well. When I think of Write the World, I think of a group of teenagers that is taking on the world through their writing, and if that's not beautiful to you, I don't know what is.

What would you like to see Write the World do differently?
    I usually like and comment on my own pieces. I think that if you like your own piece, you shouldn't get a notification for it because I mean, you already know, you don't need to be reminded. I also would love it if there was a way...

Love is Cruel

    My friends in America call me Vee, short for Valentine, and my European friends call me Ro, short for Amorosa. But I don't know everyone, even though everyone knows me. The rest of them - they call me Love.
    "Love will find you," people say. Oftentimes, I do. Sometimes not. I can read minds and make myself invisible, but I can't find my way to everyone. Mortals have called me a battlefield, a losing game, a rose, but I like to think of myself as a person. A person with a deep red pixie cut wrapped in a heart-print bandana, heavy eyeliner, and a leather jacket, sometimes with a bow and quiver (but that's just for special occasions). My friends say I can pass for an average teenage girl. But as I walked through Central Park one day, looking for my next victim, I knew I was much more.
    The two boys, a blonde and a...

Where I'm From

Friendship Bracelets

I'm from the big brown house across the street from my own.
I'm from the "SOLD" sign posted out front for the world to see.
I'm from the girl who greeted me on the bus the next morning, with "What's your name?"

I'm from poking holes in the bus seats using empty pens, and never getting caught.
I'm from pretending to be sisters during recess, and telling strangers that we're twins.
I'm from writing "BFFs" on our hands with Sharpies.

I'm from pricking our fingers with thumbtacks and rubbing them together.
I'm from being known as part of an inseparable pair, a package deal.
I'm from choosing each other as partners on every assignment and project.

I'm from being at her house every spare second.
I'm from writing terrible songs and pretending to be famous pop stars.
I'm from making friendship bracelets and promising to never take them off.

I'm from the little white house a few streets away from...

The Colors of August

Muted emerald
A leaf
Turning yellow at the tips
Holding on for one last month

Deep mahogany
A heat wave
Suffering through the sun's rays
Greasy sunscreen coating your skin

Mustard yellow
A pencil
Scratching on crisp white paper
As you complete your summer assignments

Marbled black and white
A list
It says "2.5 inch 3 ring purple binder, with pockets"
You are certain there is no such thing

Baby pink
An airplane
Savoring the feeling of vacation
As you hit the runway of the local airport

Pastel turqoise
A sleepover
Laughing with friends on the couch
Rom-coms playing in the background

Translucent silver
A tear
Knowing summer can't last forever
But smiling with every memory

Mad Libs

Her and Me

An original character: Dawn Flares is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in Aal, an island formed in the 22nd century created from fragments of other destroyed land masses. Known for being hopeful and talented in forbidden magic (although only by her father), she wants nothing more than to see her mother again. She pretends that she is happy in her life, when in fact, inside, she never got over her mother's disappearance and feels held back by the life she never had. Dawn's biggest fear is she and her father will be executed for practicing magic. What Dawn needs, after she is taken, is to see her father again, but to do that she must survive the harsh wilderness and put trust in a ruler that once ruined her life.

Myself: Ella is a fourteen-year-old bisexual girl, who lives in an average house in an average town. Known for being a straight-A student in school and funny among her family, she...


    Jett Stream planted her feet on the ground and faced her opponent. No, not just her opponent—her enemy. Not breaking eye contact, she quickly pulled her stick-straight, ink-black hair into a ponytail. She had no idea if her bright blue jumpsuit would hold out long enough to get the job done, but it's fireproofing abilities would last her at least a few minutes.
    "You scared, Jett?" The childhood friend across from her, Forest Fyre, did the opposite, tugging her honey-blonde curls out of her signature tight bun to frame her face. Her ruby lips formed an innocent grin, but Jett new better than to think she was anything but innocent.
    "Forest, Forest, Forest...." Jett sighed, putting her hands on her hips. "Don't you ever learn? Playing with fire has never gotten you anywhere."
    Forest laughed. Jett was so naive, wasn't she? "It's not about where it can get me... it's about what."...

The Colors of July

A light
You sense it inside you
As the feeling of summer sets in

Shimmery lavender
A seashell
Washed up on a starlit beach
Waiting to be found

Cherry red
An explosion
Lighting up the sky
In memory of a new beginning

Royal blue
A lake
Watching the sunset
From the edge of the dock

Stained white
A breath
Sweat beading on your forehead
And clawing your way to the AC

Gold and gray
A fish
Swimming past your feet
As you wade through the pond water

Cool orange
A step
Flip-flops clapping on the deck
And painted toenails peeking out


    Merida kept one eye locked on the center of her target, closing the other and biting her lip in concentration. She pulled back a bit harder on the string, waiting to feel it go taut.
    She lowered the bow in frustration, looking towards her approaching mother. "What?"
    Elinor smiled softly. "Just checking in."
    Merida rolled her eyes, failing to repress a smirk. "Of course you are." She held out the bow again, selecting a different arrow from her quiver and setting it up. It was pinned to the middle of the target just moments later.
    Elinor sat down on a bale of hay, pushing a stack of bows to the side. "I wanted to talk to you... about you getting married."
    "Considering that the last time you tried this I turned you into a bear, I'm thinking we shouldn't." Ping. Another arrow in...


F o u r t e e n _ t i m e s .

1 me.
2 paths.
3 guitars I've loved.
4 friends that I can't live without.
5 of the worst goodbyes.
6 paintings on the wall.
7 years in love with the same person.
8 grades suffered through.
9 songs scrawled in purple ink.
10 dollars an hour.
11 years a sister.
12 months waiting for a dream to come true.
13 scars on my bleeding heart.
14 times around the sun.

Each more painful than the last.

Window Panes

Brown grass crunching underfoot
Basket of apples resting
By the barn door and
Broken window panes glitter

Staring at the sun
Smooth stones scattered in the dirt
Silver eyes shine through
Seven layers of fog

Dishes abandoned in the kitchen
Darkness leaves its footsteps behind
Dirt lingers on the roof
Ducks fly towards the moon

Cats nap on the battered
Couch, howling
Cornfields rustle in the wind
Crimson soaks into the wood

Brown grass burning underfoot
Basket is empty now
By the open door and
Broken window panes glitter

Science Fiction Competition 2018


    My hands scrambled for purchase on nonexistent walls. My breaths came fast and furious. The soft violet of my eyes appeared to have leaked into reality for a moment, although it didn't take me long to realize it was just the moonlight, flooding my vision.
    What a strange sight to wake up to.
    When my fingers couldn't find walls surrounding me, they shot to the ground, curling around clumps of grass. Grounding me.
    I gathered enough calm to examine my surroundings. I was in the Backyard, in the middle of a field skirted with houses. An entire community of old-worlders. The old-worlders lived and worked the way humans did before 2025, and were protesters of the Changes that took place then and in 2030, where real-looking AIs were incorporated into the daily lives of us "humanoid beings"becoming our servants, cooks, maids... slaves to some, and family to others. The...

The Colors of June

An ocean tide
Splashing against your ankles
Leaving shells in its wake

Blotchy peach and scarlet
A sunburn
Sunscreen left forgotten in your bag
And tan lines from your t-shirt

Soft, silky white
A tree
Petals dropping from branches
And letting emerald leaves shine

Fiery violet
A sunset
Watching with a loved one
Sun sinking beneath the horizon

Tiger orange
A campfire
Children running 'round the yard
And marshmallows roasting on twigs

Flashing red
A concert
Picnic blankets on the grass
Watching live bands at the park

Tarnished gold
A ring
A loud bell sounds
And summer begins

Paint Swatch

Orchard Frost

Orchard frost is the color of barren trees dusted with snow; of fruit that tastes sweet and tart on your tongue with juice that runs down your chin; of the soft and worn fleece jackets you wear while watching snowflakes fade away on your mittens.

Child Narrator

Gone in an Instant

    Her silky red hair sat in a knot on her head, bangs hanging in front of her face. She wrapped her arms tighter around me, kissing my forehead. "Yes darling?"
    "What's that in the sky?" I pointed up at the dark, star-spotted mass. A light breeze rustled the leaves of the branches we sat on.
    She smiled. "That's Estrella, darling. A constellation. Say it with me. Con-stel-la-tion."
    "Very close, very close." Her sweet smile faded, and her breathing became less and less steady, more ragged with every breath. I looked up her, confused. "What's wrong, Mommy?"
    She didn't peel her eyes away from the set of glowing lavender stars. "Estrella will watch over you when I can't," she whispered. "Always keep that in your mind. When you see her in the sky, you think of tonight. You think of warm hugs and hot chocolate. You think of me. Okay?"
    "I will, Mommy." I looked at her, smiling before...


I wish I were not so bored.
My brain is on shut-down, empty and aimless,
My imagination a blank slate
With no chalk to color it.
I cannot even gather the energy
To walk to the fridge to grab a snack.
The boredom chains my feet to the ground
Like 1000 pound weights.
I sit in my rigid chair
Barely moving a muscle
And listen to the time waste away.
If I were given something to do,
My face would light up with joy;
Angels would begin to sing
As the weights were lifted
And emotion returned to my soul.

The Colors of May

Cyan blue
A basket filled with flowers
Sitting on your doorstep
A remnant of April rain

Festive golden orange
A fake sombrero
Stuffing tacos into your mouth
For a holiday that isn't even yours

Sweet, shimmering lavender
A special scent
Of baking cupcakes with your mom
On Mother's Day

Pale minty green
A bright evening
Spent riding bikes with your family
Or reading while the sun sets

Faded gray
A sigh
The end of school looming closer
And summer anxiously awaiting

Darkest navy
A sky speckled with light
That you stare up at and smile
Catching fireflies in a jar

Soft, calming red
A field of poppies
Held in hands in memory
Of soldiers lost and gone

Anna Lavender

Anna Lavender,
    Her life began in May.
Anna Lavender,
    Her eyes a hazel-gray.

She looked like a princess,
    With long auburn hair.
And she acted like a princess,
    With kindness and care.

Her passion was writing,
    Building worlds upon pages.
Her passion was writing,
    Of wizards and mages.

Friends she had few,
    Her introversion to blame
Friends she had few,
    But she loved them all the same.

Anna Lavender,
    Was strong, smart, and determined
Anna Lavender,
    Was perfectly imperfect.

The Unknown

I Don't Know Pain

I don't know much about pain
I've scraped my knee, I've burned my tongue
But I've never lost a friend
Never been betrayed, never been heartbroken
I've felt longing, I've felt unrequited love
But I've never watched it disappear
There has always been a hope
Pain is relative, they say
They say that what hurts you the most
Wouldn't even make some people flinch
But I say
That when you are a child
Pain is losing your favorite bracelet
Pain is not getting what you want for dinner
When you're older?
Pain is loss, love, heartbreak, depression
Pain is addiction, madness, anxiety
I'm fourteen
I don't know pain
But I dread the day that I do

Of Macaroni Muffins and Morphing Magpies

I would never eat mushy macaroni muffins with mustard and mayonnaise.
I would never wear minty metropolitan makeup in the morning.
I would never buy many moderately miniature mops from the mall.
I would never see a magically morphing magpie in the moonlight.
I would never go to multiple modern musicals in March and May.
I would always think about the marriage of maniacal mongooses.
And I promise I will never mourn the mad man’s missing monkeys.

For the Future

Dear Earth

Dear Earth,
    You may remember me. I used to swim in your oceans, dance in your rain, run across your surface. I used to live my life attached to you, but odds are that if you're reading this, I've been gone for at least few years. Right now - right now, when I'm writing this letter - I can assume I have plenty of years left. I can't know for sure, but let's make that assumption, just for now, and momentarily ignore how dangerous it is to forget that your days are numbered. Let's assume that I live to see the world truly change. Now I just have a few questions for you. And if you could answer them for me, for my fourteen-year-old self in 2018, that would be all I need.
    Will there be a time, in the next century, when people of all races, ethnicities, and colors will be treated as equals?...

25 Words


    The war was over. Horns blasted. But as raised his dagger above the queen's heart, he only knew one truth.

    The war had just begun.

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2018

The Colors of April

Brushed crimson
A robin
Hopping among tree branches
On the first day of spring

Lush, mossy green
A meadow
Grass finally peeks through
A blanket of melting snow

White on azure
A planet
Being truly celebrated, one day a year
A glimpse of hope beneath the chaos

Petal pink
An egg
Covered in glitter and holding a prize
Just waiting to be found

Bright canary yellow
An inside joke
Making people laugh and scream
And shouting, "April fools!"

A puddle
Skies are gray, but smiles are big
As colorful boots splash through the mud

Messy, fiery orange spots
A bird's song
Perched atop a telephone line
Singing for the joy of the world

Their Songs

Eliza sings in an empty house, letting her fingers fly over the piano keys and her beautiful voice fill the empty spaces.

Angelica sits on the edge of her bed, hands folded in her lap, and whispers the words to a song long forgotten, a song about heartbreak and bravery.

Peggy twirls around her bedroom each morning, tapping her feet and not caring that she's got most of the words wrong.

Alex hums to himself as he writes, too focused on the quill and paper to truly notice.

Philip walks down the street with a spring in his step, music playing in his mind.

Burr cradles baby Theodosia in his arms, staring at her in love and wonder, and sings a sweet lullaby, staying with long after she is asleep.

Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette drunkenly belt the words to "The World Turned Upside Down" in their favorite bar.

George Washington's steps fall in perfect rhythm as he marches onto the...



Today used to be tomorrow, and tomorrow will soon become yesterday, and yesterday was once someday, but right now is today and that's what matters.

Acrostic Verse


Waves crashing onto speckled sand
All I really want is to travel the world, but I'll
Never leave this little town
Desire rings in my heart
Every step I take is in the wrong direction
Running down my face are tears
Landing on my clothes
Unable to function in this familiarity
State lines can't contain me, nothing can
Trailblazer, I wish I could be

The Colors of March

Emerald green
A four-leaf clover
One in a million
Means good luck on the horizon

Butter yellow
A dandelion
Blowing fuzz to the wind
And making one million wishes

Splatters of cobalt blue
A rainstorm
Parades of colorful umbrellas
Finally in use after months of snow

Flashing red and white
A mid-year test
Staying up much too late
And letting the anxiety take over

Chalky, pastel pink
A sidewalk
Covered in children's drawings
Bringing color to the world

Carolina blue
A smattering of clouds
The most perfect sky
Just in time for spring

A bunny rabbit
Patterned eggs litter the lawn
In preparation for Easter



    Dawn practically flew out the door of her cottage, scarlet hair flying behind her. The warm-hued leaves crunched beneath her worn leather boots, and a determined smile spread across her face as she ran into the endless woods. She willed herself farther and farther until she reached the stream, leaping across the stones without missing a beat and landing soundlessly on the other side. Her cheeks were pink and shiny with sweat, but Dawn furrowed her brow and kept running. Jumping over rocks, dodging trees, she'd do whatever it took to get there in time. Finally the cliff came into view. She fell to her knees, skidding to a stop just inches from the deep ravine. Her whole body shaking with each breath, she stared at the blush and periwinkle sky in wonder, and watched the dazzling sun surface the horizon. Dawn beamed, reaching out to try and touch the fiery mass. She'd get there someday. But for...

Friendship Tweet


Friendship is seeing 394 unread emails when you get home from a week-long vacation, and shaking your head and smiling because you know exactly who they are from.


We count the stars in the night sky
We dare to dream of the impossible
We make wishes on dandelion fuzz
We always remember birthdays
We kill 'em with kindness
We weave flowers into our hair
We are there in a heartbeat
We put in the work
We tell the best jokes
We have very contagious smiles

But we also cry because the world is so terrible
We fall in love just a little too quickly
We get too involved sometimes
We blame ourselves for others' mistakes
We give too many second chances
We forget to take care of ourselves
We get emotional at all the wrong times
We aren't very good at the silent treatment
We can't have parties without inviting everyone
We can be shy around the people we want to know the most

We are not all smiles and rainbows
We are not wimps either
We are Hufflepuffs, and we are proud

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018


    I am surrounded by life.
    The ocean churns around me in all its glory, filled with fascinating creatures of all kinds. Unsuspecting fish swim beneath the waves, and I see a dolphin leap through the air in the distance, surrounded by a halo of salty spray. I float just above the surface, squeezing the hands of my only friends, clothed in dresses of sand and glittering salt. We are hauntingly beautiful.
    The target - a massive cruise ship, filled with happy people - draws nearer and nearer, beckoning to us. We open our mouths simultaneously to sing a wordless song. My eyes flutter shut and I let the music wash over me; its notes tumbling out of my mouth and into innocent ears. People plummet into the water, filling the ocean with their bodies, screaming and forgetting everyone and everything. Memories are replaced by thirst. They want to get closer to us, but they will...


    A hurricane was brewing.
    My little island of St. Croix was going to be hit by the storm in just a few days. But while everyone else was evacuating, I was laying in bed with my mother. It was just the two of us against the world, but now we both had the fever, and there was little chance with either of us now.
    "Alex," she whispered to me.
    She wrapped her arms around me, so thin and frail. "Stay strong for me."
    "You just have to. You have to stay strong after I'm gone." A tear rolled down my cheek, and then another and another. I had seen this coming, but that didn't make it hurt any less. She coughed and sputtered, and I hugged her tighter.
    "I love you, Alex. You will see me again someday."

Imperfect Angels: Chapter Three

    Those precious words, welcome home, echoed in my head. I was home. This was home now, no turning back.
    I'd never felt so brave and yet vulnerable at the same time. I could be anything I wanted to be starting now; I could change everything. And that was exactly what the others had in store for me.
    Lexi shot a glance at Edith, who was shaking with excitement. "What's going on?" I asked.
    "MAKEOVER!" Edith blurted, and the boys rolled their eyes.
    "Makeover?" I asked.
    "Yes," explained Edith. "I will be taking you to the biggest, most diverse and elaborate plaza in the DU, and you will pick out an entire wardrobe and hairstyle and makeup and it will be fantastic!"
    I nodded and beamed, her excitement contagious. "And that's the next step?"
    "Yep," Lexi said.
    "And I almost forgot," Edith...

Call Me Eliza - Part 6

The Burning    

    Eliza knelt on the ground, shaking her head in anger and disbelief. She held a beautifully ornate lantern, its flame flickering softly and casting ominous shadows on the walls of her chambers. Next to her lay a stack of parchment, each piece covered in large, loopy handwriting and signed A. Hamilton. Eyes aflame with resentment and anger, she carefully took the first letter from the stack, not even bothering to read it one last time. Her hand did not shake as she touched the paper to the flame, watching her scumbag of a husband's signature be reduced to ashes before her very eyes. She had not a shred of regret, or a moment of hesitation. She simply watched as a million memories were consumed by a single blaze.
    So much destruction, caused by something so little.

One week before The Burning

    Alex arrived at Jefferson's house, seething, wondering what in the...

Love in 13 Words

Love in 13 Words

I love him more than he'll ever know.
If only he could see.

Imperfect Angels: Chapter Two

    I gasped as I emerged from the thin barrier between two universes. My eyes went wide the moment I opened them, marveling at the scarlet sky and the metal ground. Everything was sleek and modern, in shades of red, gold, silver and black. There was no vibrant green grass or pearly white clouds like in the AU. I jumped back as a girl materialized next to me, literally appearing out of thin air.
    "Hey Hale," she greeted, smiling slyly. How did she know my name? Her hair was blond at the roots, but the rest was electric blue and purple, tied into a messy bun on the top of her head. Her big, brown eyes were coppery and had little honey-colored flecks in them, and her lipstick was a shockingly bright pink. Her clothes were all a mix of brown and black leather, from her jacket to her pants to her gladiator sandals.

Imperfect Angels: Chapter One

    "I'm going to tell them," I said.
    Saera looked at me carefully. "Are you sure, Hale? This is big. Huge."
    I nodded. "I know. But they deserve to know how I feel. I told you almost a year ago. I'm done keeping secrets from my parents."
    Saera was my best friend in our universe, with her cloak of silky black hair and silver wings. My wings were off-white, nowhere near as cool as hers, but my hair was golden blonde, the color every angel dreamed of having, so we were even.
    We were at the park, pretty similar to a human park, except everything floated a few inches off the ground, emitting an ethereal glow. The little angels loved it. We had to look after Saera's little sister, Keri, so we had an hour to ourselves while she played with her own friends.
    "I guess you're right," Saera...

What Are You Waiting For?

    I sat silently in my stiff-backed chair, alone. The ballroom was full of guests, all present to witness the wedding of one of my few friends, Alexander Hamilton, and Elizabeth Schuyler. I'd known who she was even before Hamilton had met her. Everyone knew who the Schuyler sisters were, after all. They were envied by men and women alike, for their wealth, beauty, and even intelligence. They were many intelligent women in this world, don't be mistaken - but for a woman to be recognized for her intellect was a rare occasion in this biased world.
    My eyes scanned the vast enclosure, taking in every detail, looking for people I could talk to at the reception. I wasn't very social, and usually known as that person who stood in the corner during these types of events. But I still scoped out everyone who seemed approachable. Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette, were seated in the front row, surprisingly...

The Colors of February

Sparkling scarlet
A first kiss
Fourteenth of February
Love song playing in your head

Royal blue
An Olympics
You dream of being like them
Of a medal placed around your neck

Light pink
A candy heart
The satisfying taste
Of sugar melting in your mouth

Furry brown
A groundhog
Why do we trust an animal
Over a meteorologist

Mint green
A pint of ice cream
Your friends crowding around you
Reminding you you are beautiful

Glittering gold
A Chinese New Year
Dragons and parades
The year of the dog

Leathery burnt sienna
A billion people
Screaming and cheering
A football flying through the air

Moonlight - A Hamilton Analogy

    Eliza was Alex's moon. His guiding path in the darkness, and always there with him, even if he couldn't always see her. He looked at her with love and amazement. She wasn't perfect - but she was beautiful and kind and helpful when times were tough.

    It was only when the moon was gone that Alex saw the sun. The sunrise was so beautiful, and he couldn't help but take a look. But Maria blinded him with her light, and he couldn't look away even though he knew the consequences. As soon as she left, all he wanted was to see her again. He kept wanting her even though he knew how much she could hurt him.

    It was only in the eclipse, when the moon came back and blocked out the sun's light that Alex realized his mistake. He couldn't stare at the sun anymore, when the moon had been so kind to...

In Motion

Fountain of Youth

    My eyes scanned the vibrant boutiques lining the sidewalks. People strolled in and out of every shop, crowding the streets. Smiles were plastered on every face. But a glance upward at the towering skyscrapers was a firm reminder that I couldn’t stay down here forever. I passed a gleaming white fountain on my way to grab breakfast. It stood tall and proud, the queen of the square, surrounded by its kingdom of lush flowers in every color.
    I pulled a coin from my dress pocket, ready to throw it in, but paused. A girl, maybe six years old, sat on a rusty bench, staring at the fountain with longing. I stepped toward her, her eyes flitting from me back to the fountain. I extended my hand, the penny waiting in the center. “Do you want to make a wish?” I asked.
    Her face lit up. Time seemed to stop as she tossed the penny high in the air. It twirled...

“In January”

The Colors of January

Bright, beautiful fuchsia
A new start
Fireworks color the night
Looking back, and moving on

Periwinkle blue
A fresh snow
Reading a book by the fire
And writing one by moonlight

Heather grey
A slip, and a fall
Figure eights and pearl-white skates
Gliding across the frozen water

Fading violet
A dream
Of nonviolence and harmony
It's holder gone, but it's message alive

Soft, breathtaking coral
A sunset
A thousand bare trees
Breaking up the watercolor sky

Deep navy
A tear
Rolling down your cheek
A special kind of sadness that comes with new beginnings

And a flash of fiery orange
A bright star
Sitting in the daylight
And melting the fallen snow


Call Me Eliza - Part 5

    Eliza sat with her son, nine years old as of that day, at a grand piano. He carefully placed his little hands on the keys, and Eliza set her larger hands on top to guide him. "E Major scale. Ready?"
    "Ready!" he said, enthusiastic.
    "Alright. Five, six, seven, and: un deux trois quatre...."
    He started playing when she got to quatre, finishing just after her.
    "Good! Now top to bottom." They did the same thing, Eliza starting and Philip finishing. He switched keys on the last three notes.
    "That's E Minor, Philip. Let's try E Major." They tried again, but he changed the melody, just like he did every time. Eliza smiled at her son. "We'll try again tomorrow."
    She got up from the piano, walking to the base of the stairs. "Alex! Please take a break. Philip has a surprise for...


    The man looked at his opponent, stone-faced, searching for a sign of his next move. Alexander’s glasses sat low on the bridge of his nose, his face expressionless as he scanned the terrain. If only I could read his mind, the man thought, scornful. He remembered the day they’d met like it was yesterday. Alexander’s wedding, his first child being born, every moment was etched into his mind. He knew his former friend’s life as well as he knew his own. But it wouldn’t change his mind. He’d made his choice a long time ago.
    The seconds gestured for them to stand back-to-back. The doctor turned away. This was it. The man smiled with the knowledge that Alexander soon wouldn’t be a problem anymore. He tightened his grip on his pistol, drumming his fingers against the wooden handle.
    One, two, three, four paces… Here we go… Five, six, seven... Almost… Eight… Fingers on the trigger… Nine…. ...

Call Me Eliza - Part 4

    Eliza smiled, optimistic, as she put a hand on her pregnant belly. She'd only known for a month, but she'd never felt so excited and nervous at the same time. Just after she'd found out, she'd wrote a letter to General Washington. Her husband was off at war, and she wanted him to come home more than anything. Of course, she had to tell Washington she was pregnant. But she'd explained that Alex couldn't find out yet. She wanted it to be a surprise.
    But he hadn't come back yet. She thought he would've returned by now. It was getting dark. Maybe tomorrow, she thought. Tomorrow.
That's when the door swung open. She gasped, slapping her hand over her mouth, when she saw her husband of less than a year burst in, carrying a bag and wearing a tattered military uniform. The bag fell from his hand and they met eyes. "ELiza!" he...

Open Prompt

He Was Going to See a Play

    "Come on, Thea, shut up!"
    My friend Margaret and I were walking down the street, talking about her little schoolgirl crush. Her next door neighbor. It was so cliche, but she didn't seem to care. And I guess if she liked him, he must be okay. Margaret was my best friend, after all.
    "What about you?" she said. "You must like somebody."
    "Well," I started, hesitantly, "there is this one guy...."
    "Tell me!"
    I rolled my eyes. "No way."
    "Please? I told you about mine!"
    I tapped my chin, pretending to think about it. If I told her, she would never shut her mouth about it. And it wasn't just any boy. He was sort of famous.
    She snatched the bracelet I was wearing off my wrist. I gasped. My mother - I was named after her - had given...

Call Me Eliza - Part 3

    Eliza took a deep breath before spinning around and looking in the mirror. A white, almost-silver veil cascaded down her back. Her dress was modest - no ribbons or ruffles, like many wedding dresses of the time. Instead, she wore a simple empire dress with a sweetheart neckline, floor-length. She thought back to about a month ago, just minutes before she'd met her groom - anxiously smoothing her dress before a ball. But she wasn't nervous now. Just blissfully happy and in love, for once not caring if she looked okay. She smiled at her reflection, shaking her head at the craziness of it all.
    "Ready?" Angelica said, poking her head into Eliza's room. The wedding was happening right at the Schuyler Mansion. She wiped a tear from her eye at the sight of her little sister, about to get married. "You look like an angel, sis."
    Eliza looked at her feet, blushing. "I'm ready."...

Call Me Eliza - Part 2

    Eliza had been writing Alexander Hamilton for weeks now. Ever since the ball, he was all she could think about. One romantic letter after another, she bubbled up with excitement every time another one came. So of course, today was no exception. When Peggy had rushed into her room holding an envelope, her heart had leaped.
    She carefully undid the seal on the envelope, pulling out a smooth piece of parchment, covered in his loopy cursive penmanship. She held it in shaking hands, and started to read:
    My dearest Eliza,

She smiled at the use of the name he'd given her.

    My dearest Eliza,
        I have enjoyed the time we have spent together with all my heart, however little it may be. You are the only object of my thoughts, and I want nothing more than to see you again. I apologize for the lack of a letter this is, but I...

Call Me Eliza - Part 1

    Elizabeth Schuyler smoothed down her turquoise dress. Her family's annual ball was taking place just a room away. Her father expected her to find a husband tonight, and she couldn't be more nervous. She had never been the type to try and grab the spotlight - that was her sister, Angelica.
    Angelica walked in right then. "Elizabeth? Come out and join the fun! More and more guests are arriving!"
    Elizabeth wanted to say something to her sister, but she couldn't stop checking herself in the mirror, anxiously stroking her hair.
    Angelica stepped in front of the mirror. "Hey. What's wrong?"
    Elizabeth sighed. "I can't do this. I can't find a husband. I mean, you're the smart one, and Peggy's the pretty one, and.... I just can't."
    "Look. You never know who's out there. Maybe the perfect person just walked through the door...."
    "I highly doubt it"

After You

       I approached Thomas' door. I was more nervous than I thought I'd be, but despite feeling a bit under the weather (I'd had a cough for days), I showed up. This decision would affect the United States government for centuries to come... and I'd also get to spend time with Thomas.
    Knock knock. 3 seconds passed... and the door swung open. Thomas had answered, wearing his magenta waistcoat as usual. Hamilton sat at a table a few feet behind him, staring at a bowl of mac 'n cheese with utter disgust. Between his green suit and Thomas' pink one, I felt extremely under-dressed. God, I'd already messed up.
    "Good evening, Mr. Jefferson," I said, smiling. Thomas smiled back, and I wanted to say something more, but instead ended up coughing. Like always.
    "Get on with it, you two." Hamilton was tapping his foot impatiently. That man refused to wait for...