United States of America

15 y/o
Ace-Biromantic, she/her
Hopeless romantic, fangirl, feminist, anxiety
Hufflepuff, Hamiltrash, & more
Obsessed with Thomas Jefferson
Artist, Writer, Musician, Singer
Love, music, friendship are everything

Message from Writer

Books ya'll need to read:
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda / Leah on the Offbeat - Becky Albertalli
Scythe / Thunderhead - Neal Shusterman (thank me later)
Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson
The Sun is Also a Star - Nicola Yoon
I Am Princess X - Cherie Priest
Ship It - Britta Lundin

Favorite singers/bands:
Hayley Kiyoko
Charlie Puth
Old Dominion
Theory of a Deadman

All my fandoms:
Star Wars
Harry Potter (Hufflepuff)
The Greatest Showman
Dear Evan Hansen

Favorite YouTubers:
Moriah Elizabeth
James Charles

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