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what up fam I’m back from like a four month break
most of my pieces are really personal so yeah I’m sorry if you read any of them
been here since 2017 with my besties FairNoble and CreativeAngel <3
just a girl trying to get rid of writers block
I hope that you have an absolutely splindiferous day! :)
If y'all want me to check out a piece or peer review it, let me know in the comments of one of my pieces and I'll do my best to get it done

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- courtesy of SamG95 (im actually not sure if he's on here anymore but... he made this)

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Published Work

the love race

my heart’s racing, and
i know i can outrun you because
i do cross country in the fall, but
then your smile stops me
in my tracks- lane three- so
im paralyzed again, while
you jog past the white line

love is a tightrope

i’m not sure how i got here,
dangling over an abyss;
my body’s held up by a thin line
as my heart does a dance 

i’m walking into the unknown,
but you’re on the other side 
and just like that, i can’t breathe 
you’re surrounding my mind

if i fall, you won’t catch me 
so every step is a risk
i’m walking the tightrope 
and i hope idon’t miss.

my heart and my brain
are in a tug of war, 
my heart wants to keep going
but my brain tells me
i’m too far.


scenes from a complicated love story

July 27th, 2012
Our screams fill the air as my brother chases after us. You're a little bit faster than me, but I've got more endurance. It's a warm summer day, and our only care in the world is escaping the possibility of being "It." We hide in the brush next to my house and try not to breathe- but I realize that hasn't been very difficult since you came over.

September 15th, 2016
A few years have passed.  You've finally grown taller than me, despite the fact that I'm almost exactly two years older than you. Your height makes it easier to forget the age difference.  

August 22nd, 2018
I'm a freshman in high school now, and we stopped playing neighborhood games like hide and seek when I left middle school. I won't admit how much I miss it. You've started cursing now, playing video games with my brother and watching inappropriate shows.  It hurts watching the boy I...


i think it started when i was in early elementary school.
see, at that stage, you begin to realize
that you're different from the other kids. 
you become attracted to mirrors, 
and the idea of fitting in, 
and you begin to mold yourself
into the standards set by society.  

it's sad to think about, now, 
all the time that i spent hating my body and 
wishing that my thighs were smaller 
and my legs longer.

but looking back on it, 
i was perfect just the way i was. 

i had spent all of this time 
thinking that everyone hated me, 
that i was fat, and ugly, 
but i wasn't.  

so my point is, 
don't let these thoughts consume you.  
don't trust the mirrors because 
your mind is a fun house, 
morphing your body into something
that isn't real,
something that you're scared of.

trust the people who you love and 
trust yourself.  
trust your body.

be comfortable in your...

Crime and Punishment Narrative

“Stop right there!” A voice shouted through the darkness as I deftly hopped over a white picket fence that surrounded the perimeter of a small house in St. Petersburg- hopefully the unsuspecting owner wouldn’t mind my trespassing.  The sack of coins that I carried in my right hand moved slightly and I cringed as a faint clinging noise cut through the air.  The bag must have weighed at least ten pounds, which offset my balance slightly as I landed. I was used to the weight, though.  I’d been doing this work for a few years now.   
Judging from the volume of my pursuer’s voice, I was at least 200 yards ahead of him.  This would give me plenty of time to slip away into my apartment and escape confrontation.  After exiting the premises of the homeowner’s backyard, I quickly ducked into an alleyway and followed my usual route towards the embankment of Little Neva, where I would find refuge.   
Once I arrived safely at my destination, I slowly pushed open the door to the room on the fifth floor of the apartment that I had grown to call my home.  Only after sitting on the single piece of furniture...

holocene extinction

it's getting hard to sleep now,
knowing that
halfway across the world
is a country aflame,
500 million animals dead,
and a government
with no way of stopping it.

it's a lot to think about-
the imprisoned Muslims, 
North Korea's bombs, 
and the growing possibility
of a third world war.

it makes my problems seem so small.

i don't know how to help them because
sometimes, spreading the word isn't enough
but everyone is dying 
and we need action 
but I feel so insignificant,
in this big world
with so many problems.

I can't help but wonder,
was the world like this 
for my parents 
when they were young?

did they ever feel scared
to step foot inside their own school
or doubt the very person 
who controlled their country?

dear God, or anyone out there, 
will this world keep getting worse?
i know you'll be watching us
spiral into chaos until
there is nothing anymore
and we have caused

defying gravity

everyone knows
that gravity holds us down;

keeps us from flying away
and chains our feet to the ground. 

but gravity can also make us stronger;
when you bike up that hill
complete your last push up, 
when you summit the top of the mountain 
(or even just the stairs at your school)-

you've accomplished something.

you're defying gravity.

the metronome

tik. tik. tik. tik.

the metronome pounds
into my head,
a high pitched noise
that screams into my ears
and tugs at my weaknesses.

you have to be faster
try harder
never show your pain.

my heart hurts 
as moisture drips 
down my face 
and into 
the abyss 
of my fears



and the metronome is still there, 
etched into my soul;
a reminder that
i'll never be good enough
and never will.  

tik. tik. 

Soy Yo Poema

Soy amable y intelligente-
Me pregunto, "Que es el mensaje de mi vida?" 
Oigo el sonido de los pajaros afuera de mi dormitorio y
Veo un bosque muy bonito, que tiene muchos arboles.
Quiero paz en el mundo. 

Soy amable y intelligente;
Siento esperanza
Fingo los tiempos cuando yo soy feliz.  
Me astusa fracaso y
Me preocupa el futuro de la tierra de nos.
Lloro cuando una persona que yo amo muere.

Soy amable y intelligente, 
Entiendo mis relaciones con mis amigas.
Dijo, "Tu eras fuerte."
Sueno un vida feliz, no con preocupaciones y
Intento a matimaticas y mis deportes.
Espero el fin a calimiento global.
Soy Camryn :)

YOU in threes

Me in Three

Hi CreativeAngel is forcing me to do this so hopefully it's somewhat entertaining :)

1. Three quirks or idiosyncrasies:
- I like wearing shorts no matter what the weather is. Pants are just uncomfortable.
- Odd numbers are superior to even numbers.  This isn't a quirk, it's just a fact :)
- Sometimes I talk to myself while I'm doing math homework... don't judge

2. Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).
- the write the world community
- my school community/my track and cross country teams
- my town community thingy lol I'm not saying where I live teehee

3.Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
- intelligent
(those were all from CreativeAngel you can thank her even though they mostly aren't true)

4. Three adjectives your family would use.

5. Three adjectives you would use.

6. Three things about you that very few people know.

Six-Word Story

nylon thread

then my pain made me stronger
my tears turned into iron fists
and my broken heart was healed
with the most resilient nylon thread.

an expression of gratitude

my life's a mess
school is stress
but my friends are here


issa mood?

that moment when the only things that help you with stress are running, biking, music, and eating but your foot is broken and your phone is broken so all you can do is eat excessive amounts of food ahah its fine 


"you have a fracture," she said,
with eyes of sorrow,
an x-ray of shock,
and four words
that changed everything.

they echoed into my soul
and rebounded off my eardrums 
until I couldn't hear anything at all.  


wet salt and rosy cheeks

and all I know
is the taste of wet salt
rolling down my cheek,
you are not enough.


doubt is a dangerous thing.
within doubt lays demons,
creatures from the darkness
who soak up your mistakes
and laugh at your failures.  

in that one split second 
of indecision,
you miss the ball.
you play the wrong note.
you forget a step, 
and everything goes downhill.

you realize that you aren't good enough
and the doubt overtakes you,
staining your soul
with the blackness of demons 
and the curse of 
apprehended failure.

10 things imma miss from ninth grade :')

1. Cross country, the people I met there, and everything it taught me 
2. Mr Joshua's alter ego (Dr. Jock Rock)
3. Stealing door handles with Kelsey
4. Smashing a wooden bridge over Hugh's head
5. LaCcRoSsE BaLLs
6. Winter break (the real tea)
7. A days :P
8. Going to Laiba's tech ed class every B day (I'm practically one of the students)
9. My first year of track with Vece the sloth
10. Tennis with Ngun and definitely beating Hugh and Antony ;)

another thingymobobber for my best friend <3

SSKKSKSKSKSKK I believe that Laiba is winning the war (yes I admitted it) but I will not let that happen because she deserves more loveeee... *proceeds to write an entire essay*

Ok so *inhales deeply*
First of all, if you've ever seen this beautiful angel then you will notice immediately her gorgeous brown eyes that are so big and beautiful so you just can't stop looking into them.  Combine that with her amazing flowing hair and cute rosy cheeks that are squishy and amazing... her face is perfection. Period.  Plus she has like an incredible style and has so many pretty dresses that just make her even beautifuller and... I'm a bit jealous.  Her name literally means beautiful angel of heaven which couldn't be more correct <3!  She is so kind and everyone in our school loves her because of her amazing qualities and her twinkling laugh that just lights up the room and makes everyone else smile along with...

Laiba Azhar

Best person in the world

Also rlly smart

For my Bestie CreativeAngel <3

This poem goes out to an angel, 
One who is sweet and kind 
Who flips her hair so beautifully
And always speaks her mind.  

This angel is the rhyme queen-
Her words flow like water;
She has the biggest eyes
And is as cute as an otter.

But this angel does have one flaw;
She doesn't realize her true intelligence
(She may be smarter than us all).

CreativeAngel is her name; 
Perfection is her claim
She is the amazingest- 
Everyone else would say the same


Four One Hundreds

The first 100 is adrenaline.  
You're running on fear, 
Relying on the strength of your nerves
And the power of
Not thinking at all.

The first 100, you sprint.

The second 100 is thoughts.
Down the straightaway, 
You're in your head
And your head is in your heart-  
It's beating faster than you thought possible.

The second 100, you think.

The third 100 is pain.  
Pure agony,
As the lactic acid burns through your legs
And all you want to do
Is stop-

-but you can't.

So, the third 100, you endure.

The fourth 100 is hope.
Hope that carries you past the finish line
And hope that it will all be over,
Hope that gives you wings
And lights your feet on fire.

The fourth 100, you hope.


four hundred meter dash

it always happens like this, 
before a race-
your ears stop working;
all of the sounds mesh together
and your heart beats faster
than the speed of light.

you're terrified, because
although your ears are silent, 
your eyes are still seeing. 
seeing the track before you
and the hundreds of people in the stands, 
watching your every move. 

you're called up to the track;
lane 2, heat 7, 
and five of your opponents stand beside you.  
you swallow your fear,
prepare for the pain,
and wait for the sound of a single gunshot.

then you run. 

skrrt skrrt

yeet my feet
eat this wheat
skeet the beat
feat the heat
meat the treat
beet my bleat
delete the peat


a senator's dilemma

standing here 
on the senate floor
i feel ants
crawling in my stomach
and butterflies 
in my throat.  

99 faces stare up at me.  
(198 eyes
and approximately
30 bouncing knees).  

i want to scream, because 
the pressure is too much; I'm 
expected to have my s*** together-
but does anyone, really?

make the right decision
don't mess up
and most of all, 
don't let anyone
know you're struggling.  

i'm back in high school again.  


why do work when 
i can unleash my brain here,
instead of tying it up with
stoichiometry and 
foreign affairs and 
rational equations 
(all I know is that
it's an irrational use of my time)

i can just escape from all
the pressures of high school  
with Freddie Murphy and 
David Bowie, 
write about 
...anything, basically

can i just say something?

hi.  if you're reading this right now, i just want to tell you how amazing you are.  
amazing because of the way that your eyes crinkle up when you smile.
amazing because of your kindness, intelligence, and passion (and if you don't think you have any of those, think again).  
amazing because you are here. amazing because of the distance you've traveled to get here.  amazing because of your strength.
amazing because i've seen those scars on your heart, but still you've managed to heal them. amazing because of your determination to get through.
you are amazing.  you are beautiful.  and you are the best person you can ever be.  don't you ever, ever, let anyone tell you otherwise.

maybe they need to borrow some of your amazingness for a little while.


Poll!! Please Read :P

 I have created a poll regarding the way that we produce electricity on Earth.  I find this subject to be extremely intriguing and problematic, so I wanted to ask you all how you believe that energy should be produced because each one has its pros and cons.  So yeah! Please comment your thoughts below, I would appreciate it so much <3 I may republish this to get as many responses as possible. 

The options:​

  • Natural Gas 
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Hydro
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Nuclear 
  • Biomass/biofuels
  • Geothermal
  • Any other source that I forgot to mention and you feel is the best :)
Thank you so much for reading, and please comment which source you think is the best and we should continue to use.  You may also say multiple sources with their percentages ;) I am very interested to see what you all say!


unloved; there's
no end and
i’m hurting
my brain
pretending to be happy
or feel anything
rather than 
the feeling of
aloneness but i
never give in to
the pain. 

Water Drop


plip. plop.
The water spilled out from the fountain. It fell in an arc, splattering into the man's mouth and satisfying his dehydration.  He turned the fountain off and returned to the streets of Manhattan, unaware of the excess water that spilled out of the basin.
A single droplet silently hit the soft ground.  Instead of absorbing into the soil below it, the droplet bounced off blades of grass and made its way into the street.  It rolled down the sidewalk, avoiding the group of bicycling girls and the purposeful footsteps of men in fancy suits and shiny shoes.  It skidded past crying babies in strollers, people clothed in dirty rags, and smoke stacks that clouded its water.  It saw millions of cars, bright buildings, and tiny dogs in purses.  
"Where am I?" the droplet wondered.  It was a place of movement, urgency, and people rushing everywhere.  The droplet, in a rush to get away from the pounding footsteps...

Sinking Ships

Furrowed brows and 
chapped lips;

sweaty hands and 
sinking ships.  



Love's a Game #PlayTheGame

You watch as she flips her hair in a perfect arc.  Her lips purse in a flirtatious pout, but ease into a smile that only you identify as fake.  Her next moves are ever unpredictable, a roll of the dice.

Because for her, love's a game, and everyone's a player.    


The Game

 Your sigh echoes in the cold, dark room.  It reverberates off the object that lays in the center- a vintage game board.  
"Roll," your sister says monotonously, and you can tell that her eyes are already beginning to blacken.  She's giving in to the game.  
 With all of your willpower, you pick the dice up and drop them on the floor. They roll for a few seconds, then land on double sixes. You curse, a massive headache beginning to overcome your brain.  If only there was some way to overcome this torture of a game- death seemed the only answer, as you were bound to play the game for the rest of your lives.  
 Your brother rolls after you.  The game has been kinder to him, as he has more green tokens than both you and your sister combined.  He's also won a pink card to accompany and assist him throughout the rest game.  He rolls a three and a...

Why I Write

The Writer

I write to be heard without having to psysically utter a single word.  
I write to create the one droplet of change, and  
I write to send ripples of love and kindness throughout the world.

I write to express my feelings.
I write to connect with others and 
I write to not feel so alone.

I write to be happy. 
I write to make others happy.

I write, because
sometimes it's the only thing I can do.



There's a long silence. 
You can feel the air between your bodies, thick with unspoken thoughts and desires.  You sit there, staring out the window as cars whiz by.  You try to ignore his presence.  His eyes tickle the back of your neck, willing you to say something.  You'd rather wait in the silence, however awkward it may be. 
His breath is too loud.  You turn your head in annoyance, but quickly look back out the window as his mouth opens as if to say something.  He can deal with the quiet. After all, he'd let it come between you for too many years.  
He turns onto Winter's Avenue, brows furrowing.  You can tell he wants to say something, but you will him not to.  Instead, you reach your hand towards the radio and turn on your favorite station.  The sound of music fills the car.  It's your favorite song- which happens to be his, too.  
You suddenly remember one of...


I am 
a slump
I want
to dump
my brains 
and pains
and strains
and chains
the stew 
of my
this makes
no sense
give me
I have 
to go
but do
not show 
this to
your friends
I have 
no ends
and so
for now 
I am
a cow
That was 
a lie 



with her kind words
and ever-present smiles
that span for miles.

with her chocolate eyes
and flowing brown hair-
perfection so rare.  

she who is angelic and pure,
witty and smart,
and full of heart.  

 Stop being so flawless ((:


Unfortunate Her- Collab w/ CreativeAngel

She jumped in the cab and decided her fate.
She headed to the camp to meet her leader Cate.
It wasn’t dark outside, but she knew it was late.
She was addressed as a girl who must find her mate.
“Oh boy”, she thought, “this camp I will hate!”
She searched for her partner and was ready to rate.
But then- she fell- she’d slipped on a plate;
breaking her foot she couldn’t wait!
*sigh* she thought, “just great”.
A person came by to help but was holding a crate.
Inside, she noticed there was a lot of freight.
She realized in that split second she was the bait.
The person with the crate had a familiar gait...
And it was a kidnapper who possessed cruel as a trait.
He took her down a road that wasn’t very straight.
It turned out that he was her life date!



why is this still being allowed.  people are dying, people who have families and jobs and loved ones and LIVES.  and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE.  NOTHING AT ALL.  what is our government doing?? please explain to me I'm sorry I just had to get this out :'( :'( I shouldn't be afraid to walk outside. We shouldn't be scared of what's going to happen to our future generations.  This needs to change, or it's just going to keep happening.  won't they realize that??


There was once a world that was seemingly perfect.  
It allowed freedom, feedback, and friendship above all.  
The young citizens would go to this world to retreat, 
to retreat from the real world
and the horrors that resided there.
In this perfect world, 
they could express themselves. 
They could expand their talents
and become introduced to new ideas.
They found inspiration in this new world. 
They found hope and happiness.

The people of this world wanted to convey things, 
to take a little bit of the world that they had come from
and let it out in this new one.
So they poured their feelings into pieces of their own.
They put time and energy
into being themselves 
and preaching it to the others.

But this world had one flaw,
one that had been overlooked for so long
but had never been brought up.  
For there was restricted freedom.
Certain things could not be said. 
And the citizens thought-

Dear Society,

Dear Society, 
Please stop forcing us into boxes.  
Please understand
that we are all different, 
we all have our own opinions,
and no one 
is more correct than the other.  
It's getting a bit old
and childish, to be honest.  
Why can't we all just get along?

Dear Society, 
It shouldn't make any difference 
that some of us like the same sex
or that some us don't have sexual attractions at all.  
It shouldn't be such a huge deal
if someone was born
as a different gender than they feel
or if someone has a different skin color,
or race.

Dear Society,
We're all different.
But we're all human,
and no one should be judged
for their differences.
Because every single one of us beautiful.
Society, if you can't see that,
please put on your glasses
and see the world as it really is-
a world with the potential for
peace, love, and happiness.



Unstoppable #Howitfelt

Imagine you're about to go through an immense amount of physical pain.
(but you chose to, so that makes it easier)
You're standing in a huge group of people;
some of them friends, 
some of them strangers.
And they're all about to go through the same thing. 
You're nervous.
(all of your nerves stand on end)
You wait for the sound of a single gunshot-
you're alert, because 
you'll be left behind if you miss it.
It happens with a bang. 
(you don't miss it, thankfully)
Then you're moving.  
Your legs are pumping.
Your lungs fill with adrenaline. 
The wind blows in your face with the force of a thousand fans
(but it feels heavenly on your skin). 
And you've become a machine.
Everything and nothing happens.
The only thing you hear
is the sound of your own breath
and the whole world
cheering you on.
Yes, it hurts,
but you can't stop. 
You're running your heart out.
You won't...

~ Riley Noel ~

Today's shoutout goes to an extremely talented and kind Write the World writer named Riley NoelRiley Noel is continuously one of the most supportive people on this site (along with Luna Lemon).  Not only that, but she is a total WTW veteran with 204 pieces and a well-deserved 215 followers!  Her creativity and compassion never seems to end.  You can tell that she puts so much time and thought into every single one of her comments and peer reviews, and never leaves just a like on a piece.  Riley Noel overall makes the Write the World community brighter! :)
Because she has so many amazing pieces of varying styles and ideas, it's hard to pick just a few to display on this shoutout. I would 1,000% recommend reading 5 Beginnings (to fit the Five Beginnings prompt), Midnight Bus (an intriguing short story), and Persophone (a poem describing the goddess).  But if you finish those, please don't stop there...

Luna Lemon <3


Today I would like to bring your attention to a very special writer who goes by the alias of Luna Lemon.  She is not only a spectacular writer but an extremely supportive, kind, and caring person in general!  I can't even tell you how many comments that she has left on my pieces that have actually made me tear up because it's clear how much time and thought she puts into every single one of them.  I am sure that she likes every piece that she comes across, gives every writer the supportive and constructive feedback that they need in the comment section, and has at completed at least 100 peer reviews. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met :')
Luna Lemon's pieces are works of art on their own.  Her published work spans from short...


What would happen
if everyone in the world said one compliment
to one other person
every day
for the rest of their lives?
If everyone recycled, 
stopped using straws, 
cared about their actions
and how they might affect others.  

What would happen
if we ate less meat?
If we accepted everyone else
as they were-
including ourselves. 
If everyone gave a dollar, 
a single dollar, 
to a homeless person each week
or donated to a charity every month?

It'd be a much happier world
and a much cleaner Earth;
a planet with less problems 
and the ultimate rebirth.  



some people don't know what it's like, 
feeling as if you're invisible
to the human eye-
as if you stole Harry's cloak
of invisibility
and you can't take it off.

some people haven't felt that feeling, 
like how if you up and left this world
to go and find a better one,
nobody would notice.

it's the worst feeling you could possibly feel.  

some people wish
for the power of invisibility,
but they don't realize 
that it's entirely possible.  

I think I'm drowning in it.  


:) - HI - (:

Hello there...
  Wow, it's been a while.  Nearly two weeks.  I've missed you all so much, and now I have literal (not really) BUCKETLOADS of inspiration!!! I'm so happy to be back :)
 While I was gone, I noticed something so amazingly splindiferous that I really and truly couldn't believe it. Because GUYS.  

YOU GOT ME TO ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even tell you how happy this made me :).  I never thought I would even get twenty.  AH.  AAHH.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! THANK YOU <3 <3 <3.  I give you my endless thanks.   

I was actually thinking about it for a while, and I decided that the best way to thank you guys was to write a shoutout in the footnotes promoting your amazing pieces.  Sort of like what I did with Shoutout Saturday.  Hopefully this works out, but here I have listed all of your usernames in thanks again :)

Kaitlyn ❄
Sydni Whitfield
sinterspinel ...


Bloody Murder

A flock of crows is known as a murder.  That's why I screamed bloody murder when the stupid birds flew over my head while my crush was watching.  It definitely wasn't because I'm deathly terrified of them...


Write the World <3

A world of wonder on my screen-
Buttons of purple, black, and green.  
Words are many, math is few
And friendly writers, old and new.  

So many prompts I must try out;
That's what this website is all about.
Everyone here is so very kind
Would you look at that? I just rhymed...

With keyboards as our swords
And our brains at the reins, 

We are the generation unfurled.

This is Write the World.


My School Year, in a Nutshell! (read footnotes)

1 teenage girl
2 wonderful librarians
3 National History Day awards
4 quarters of straight A's
5 new friends <3
6 days left...
7 Hershey rollercoasters
8 ways I've changed 
9 tears spilled
10 different teachers


93 AMAZING FOLLOWERS!!! <3 <3 <# (waffle heart) :D :D :D :D

~thank you all so so very much~

Pure World

I was born into a pure world. 
I knew nothing of technology,
Words that could take the form of knives, 
Or that people could be shamed 
Just because of the color of their skin.  

I never knew that it wasn't acceptable
(In the eyes of society)
To like another person of your gender.  
I thought that people could be whoever they wanted.

I was born into a pure world, 
But my eyes have seen things.

And I know that this world 
Is no longer pure.  


The Rabbit Hole

I feel all hope
Leave my soul;
Now I'm
                             the rabbit

Updates and Thank Yous <3

... hello
 I'd like to begin this piece with a bit of a sentimental vibe. First of all, I have to thank everyone here- every single beautiful, kind, smart, wonderful person here at Write the World.  You all are just so amazingly awesome <3.  I can't tell you how good it feels to see even on notification when I log in.  Last week was a really bad week for me and I ended some days crying (to some of you who go to my school and know me, this is true although you might never guess it).  When I came into school one day, I had literally 26 notifications. This made me the most happy I'd been in a really long time. I really can't thank any of you enough for this.  I appreciate all of you so much... and yes, I am starting to tear up.  I can't thank you enough.  Ahhhhh <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3...

I Am

I am from long, black eyelashes that frame my eyes in a dark border,
I am from the fluttering wings of a Monarch butterfly and the flowing mane of a gypsy horse.
From “be modest, and never take a compliment” chaining me to the ground and the mouth of society forcing me into a box.
I am from a small town, where growing up is a reality.
I am from parking lots and playgrounds,
“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset”. 
I am from thick, brown eyebrows, 
From my dad’s intelligence, my mom’s spunk, and the kisses I catch from my grandmother. 
I am from building zip lines and treehouses in my backyard
And screaming at the top of the tallest rollercoaster.
I am from Goodnight Moon
And the chewed-up spines of good books.
I am from spring Easter egg hunts
And singing carols around the Christmas tree.
I am from Maryland, but also...


When I was born, my wings were tucked behind me.
I decided to keep them that way-
Hidden from view;
Hidden from judgement;
Hidden from people like you.
But still, you scorned me.
I protected my wings 
From you-
You and your hateful words.

I suppose that yesterday was the breaking point. 
You pushed me to the edge,
So I fell.
My wings unfolded.
Like a snail coming out of my shell, 
I emerged from the cocoon that had long held me.  
I remember the look on your face.

Because guess what?

I was beautiful.  

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life 
You were only waiting for this moment to arise."

- John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Would You Rather?

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooo I'm back
I've created seven awesome Would you Rather questions about the best thing in the world...
...aka writing :P 
And I'd love if you guys could comment your responses!!! :D :D :D

1. Would you rather have a million dollars or a million readers?

2. Would you rather have a cup of tea or drink coffee while writing (just to get your creative juices flowing)?

3. Would you rather write an entire chapter without using the letter "E" or without using any punctuation?

4. Would you rather write all of the books in the world or read all the books in the world?

5. Would you rather write an entire book or illustrate an entire book?

6. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

7. Would you rather read the Hunger Games trilogy or the Divergent trilogy?

Were they difficult? #3 would kill me haha

The Limerick

Tales from the Life of Frog the Hog

There once was a hog named Frog
Who lived in a very strange bog
He looked into a mirror 
And saw with great fear
That in reality, he was actually a dog!


Child Narrator

The Sun's Voice

When I was younger, the sun spoke to me.
Its voice was smooth and creamy, so much so that I could almost taste the flavor of Nutella in my mouth. It spoke to me in whispers.  Sometimes I thought that the sun's voice was just made up, a way for my brain to cope with the death of my brother, but then the voice returned and told me that my disbelief was false. I believed it.
I remember that the sun would order me around. I would always obey, because I didn't know any better.
"Little boy, go fetch the water pail and pour the water on that ant hole. The ants told me they were thirsty,"
So I did, and got a whipping from my father for drowning the poor insects.
"Little boy, grab that paint and spread it on the house. It told me it wanted more color,"
So I did, and sat in the time-out chair for...

A Pitcher's Thoughts

flick your wrist hard
look at the catcher
don't throw the ball too high-
or too low, either
turn your hips fast
point your glove out
step far forward 
stand straight up
don't overstep
open and close

be fast
don't hit the batter; 

but don't throw the ball too far outside
watch the runner on third
watch stealing

full count
throw strikes
your team depends on you
everything must be perfect
don't bend your knees
grip the ball correctly
snap your wrist
let go of the ball exactly at your hips
don't listen to the other team
be small, then explode
don’t bend your back
and most of all,
everyone's watching you.
so don't. 


I don't know if any of you have heard of National History Day, but for school my friends and I made a huge project for it (on the My Lai Massacre) and decided to compete with it.  We won the County competition on March 17th, and yesterday we competed in the States Competition and WE WON AGAIN!!! Our project won first in the whole state of (I'm not telling you where I live).  We also won the Barry A. Lanman Award for Oral History Excellence :) :).  So yeah next we're going to Nationals, where we'll compete against people from all over the United States.  I CAN"T BELIEVE IT SORRY I"M JUST SO EXCITED AND SHOCKED AHHH
But I'm not kidding, we must have put at least 200 hours into that project and it kind of started a feud between two of my friends so it would have been sad if we didn't win anything.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sorry NATIONALS

Pencil Shavings

Alisson Mitchell’s legs felt like jelly as she walked towards her new classroom.  She had moved to the city of Shenigaini a few days ago, and it was her first day of school at the new town.
  The first thing Alisson noticed as she neared the classroom was the sound of a pencil sharpener coming from within the room. The sound never stopped, even after a few minutes had passed.  Alisson brushed it off as a wild figment of her imagination, but she shortened her strides in an attempt to delay her arrival in the room. She dreaded the moment when all eyes would be on her.
  The grinding, harsh sound of the pencil sharpener grew louder, and soon Alisson found herself standing underneath the doorway leading into the classroom.  The room was eerily silent other than the sound of the machine.  Surprisingly, none of the students noticed Alisson.  Their backs were facing her, and they were hunched...


Hey guys, I have a huge announcement to make!!
So I've been collecting 10 pieces from different Write the World members that I loved and thought didn't have enough recognition.  I posted these 10 pieces on my blog (just to get the pieces more "out there").  I would love it if you guys went and checked these pieces out, because they are all amazing and they all deserve more likes and followers.  PLEASE, I beg you!! The link to the post is  Thank you guys, and have a wonderful day!! 

Truth Serum

I wish there was a potion created for truth
That for genuine facts it would sleuth
And I could promise my friends that I speak in sooth.  

I'd drink this truth serum, constraint my mind
I'd tell them they were pretty, smart, and kind.
And they'd believe me, truth and passion combined.  

But no such potion has been created-
And so trust only we have been fated.  
You all deserve true complements, long belated.  

So, dear friends, I beg you so-
Please, discontinue your tales of woe.  

I am speaking the truth, so hear me out-
You all are beautiful, intelligent, inside and out.  



 I stare at myself in the mirror, admiring the perfection my parents created. My huge eyes, full lips, and long, flowing brown hair were some of their most proud achievements.  My appearance was the perfect combination of both my mother and father, which made it all the more realistic and believable.  
 I then brush a small amount of mascara onto my eyelashes, taking care to apply it flawlessly.  Since today's a working day, I tie my hair into a messy bun.  I slide an extra hairband on my wrist and walk back into my bedroom.
 An array of stuffed animals sits on my bed, a reminder of my childhood and the innocence I once had.  I turn to my dresser and decide to wear a blue crop top and ripped jeans as my outfit for the day.  
 "Alyysa," my mother yells from downstairs.  Every day, like clockwork, she calls me down for breakfast to make sure I'm not using my...

25 Words

Unadulterated Valor

I approach him and feel my stomach drop.  My eyes take in those adorable freckles, that caramel-colored hair... summoning all courage, I open my mouth.

Place Poem

My Junk Drawer

Countless bookmarks kept only as motivation
to stop dog-earing pages (I'm a horrible human being)
An old journal that was used to collect secrets,
but was exiled to collect dust
Multiple chapsticks
that have long past their expiration date,
a chocolate bar wrapper,
more chapstick and bookmarks 


Devil's Debate

"You just can't write", says the devil
Who sits on my shoulder and scowls.
I feel inclined to oblige with this.
"You don't have any inspiration."
"There is absolutely no time."
"Writing'll get you nowhere in life."
So I listen to the devil,
And my lead pencil tip stays long.

"What're you doing?" says the angel,
Floating above my collarbone.
I ask myself the same question.
"You're obviously unhappy,
And writing is your medicine.
Please, do yourself a big favor."
So I agree with the angel
And my heart takes the reins.




a splash of yellow,
surrounding a golden orb
angelic in form.

then a bright orange,
the beautiful fantasy
so dear to our hearts.

and finally, red
with so many "oohs" and ahhs"
the grand finale.

Apollo's mission 
is never done;
we watch the sky 
and the rising sun.  


Opened_Mind (SS)

Opened_Mind is a writer whose short stories never fail to amaze me.  They're always so creative, interesting, and straight from the heart.  Her writing is so unique and special, so the days when she publishes a piece are immediately turned better :).  Not to mention, her profile picture is awesome!! I really urge you to go check out her profile and pieces, because they are truly amazing (and I'm a very trustworthy person)!  

Some recommendable pieces: 
Boxed Up
Over the Cracks
Not Anything Special (not anymore)

What are you waiting for?

BlueWriter (SS)

 BlueWriter is an amazing storyteller with the ability to engage readers without even trying.  At the moment, she's continuing to write various series that deserve much more recognition- read Schedule! ..... (Did I spell that right??).  She also recently reached 100 followers, which is impressive, but she should have many more based on the quality of her works (hint, hint... go follow BlueWriter if you're not already!).  Again, BlueWriter is a spectacular writer and if you're reading this, go check out her profile and pieces!!

Some really awesome pieces:
Blinking Story (Please Read)
The Amazon Poem~A Contribution To Greek Mythology
Q: What Is Refuge?

And the pieces provided above aren't even including the enthralling series I mentioned before.  Be sure to read those, too, because they should be made into actual books!  

A Nose and Baby Toes- read footnotes :)

In the hospital room 
There was a great dispute
Over a baby girl
Who looked quite cute.

"Her name should be Carly,"
The proud father said, 
But her mother disagreed
While laying in bed.

"No, Camryn's better,"
The woman argued back, 
"For it's much prettier 
Than that silly quack,"

And to this the dad replied,
"Do you know what 'Camryn' means?"
Crooked nose, how embarrassing, 
She's got better genes!"

So the mother used pathos 
To get her way.
She cried and protested-
Still, the baby didn't get a say.

In the end, the mother won
And the father was mad
"You can name the next one," said his wife,
And they both were quite glad.

FairNoble (SS)

In addition to being one of the greatest writers of all time, FairNoble is also my greatest chuckaboo.  Some words/phrases to describe her would be as follows: bricky, the jammiest bits of jam, a little butter upon bacon, and she can often be a church bell. It was FairNoble who introduced me to this amazing website and changed my life for the better, so I'd like to thank her especially for that <3 

Some pieces that I would really recommend for you to check out:
Jacqueline Kennedy's Travesty
Freedom of Press and Today's Society
Celestial Dreams
My New Favorite Song (I'm sorry I had to)

And if you're bored or are procrastinating school like me, go to the blog that FairNoble and I are writing together at  If you want to see what famous writer you are, go check out take the quiz (I'm a strange mix of Edgar Allan Poe and Dr. Suess).  Remember to...

Red Writer (SS)

What can I say about RedWriter?  In addition to being kind and helpful to other writers (he/she written so many reviews), RedWriter is an amazing writer. Their short stories are wonderfully crafted and should be published into actual books (I'm being serious). I would absolutely recommend going over to their profile and checking out those pieces (and while you're there, why don't you follow them? I need to stop putting things in parenthesis (random I'm sorry))    

Some great pieces are...
Finally, Finally! (more parenthesis, but this one is really really cool and deserves more recognition because every line is exactly eight syllables!  That's some talent)
A Memory He Never Had
It's alright



Tiny pieces of soul puncturing
Earth's core
And f a l l i n g like
Dense little
Rays of emotion- the
Ocean's jealous, they're           
Producing waves of 
Salty sadness.


i've never told you
that your words are like fists.
they hit me like bullets
b r u i s i n g 
my skin.  



i've never told you
how much the bruises hurt-
so much that death
is a better option 
than living.



i've never told you
that i don't want to be friends 
because friends 
don't hurt friends.

they don't roll their eyes.

they don't judge.

they don't throw punches.  

so if i ever do tell you these things,
please choose your words carefully.
they hurt more than you could ever imagine.


The Five Stages of Writer's Block and How to Defeat Them

The dreaded writer's block- a writer's worst enemy.  Often, it can take days, weeks, even months, to get over that big wall blocking the writer from finding inspiration and motivation.  These are the five biggest stages leading up to the writer's victory and the defeat of his/her block.   

  1. Denial
"I just haven't had enough time to write.  I don't have writer's block; when I have the time, I'll be able to start writing again." 

Believe it or not, the biggest step to getting over writer's block is realizing you have it.  Writers will stop writing for longer than usual and lose inspiration, denying that they have writer's block.  The sooner you identify that you have writer's block, the sooner you can get over it and start writing again.

​​    2.  Anger
"Why can't I think of anything to write?  Writing is supposed to be fun, but I'm here staring at a blank computer screen.  If I can't think of anything I'm going to quit or throw...

Kaitlyn ❄ (SS)

Kaitlyn ❄  is probably the most inspirational writers for me on this website.  In addition to being an absolutely amazing writer, she's extremely supportive, kind, and creative.  More often than not, I'm left in awe of her pieces and kindness on this site :) Kaitlyn was my third follower, and I've never forgotten that because she made me feel like I was worth something.  To avoid this getting too sappy, I'll sum everything up: go check out Kaitlyn ❄ 's pieces and profile!! It's 100% worth it ;)

Some really marvelous pieces:


You think it's a make-believe world. 
You think it's okay to play pretend.

You think that you're the ruler
Of this make-believe world. 
You think that others believe you 
When you feign kindness.

But this world is not make-believe
And you're not fooling anyone.
You're the only thing that's fake here.

You pretend to be nice to me
You pretend to feel sorry for me 
But there's no reason why you should.  

Because you should feel sorry for yourself
To be living in this make-believe world
Where you're the make-believe queen 
And nothing else is real.

Paperbird (SS)

Paperbird is an AMAZING writer who inspires me so much every time I read their writing.  He/she really deserves more recognition, so if you're reading this right now, GO CHECK OUT THEIR PROFILE AND PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some extra-special pieces that I recommend are SnowMy Favorite Lines from Harry Potter (ok this one is AMAZING), Turning, and Just. What are you waiting for- go click on the links!!!!!!!!!!! ~also, special thanks to Kaitlyn ❄  , Gabriel Goodwin, and Glytch Montoya for actually showing me how to do this cool link thingy! :D :D



I feel my lungs burn, a fire starting in my stomach that threatens to swallow me whole. 
Lap fifty-seven, the announcer says.
I need to keep going.
I need to keep going.

My legs are no longer a part of me; I can't feel anything.  I'm a machine who can't be stopped.
Lap fifty-eight
I need to keep going.
I need to keep going.

I can't breathe.  
I can't feel.
I can't stop.
Because my legs keep running
And my heart keeps thumping
And my lungs keep burning

And I'm so alive...

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

The Darkness

Dear Diary,
I was fourteen when I first noticed the darkness.
The darkness wasn't overly noticeable- to me, it simply looked like small patches of blackish grey.  Anyone could have mistaken the darkness for dirt or grime. 
When I asked my mom to clean the patches, she looked at me like I was crazy and scolded me for telling lies.  That was the first time I realized that I was the only one who could see the darkness.  And when I tried to clean it myself, it wouldn't come off.  
I'm fifteen now. The darkness is starting to take over my house- the only place I've ever seen it- and there are at least 30 splotches in every room.  They cover up paintings, pictures, and walls, turning them cold and black as night.  I've gotten better at ignoring the darkness, but every day it spreads more.  

"Hollie! Dinner!"  my mother shouts, interrupting me from documenting my day in my new diary.  My...

LyraLynne (SS)

If you are on this site right now reading this shoutout, then you need to go check out LyraLynne's profile and pieces IMMEDIATELY!!!! I absolutely love reading her short stories- they're written so well and she has a way of transporting the reader to the setting that she creates.  I promise you, it's 100% worth it to go read those stories and give them a like! ;)

LyraLynne was also my very first follower, so I'd like to thank her specifically for that. She was the one who gave me confidence and support at first to keep writing :) I think that she started Write the World around the same time that I did, so it was nice having someone else to learn from.  So again, thank you LyraLynne!  

Penny for your thoughts?
The Monster in Me 
Our Past, Our Future, and Us

(I'm sorry I don't know how to make a link- just type them in...

Love in 13 Words

Without You

Because without you
with me,
I am nothing. 

Nothing at all.

<3 <3

Day Five: My Personality!

I am:

  • very shy, but I'm really starting to improve.
  • very, very competitive!!  
  • dedicated
  • kind of annoying, probably, mostly towards Amanda and my brothers 
  • trustworthy 
  • intelligent 
  • kind
  • I have no common sense xD
  • a little bit crazy 
  • that's all I can think of 
I'm going to ask my friends who sit at my table to describe me in one word. So here is what they said...

Amanda: Hard-working
Lauren: Over-achiever
Laiba (CreativeAngel): Worrier
Ellie: Skillful, energetic

I'm kind of mad at CreativeAngel right now because that's not a positive character trait.  But its kind of true...

Write Something

"Write something," she said,
But there's nothing in my head.
I could write about a bonnet,
Or maybe a sonnet-
But a word rhymes
Only so many times.
I should take a break
Stop trying to stay awake
Because I'll never 
Be so clever
As to think of something to write.


Day Three- Ranting About Anything in Particular (LASL)

Hiiii yay I've actually been anticipating this one ever since Georgia created it... so without any further ado (no, I don't know what ado means... *looks it up* interesting.) let's get on to the video!  I mean rant!  :D

  1. First, I absolutely hate when teachers call on me when my hand isn't even up.  I mean, there is a reason why some people in the room are raising their hands- it's because they know the answer.  But, if I don't have my hand up, it means that I do not have any idea what the answer of your question is, and there is no point in calling on me.  Unless you want to embarrass me by bringing it to the attention of my other classmates that I don't know the answer to your question.  Which is a very rude and immature thing to do.  You know who you are, teachers >:(
  2. For some reason that's all I can think about...

Day Two- Five Items of Clothing I Wear a Lot (LASL)

DIslaimer: I have a terrible sense of style; I try to wear cool stuff but honestly it's not working.  It's mostly because nothing looks good on me and I hate shopping. 

  1. ​As said in my little biography thingy magiggie, I'm obsessed with wearing sweatshirts.  I'm trying to cut my "sweatshirt day" to once a week, but sweatshirts are so comfortable and easy and I loovee them :D.  Currently I own three different sweatshirts, but two of them have a lot of paint on them because I also love painting (sidenote: maybe I should stop wearing sweatshirts when I paint...).  Also they are all blue, because that is my favorite color. :)          
  2. Leggings.  They're comfortable.  'Nuff said.
  3. This isn't a specific item of clothing, but most of my shirts are really long (between my knees and hips).  They definitely aren't very stylish and I probably look like a blob, but again, they're made of this really comfortable material...

Day One- What I Look Like, Appearance Wise, Clothes Not Included ;)

  • I have long, brown, straight hair that is supposedly very soft and people love to touch it which is kind of annoying but kind of nice at the same time and wow this is a run-on sentence I'll stop sorry.
  • My eyes are hazel, and people tell me that they're really big but I don't find them to be so.  My eyelashes are kind of normal sized, but they aren't very thick because I have... *takes a deep breath* trichotillomania.  Ugh. 
  • Just today, someone in my band class said that my nose is very curvy, and I'm not sure if that's a complement or not... but I'll take it. My name also means "crooked nose" so.. yeah.  I don't like my nose very much. 
  • My lips are... lips.  I'm not really sure how to describe them.  But they're 24/7 chapped which is annoying.
  • As mentioned in one of my previous pieces, I have pretty bushy eyebrows that I'm pretty insecure about but...

When You See Me

When you look at me,
Ignore my bushy eyebrows
That turn into a slight unibrow
Over the bridge of my nose-
My family doesn't have the time or money to get it waxed. 

When you see me, 
Don't comment on my faint mustache
Because girls aren't supposed to have any hair
On their upper lips.
Who cares, anyway?

When I wear a tank top,
Don't bully me about
My furry, unshaved arms;
If I did shave them, 
It would look stupid.

When you try to find any imperfection 
On my body,
I'll laugh at you.
Because my appearance doesn't matter.
It's what's inside that counts.

And clearly,
Your insides
Are uglier than my outsides.



For the first time, 
We ran down the broken sidewalks.
I fell; my short legs 
Too short to keep up.
But you helped me.
We passed the library 
And our breaths synchronized. 

For the tenth time, 
We ran down the cracked sidewalks.
I was stronger now.
My pace matched yours.
You didn't need to help me.
We passed the library
And continued to run.

For the twentieth time, 
We ran down the sidewalks.
They were no longer broken,
For construction workers had fixed them.
Our feet landed on even ground
As we passed the library 
And our breathing was together.

For the thirtieth time, 
We ran down the worn sidewalks.
Your breaths grew shorter
And you fell behind.  
As we passed the library
You collapsed. 

At the funeral,
I wished that our feet
Would pound on those sidewalks once more.
Because you were there to help me
But I couldn't help you. 



Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii This is a HUGE SHOUTOUT to STE11AR!! 
If you haven't seen her pieces, you need. to check. them out. right. nowww.  Because they are crazy good and she really doesn't get enough credit for them.  For examplee: she's writing this really, really amazing series called "Once Upon a Time", which has 15 chapter so far.  It's exciting, creative, enthralling, and should be an actual book.  So PLEASE, if you have any time, go check out ste11ar's profile and her pieces! You will not regret it! ;)  


A feeling of dread
Runs through my head.
But I keep
It all inside-
Nothing to hide. 
I try to sleep at night
But my head
Turns toward the time
Stop trying to rhyme
Please stop
I'm going to flop
Spin like a top
is silent.

In Motion


At 2, 
We danced  to the music.
My short body 
Connected to yours.
We were happy.
We were carefree.
The music swept us up
In a wave of laughter.

At 4, 
We welcomed my brother 
Brought to life by your body. 
He cried.
We smiled.
We were a big, 
Happy family.
Loving, and loved.

At 6,
We parted for the first time. 
I went to kindergarten.
You stayed home
Cooking and cleaning.
I missed you.
You missed me.
But we stayed in each other's hearts.

At 8, 
You cried.  
The doctors had found an immune reaction
Hiding in your body.
But we all knew 
That you'd be okay.
You're the strongest person I know.

At 10,
We celebrated 
That I had lived a decade.
We danced to the music 
And stayed up all night. 
I loved life;
So did you.
We were happy.

At 12, 
I prepared for the teenage years.
I thought that we'd grow apart; 
But that's impossible.  ...


Pounces quietly on its prey, like
A sudden lightning bolt before the storm.
No one ever knows what
They're thinking about, they're a 
Halfway-locked book
Even under pressure, there's no self-doubt.
Real versions of themselves are never seen.

Dear Brother

Dear Brother,
Do you remember 
When we played
Outside in the woods?
When you and I 
Loved each other.  
When I and you
Were happy.

Of course,
That was before 
The computer stole you away.

Not a day goes by 
Where I don't hear you
Cursing at the screen.
Your poor fingers 
Jamming into the keyboard.
Your head
Filled with anger 
And violence.

Dear Brother,
Do you see how much you've changed?
How much it hurts us?
Dear Brother, 
I want you back.

To: CreativeAngel, My Best Friend

Hiiiiiiiii CreativeAngel- your name says it all.  You're one of the the most creative people I know, and all of your pieces are AMAZING and so fun to read.  You're sooo good at poems and stories and everything to do with words.  I would say you're like Fezzik ;) with your AMAZING rhyming skillz but you're like 1,000,000,000,0000,00000000 times smarter than him (sidenote: EVERYONE GO FOLLOW CREATIVEANGEL BECAUSE YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT IF YOU'RE NOT).  You're an angel, too- you're so kind and giving and selfless. I actually think that you are from heaven... when I see you next I'll check for wings ;).  You have the biggest brown eyes ever and your hair is so long and beautiful. Even though we just became friends like... this year?  I feel like we've been friends for so much longer.  I'm so glad that I have you in my classes because you're so fun and happy and AWESOME!  To be honest,...

20 Facts About Me Because I'm Bored And This Is Fun :)

Yay!  I noticed that a lot of other people were doing this so I thought, why not?  I doubt anyone will read this but oh whale...

1. I have two younger brothers
2. I'm a hard-core Ravenclaw <3 
3. I play two sports- softball and soccer
4. I lovveee World Cultures and don't like math. At all. 
5. I have one dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Pepper.
6. I use an app called Video Star to film and edit; it's actually pretty professional even though some people might think that I'm "too old" to use it.
7. I'm thirteen
8. I used to have really thin brown hair and now it's getting really thick all of a sudden :(
9. My eyes are hazel
10. Shoutout to CreativeAngel, FairNoble (who introduced me to this amazing site), Nikkie Lubbit, MagicMoon, and Mschuma17 :)
11. I love Stranger Things and my favorite character is Will... I'm not really sure why AHH...


At 2, 
We danced to the music.
My short body
Connected to yours. 
We were happy.
We were carefree.
The music swept us up
In a wave of laughter.

At 4,
We welcomed my brother
Brought to life by your body.
He cried. 
We smiled.
We were a big,
Happy family.
Loving, and loved.

At 6, 
We parted for the first time.
I went to kindergarten. 
You stayed home
Cooking and cleaning.
I missed you.
You missed me. 
But we stayed in each other's hearts.

At 10, 
We celebrated 
That I had lived a decade.
We danced to the music
And stayed up all night.
I loved life;
So did you. 
We were happy.

At 14, 
I found you
Crying on the floor.
You had crumbled under
The weight of the world.
I cried with you.
We were together.
And we will be, 


Intentions and Invocations


She opened her eyes.
A shining ball of yellow sparkles hovered in front of her.
She should have been blinded,
But her eyes welcomed it. 
The ball emitted glory.
It was playful and happy. 
It jumped around and spun through the air. 
It lightened her soul and freed her mind.
Even though the hospital room was full of despair, 
The ball brightened even the darkest parts.  
The girl smiled.

She had found hope.


Little Miss Muffet

A boy stands under the tree, his back leaning easily against it. He swiftly grabs an apple from its branches and takes a bite.  Judging from the satisfying sound that it makes, it's perfectly ripe.
But now is not the time to get distracted by apples.
I study the boy, his behavior, his health.  He has beautifully rosy skin and a head of curly brown hair- delicious. But my appetite vanishes when he throws the apple core on the ground without bothering to finish it off. 
This boy is too stupid to die.
My attention redirects to Miss Muffet, who's sitting on her tuffet. Of all things, she's eating curds and whey- even though she has delicious apples right within her reach!  Sometimes the stupidity of humans amazes me. But little Miss Muffet, unfortunately for her, is my only option. 
I deftly swing down beside her and start to crawl up the clothed part of her leg. Reaching her shirt,...

Ten Words to You

Winter Wonderland

Skating on sidewalks,
Icicles and big snowflakes 
Winter is present


Sea Turtle

Slice across water
Easily, like
A knife.

The ocean is
Under their control; they're 
Tiled backs and
Lots of bling-
Emperors of the sea.




Open Prompt


It's the second half,
And 25 minutes 
The score;
You're winning.
But you're in goal.
In fear.
In doubt.

The dark thoughts have overtaken you.



There's a pimple growing on my skin.
A big, red bump
that's hard to conceal. 
I try to treat it,
Ignore it
But it's always there
Right under my nose
Growing bigger
And bigger.
A constant reminder 
of adolescence
And a painful bruise 
Smooth to the touch.

Signing Off

Best Friends Forever

Dear BFF,
    Remember more than 12 years ago, when we met at the library at only 6 months old?  Since we've been friends for this long, I thought that we would be able to stay together for the rest of our lives.  But things have changed. Things have... gotten in the way.
  We used to celebrate every New Year's Eve together at my house.  My mom would hang a bag of confetti on the ceiling, which we would pull down when the new year began.  But you've recently been going to your relatives' house instead, and I'm stuck at home by myself listening to my parents singing "We Will Rock You" with their friends. 
    After preschool, it was hard to stay friends.  You and I went to different elementary schools, which led us to have nothing in common. I never shared secrets with you- the dirty ones, about crushes and gossipy things. It seemed like...

On the Last Day of the World

The Last Day

On the last day of the world
I'd sing to the skies-
Watch as the heavens uncurled 
And my spirits rise.

On my last day on Earth
I'd learn how to live;
Remember my birth
And begin to forgive.

On our last day alive
We'll laugh and play
Never trying to survive-
We had fun, anyway.

Even if the world ends, 
I know that we will still be friends.



Cannot be contained. 
Their little fish bodies flip and flither
Splashing water-
Disturbing the currents.

The color of champions. 
The color of grandeur-
It stains their backs 
And brands their souls.  

The fish of gold
Cannot be tamed
Cannot be contained


How to Plant a Kiss

Warning:  Kisses can be very dangerous.  Proceed with extreme caution, and keep your feelings unharmed.  Kiss Plants are meant to be given- choose who will receive them carefully.

Step One: Obtain a Seed

You'll get a seed if you start to have strong feelings for someone, someone you feel comfortable with.  You may not know if they want the kiss (but it's worth a shot!).  A kiss seed is pinkish-red, and shaped like an almond. It's about the size of your mouth.  

Step Two: Nourish the Seed
Before your seed is planted, it needs energy.  In order to nourish the seed, you need to confront your crush.  Ask them for a favor or even ask them on a date (if you're feeling courageous).  It can be as simple as saying "hi" to them in passing.  A seed that has not been nourished will not grow properly.  

Step Three:  Plant the Seed
This step is by far the most difficult and...



The act of having an unacceptable feeling in the view of society.  

Origin: Latin 

Ex. After his childhood bully passed away, Joseph became filled with malfectus. On the outside, he wore black and a sad face, while on the inside he was teeming with joy.  

Express Yourself

I keep my thoughts inside my head
And hold them till I go to bed.
My friends all think that I'm depressed;
I try to think just like the rest.
My conscience, thin as strings of thread

So to my brain I tried and plead
To please say what has gone unsaid.
I thought this was the utmost best
"Express yourself."

I keep it all inside instead
My mind, a heavy block of lead
And myself I really did detest
My feelings I tried to compress
"You will be fine," my mother said,
"Express yourself."


I watch.
It's a bright, sunny day.  
My past, younger self
runs out of the car to play.

I watch.  
The living room
smells like home-
but not my home.

I watch. 
In her basement,
we laugh and scream
innocent and naive.

I watch.  
The old house,
crumbling with age 
until they move away.

I watch.  
It's a bright, sunny day.
My past, younger self
runs out of the car to play. 

But my best friend,
my only friend,
wasn't able to stay.  

The Art of Specificity

Spoiled Ice Cream

1.  The melted ice cream sits on my desk.  

2.  The once-frozen, delicious treat continues to melt in its bowl on my desk as I feverishly type on my computer.  

3.  The forgotten, creamy peppermint-flavored dessert melts in its blue bowl as I write hurriedly on my over-used computer.  Without my noticing, the hot fumes from the computer heat up the ice-cream, turning it into a gooey liquid.  I sigh and type even faster- trying to get the words out of my head before they're lost. 

The Elephant

In the desert, you don't usually find elephants, but when you're lost, you hallucinate. 
My leg hurt. My mind and body were both tired beyond comprehension. And I had no idea where I was. I took one more step into the grainy, yellow sand, and my leg gave out. I gasped in pain. 
I wanted to die. 
Suddenly, a huge figure caught the edge of my blurry vision. 
Slowly, with as much energy as I could muster, I turned my head towards the shape. My vision cleared and I saw the impossible- a gigantic elephant, standing in the middle of the desert. It began walking towards me, but I still couldn't move. Eventually, it came so close that its next step would have crushed me. My brain was so water-drained, so tired, that I didn't fully register when the beast's trunk reached down and carefully scooped me up. I was placed on its back, my arms and legs completely spread...