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Was born in a small US town and has always loved reading and writing. Was inspired by JK Rowling to start writing. Was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and went through chemotherapy in 2015. All is good now. Loves fall and winter and their holidays.

Message from Writer

I follow everyone, no matter what. If you show up on my dashboard or in my notifications, I'll follow you and check out your profile if I haven't already. :)

Quotes to remember:
“The sky’s only the limit if you don’t believe you can make it to the stars.” -Me

"Everyone is an independent snowflake so get over it." -Me

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." -C.S. Lewis

My writing blog is lyralynnewriting.weebly.com if you want to go check that out. :)

Published Work

Film Review Competition 2019

The Ocean and its Moon: A Review of Call Me By Your Name

    The power of the ocean wave is undeniable. The crashing on the shore, the draw back into the deep. Of course, what would the tide be without the moon to guide it? Call Me By Your Name, from director Luca Guadagnino is a masterpiece of a story about an ocean and its moon. With phenomenal actors providing heartwrenching, impeccable performances, this romance is not one you're likely to forget. 
    Transitions and symbolism are enormous in this laid-back story about the struggles of desire and attraction. Elio (Timothée Chalamet), an American-Italian teenager is staying with his parents in their summer home in Italy. When his parents take in an American exchange student, Oliver (Armie Hammer), for the summer, Elio finds that maybe the world isn't as laid-back as it seems.
    The tidal wave of their relationship begins with annoyance and amusement, moves to unspoken attraction, then shifts back and forth from gentle touches to fierce desire....

Daily Writing Progress

So, some of you probably know (if you don't, click here https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/80702/version/186777) that I have been aspiring to publish at least one piece a day and do at least one review a day. I believe that I am doing well on that promise. However, I have to say that I am not going to be publishing a piece today or for the foreseeable future. Currently, I am working on a bigger project that I hope to have the first chapter of out by the end of the month. I will have more details on that coming soon, but I just wanted to let you know, and to ask once again for suggestions of pieces to review. I will continue doing the daily reviews so if you want me to review something of yours, please comment below and I will try to get to it as soon as I can! Thanks guys!

Tiny Love Story


    Timeless. The bliss of a summer day. A warm light upon your face as the sun rises after the darkness. Memories passing across your eyes, staring at the stars with him beside you, snoring softly. A distant cold as the joyous feeling pushes away the unpleasant bitterness. Radiance coming from his smile reassuring you that you matter. Him being there when you're happy, mad, sick, or sad. Being your best friend and the one you want to make dumb jokes with on a moonlit hill in the middle of a starry night. Holding onto the memories to forget the pain. 

Film Review Competition 2019

The Ocean and its Moon: A Review of Call Me By Your Name

    The power of the ocean wave is undeniable. The crashing on the shore, the draw back into the deep. Of course, what would the tide be without the moon to guide it? Call Me By Your Name, from director Luca Guadagnino is a masterpiece of a story about an ocean and its moon. With big names providing heartwrenching, impeccable performances, this romance is not one you're likely to forget. Plus its Oscar for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay might help some too.
    Transitions and symbolism are enormous in this laid-back, slow-moving story about the struggles of desire and attraction. Elio (Timothee Chalamet), an American-Italian teenager staying with his parents in their summer home in Italy, provides an unbelievable performance as a boy uncertain of his identity and what he wants in life. When his parents take in an American student, Oliver, for the summer (Armie Hammer), Elio finds that maybe the world isn't so laid-back as it seems. ...

Future Piece Snippet

So I didn't get the chance to write muc today, so for my daily piece, here's a little snippet of a future project of mine. :)

"Minerva held in a sort of awed sense of foreboding as she stared expressionlessly at the four confident, dedicated boys seated before her. Even Pettigrew, who normally exuded the air of anxiety and the will to dart out of the room as soon as possible, spitting the mandrake leaf out on the way, was sitting upright in defiance, though staring at her tin of biscuits as a sort of desperate anchor to his chair. When she passed her emerald eyes over the fourth boy, the sad, clever, wounded child, in surprise she saw new emotions in his face. His cheeks twitched, his eyebrows were bunched up in a high arch, and his eyes softened as he held back a goofy grin rich in delight. This expression was new to Minerva but it helped her...


The Songs of my Life

  1. Superheroes - The Script
  2. Requiem - Dear Evan Hansen
  3. Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara
  4. Defying Gravity - Wicked
  5. Already Home - A Great Big World
  6. Home - Phillip Phillips
  7. In my Blood - Shawn Mendes
  8. Watch What Happens - Newsies
  9. City of Stars - La La Land
  10. Reflection - Mulan
  11. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  12. Hallelujah - Pentatonix version

Message to Write the World

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my inactivity. Currently, I am overcoming a low point and am trying to treat myself better. Part of that is writing more because I thoroughly enjoy it. So, I have decided to commit myself to this website.

    This means that I am going to do at least one review a day, hopefully more depending on my schedule. In addition to this, I will try to write a piece a day. Whether that's for a prompt, or just an idea, whether it's a poem, long story, short story, rant, whatever. Lastly, I will do one shout out a day. This will be a piece that I really loved (and left a detailed review on ;)). 

    I'm telling you this because I want to get to know my fellow writers better. So I invite you to comment below with pieces you'd like me to review in the future....

Message to Write the World

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my inactivity. Currently, I am overcoming a low point and am trying to treat myself better. Part of that is writing more because I thoroughly enjoy it. So, I have decided to commit myself to this website.

    This means that I am going to do at least one review a day, hopefully more depending on my schedule. In addition to this, I will try to write a piece a day. Whether that's for a prompt, or just an idea, whether it's a poem, long story, short story, rant, whatever. Lastly, I will do one shout out a day. This will be a piece that I really loved (and left a detailed review on ;)). 

    I'm telling you this because I want to get to know my fellow writers better. So I invite you to comment below with pieces you'd like me to review in the future....

Mock Me, Hit me, Shatter Me, Rise #cwccompetition

Clomp clomp.
The whispers of secrets
hitting the light
Like horse hooves on cobblestone.

Clomp clomp.
The Pattering footsteps
whooshing of wheels
Olden carriages of pain.

Clomp clomp.
Laughter and chattering
Insults are made
A horse's face with despair.

Mock me.

Thwack thwack!
Arrow in the shoulder
Crack in the heart
Orders from the darkness.

Thwack thwack!
Slapsticks from the lifeline
Whips from the phone
Forced development of rage.

Thwack thwack!
Fear is taking over
Life has lost hope
A soul is in destruction.

Hit me.

Neigh. Neigh.
With desperate searches
And feeling lost
Only one answer is found.

Neigh. Neigh.
Feelings of fright and tears.
Gone are the years
Happiness is mistaken.

Neigh. Neigh.
The one final second.
Only one breath.
Please release me from my chains.

Shatter me.




The Truth is always harder.
Pain comes from the heart.
Guilty are the wounded
Who fell.

But still we rise.

Novel Writing Competition 2018


June 2024
     The lobby was haunting. Phoebe didn’t know how long she could stand all those memories. They all came flooding in at once, bubbling up in her head like an explosion of pain. Even the familiar steady hand on her shoulder was little comfort. Luckily, she saw someone she knew across the room and pulled away from her husband. Her friend, whom she hadn’t seen in 5 years looked as miserable as she did.
     “Hey,” she whispered, pulling the large man into a hug. He squeezed her back, almost crushing her lungs. Somehow, she barely cared. Her heart hurt too much.
     “Hey, Phoe. I’ve missed you. Have you seen the others?” He asked, pulling away and shifting his eyes over the room. Phoebe shook her head. 
     “Phoebe? Phoebe Jameson?” Phoebe whirled around to see one of her best friends from high school standing behind her. She grinned and held out...

Cool Book Idea I just came up with and wanted to write down

    In a monarchical country with extreme population control, one of every repeat child (twin) is killed off, usually the weaker one. Even when the queen gave birth to identical twin daughters, the smaller one was left out to die (the servant couldn't bring himself to kill it for the king) who just so happened to be older. 
    An aged palace servant who can't have children of her own finds the other child and decides to quit her job and raise the child on her own as if it had been hers the whole time.
    Flash forward 16 years. The crown princess is coming of age. The kingdom is falling apart with increased taxes and fighting between a resistance force and the government. Therefore, most people hate the monarchy for killing their kids and them still being in poverty. 
    The crown princess hates her father's ideals. She still doesn't know she had a twin...

Personal Essay Competition: Making Change

Changes Adventure Park: Now Open

    "You need to focus on the skill. What is the skill here? Change. Talk about change. How did their ideas change throughout this time period? What did that lead to?" My AP US History teacher's words rung in my ears as I rode the bus home. Sure, he was talking about an essay on the American Revolution, but, like most everything else, I made it relevant to my own life. Whether I was thinking about my family, my past, or my future, change became a clearer issue.
   This idea resonating with me, I started to ask myself, how have I changed? For example, in the past few years, I have been struggling to write an autobiography. How can I, a relatively humble person, write an entire book about myself? I don't want to seem like I'm bragging, or complaining. I just want to get it out there, but every time I try to start I get stuck. Using...

Why I Write

Stories of All

    Writing to me, is not creation. I do not come up with the stories I'm telling. I only listen to the stories that are out there and put them on the paper. I feel the thoughts and emotions of stories that need to be told. I tap into other worlds that are dying to connect with ours. Writing is not a singular effort. You are not developing a completely original character. All characters, all worlds are melting pots of other things. A novel written by a millennial could be inspired by Harry Potter, and therefore include many similarities to that. The Percy Jackson books or even all books by Rick Riordan are just telling the same stories in the same way with slightly different characters. If you've ever read The Odyssey, you can clearly find the similarities between Odysseus and Annabeth Chase. I write because there are stories that need to be told but not everyone has the willpower/ability to...

Broadway #topsongs

    So, I don't listen to a lot of bands in particular. Some people are obsessed with Panic! at the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall out Boy, and so on and so forth. Instead, when I do listen to music, it's usually Broadway. My favorite part of June is watching the Tony awards and being introduced to a bunch of new musicals that I can get into. That's how I started listening to two of my favorites: Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton! An American Musical. 
    For this prompt, because it's so hard to recommend songs from one musical without recommending the whole thing, I'm choosing from a broader spectrum: All of Broadway/Show music. Songs that could stand alone and that won't give away the plot of the musical while still hopefull wrapping you in. Here are my top ten.

10. Seventy-six Trombones- The Music Man: For anyone who hasn't heard of The Music Man, and there's...

Speech Writing Competition 2018

The Fatal Shot

    Click. The safety's off.
    Silence. The finger squeezes the trigger.
    Boom. Splinters. And nothing is the same.
    It's a sad fact that we all recognize this analogy, metaphor, symbol, etc. A loaded gun. That gun that has an effect on everyone, whether literally or figuratively. We all have triggers that cause memories, flashbacks, even physical exhibitions of internal pain. Whether we realize it or not, a gun is a perfect metaphor for our modern lives. With everyone having their own individual triggers, there is a dilemma with the fact that no one else knows your trigger. They could unknowingly unleash a horrific memory of yours and then not know what to do. Worse, they could be, as people are, rude and dismissive about it. As a nation, as a species, as a planet, we need to learn patience, to think about others before ourselves, and to understand that we don't know everything someone's going...

Dear fellow Write the World Members...


My writer's block has been killing me lately. I have zero inspiration. If you've read several of my pieces, you know that I am a very outspoken person, but at the moment, I don't have any ideas for what to write a speech about for this month's Speech Writing Competition. 

I have been on this site for about a year now, and I am overwhelmed by all the support and love everyone on here gives me that I try my best to reciprocate. However, it's hard for me to read all of your lovely pieces if I have no inspiration for even my own. 

Therefore, I require tips and tricks. Anything you've used to help get over your own writer's block. Not having anything to write about is devastating, especially while having a lot of free time (it's weird saying that during the school year). I need something to do besides wasting away on my phone and...

Ideas for a Marching Band Story

Hey, so I'm gathering ideas for a story about a kid in Marching Band that I might be writing, and I'm looking for ideas about it. Experiences you've had, cliques that have formed, and just information about your marching band that is different from what I have here. Comment with any ideas, questions, or comments!

  • Non-marchers see marchers as band geeks
  • Marching band isn't just a team, it's a family
  • If you're not doing it this way, you're wrong
  • Everyone hates the main director because they yell at you a lot
  • The assistant director is your best friend
  • Flutes are popular girls that are kinda crazy
  • Saxophones are an elite family, you don't get in unless you're a saxophone or you're dating one
  • Nobody looks at the drum majors
  • The color guard isn't the same as marching band
  • Arguments over who has it the worst
  • You hate it during the season but miss it during concert season
  • "You have to...

Environmental Writing Competition September 2018

As One

We are one world.
We are one home.
We are one life.

Spiderwebs of happenings
Connect us all.

Through the coral dying,
Ice caps melting,
Ecosystems degrading,
We see that
The world is changing
For the worse,
Thanks to our stupidity.

Ignorance is our most common virtue.
Selfishness is practiced perpetually.

Leaders prioritize war over life.
They prefer battles over peace
And not bliss over strife

We too are nature.
We are animals of the advanced kind.
We take from our home
Yet we give back only neglect.

We used to treasure the earth,
Protect its wonders,
Worship its mysteries.
Now we treat it as first-class garbage.

Our ancestors thanked the earth for everything.
Every meal, 
Every child, 
Every pleasure,
Was given not as a right,
But as a privilege.

We used to fear the power
Of Mother Nature's fury.
Lightning was a sign of strength,
Storms showed domination,
Fire gave second chances.

Now, we fear nothing.

We take and...

Colorblind #cwcfirstcontest

    It was, historically, the day everyone died. I don't think we ever realized how significant that would be. Sure we're still "living", we're still breathing, eating. But we are all dead, as in, going throughout our routines as if the world was a black and white scroll. There's no color. 
    I hope to be alive someday. To have fun. They tell me it's impossible, but I can still dream. The first step is to just believe. The color is out there somewhere, and I'm the one who's gonna find it.

This I Believe

Remembrance and the American Dream

    Lately, in my Honors American Literature class, we've been talking about the qualities that define America. What I've realized is: America as a whole is undefinable. There's just no other way to describe it. That's part of what makes us unique. We are indeed a melting pot, and the actions of one cannot bring down the whole.
    With everything we've been reading in that class, it all shows this quality: we cannot be pinned down. You break us down, knock down our towers, we will rise back up. It's part of what enabled us to establish independence from England, and to bounce back after the tragic events of 9/11, however long that might've taken. Yes, our paranoia and fear hold a clench on our hearts making us pull away from other countries, but the truth is, with tragedy, we only get stronger. Despite our differences, we are united. We come together as one during hardship. Through remembrance days...


Icy Heatwaves and Contradictions

The summer gets hot.
The winter grows colder now.
The Earth is changing.

Your Ideas for WtW

WtW Ideas and Compliments

    What I love most about Write the World is just the community of writers here. We all have such a strong love for the craft that we are willing to spend our time reading other people's writing just to help them get better at it. It really says something about who are as a community and who we choose to be as individuals. In addition, I love most of the prompts here, yet often can't come up with ideas for them. What really helps is there being a variety of groups and prompts at a time that I can use to piggyback ideas off of, and I love being able to read other people's takes on the prompts so I can be inspired for my own piece.
    One thing I would like to see more of on here, either through a group or competition, is Historical Fiction. We as creative writers don't usually spend a lot...

Given First Line

Red Sky at Dawn

    Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. This time, however, there were no boats in sight. Standing on the dock, surrounded by hundreds of dirty, wounded, tired men, Logan's only wish was to go home. He had been waiting on this goddamned beach for six days, waiting for something, someone to come save him. Every boat that tried was either torpedoed, shot down, or sunk, sometimes all three. He was stuck on the pier, practically trapped in time, waiting.
    The people around him got anxious and started whispering to each other, shuffling their feet and swaying back and forth. Logan turned to the man next to him and nodded. He was an attractive man, with fluffy blond hair and striking green eyes. It took all of Logan's willpower not to gape. The man smiled and looked away, though Logan could see the blood rising to his cheeks. He held out his hand.
    "Thomas Logan."...

Forever and a Day

    The dream started normal, as dreams often do. I paused in the doorway, a forlorn look upon my face, and then stepped out the door. After closing it, I ran up to, and hugged my 23 year old brother, Abraham, before he walked out of my life forever. He had been drafted into the army to fight in the Vietnam war, and was just now leaving. Tears flew down my face as he disappeared out of sight.
    Suddenly, the dream changed to a prison camp. Bodies littered the rough dirt, and I saw my brother crouching over a sleeping friend. He stood up slowly, when all of a sudden, a gunshot rang out, and Abe fell to the ground. I tried to scream, to rush over, but I was as frozen as a statue. I watched helplessly as he fell to the ground, bleeding out.
Sobbing, I jerked awake. My mother came running in my room, her eyes wild...

Travel Writing Competition 2018

Tough as a Michigander

    Close your eyes. Picture this with me. Take a trip to the state of Michigan in the United States of America. Head for the western edge about half an hour from Lake Michigan; make a few stops in the Beer City of Grand Rapids; stay at the Amway Grand where I spend 3 days out of my summer every year with my "other" family. Go to the southwestern edge where you'll end up at one of the oldest suburbs around the main city. This is my hometown.
    It might not be a "true" small town, but meeting the people there, you wouldn't realize otherwise. Everyone in the area's heard of the enormous Grandville Fourth of July parade, but when needed, we're there for each other. Even with the high school's double rivalries in sports as well as Marching Band with the nearby schools, Rockford and Jenison, Grandville's known for having some of the best characters in...

Untitled Novel's Author's Note

Author’s Note
    Words are one of the things that shape human life. Some words or especially phrases have lasting impacts on individuals such as, “I love you,” “Will you marry me,” “We’re pregnant,” “I was accepted,” or “You won the lottery!” Those are all incredible, positive things, however there’s another side to life that often gets overlooked by people who have not experienced true pain. Such as the words, “I hate you,” “Just kill yourself,” “You have this much time left to live,” “You have cancer.” This last phrase was the one that afflicted my future, and that of everyone who knew me at that time or in the years after.
    One thing I want to make clear, is that the things you read in this book were my true feelings at the time, which, as I’m sure you will realize, are pretty negative. Some of this will be pretty PG13 maybe even R rated so I’m warning you...

Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I am from old books, yellow-colored and smelling like heaven,
From purple cow and dogs.
I am from the small but cosy home by the lake that it does not touch.
I am from the moon and the stars, from the orange tiger lilies and blooming purple irises.
I am from Lake Michigan, and crazy lines and crazy times.
From Abbi and Becca and Mom and Dad.
I am from loud talking and laughing and crazy actions and stories.
From Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy to magic and myth.
I am from the lights that lead to heaven.
I’m from the Netherlands, steak and ice cream at Culver’s.
From the drive to Florida and a cranky father.
The many long nights, and the tired sisters, asleep in the van.
I am from antique cabinets, too many pictures of the same things that were taken with different cameras and the basement bins full of things for the generations to come.

Rant about the American Immigrant Crisis

Okay, so this is mostly opinions, but also researched facts as well. This is in response to a facebook post I saw where some people had commented negative things about immigrants.

Owning land is just imaginary. The land is the land and it is no more ours than it is anyone else's. Just like borders are imaginary. The countries are made up. Everyone came from somewhere. If you believe in the Bible, than technically we all came from the Middle East. If you believe in evolution, we came from monkeys (last I checked there weren't any monkeys native to the United States area, at least not for millions of years before humans came around), and even if you believe differently, life did not start in America. Everyone who has come here is an immigrant. Not all immigrants are criminals, not all citizens are innocent. This type of thinking is what led to the Holocaust, people. Yes, there are laws, but...

Science Fiction Competition 2018

Twelfth Day

Day 1
    Well, hello there. If you're reading this, I'm dead. But so is the rest of the human race. It has been one day since Earth died. One day since one mistake led to another which led to another which led to an atomic bomb going off in the Indian Ocean and a nuclear cloud enveloping the Earth. Thanks America. Now, for all that the 5 of us on a lone satellite know, we are the last of our kind.
    The crew is a spattering of all different kinds of people. We have the engineer from the United Kingdom, Leora Scotts (Red), the captain from America, Arianna Wellsworth (Cap), the astrophysicist from Japan, Takahashi Reo (Bubbles), the Russian pilot, Luka Sokolov (Wings), the NASA intern originally from South Africa, Lubanzi (Bongo) Khumalo, and myself, Riley Dickens (Blink), the astrophotographer from America. All together, we're like an international Brady Bunch. Like a dysfunctional band of misfits speaking three...

Improbable Flavor

The Taste of the Night Sky

    A sort of thick soupy syrup slides across your taste buds, leaving you hungry yet calm. There are little chunks of sugar that melt on contact with your saliva and you taste a burst of light and sweet serenity. You could stand there for hours, holding on to the lingering hint of crisp peppermint. It might stick to your teeth, your gums, your cheeks but it doesn't matter. Caught in the moment, you sway with the promise of the coming light, though you don't want it to come. You can almost see the faraway flavors hidden in the thick textures that stick with you, and you want to reach them, but every time you think you get closer, you end up getting farther and farther away. Until you find yourself lost in the great expanse of slimy, sugary goop, but it's good. It's all still good.

Food Writing Competition 2018

Hell's Kitchen

    Shutting my eyes was the only thing that kept the world from spinning. The blinding white lights and horrific smells twisted their way into my head making everything blurry. It didn't help that I was so very hungry. People kept trying to give me food, but, even without opening my eyes I could taste it. Pure cardboard that felt heavy in your mouth as if you were trying to chew a paperweight.
    The thundering of my stomach grew louder so I peeked through my closed eyelid. Nothing. Today was a special day. I was feeling particularly non-disgusting so my family was going to bring me pizza from outside my sterilized prison. Domino's Pizza, my all-time favorite. I imagined savoring the mouth-watering, garlicky, slice of heaven. The bread squeezing between my teeth and resting on my tongue, the sauce slipping into my mouth and the taste of warm tomato sauce and melted cheese filling my head with memories of...

The Limerick

Limerick Love Lines

The moon was in love with the sun.
But the night came, the morning was done.
He waited so long
To hear her bright song
When they eclipsed and then became as one.




(This is random space in case anyone actually decides to scroll down this far.)

So yeah. Infinity War happened, and I was all pumped up, you know, ooh it's gonna be so good, it's gonna be great, I know who's gonna die and who isn't because of my own predictions (like I will know the pain that's coming).


Then Thor's flung off into space, and we go to Banner and Doctor Strange who are in New York as Thanos's minions are coming for the time stone. THEN PETER COMES IN AND HE'S ALL LIKE WHO HOO FUN!! AND HE GETS THE...


Just wanted to bring this to your attention:


It's in French, but even if you don't understand the lyrics, the story and the music is beautiful. Claudio Capéo is my new favorite. His voice is so elegant, and it tells the story in such a beautiful way, that you don't even need to understand basic French to love. Besides just playing piano, he also plays the accordion, which is unique and he's really good! I'm kind of obsessed, and I just wanted to share this incredible song with you which is one of my favorites.

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2018

Oddly Enough...

The odds of becoming
President of the United States
Is about 1 in 10 million

The odds of getting
Struck by lightning
Are about 1 in 170,000

The odds of winning
The powerball lottery
Are 1 in 175 million.

251 babies are born per minute.
105 people die per minute.
150 people die each year
By falling

These are the labels
Society puts on people

1 in 11.5 million people get attacked by a shark.
1 in 113 people die from car crashes.
1 in 33 babies are born with some kind of birth defect.

Well guess what?
It seems as if
The odds are never
In your favor.

I am not gonna be
Just a number
On somebody’s screen.

1 in 3 women are
Diagnosed with cancer.
Guess that 39.6% was me.

The odds of dying from
Firearm assault are 1 in 358,
But that’s probably outdated.

They say the odds of
Making it to the NFL are...


Word Wood

A book is a kind of tree—filled with a million more dreams.

Aftermath Chapter One

Monday, September 3, 2018: Part One
    Tree. Stream. Waterfall. Roadkill. Another tree. More trees. As far as the eye can see, it’s just trees. Nadia still won’t tell me where we’re going. All she’s told me is that she found a house down south with stable jobs for both of us, and everything that I need. After the obvious ensuing argument, where she told me that if I truly loved her I would just trust her, I let her help me into the car and kept my trap shut like she told me to. To be honest, I didn’t really mind.
    Oh, there’s the ‘Now Leaving’ sign. I guess the new house is further south than I thought. We’re not in Maine anymore. When I asked Nadia how much farther it was going to be, she just said to sit back and trust her. I’m starting to get nervous. Was this a mistake?
    Well, now we are entering...

Aftermath Prologue

So, this is a story that I have been planning for at least two months now and am finally starting to write. This is just the prologue, but let me know if I should continue it further. Sorry for bouncing around between stories. I promise that this is one that I will write more of whenever I can. I think this one is my best idea so far. Thank you!

    A crisp, cool breeze contradicted the warm glow of the sun that day. I almost wished it would rain so that I’d have a way to hide the tears, and it would match the gloom I felt in my heart. However, the air felt familiar. Almost as if they were here, watching over me, giving a slight chuckle at my crumbling emotional state. The doctor said I shouldn’t come, but the nurse knew how much it meant to me. There’s no way I wouldn’t be here right...

Zoom In

Take me Home

Go to the little blue planet revolving around the miniscule red star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Got that? Good. Now, go to the continent of North America. Zoom in toward the United States and close in on the great lakes surrounding the land shaping it like a mitten. Start heading to Lake Michigan but stop while you're just less than a hundred miles east of the lakeshore. A little Southeast, there you go. That's my childhood. Follow the winding roads down the paths toward the sketchy neighborhood of middle-class families then fly down the curving hill, stopping at the second cul-de-sac. The little brown house on the corner with rotting posts, sagging roof, the feeling of almosts and not quites. Depending on the season the scent varies. Sweat and boredom in the summer, freshly cut grass and fallen leaves in Autumn, then dryness and crisp air in winter and a slight whiff of lavender in the spring. It reminds you...

The Unknown


I don't know much about being an adult. I don't save my money very well, I am impatient with those around me, and I can be quite immature at times. It amazes me how people can be so wise yet so cold. Oftentimes I find myself wondering about the future, and what kind of adult I want to be. What political party will I be in? What will my career field be? Where will I live? Who will I live with? How will I pay for things I want and not necessarily need? The main guiding point for me is to not be like my parents. Don't give up on college and get a low-paying job. Don't marry someone because of peer-pressure and not necessarily love. Don't treat your kids like slaves and yell at them everytime they try to ask 'why?'. Sometimes I'll watch my teachers and gauge just how good of a person I think they are, and then...

Op-Ed Competition 2018

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Equality

    "If a woman has [the right to an abortion], why shouldn't a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist's pursuit of sexual freedom doesn't [in most cases] result in anyone's death."
-Lawrence Lockman (Republican from Maine)

    "2600 reported sexual assaults in the military —only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?" 
-Donald Trump

    The United States of America is known to be ruled almost entirely by rich white men. Even now, a white man won the presidential election against a woman. How can we Americans trust our government if the man leading it can't keep his priorities straight? It seems as if women are good for nothing in this world except for giving men pleasure. We can't be beautiful, or loved, or appreciated if we don't have a boyfriend. Men regularly go looking for women to have...

Acrostic Verse


Created by the dreamers
Holding their universe in their hands
As it is torn apart and put back together.
Ridges form on the edges of their existence
And a crack splits the new from the old.
Colors swapping as
The world is molded into something new.
Every time a book opens,
Readers create their own universe.

Advice to Fellow Novelists: 2

Okay, so I got inspired by watching the Oscars on Sunday to do another movie-related Advice to fellow Novelists! Again, this is some things to put on the contract for movie rights, or even just to talk to the director about. You can find my first one on my profile (after scrolling down for a bit).

  1. You get credit. They can't just take your movie and claim everything for themselves. To be more specific, your name has to go on the credits (that's generally already a rule, but it's good to double check)
  2. Any changes they make to the plot or special effects or any big decision making has to go through you first.
  3. Yeah, you're a control-freak. Own it!
  4. Finally, they can't make any sequels or spinoffs without your say in it/the same rules that apply to the original.
There we go, fellow novelists! Take my advice and spread your wings and soar above the self-hate! Good luck!


Walk of Shame (Hope)

    I imagined with a vicious envy at their long strides and short stumbles. The athletes, built and strong, dashing down the field toward their goals. The kids, playing tag on the playground screaming and giggling, wondering who would be It next. The elderly man, shuffling along with an extra third leg moving as if he were a snail, yet somehow still faster than I am. Finally, there's me. The middle-aged excuse of a man just learning to move again, wobbling along like a toddler not able to stand on my own. I am forced to drag my numb limbs along in utter humiliation because they really believe that I can walk again. All I want is for them to set me back down in my wheeled chair and let me die in peace.

Letter to my Unsuspecting Savior

Dear Mr. Green,
    Much of my childhood was spent reading. Chapter books at 4, Harry Potter at 7, then whatever sounded good at the time. However, out of all the books I’ve read, only a few have impacted me enough for the change to be evident. For example, when I read Harry Potter, it was really what convinced me to not just like reading, but love it, and it also introduced to me the idea of creative writing. That was the initial stepping stone. But, perhaps the most impactful story in shaping the person I am today is the book The Fault in our Stars.
    I read your life-changing book in sixth grade just before life started to get really challenging. It’s a frightful thing to start seeing your own life mirror so closely to that of fictional characters’, written by a man you’ve never met. Even my friends never ceased to tell me just how much I resemble...

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

The Monster in Me

    We all have our fears. For me, spelling bees are an absolute nightmare. Standing up in front of people to show how “smart” you are, and if you get something wrong, you’re a laughing stock. I despise it. Introverts don’t do “public speaking.”
    “Pandora, your word is fat.”
    “Look, he’s talking about you.”
    “Fat. F-A-T fat.”
    “That’s correct.” As I made my way back to my seat, I saw a flicker of movement. No, I thought desperately, This is the worst thing that could happen to me right now. Suddenly, standing in front of me was Phobos, my demon. Phobos in greek is fear, so it was no wonder that he was here right now.
    Please, go away.
    “No can do. You rang, I came.”  I tried to pay attention to the other spellers, but he kept talking in my head, distracting me. Nobody else could see or hear him. The thing about monsters is...

Friendship Tweet

My Life

There is no way I can accurately describe friendship. It is the only thing keeping me going. It is love, it is loyalty, it is trust. My friends are my therapists, my personal comedians, my family. I love my friends more than my parents or sisters. Friendship is life.

TBD Prologue

“A mighty pain to love it is, and ‘tis a pain that pain to miss, but, of all the pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain.” -Abraham Cowley
    Electra sighed, resting her head on her hand. The stars twinkled their melancholy light, and, gazing out her window, she reflected on the events of the night. It had taken a full hour to get Kit to fall asleep, and she was now exhausted.
    As she sat there thinking, she was reminded of the fire that had happened just 11 days prior. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, and she rubbed her eyes. Deciding she needed to take a break, she wandered the corridors, and before long, Electra found herself facing a blackened doorway.  Once, this door was a light pink, but now, it was completely charred. The war raging outside these walls would be over any day now. One way or the other. She...

Letter to a Lost Friend

Dear (Ex) Best Friend,
    It's been about 8 months since we split apart. To be honest, I'm not taking it that well. We were best friends. From kindergarten through 8th grade, you were my go-to. My BFF, my therapist, and my savior. When I was going through a hard time, you were there to support and encourage me. I was the one who introduced you to Percy Jackson, which got you to love to read, and I was the one who gave you the name for your first dog since you were a toddler: Percy. I was the one who stuck by you, encouraged your singing (which is still the best I've ever heard) when you didn't believe in yourself.
    There are a lot of things I miss. I miss our long talks in the middle of the night on your bed while we played Avakin Life on our electronic devices. I miss long car rides on the...


Coming Home

    To my father, genetics is like a religion. All his spare time not working is spent on ancestry.com learning more about my ancient family. Just the other day he found a long-lost distant cousin who gave him a picture of one of his great great great (etc.) grandfathers. Needless to say, I know much about my paternal family. Mostly Dutch, with mixes of other European countries, I am very much a mutt. On my mother's side, mostly Lithuanian with some Scottish, Irish, and a little Western European.
    Travelling to The Netherlands, or Lithuanian or even Scotland or Ireland is a big item on my bucket list. It would be incredible to walk the grounds of my ancestors. My last name, translated from Dutch means stone hedge, so going to the Netherlands to see the embodiment of my name would be incredible. My great-grandfather on my mother's father's side emigrated from Lithuania to America, so visiting his home country...

To be the President—Writing Prompts Day 19

If you could trade lives with someone for a week, who would it be? Why?

If I could trade lives with anyone in the world for a week, it would be Donald Trump. Don't get me wrong, I hate the guy. It's not his life I'd want to experience. It's being the president. It seems like so much responsibility, and I feel like in order for me to start being remotely okay with some of the things he's done in office, I need to get a feel for what it's like there. Is the pressure terrible that he ends up just making the wrong decisions? Or is it just that he's an awful person that only looks out for himself? I know that he's a misogynistic, racist douchebag, but I feel like I need to give him the benefit of the doubt. It'd give me the opportunity to put myself in his shoes.

Oh goodness, what would I do as...

The Good of Humanity—Writing Prompts Day 18

You spend a week on a train that travels at the speed of light. When you disembark, it is one hundred years into the future. Describe what you see.

    I stepped off the train, my legs a bit shaky. It was blinding out, as my eyes were used to the dim light of the train, so I had to stand there blinking until I could see. Gasps of disbelief were audible all around as I finally made the adjustment. My voice joined in with all the others. It looked exactly the same. At first, anyway. There were subtle differences, for example, the street before us was made of solar panels with LEDs and heaters, and there were more trees about than I remembered. Looking to the sky, the sun was barely visible behind a giant puffy cloud, however, the rest of the sky was bright blue. On my left and right, there were people about, walking mostly, not using cars...

Why I Write

Stories of All

Writing to me, is not creation. I do not come up with the stories I'm telling. I only listen to the stories that are out there and put them on the paper. I feel the thoughts and emotions of stories that need to be told. I tap into other worlds that are dying to connect with ours. Writing is not a singular effort. You are not developing a completely original character. All characters, all worlds are melting pots of other things. A novel written by a millennial could be inspired by Harry Potter, and therefore include many similarities to that. The Percy Jackson books or even all books by Rick Riordan are just telling the same stories in the same way with slightly different characters. If you've ever read The Odyssey, you can clearly find the similarities between Odysseus and Annabeth Chase. I write because there are stories that need to be told but not everyone has the willpower/ability to...

Eyes of Stars—Writing Prompts Day 17

Write a paragraph starting with this sentence, without mentioning the sky or water, "as blue as ___."

As blue as the stars were his eyes. Light, light grey with just enough royal blue around the edges to make it noticeable. I should know. I spent many an evening staring into those eyes. Now, every time I look at the stars I remember breezy summer nights on a hilltop watching the constellations reflect in those eyes, creating a supernatural-like glow. It's been two years since he left me to the cold, dark, unknown of death. I miss him more with each passing day. But the one thing that keeps me going, is that like the stars are always there, so will he be, watching over me from his own place in the heavens. My guardian angel with eyes as blue as the stars.

15...—Writing Prompts Day 16

Rant for 10 minutes, starting with, "What suck is..." 

What sucks is how when you're 15 you can't do anything. Sure, you can start drivers' training and get a permit, and there's a few job opportunities available, but there's not much else.

For one, you can drive, but you have to have a parent in the car, and that's only if you passed the class. Also, many jobs don't hire until 16, and/or don't even consider hiring anyone under that. There's even some jobs that don't hire until 18! 

Another thing, everyone treats you like you're younger than you are. Sure, you're likely in 9th grade, the babies of the high school, but no one in high school is innocent. People smoke in bathrooms, and you hear the gossip of who's pregnant now, or who had sex with who. Teachers try to shelter freshmen from that but they can't. It's impossible. 

Don't even get me started on relationships. Dating up...

Love in 13 Words

My Heart ❤️

The blank page with an unwritten invitation, waiting to tell me a story.

Pacific Journey—Writing Prompts Day 15

A woman walks into the ocean in a red ball gown.

The vibrant tulle fabric billowed in the strong breeze as she breathed in the salty air. Her chocolate brown, mid-length hair flapped about getting in the way of her sea-green eyes. The scarlet gown rippled in the wind as she moved closer to the edge. She closed her eyes and her bare feet stepped up to the lapping waves and the bottom of her dress grew dark with water. Taking one last deep breath, she continued her journey all the way beneath the Pacific surface.

Soft Hands—Writing Prompts Day 14

Write about what it would feel like to get beaten up without describing the physical pain.

I couldn't see anything. Pink and Purple blurs barricaded my view. I could only sense the punches flying toward me and lie there limp as they took advantage of my weakness. Even time their fists connected with my body, I let out a grunt, but held back the tears, because that's what they wanted. They wanted me to break. So there I sat, taking it all, just waiting for the end. All of a sudden, it ended. They were gone. I tried to move, but a hand pushed me back down. In the distance, I heard a voice, but couldn't make out what it was saying. Everything started to go black. The last thing I remembered was the feeling of soft hands lifting me off the ground and walking away.

Sincerely, Earth—Writing Prompts Day 13

Write what you'd send to a newly discovered extraterrestrial population-the first ever communication with them-to describe earth and the human population. 

Greetings, other-worldly beings. We are the humans from the planet Earth. See the attached video for the full information. If, by chance, you are not progressed enough (or more progressed) then see the description below.

    Earth is the third planet from our sun, a yellow dwarf star in the Milky-Way galaxy. It is a small, blue planet on which we have adapted to living. It is a very biodiverse planet, with an estimated 8.7 million species, though there's inevitably more. We are but one species, homo sapiens, and we are one of the most advanced. We have several different languages, types of writing, and tons of different cultures. We have developed many tools, ranging from a simple hammer all the way up to the spacecraft this message is on.
    In total there are about 7 billion of us (though...

Fateful Day—Writing Prompts Day 12

You're standing in your living room with a gun in your hand. A man is lying dead on the floor. What happened?

    The only movement in the room came from my trembling lip. Silently I pleaded and pleaded with God to give me some kind of escape, of hope. None came. I stood in shock and felt extreme disgust toward the item in my hands. Quickly, some came and snatched it away. Why they made me do this I would never understand. All I knew was that my future was in the hands of a couple of psychopaths. The very ones who just made me shoot my best friend in order to save the life of twenty other people. I'd relive that day for the rest of my life, throughout everything they made me do after. That was the day that started it all.

Error—Writing Prompts Day 11

This is the error message your laptop displays after you visited a website about government secrets.


You never saw this. Complete laptop reset in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

5 Character Names—Writing Prompts Day 10

Write a list of the streets in your neighborhood. Use those to create five character names.

Bluewater Lane
Watercrest Court
Lee Street
27th Street
  1. Blue
  2. Gabriel
  3. Lee
  4. Dixie
  5. Mason

War or Indoor Plumbing?—Writing Prompts Day 9

Briefly, but convincingly, explain why world peace is better than indoor plumbing.

Because then you don't have to worry about being kidnapped or murdered, so going to an outhouse is 80% less terrifying. Also, there'd be no war or hate between countries. 

Your Voice: Olympic Dreams

Olympic Equality

    Equality is one of the most important things in our world. Equality for all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and health ranges. There are people in the world that would love to be able to participate in events like the Olympics, but can't. I know the feeling of uselessness. Like you can't do anything you want to do because your health is pulling you back. Things like the Para-Olympic Games give those people hope, purpose. 

    I think that the Para-Olympic Games should be aired at the same time as the Olympics, but they shouldn't be combined. Most people just watch the regular Olympics and don't bother watching the Para-Olympics, and some don't even know it exists! Airing them at the same time would A: let people know that there is a thing called the Para-Olympics, and B: get more people to watch it.

    Although, I do not agree with the idea of combining the two. Having Para-Olympic...

Last Words—Writing Prompts Day 8

These are the last words you'll ever write.

    This world cannot be saved by a few officials in the government fighting for change. It cannot be saved by different organizations who can't get the government to do the right thing. The only way the world can be saved is by us. Stop using so much plastic, use about 99% less glitter (glitter doesn't break down and stays around forever in the stomachs of fish), try to waste (or eat) less food that could be going to others, buy things that are good to the environment and haven't been made by taking advantage of the earth, try to walk or bike if you don't have to drive, and finally, write to your government, talk to people, spread the word. The only way we can make a difference is by starting to change our ways and getting other people to as well.


Snowflakes for Equality—Writing Prompts Day 7

If you could solve one world problem, what would it be and why?

Oh, my, goodness. What to choose?! There are so many problems that I don't even know what to write about. Top three choices: the NOT equal stereotypes of the world right now, CLIMATE CHANGE, or feminism. Eeny meeny miny moe... I'll go with non-equality. Here goes.

I would solve all of the "standards" that the world has right now. In order to be successful (at least in America) you need to be a sexist, straight, white man that only cares about money, power, and fame (*cough* Trump *cough*). So many people don't get the same opportunities or consideration as others.

Muslims are viewed as terrorists. Hitler was Christian... Does that make all Christians terrorists?
LGBTQ+ people are viewed as sinners. God loves everyone, and it's not like you haven't sinned.
Womenare viewed as sex tools. We've moved on from weak mothers to pleasure givers. All women...

Year End, Summer Start—Writing Prompts Day 6

Over the course of the school year, a sixth-grade teacher intercepted dozens of notes being passed between students. He keeps them in a drawer. On the last day of school, he decides to read some of them. What do they say? 

    Thomas Lawrence had been teaching 6th graders for about three years now, and he thought he had them all figured out. They were just tweens pretending to be teenagers from their ideas of what a teen is like. So, every time he intercepted a note passed in class (there weren't that many now that everyone had cell phones and other electronics), he kept it. He didn't read it out loud at the time, that seemed too nice. Instead, he kept them all until the end of the year when he would choose some of his favorites, and watch and see the kids' reactions. 
    It was the last day of school, and the students were boisterous, as...

Discussions in Life: Big Macs

A little background: in my high school, we have an extra hour in the day on Wednesday for a Seminar class, which is just time to ask your teachers about schoolwork, or just get stuff done (I usually write), and my seminar teacher is a very... eccentric guy. This is the discussion we had in Seminar today.

Mr. Kleinheksel: You guys know what a Big Mac looks like, right? From McDonald's?

Us: Yeah...

Mr. Kleinheksel: Do you know where the extra bun in the middle comes from?

Someone: What?

Mr. Kleinheksel: Yeah! There's an extra bun in the middle. Do you know where that comes from?

Us: No.

Mr. Kleinheksel: They take an extra tall bun, and cut it into three parts *fwack* *fwack* *fwack* And there are three parts.

Someone else: Okay then.

Mr. Kleinheksel: It's so weird. I'm waiting to see what happens to it. Do you think it'll mold? It's a little stiff, it's been sitting here...

A big Christian Mix-Up—Writing Prompts Day 5

Write a dramatic scene that takes place in a church.

    Amalia sniffed and wiped at the tears that started falling down her face as she tried not to stare at the box on the altar. It was all she got. All she had left was that box and a flag. He took all of his belongings across the sea with him. She softly rested her hand on the empty coffin and closed her eyes, trying to recall old memories, but none rose to the surface. The priest waved for everyone to be seated, and she wiped her eyes in order to find her way to her seat.
    "I'd like to thank everyone for coming today to remember the life of a hero. Peter Nowak was a beloved son, friend, brother," he looked at Amalia at that last word before continuing, "and he will be sorely missed until such time as we join him in paradise. I now invite...

RANT (Inspired by Kaitlyn :) )

Okay, this is a rant about American politics, so if you don't want to read it, by all means, don't.

So I am a white, heterosexual American female who is not yet old enough to vote but that doesn't mean that I can't voice my opinions. First of all, I have no problems with any race, sexual orientation, gender, or personality, but it just irks me to no end when people think they are better than others because they are one way. Even people who supposedly have "privileges have it hard too. We too have to deal with the stereotypes of those who hate everyone else. One white person hates of someone else who is different and suddenly that becomes all white people. Don't get me wrong, I despiseit when people get all hoity-toity. People who are of different races and sexualities are stereotyped too and that's what our world has come to. Just one big ball covered with hate...

The Life and Times of Broken Things—Writing Prompts Day 4

Write a brief obituary for an inanimate object near you.

    Yesterday, January 28, 2018, a violet post-it note was declared dead at one-month-old after having been missing for several weeks. It began its short-lived life in a factory and, having been paired together with a bunch of its kind, it was sent off to begin its career. It did its job well, having the words, "Don't forget to..." written on it in pen. However, before the sentence could be finished, the note disappeared. Never to be seen again. It will be missed by those who knew it, but it's in a better place now.

Ode to Innocence—Writing Prompts Day 3

You are a cowboy poet. Pen an ode to your hat.

Of leather and cloth,
So you are made,
As if like a beacon,
Showing me the way.

Of bull-rides and gun fights,
So you have endured,
As if like a rock,
Always by my side.

Of old girls and new
So you have helped,
As if like my wingman
Who just wants me to be happy.

Of raindrops and large fires,
So you are weathered,
As if like a tree
That's still there to this day.

Of summer days and winter nights
So you have gone
As if like the hope from the good old days,
Throwing away the young naïvete.

I will never forget my first, favorite hat.

Starry Hill—Writing Prompts Day 2

Write about the act of kissing someone without naming a body part.

I looked at him in adoration. There was no one else in the world but us two. Sitting on a hillside in front of the sunset. He leaned forward, and when we touched I saw stars. It was wet, and a little messy, but all of that was ignored. I only thought about him, and me. It was elegant, passionate, made my heart ache with love. Then, it was all over. It felt like an eternity that lasted a second. It was my favorite memory of him.


What Climate Change has Done to me.

When I was young, winter was a magical place. Freezing cold, but that was the best part.
Now, it is January 26th, and it is 51 degrees Fahrenheit, with a completely blue, clear sky. 

When I was young, I could go out on any day, and play in the thick snow for hours.
Now, there's tiny patches of dirt-ridden snow on the edge of the street and no snow coming.

We used to have snow days every week or two, and we'd get the day off to sleep in and play in the snow.
This year, we haven't had a single one.

I used to love making fun of my father for his complete hatred of snow, calling it frozen crystallized precipitation.
Now, there is no snow or ice for him to get mad at.

I used to bundle up and pretend I was a dog-sled racer, running around the yard, lost in my dream.
I haven't played outside in...

Cycles—Writing Prompts Day 1

WWrite your own myth to describe what happens to people when they die.

    Once upon a time, there was a... unique man. He was obsessed with death. It was his goal to find out what happened when people died. So, he went to the village sorcerer and asked him to cast a spell on him, to make sure that he could still see, hear, feel, smell, and think when he died. The sorcerer, a little confused, did as he asked. So the man went home, and later that night, killed himself in his kitchen. These are some of his thoughts.

Did it work? Am I dead?
Well, I can't move so that's a good sign.
Hey look, there's my wife.
Oh, now she sees me. 
Don't scream...

Well, I guess the spell worked.

Hey, where are you taking me? 
Put my body down!
What are you-
What is this?
I smell dirt.
What are you doing to me?

30 Day Writing Prompts challenge

I got the idea from Lackingasociallife (thanks!) So now hopefully I can pull this off! You guys can steal this if you want but these prompts are out of a prompt book that I have: 712 More Things to Write About. (I have so many writing prompts books but I never do any of them, so if you need prompts, ask me and I have over 800 of them for you to choose from).

1. Write your own myth to describe what happens to people when they die.
2. Write about the act of kissing someone without naming a body part.
3. You are a cowboy poet. Pen an ode to your hat.
4. Write a brief obituary for an inanimate object near you.
5. Write a dramatic scene that takes place in a church.
6. Over the course of the school year, a sixth-grade teacher intercepted dozens of notes being passed between students. He keeps them in a drawer. On...


To the powerful,
We are nightmares.
They make their laws,
And fight their wars,
And they say that
We voted for this.
We should be happy
With what they've given us.

As "common people,"
We get no say in it.
In truth, we are
Just like slaves. 
The over-privileged,
The rich and "mighty"
Look down on us
Like we are the dirt
On which to build an Empire.
When actually,
The empire is built by us.
We are the glue,
The mortar between the brick,
The nuts and bolts
Holding reality together.

United, we outnumber
The wealthy bastard haters,
And we can show that
The true light,
The true hope,
The true foundation
Of an empire
Is the people.
We the people
Must unite and stand
For equality.
We the poor
Must fight together
For justice.
We the downtrodden, 

The last glimmer
Of hope fades
From our dusty eyes,
Clouded with 
The promises of
False Happiness.
How can...

To Shame the World

How do you see hate from the love?
You see not the gain but the war. 
You see not the enchantment but the pain
You see not the wonder but the disgust.
How do you feel scorn at the scarred. 

How does our world get so mean?
We go to the light yet wallow in darkness. 
We reach toward the stars yet stop at the sky. 
We come together as one, only to fall apart. 
How can we be so alone around so many others?

How can we face the challenges that we are given?
There’s no hope no happiness
There’s no wonder no wistfulness
There’s no stability no success. 
How can we move ahead when we’re only told to fall behind?

How can the world change its ways?
They tell us to follow their rules. 
They tell us to subject to their standards. 
They tell us to follow wherever they lead. 
How can independence survive?

How is America still...


Little Sparrow

Flap flap flap.

The little sparrow's
Dainty flight
Across the 
Sunrise-lit horizon.


She sings a song
Of clear-sky days
And starlit nights
Beginning the time of sun.


She settles down
In her cozy home
The nest of a 
Perfect size.

Morning has come.

The Walk

A bouncy, brittle, breaking bridge
Is hard to walk along.
There are safe, sturdy, stable spots
But not all of it is strong.

The vast, varying, violet view
Is reflected on the sea.
Happy, hopeful, healed and humbled
Are what you seem to be.

The whistling, wailing, wily wind
Breaks down the happy place.
Your terrible, taunting, torturous tears
Start falling down your face.

You try to push past the painful problems
That are holding you back,
But the monstrous, malevolent, melancholy memories
Return and attack.

La maison de mes rêves

The house by the sea
On the winding hills,
All alone, yet free.

Fields of heather,
Found around,
Floating like a feather.

Small children sing,
And run and leap,
And in my ears, their laughter rings.

As I watch from afar,
The boats on the sea
Are scattered about like stars.

I smile a bit,
As I take in the scents
That the meadow emits.

I can taste the joy,
As a dog runs about,
Chasing his boy.

The purple fronds sway
In the gentle breeze,
And carry the children away.

They create a place
They call their own,
Full of satin and lace.

Their minds so strong,
They scamper about
As if they’re a song.

My, how I wish I could think away my problems,
And live in my own paradise.

Discussions in Life: Photosynthesis and Reproduction

It was 6th hour Biology with Mr. Randall on a regular Thursday, but it was moving by incredibly slowly. We were going over our homework on the carbon cycle when a very interesting conversation occurred.

Mr. Randall: Okay, so number three- how do photosynthesis and respiration move energy through an ecosystem?  John Lawrence.

John: Umm, plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make food and when animals eat them, they release carbon into the atmosphere.

Mr. Randall: Okay, so yesterday we made models of the carbon cycle, right? Most of yours were incomplete. Let me show you. Draws a smiling flower, CO2 going to the flower, and O2 coming out. So this is what most of you had. But what am I missing? John?

John: Uhh, carbon?

Mr. Randall: No, I've got that. It was in your answer.

John: Uhh, the atmosphere?

Mr. Randall: Just read your entire answer. 

John: plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to...

In Motion


    In space, there is no sound. The waves cannot travel through its vacuum. Light does, however, though at that moment I wished it didn't. Less than a moment, lasting an eternity. My mind filled in the silence with a puff of air, though down there it would have been filled with 7 billion screams that were instantly silenced.
    Even floating about with no gravity, I was rigid, not noticing my mouth was open until I caught the sight of the droplets of my saliva on the edge of my vision. Or maybe they were tears. I wouldn't have known. In the seconds following it, I replayed that image over and over and over again in my head until I had memorized each and every minor detail. This is what it was like in my head:

    It was a clear night over the continent of Australia. I could see all the way around the coast which was a rare...

Album Review Competition 2018

The Music of Humanity

    It took me a long time to find music that I enjoyed. I’d listen to some modern pop here and there, but I just couldn’t get into it. All that changed thanks to my eighth grade teacher. He was the one who introduced me to Hamilton. He showed us the cast’s performance of one of the songs at the 70th annual Tony Awards, and I went home and listened to the whole album. It was unlike everything I’d ever heard. The music was peppy, fun, inspirational, and the best part was—it was all historical. Not only did it get me to listen to music more, it got me to appreciate history. It inspired me to think about myself and my actions a little more, and to pay attention to the world around me.
    Lin-Manuel Miranda, a writer, composer, and Broadway star couldn’t have known how much of an impact he made on the world when he was writing it....

b·r·o·k·en Chapter One Rewritten

    It was a soft fall evening. There might have been a crisp wind in the air, or maybe even a sprinkle of snow across the ground, but I wouldn’t have known. I was completely, utterly caught up inside my imagination. I was in New York. Long Island, to be exact. I was fighting monsters with magical powers and saving the day. My best friend, Kaitlyn, was there right alongside me.
    The shudder and internal cringe creeped along my unsuspecting back and leaped on my shoulders like a sudden gust of wind. I didn’t want to remember. My head tilted of its own accord, my nose scrunched up, and my lips pursed in retaliation. Eventually shoving the memory down, I continued my homework. It wasn’t that long ago that I was there in that hell-hole. My fingers danced in the air as I hunted an evading thought.
    The feeling of the wind coursing through my hair and the dirt beneath my...

The Whole World on the Back of my Hand

I saw the stars.
The glowing, pulsing,
Constantly shifting

I saw a comet.
A drifting by,

I saw the sun.
Our star,
The life-giving

I saw the Earth.
Our home that
We don’t treat well.
Our Earth.

I saw the people.
The selfish, rich,
The wounded, strong

I saw our country.

I saw the state.
Always forgotten

I saw my friends.
The perpetually laughing
Inspirational, wonderful

I saw myself.
Smart yet naive,
Happy yet suffering,

All of this
On the back of my hand
Because who remembers
Their own hand that well.

I know the galaxy
We live in
About as well
As the back of my hand.

Intentions and Invocations

Leave Behind but Never Forget

Remember all that happened
In the year of 2017.
The good and the bad
So no matter what comes next,
We never forget
But can still move on.

American leadership shifted
And things were happy and sad
All at the same time
So now we can make it better
By standing up for our beliefs.

Woman stood up for their rights
In a march on our capital city
Protesting unfair treatment
So now we can hope for a better life
For persons of all genders.

We moved backward from equality
For those of different races and LGBTQ
Several times throughout the year.
Now we can only hope
That we will only go up from here.

Our little star was hidden
By our satellite of a moon
In a total solar Eclipse
So now we can move forward
With an incredible memory.

The Earth's environment is getting worse
With melting ice and glaciers
So our ecosystems are dying.
It is our fault the Earth...

Advice to Novelists

I have some advice for people who are writing/have written a book, and/or have published it and would not mind letting it be turned into a movie. First, if your book ever gets popular enough where movie studios are considering it, congrats! Second, if you want it turned into a movie, but don’t want them to screw it up, put these three conditions on the contract:
1. You get to help write the screenplay. 
2. You get to help with the casting. 
3. You get to visit the set whenever. 
This way, you get to make sure that the movie follows the book as close or as far as you want it to. Go fellow writers! Take my advice and run with it!

Snowy Magic

Where I live,
Almost everyone I know
Hates winter. 
My father,
Expresses his hate 
Through yelling and swearing. 
My friends,
Through subtle looks
And sad words. 
I however, love it. 
Standing outside in the cold,
I feel free. 
Whiteness as far as the eye can see. 
The land is white, the sky is white,
It seems to me like heaven. 
When the sun does shine,
The snow sparkles
And looks like trillions of fallen stars. 
Clumps of it hangs on trees,
As if it’s defying gravity,
And waits for an unassuming victim. 
Toasty fires, warm sweaters,
Cozy blankets, and slippers,
On an extra cold day with a good book. 
Even with the cold,
It keeps me awake
And inspires me to keep going on. 
In a town where winter lasts forever,
I wish it would unlike everyone else
But eventually it brings the spring.

b·r·o·k·en Chapter One: The Beginning of the End

    The first half of this book is my ‘innocent days’. When my life was officially terrible and everyone knew that. The time that started everything, but wasn’t actually the worst part. Even if it may seem like it.
    I have written this story about 15 different times in 15 different ways and every one of them seemed wrong. The only way to find the right way is to keep trying, right? Here we go.
It was a soft fall evening. There might have been a crisp wind in the air, or maybe even a sprinkle of snow across the ground, but I wouldn’t have known. I was completely, utterly caught up inside my imagination. I was in New York. Long Island, to be exact. I was fighting monsters with magical powers and saving the day. My best friend, Kaitlyn, was there right alongside me.
    The feeling of the wind along my hair and the dirt beneath my feet shifting as...

Incredibly specific Writing Prompts based on Book Ideas I've had

1. You and your twin die at the same time. However, you arrive in Heaven and he does not. There, you find everyone following the will of 'God' but no one's seen him in thousands of years. Where's your twin? Where is God? Who is everyone taking orders from?

2. Your mother died of the Earth's recent deadly disease (similar to the black plague) and your father wants nothing to do with you. When you are suddenly diagnosed with a different disease and given 8 months to live, you decide to run away and live your life. However, as soon as you start off, you seem to have a stalker. When you approach them, you realize something odd about them. What do you do in your last months of life? What do you do about the stalker? What is so weird about them?

3. In the far future, the significant powers created a world as a blank slate and filled...

b·r·o·k·en Dedication and Prologue

A novel by LyraLynne
Dedication: To Mrs. Pleyel, who was always my inspiration to start writing. This is for you.
Authors Note: There are some very mature themes and language in this book, but I will be writing a clean version as well after this.
What is happy? Are we ever truly happy? Does happy even exist in this world? Sure, there’s the blissful happiness of childhood where you’re innocent and everything is good. Your parents are angels, your siblings are your best friends, and you’re friends with everyone. Most children are like that at some point. Their lives seemed never better. There’s no such thing as that kind of happiness later on.
Once you start making real memories, you remember the bad. Your parents yelling at you for doing something wrong. Your sibling breaking the rules and blaming it on you. Your ‘friend’ calling you names and being mean to you. All things you never noticed...

Signing Off

Farewell, Goodbye

    You were never 'normal'. I suppose I never wanted you to be. You were old, and frail, and to be honest I thought you were sort of ugly. Though every time I thought it, I recoiled in shame. I don't remember a ton about you, I didn't see you that often except for at Christmas and a few times over the summer. What I do remember is good. Summer days spent on the beach coaxing you to come and play in the waves. The night before Christmas spent curled up on the couch as the magic of winter oozed into our hearts filling us with the need to be close to one another. It wasn't right to be there on Christmas Day without you.
    They say the first thing you forget is their voice. Yet yours is the one I remember most clearly. Sort of raspy, with a slight lisp, but filled with joy whenever you spoke. I don't remember...


Winter Life

As I step outside
In the swirling wind
A storm has just blown in.
All is white
And time itself
Acts as if it's frozen.

Cold white flakes
Drift down to me
And land upon my nose
Yet I cannot feel the cold
Because the warmth
Inside me glows.

Standing there
I can not see
A single moving thing
But then I look
And see the life
That winter always brings.

Families are happy
In their warm little houses
As day turns into night
They're coming together
Like every year
When green turns into white.

Live trees appear
In their cozy homes
As a symbol of Earth's life
When there's no more fear
And no more hate
There will be no strife.

If only we can notice
This life all around the year
Then we can truly see the light
That suddenly appears.


Winter, Personified

The wind howling
The trees whispering
The birds lamenting
The fact that they
No longer could fish
In the water.

Ice cackling
As you walk
Along the shore
While the snowflakes whistle
And the fresh snow sings
Of the newly found winter.

Animals are getting ready
For their long sleep
So the voices of nature
Are going silent
One by one by one
By one.

The Earth is silent
Not a groan
Or complain is heard
So the night is calm
As you stroll down
Toward your midnight home.

Setting as Mood

Autumn Secrets

Iris ignored the voice in her head telling her of her faults and concentrated on shutting it out. Not that she noticed, but the park around her glimmered with the signs of autumn. A slight breeze flowed through the air carrying the last echo of summer as it shook leaves from their branches and settled them around the park. Above and around her were all shades of red, brown, orange, yellow, and even some dark purple. If one looked hard enough through the trees in front of the wrought iron bench, a sliver of glittering water could be seen. It was a brook that glowed with the signs of life. Frogs croaked and leaped into the water. Dragonflies flitted about, fish splashed in the clear, shallow water, and if you looked really hard, a chipmunk could be seen taking a rapid drink before disappearing into the brush. Yet Iris ignored all of this in her concentration; even the figure that...

Open Prompt

Science vs. Christianity: The Ultimate Debate

Throughout all of our time here on earth, humanity has asked questions. From whats to hows to whys, we have a natural curiosity for the world around us. Although we have answered plenty of our ponderings, there are still tons more that might never be answered. Our best ways of predicting, or guessing at the answers are found within different groups. Perhaps the most popular is religion, more specifically Christianity. Religion is based around explaining certain monumental feats with one or more powerful beings. The next would be science, observing the world around us and attempting to answer the questions through experimentation. These two groups have been going at each other’s throats for centuries. The best example of this is probably the story of Galileo versus the Catholic Church. Though it might seem like they share no similarities, they actually have more in common than one might think. As Buddha once said, "Each of us is a God. Each of...