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Georgetown Sorrows

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

Goodbyes never hide a forever
Endings weren’t meant to rush their step
On this scorching afternoon, however, I saw
Rain guarding my lonely walk

Gone are all the ones I once loved
Eager I was to share this view
To sunny California, yet, they ran
Oaths were broken when they left M Street

Waiting walk now wakes me up
Narrow roads I took to Healy Hall
Sorry head I lay towards mild, wintry skies
October now longs for a warm...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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ROMA: The Award-Winning Film That Captures the Essence of a Mexican Spirit (Final Version)

PROMPT: Film Review Competition 2019

Award season is welcoming 2019, and, among the most notable films, the critical attention of the media has headed towards the new Spanish-speaking Mexican film, Roma; written and directed by renowned filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón. It rose into prominence when winning the Leone d'Oro in the Venice International Film Festival last summer, and it has captured the eye of an audience that has fallen in common controversy, both in Mexico and in the worldwide stage. Without much explanation of the widely...

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